Meet over 300 suppliers to discover the latest products, technologies and techniques that will transform your business.

See marine autonomous systems, biological and chemical sensors, survey tools and so much more in action. Test-drive the newest products in the dockside waters, onboard vessels, in the test tank and in classrooms.

Take part in a free innovation and sustainability conference. Speakers from 2021 included Ralph Rayner from the NOAA IOOS Program Office, Iman Hill, Executive Director at IOGP and Alex Rogers, Science Director at REV Ocean and many more. They shared how businesses can adapt to the energy transition, reach Net Zero Carbon targets and become more sustainable.

Ocean Business is a safe environment for you to discover, share ideas and define your future business roadmap. It’s completely free to attend so register your interest today.


Transform your business

Meet the teams from over 300 leading international suppliers to discover the latest technological innovations.

Get hands on

Experience the newest equipment in action with 180+ hours of live demonstrations and training aboard vessels, in dockside waters and test tanks.

The forefront of the latest thinking

Industry thought-leaders share the latest thinking on net zero carbon, the blue economy, autonomy and more.

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