Issue 513
28 November 2017:


SeeByte awarded $22.5 million contract to extend US Navy unmanned capability

SeeByteSeeByte, a global leader in creating smart software for unmanned maritime systems, has been awarded a Naval Sea Systems Command contract valued at $22.59M over five years to provide engineering, technical support, and training services for the MK18 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Family of Systems (FoS).

The award allows the government to easily execute task orders with SeeByte for the provision of various supplies and services including but not limited to upgrades to the SeeTrack Common Operator Interface for Navy (COIN) EOD software modules, purchasing of autonomy software (SeeByte’s Neptune autonomy engine) licenses for MK18 UUVs, MK18 software and configuration control management and upgrades, and development of Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) modules.

SeeTrack is an open-architecture platform solution that can be easily adapted for specific user needs. Developed as a mission-planning, monitoring, post-processing and reporting tool, this software technology has been successfully deployed on numerous surveys, military and security operations and scientific experiments. SeeByte’s Neptune software is an open architecture programme enabling autonomous multi-vehicle collaboration. Neptune also includes behaviours capable of adapting the mission based on changes in the environment, assets and mission objectives; benefits which will be useful for future unmanned operations.

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ASV Global delivers autonomous system to the Canadian hydrographic service

ASV Global

ASV Global has converted a 26ft hydrographic survey launch to enable it to operate autonomously using the proven ASView control system, while maintaining its ability to operate in a conventional manned mode. The launch, which is part of the Canadian Coast Guard’s (CCG) fleet dedicated to the survey operations of the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS), will be used as a test platform for unmanned survey work.

This delivery to the CHS marks ASV Global’s 10th unmanned conversion of a customer vessel using the ASView system. ASView enables the launch to follow planned missions giving it the capability to operate as a standalone survey launch controlled from the shore or as a force multiplier controlled from another vessel.

ASView seamlessly interfaces with the launch’s existing engine, steering and navigation systems to enable autonomous operation. The launch is connected to a remote station via a suite of IP radios enabling real-time monitoring of the survey acquisition data and vessel parameters.

The launch is equipped with an advanced collision avoidance system using radar and AIS to ensure its safe operation. Situational awareness is provided by five onboard cameras with audio feedback. ASView monitors the launch’s onboard sensors including depth, engine and battery health status alerting the remote station of any potential hazards.

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Ashtead invests £1 million in latest iXblue technology

Global subsea equipment specialist, Ashtead Technology, has boosted its rental fleet with an investment of £1 million in the latest iXblue technology over the past 12 months.

iXblue is a global provider of innovative subsea solutions for navigation, positioning and imaging. Ashtead Technology is currently the only rental company to offer the iXblue GAPS-NG system with the new Telemetry capability, a high performance Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) positioning system for locating subsea assets. The company purchased two of the systems in January this year.

The system, similar to its predecessor GAPS, provides full hemisphere tracking, replaceable transducers and unrivalled deployment flexibility. It can provide precise positioning of any subsea object in the most demanding environments, including extremely shallow waters, where other systems commonly fail. With the new Telemetry capability the system can now also programme, command and calibrate compatible beacons on the seabed.

Ashtead’s extensive rental fleet also includes the addition of further iXblue RAMSES. By using synthetic ranges, rather than traditional LBL, and its SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) functionality inside, the system has proven to deliver faster, more accurate results in even the world’s most challenging seas. RAMSES can be used to track the position of subsea structures without the need for multiple transponders or umbilicals, enabling immediate and simplified mobilisation. Traditionally, achieving subsea accuracy required the deployment and calibration of subsurface equipment – an often lengthy and very costly process.

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RTsys recorders qualified for measurements in European waters

Human activities in the ocean such as fishing, marine energy, transport, etc. can have an impact on marine ecosystems, often in multiple ways. To better understand the consequences of noise from human activities in the ocean and regulate it, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) leads the member states to study the ecosystems in order to reach or maintain, by 2020, Good Environmental Status (GES) of the European oceans. This GES is based on 11 descriptors, including noise. The member states have started to implement monitoring programs, in order to evaluate the status of the marine environment from a noise point of view.

