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18 December 2018:


RS Aqua Expand Technical Services Capability to Offer Clearsignal Anti-Fouling Coating Applications in the UK, for the EMEA Region

RS Aqua have exclusively partnered with Severn Marine to offer the application of ClearSignal anti-fouling coating from Hampshire UK, and will exclusively serve the EMEA region.  ClearSignal is an acoustically inert, long life anti-fouling coating that has been found to significantly reduce the onset of marine biofouling.  The application of ClearSignal to marine instruments and subsea equipment like ADCPs, MBES and subsea cables has been shown to markedly decrease the service and maintenance time between deployments. ClearSignal technology was developed by Severn Marine Technologies in Annapolis, USA, and has been available to instrument manufacturers and end users in the USA for some time.


For the past 12 months RS Aqua have been extensively testing the application of ClearSignal coating at a specialist UK facility under the guidance of Severn Marine.  ClearSignal coating is non-toxic and permanent, and requires a patent protected application process to ensure the coating is effective. RS Aqua have been coating instruments in low volumes throughout 2018 to ensure that the quality standards of the finished product are impeccable. RS Aqua are now ready to scale up the operation, and have started coating instruments in greater volume.  UK / EMEA region customers already include a number of leading oceanographic instrument manufacturers, government science institutions and leading oceanographic survey companies. New instruments and equipment can be coated at the point of sale, and used instruments can be retro-coated if they are in good condition.


RS Aqua are pleased to offer ClearSignal coating as part of their growing technical services offering from their UK base. This innovative marine technology compliments RS Aqua’s core business of supplying the most high-performance and easy to use marine science instruments and systems to scientists and engineers.


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Fugro Recognised by Marine Technology Society for Industry-Leading Efforts to Close Seabed Mapping Data Gap

Fugro has received the Marine Technology Society (MTS) 2018 Compass Industrial Award for outstanding private sector contributions to marine science and technology.

Seabed 2030 is a collaborative project between Japan’s Nippon Foundation and the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO). It aims to produce a definitive, high-resolution bathymetric map of the entire world’s ocean floor by the year 2030. The resulting data will be used to inform global policy, improve sustainable use of the ocean and advance scientific research. Meeting the project goal demands strong industry support, as less than 20 percent of the oceans currently is mapped to modern survey standards.

One of the primary ways Fugro is supporting Seabed 2030 is with crowd sourced bathymetry data contributions. In 2017, the company devised a method of operating its vessel-based multibeam echosounder systems autonomously while transiting between marine survey projects. To date, the company has contributed more than 100,000 square kilometres of high resolution crowd sourced bathymetry to Seabed 2030. Many of these data (specifically those collected along the Western and Northern Atlantic) have also benefited a regional initiative known as the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation, signed in 2013 between the United States, Canada and the European Union

MTS presented the award, sponsored by Compass Publications, to Fugro during the 2018 OCEANS Conference and Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

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Stockton Rush Completes Solo 4000 Meter Validation Dive in Carbon Fiber Manned Submersible in Preparation for Titanic Survey Expedition

OceanGate Inc., a provider of manned submersible services, announced OceanGate CEO, Stockton Rush, successfully piloted the world’s only privately-owned deep diving 5-person submersible, Titan, on a solo 4,000 meter dive (over two miles deep). Rush joins James Cameron as only the second person in history to complete a solo dive to this depth.


The 4,000-meter dive is the culmination of a comprehensive testing program that began in 2016 with four pressure tests of a scale model, followed by construction and launch of the largest known submersible carbon fiber and titanium pressure vessel. Testing of Titan began in Puget Sound with 20 shallow manned dives, followed by a series of unmanned dives in The Bahamas to proof test the pressure hull to 4,000 meters in June of 2018. Initial testing was postponed due to lightning damage to the submersible’s electronics that caused a delay of the 2018 Titanic Survey Expedition to 2019. Throughout the summer, hidden lightning damage and unseasonably adverse weather caused additional delays to the testing schedule.