Amongst the submarine acoustic recorders on the market, those from RTsys, a French specialist in submarine acoustics and electronics, have enjoyed great success. They have been qualified by the authorities of several European countries as suitable for submarine measurements within the framework of the MSFD. These are, for example, the German BSH (Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie), the Dutch TNO (the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research) and also the British NPL (National Physical Laboratory). They have been chosen, for example, by Malta, which uses them to make measurements for a month.

The measurements will be made at low frequencies, concentrating on two one-third octave bands at 63 and 125 Hz. At these frequencies, maritime traffic noise predominates over all other noise sources. The ability of RTsys devices to make reliable measurements at these low frequencies, the possibility of calibrating them and the extremely low self-noise of the device are qualities that make the RTsys recorders the ideal tools.

Measurements are in progress, or will be soon, in most countries and the reports must be delivered to Europe by the summer of 2018.

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Seatronics increase investment in Sonardyne SPRINT hybrid navigation technology

Marine technology specialists, Seatronics, an Acteon company, has increased its investment in Sonardyne hybrid navigation technologies following the purchase of four SPRINT Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and four Syrinx Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs).  The significant equipment investment, which also included six ROVNav 6 acoustic transceivers, will be added to Seatronics’ existing SPRINT rental pool in Aberdeen from where it will be made available to support oil and gas field development projects across the globe.

Introduced onto the market over 10 years ago, Sonardyne’s SPRINT makes optimal use of acoustic aiding from data sources including USBL, sparse LBL and DVL and pressure sensors to improve the accuracy, precision and reliability of subsea vehicle navigation. Seatronics will take delivery of Sonardyne’s third generation SPRINT platform which supports dual gyrocompass and inertial navigation operating modes, allowing vehicle pilots and survey teams to utilise its navigation output simultaneously.

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Greenland Climate Research Centre invest in new Teledyne RESON multibeam echosounder

Greenland Climate Research Centre invest in new Teledyne RESON multibeam echosounder - Copy

Teledyne RESON is proud to announce that the Greenland Climate Research Centre will be taking delivery of a SeaBat T50-R Extended Range high-resolution multibeam sonar. The sonar will be hull mounted on R/V Sanna. R/V Sanna operates as a research vessel on the West Greenland coast, collecting valuable data about Greenland’s marine resources and oceanographic environment.

The Greenland Climate Research Centre is a part of Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, and the researchers will utilise the Seabat T50-R ER capabilities to map seabed topography and marine habitats in the 200-800m deep waters of the Greenland shelf.

The SeaBat T50-R Extended Range builds on the market leading SeaBat T-series, which is designed with highly configurable and modular system components. The sonar is designed with the intention to enable customers to operate in deeper waters without compromising the well-known SeaBat data quality.

The Greenland Climate Research Centre will take delivery of their new SeaBat sonar in early 2018. This state-of-the-art acoustic system was funded by Åge V. Jensens Fonde.

For more information, visit or contact Helle Auken Lygum, Global Marketing at [email protected] or on +4520774712

NORBIT UK’s next generation multibeam survey system installed at Forth Ports

NORBITNORBIT are proud to supply Forth Ports, one of the UK’s largest port groups, with multibeam survey capability for the River Forth and the River Tay. The latest generation multibeam system – a NORBIT iWBMSh – is now in place with QPS QINSy and Qimera software, along with associated sensors and training with an investment by the port business exceeding £250k GBP.

NORBIT has also supplied the integrated iLiDAR system to Forth Ports, facilitating a truly tightly integrated survey system allowing both bathymetric and terrestrial spatial data to be simultaneously collected by a single source system.

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SMD Services completes major MD3 Plough upgrade for Orange Marine

Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd (SMD) has successfully completed an upgrade to the MD3 (multi-depth) plough recently acquired by Orange Marine. The plough, which was delivered to the SMD Services team for refurbishment in July, received a full control system upgrade and extensive overhaul. SMD Services’ dedicated team of engineers based at Port of Tyne in South Shields assessed the equipment and devised a detailed refurbishment strategy to enable it to work as new.

The project involved replacing the plough’s original control system hardware which had become obsolete. SMD also supplied a passive scissor frame assembly to be fitted to the launch and recovery system. In order to integrate the new and original hardware, SMD installed a bespoke QNX software update and also fitted the plough with an upgraded surveillance system featuring top of the range sonar, cameras and lighting.

The MD3 upgrade provides Orange Marine with state-of-the-art capabilities for the installation and burial of optical submarine cables which will be used for the first time in the installation of the Kanawa system between French Guiana and Martinique. The cable is scheduled to be operational in late 2018 and is being put in place to handle traffic growth and diversify connection points to ensure quality of service between countries.

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HYPACK adds support for Sonardyne Solstice sonar in hydrographic software packages

HYPACK, a Xylem brand, has announced that its market-leading HYPACK® MAX and HYSWEEP® hydrographic surveying packages can now be used to process and display data from Sonardyne’s Solstice side-scan sonar.

With over 10,000 users around the world, HYPACK is the most widely used hydrographic software package in the world. The addition of the Sonardyne proprietary file format to the data converter in HYPACK MAX and HYSWEEP means that HYPACK users can gather Solstice sonar data, process it through their editors and generate final products.

Solstice is a Multi Aperture Sonar (MAS) designed for Search, Classify and Map (SCM) and Hydrographic operations with integrated swath bathymetry. It has been tailored for low-logistic AUVs and gathers high resolution imagery that can be used for automatic target recognition, hydrography and post-mission analysis. With an along-track resolution of 0.15°, the imagery produced by Solstice is considered to be of the highest quality possible from a side-scan sonar.

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Benthic Solutions Limited granted planning permission for New Marine Science Park in Norfolk

Norfolk-based marine environmental survey company, Benthic Solutions Limited is set to invest heavily into new premises in the heart of the Norfolk Broads following a successful application to build a new science park in Hoveton. Following several years of negotiations, planning permission was granted on the 1.5 acre site for 4 bespoke buildings with building works scheduled to commence in the new year.

Benthic Solutions Limited is a leading marine environmental survey consultancy at the forefront of innovation in marine data acquisition. Specialising in complex and multi-disciplinary projects, BSL has this year completed a long string of challenging projects in ultra deep water for the Oil and Gas Industry throughout the Black Sea, Mediterranean, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico down to water depths of 3,500m. The company operates a range of innovative camera systems and sampling devices designed for operations from vessels of opportunity and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) for challenging environments. BSL can also offer other diverse services in underwater acoustics and eDNA analysis as part of its group of services.

Companies interested in the Benthic Solutions Group or opportunities within the new science park should contact BSL on [email protected]. BSL can be found on

Ocean Zoom, a new marine environments consulting company

Ocean Zoom is now offering its services to help engineers and public servants to evaluate marine environments quality. This consulting company is dedicated to marine environments studies and preservation, from the seashore to the deep sea, from the tropics to polar zones, and from the surface of the water column to the sediments.

It offers an innovative use of marine micro-organisms that can fossilize (foraminifera), allowing to access to a detailed knowledge of the marine environment (ecological, biological, physical and chemical parameters), at different time scales: at the moment of the sampling, or one or several years before.

This new approach offers many advantages:

Integration of physical, chemical and biological environmental parameters (temperature, salinity, organic matter, oxygen, metals…) giving a very detailed description of the environment, and its quality.

Excellent time preservation (these organisms have a calcitic shell, and therefore fossilize), allowing a vision of past and present environment: at the moment of the sampling with living specimens, and in the recent and distant past with dead and fossil individuals.