Manned dive operations were conducted in The Bahamas from July to December and followed a methodical approach to validate the sub at specific depths. The 4,000 meter validation dive took place on Monday, December 10, 2018 approximately 12 miles east of Little Harbour on Great Abaco Island. It took Rush seven hours to complete the dive which included multiple pauses during the descent to assess the integrity of the hull on OceanGate’s patent-pending Acoustic Real Time Monitoring system (RTM).


The RTM system is used to assess the health of the hull throughout every dive. The system uses acoustic sensors to detect sounds emitted by the carbon fiber material as it responds to the external pressure and also employs strain gauges to measure the physical deflection. The revolutionary system makes it possible for Rush, and all Titan pilots, to predict a potential failure, stop the descent and safely return to the surface.


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SCS Ltd. Releases New Underwater IP Ethernet Product Range

Subsea Commercial Services Ltd. (Aberdeen, Scotland) are delighted to announce the official release of their new range of underwater IP ethernet products at Subsea Expo 2019 (Aberdeen, Scotland). The new range is a mix of second generation HD IP cameras and new IP device integration solutions.


The new cameras, the IPCam-LL and FIPCam-LL, build on the success SCS experienced in 2018 with the release of their first generation HD IP cameras, the IPCam & FIPCam.  The new models are a powerful and unique combination of full colour 1080p HD and 0.001 Lux low light capability coupled in one camera!  Enhanced with optical and infinite digital zoom, these breakthrough units perform as well in submerged bright ambient conditions as they do in low light, making them real go anywhere solutions.  Meeting industry standards (ONVIF, H.264, RTSP), the 10/100Mbps BaseT ethernet units are rated from 300m to 6000m, come with their own GUI and have already proved themselves in the offshore sphere with several successful deployments and rental projects achieved.


To assist clients with the integration of these exciting new cameras and other IP controlled devices to underwater systems that don’t have fibre optics available, SCS has released the EX-Hub.  The EX-Hub VDSL Ethernet eXtender is designed to convert 10/100Mbps ethernet to VDSL ethernet, thus enabling the use of ethernet controlled devices if only a Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) is available.


Available with 1 to 4 channels, the EX-Hub recently exceeded expectations at a trial with a leading offshore operator.  The trial consisted of transmitting live video from an SCS HD IP camera over a total of 930m of STP, including passing through two slip rings, while the Saab Seaeye Tiger ROV involved had all thrusters and lights running at full power.  With absolutely no image quality degradation or camera control issues (zoom, focus, etc.) the trial was deemed a success by the highly experienced industry professionals in attendance.  Please contact SCS directly to receive a copy of the trial case study.


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Acteon Enhances its Subsea-Asset Integrity Management Services with Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. Acquisition

Acteon Group Ltd has acquired subsea corrosion specialist Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. The addition of Deepwater’s expertise and portfolio strengthens Acteon’s ability to help its customers to manage the integrity of critical subsea infrastructure throughout the life of a field.


Deepwater is a global leader in subsea corrosion control for all asset types, including oil and gas platforms and wind turbines. The company operates from facilities in the USA, the UK, Brazil, Norway and Australia. It has designed, built and installed more offshore cathodic protection systems than any other company and provides highly respected corrosion investigation and subsea inspection services.


The acquisition greatly enhances Acteon’s subsea integrity management offering. It adds to the group’s already deep technical knowledge of corrosion engineering, problem solving and retrofit solutions, and expands its capabilities in data collection, surveying, engineering analytics and repair solutions for risers, moorings, seabed foundations and other subsea infrastructure.


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MacArtney Renew Exclusive Agreement with SeaTech in China

Since 2005, MacArtney has been working in close cooperation with a leading company in the distribution of high-tech underwater technology – SeaTech China Co. Ltd. As a trusted supplier with a respected reputation in the Chinese underwater technology industry, SeaTech has established a stable and cooperative relationship with many scientific research institutes.


SeaTech is the sole distributor of SubConn® and OptoLink connectors for MacArtney in China and has actively promoted SubConn® and OptoLink connectors over the last decade, making it a widely recognised brand for underwater technology in China. With SeaTech’s significant advantage within the Chinese connector market, MacArtney Singapore has developed an exclusive strategic partnership with SeaTech, and together they have completed many significant projects.