Definition of the referent state of the environment before perturbation, thanks to the ability of these organisms to fossilize.

Smaller volumes of samples, less information loss at the moment of the sampling (almost static organisms) and lower analyses time cost compared to the usual biological quality environmental studies.

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Green from Stem to Stern: Evac Solutions Aboard REV

REV may be the most progressive vessel ever constructed – and it’s chosen the Evac Complete Cleantech Solution to make sure its wastewater treatment is also the greenest available. Named REV, for Research and Expedition Vessel, a new 182,9-meter ship owned by Rosellinis Four-10 and designed by Espen Øino in collaboration with VARD Design, may be the world’s most environmentally-friendly nautical vessel when launched in the summer of 2020.

At a time when public awareness of plastics drifting at sea may be at an all-time high, REV is equipped to collect and melt up to five tonnes of plastic per day without harmful emissions. Listing the vessel’s complete green credentials could easily fill an entire article, but noteworthy are its engine, a diesel electric with an additional 3MW lithium ion battery pack for peak shaving ensuring optimum efficiency and silent running under batteries alone. The vessel will employ heat recovery on main generators and the incinerator, to be fed back into hot water circuits and HVAC.

REV will use the VARD SeaQ “Green Pilot” system for monitoring COx, SOx and NOx emissions, allowing the vessel to minimize its carbon footprint. A ballast water treatment system will prevent species cross contamination across ocean zones, and the ship is built under DNV-GL SILENT-R notation for maximum prevention of underwater noise pollution.

Evac will supply REV with its Evac Complete Cleantech Solution, consisting of vacuum collection systems for sanitary waste, dry- and food waste collection and treatment systems, and wastewater treatment systems, including a membrane bioreactor with nutrient removal. These cleantech solutions will ensure the vessel will not leave even a trace of an environmental footprint.

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Totem Plus navigation and automation systems to be offered with naval dome cyber protection

Totem Plus is to offer its customers Naval Dome’s cyber defence solution as a supplement to its PC-based navigation and automation systems, following the September signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the cyber security specialist.

The two Israel-based companies began cooperating last year when the Naval Dome solution was used to protect the Totem Plus ECDIS, IMAC (Integrated Monitoring, Alarm & Control), VDR and BAM (Bridge Alert Management) installations aboard a 5000TEU containership.

Last year saw an unprecedented number of cyberattacks and indications from security analysts suggest 2018 will be equally threatening, as more and more companies store data in the “cloud” and increase the number of internet-connected devices. However, the results of a survey carried out last month by NSSLGlobal, an independent service provider of satellite communications and IT support, demonstrates a worrying lack of maritime cybersecurity training amongst ship crews.

The cooperation agreement with Totem Plus follows a Memorandum of Understanding Naval Dome signed earlier this month with Lloyd’s Register to help establish standards and guidelines for maritime cyber defence.

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New company name in the provision of global positioning services

A new name in global positioning services has arrived, thanks to the launch of a new start-up in the marine industry.

Whilst International Geomatics Group may be a new name, those driving the business are well-known to the industry – indeed co-founders and directors Steve Rampton (CEO) and Ken Adams (COO) have a long history in the business, making them ideally positioned to realise the new company’s corporate goals.

International Geomatics will be the marine focus for disruptive DGPS service provision. Core to the delivery of all projects will be its “ICE” (Innovation, Communication, Execution) philosophy which ensures that, throughout the life of the project, the scope is continuously reviewed and the team liaises with the client on project aims to execute safely and reliably, delivering results, on time and on budget.

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Well-Safe Solutions selects Dundee for onshore marine support base

Well-Safe Solutions, the Aberdeen-based well abandonment specialist, has chosen to locate its onshore marine base in the Port of Dundee. Well-Safe has secured two acres of quayside facilities with access to 40,000 square feet of covered space at the Port of Dundee for its marine assets.

Combining a wealth of subsea oil and gas expertise and experience with dedicated marine assets and equipment, Well-Safe is the first-of-its-kind “Tier 1” company with complete P&A capability from front-end engineering and design to project execution.

The Port of Dundee, which is rapidly establishing itself as a North Sea Decommissioning hub, will provide Well-Safe Solutions with direct access to deep water quaysides, heavy lifting capabilities, significant dedicated warehouse space and unconstrained access into the established and operating ANSS decommissioning facilities.

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IMarEST offers scholarships to help students further their careers by studying a distance learning degree


The IMarEST has made a pool of charitable funds available to help students who wish to study Sustainable Maritime Operations at BSc or MSc level through MLA college and gain a univers

ity degree from Plymouth University.

By studying an MSc/BSc in Sustainable Maritime Operations students can gain a wide range of maritime-specific management skills that will help them prepare for more senior managerial positions and further their career prospects. MLA college has designed the course to give students skills in management, analysis, evaluation, presentation and writing at a higher level. The course is delivered by distance e-Learning so those studying can continue working and earning whilst learning important new skills. With the ability to download and access the course content anywhere in the world, students can study whilst at sea or at home.

To take advantage of a fee reduction through the charitable funds or for further information visit

Klein Marine Systems 2018 side scan sonar training, 29-31 January 2018, 8.30am-4pm, Pensacola Grand Hotel, Pensacola, Florida

Klein Marine Systems, a manufacturer of high-quality side scan sonars, will be hosting a three-day side scan sonar training including a one day on-water practical training. The training is organised with the support of Higgs Hydrographic Tek, Tampa, FL.

Participants will develop a thorough understanding of sonar image analysis as well as hands-on experience with single beam sonars such as the dual-frequency Klein 4900.

Who should attend: Hydrographers, First Responders, Police and Fire Fighters, Marine Construction Surveyors, UXO SAR & Salvage Operators, Geologist and Habitat Mapping Specialists. The training will be held in English.

Training Topics: Principles of underwater acoustics (Sonar Record Analysis, Targets &  shadows, reflectivity of underwater materials, detailed target and shadow analysis, targets in the Water Column Under the Towfish) Noise and Interference (Surface Return, Acoustic Noise, Electronic Noise, Refraction and Biological Noise) Anomalies (Second Sweep Returns, Cross Talk, Multi-Path, Ringing, Hyperbolas and Flaring) General Sonar Imagery (Shipwrecks, Hazardous Drums, Aircrafts, Automobiles, Fishing Gear, Marine Structures, Debris Fields) Navigation (Layback and Target Positioning, Search Patterns, Range/Overlap, Shallow Water Operations, Small Target Search, Crime Scene/Accident Mapping, Artificial Reef Surveys, Drowning Victims, Operating Sonar & MAG Simultaneously, Deep Tows).

$990 USD per student. Price includes training materials, training certificate and lunch each day. Seats are Limited, make sure you register early. For reservations contact [email protected]  or call Carol Morrissey at +1 (603) 893-6131 Ext. 272

All-Energy welcomes back three-times headline sponsor, 2-3 May 2018, UK

All-Energy 2018, which takes place at Glasgow’s SEC on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 May 2018, has once again attracted Shepherd and Wedderburn as its headline sponsor.

In addition to its Headline Sponsor role, Shepherd and Wedderburn will also sponsor the Offshore Wind Theatre, the Sustainable Cities Theatre (in which energy efficiency plays a key role); and two of the show-floor Quick Fire Seminar theatres – Wave & Tidal; and Offshore Wind.

All-Energy is supported by nearly 40 trade associations, government departments, professional bodies and learned societies, and is held in association with the Renewable Energy Association; Highlands and islands Enterprise; Scottish Enterprise; the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG), with Glasgow as its Host City, and the Society for Underwater Technology as Learned Society Patron.

Full information on exhibiting; sponsorship packages; the Giant Networking evening; the conference; accommodation and travel is available on the show’s website at

The 18th biennial conference of the Challenger Society for Marine Science, University of Newcastle, 10-13 September 2018

The biennial Challenger conference attracts over 400 leading UK marine scientists and science managers. As well as showcasing cutting edge marine science and technology, the conference is noted for its training of young scientists and networking events, including a public lecture by an eminent authority on relevant societal marine issues.

The mini-expo will run over 3 days (10-13 September). The conference normally rotates between the major UK marine research establishments, but 2018 sees the first visit to the University of Newcastle. The venue is impressive with large exhibition space for sponsors near the refreshments and close to posters and lecture rooms.

The society is now the adhering body for the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) providing yet more exposure for participating companies. Sponsorship packages will give local, national and international companies the chance to support UK marine scientific research and the training of young marine scientists, whilst a targeted exhibition and careers fair will also enable companies to self promote and recruit new staff.

Spaces will be limited so please book early. Details can be found here

Marine-i event creates an exciting vision of the future

More than 70 delegates attended the 22 November Discovery Room event, hosted by Marine-i at Tremough Innovation Centre. The theme of the day was “Marine Technology – Robotics and Artificial Intelligence” and the audience heard how these rapidly growing technologies are creating exciting opportunities for businesses in Cornwall.

Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Marine-i provides support for the marine technology sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The aim of the programme is to help businesses develop new products and bring them to market.

InnovateUK outlined the government support for innovation in this field, while the ORE Catapult spoke about how the technology is being used in the offshore renewable energy industry. SEICHE AutoNaut and ASV Global presented the latest innovations in autonomous marine craft, and TouchByte showcased their leading-edge face recognition software. There were contributions from the University of Exeter and Plymouth University, as well as interactive exhibits, so that delegates could see the technology in action.

Marine-i is a £9.3m collaboration between the University of Exeter, Plymouth University, The Cornwall College Group, Cornwall Marine Network, Cornwall Development Company and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Full details on the project can be seen at


Ocean Sonics welcomes new Product Specialist

Ocean SonicsOcean Sonics is pleased to welcome Christopher Beasley to the company in the new role of Product Specialist for their line of icListen Smart Hydrophone products. In this position, Christopher will be responsible for front line technical support in hardware and software. He will propose technical solutions for customer’s hydrophone systems requirements from simple to very complex.

Christopher joins Ocean Sonics with 10 years of technical instrumentation experience; of which seven years were spent in the marine industry with Satlantic LP (Seabird Scientific Group) providing Customer Support, Technical Service and Field Testing. He recently completed the Ocean Technology Advanced Diploma in Nova Scotia to enhance his marine technology skills.

Ocean Sonics designs and manufactures the icListen Smart Hydrophone, a new paradigm shift in measuring ocean sounds.

For product support contact Christopher at [email protected]. For further information visit


Hydrographic Surveyor, ABP, Hull, Humber, UK

Full time, Permanent contract
Competitive Salary + Excellent Benefits

About us: The UK’s leading port operator, ABP operate a unique network of 21 ports across England, Scotland and Wales. Within our network, we are proud to manage the UKs busiest port, Immingham. Southampton, the nation’s second largest port, is not only number one for cars and cruise but Europe’s most efficient container port.

The Location: As well as containers, ferry travel and roro, Hull specialises in handling forest products and a range of bulk commodities, while BP has a strong presence in the chemical market. Hull is also home to the UK’s first fully-enclosed cargo-handling facility for weather-sensitive cargoes such as steel.

About the role: Reporting to the Hydrographer the purpose of this role is to produce accurate hydrographic surveys and charts within the Rivers Humber, Trent and Ouse in a timely manner and in compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code through use of best practices.

The successful candidate will assist the Management Team in putting our customers first, creating a great place to work and continually improving the operations and services we provide by working safely, compliantly and sustainably.

About you: If you have sound technical knowledge and previous experience of hydrographic surveying methods and techniques including hydrographic survey experience as well as being highly organised with attention to detail and possess the ability to work effectively under pressure, manage priorities and work to challenging and sometimes changing objectives & deadlines, apply now.

For more Information and to apply, please visit or email [email protected].

Marine scientists or acousticians, Benthic Solutions Limited (BSL) and Subacoustech Environmental Limited (SEL), UK

Benthic Solutions Limited (BSL) and sister company Subacoustech Environmental Limited (SEL) are looking for experienced marine scientists or acousticians for positions, in their Norwich and Southampton offices, UK.

Benthic Solutions Limited is a specialist marine environmental consultancy providing a broad range of services in marine sciences for coastal and offshore markets worldwide. The company is a market leader in bespoke environmental survey advice and services for the oil and gas industry, as well as offshore renewables, utilities and aquaculture projects. The company is currently looking for experienced scientists to support the company’s continued growth in marine environmental sciences. They are based in Hoveton, Norfolk.

Subacoustech Environmental Limited is a specialist underwater acoustics consultancy with a long history of research and innovation currently seeking to expand their team at all grades to support project work and R&D functions. We would like to hear from acousticians with experience in one or more of the following: Underwater acoustic modelling; Signal processing and data analysis; Remote measurement systems; Bioacoustics; Research & development. They are based in Southampton, Hampshire.

The positions are full-time and applicants should ideally possess a degree or better related to a science or acoustics and industry experience environmental surveys and/or consultancy. These are excellent career opportunities for enthusiastic and dynamic individuals in an exciting industry, with a competitive salary and excellent benefits.

For more information please visit or, or contact Samantha Kemp at Elanco Works, Hoveton, Norfolk NR12 8UH. Alternatively send your CV to [email protected].

Technical Sales and Marketing Executive, Feritech, Falmouth, UK

Feritech Global is an independently owned industry leading engineering company that specialise in supplying innovative solutions for subsea and harsh environment applications. All our equipment is designed, manufactured and supported in house at our marine base near Falmouth in Cornwall. The company is growing at a steady pace in response to demand for its innovative range of products and solutions, in particular winches LARS and geotechnical survey equipment including corers, grabs, CPT, vibrocorer and thermal probes.

The applicant will be responsible for business to business relationships with new and existing clients. Researching potential markets, products, networking and setting up a distributor network as well as updating product datasheets and the company website. A strong technical background will be required, preferably with experience of the offshore survey industry. Comprehensive product training will be provided to ensure the applicant has a strong understanding of all our products and services.

For more information or to apply please go to

Party Chief / Senior Surveyor / Assistant Project Manager, MG3, UK

This role would be based offshore and in MG3 Warminster office as appropriate. The balance between office and offshore will vary according to any given years’ workload, but as a guide we envisage it as being in the order of 150-200 days offshore.

Offshore: The individual is expected to take an active role in all mobilisations and provide a direct communication to both the Operations Manager and Project Manager as appropriate during planning activities. When operating offshore the role will be either as a Senior Surveyor or Party Chief as directed by the Project Manager and in accordance with the relevant job descriptions.

Office Role:

Reporting on a day to day basis to the Geoscience Manager, and on a project basis to the assigned Project Manager.

The role would involve assisting the office project team (Operations Manager, Reporting Manager and Logistics Coordinator) on all aspects of the project as directed by the Project Manager.

Where appropriate for selected projects the Assistant Project Manager would act as the main Project Manager with appropriate support from the Geoscience Manager.

Additional emphasis is placed on Surveying support to all offshore projects both in the form of technical assistance and equipment performance.

The Assistant Project Manager would be responsible for reviewing the equipment spread required in the contract and aligning with the capabilities of equipment assigned to the project.

The Assistant Project Manager would be responsible for ensuring all equipment on projects had appropriate calibrations in place, and if not arrange accordingly.

The Assistant Project Manager would support the Reporting Manager in assisting work as appropriate and as directed by the Project Manager.


Please send your CV and covering letter by way of application to our HR Manager [email protected]

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