Since entering the Chinese market, SubConn® and OptoLink connectors have maintained high-quality standards that are always well received by customers in China. After more than 10 years of promotion and real market testing, SubConn® and OptoLink products have become an underwater technology industry standard.


MacArtney has been supplying the world’s leading range of underwater pluggable electrical connectors to underwater industries for almost 40 years. Developed to meet the needs of our global customers from shallow water use to full ocean depth rating, SubConn® connectors are continually tested and reviewed to ensure the highest quality and suitability to the underwater and offshore markets.  Likewise, OptoLink fibre optic connectors have proven themselves market leaders in the underwater fibre optic connector technology field, accommodating four optic fibre passes using expanded beam ball lens technology.


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Seacat Services Takes a Lead in Advanced Offshore Wind Vessel Monitoring

Class-leading offshore energy support vessel (OESV) operator, Seacat Services, has installed an advanced remote monitoring system across its fleet of fourteen class-certified catamarans. The BareFLEET system, developed by Reygar, will give Seacat Services an unprecedented level of insight into the operational performance of its vessels, enabling progressive safety and technical availability gains that benefit crews, clients and the wider industry.


‘Digitalisation’ of operational practices, coupling remote data collection with advanced monitoring, is gaining pace as offshore wind firms throughout the supply chain aim to keep tabs on the performance of project critical infrastructure, optimise O&M and construction procedures, extend asset lifetimes and bring down the levelised cost of energy (LCOE).


To date, much of this investment in digital technologies has been focused on turbines and transmission, but there is now an emphasis on leading OESV operators to match this level of sophistication with more advanced vessel monitoring approaches that enhance the value of the vital service they deliver. While monitoring of key variables such as vessel motion, vibration, navigation and engine performance is common practice, increasing the efficiency of reporting, and pulling this performance data into one place, is essential to inform more effective fleet-wide decision making.


Seacat Services’ rollout of the BareFLEET system is part of the firm’s ongoing investment in the quality of the service it provides to offshore wind developers, operators and contractors, supporting a longstanding commitment to the highest standards of safety and technical availability.


All fourteen vessels in the Seacat Services fleet have been fitted with an ‘always-on’ data connection. The BareFLEET system has now been integrated with existing sensors and equipment and will be used to monitor key variables, including navigation data, vessel motion and the performance of engines and other critical machinery.


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Sercel Awarded Contract for 100,000-Channel 508XT Land Seismic Acquisition System by Major Acquisition Player

CGG announces that Sercel has been awarded a contract by a major data acquisition company to supply land seismic equipment for a large onshore 3D seismic survey in the Middle East. The contract includes 100,000 Sercel 508XT channels equipped with strings of 12 SG-10 geophones.


This large-scale 3D project encompasses several diverse environments, including areas with limited access, such as industrial complexes, agricultural land and urban areas. The 508XT system is an ideal choice for these challenging conditions: its unique fault-tolerant cross-technology (X-Tech®) architecture, including local storage and automatic data rerouting, simplifies field operations and enables continuous acquisition.


Designed for high-resolution, high-productivity surveys, the 508XT will operate at a 2 ms sample rate. In addition, deployed in combination with Sercel’s VE464 vibrator electronics, it will enable unparalleled source productivity using the very latest vibroseis techniques.


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Ampelmann Inks Two New Contracts in Asia Pacific

Dutch multinational Ampelmann, a global leader in offshore access services, has secured two new contracts in the Asia Pacific region. Two A-type systems have made their way to India and Indonesia, respectively, and will enable both short- and long-term Walk to Work (W2W) operations.


The contract for India is with vessel owner and operator MMA Offshore. This contract will see the A-type installed on the MWV Falcon to enable top-side maintenance work. The campaign will go on for 195 days, with the possibility to extend.

Alongside the work in India, Ampelmann has also signed a contract to supply an A-type W2W system onboard the vessel NPP Nusantara, operating in Indonesia with PT Bintang Subsea Indonesia.


The contract is for 30 days firm, with options to extend, for supporting personnel transfers between the vessel and a floating asset. The NPP Nusantara will be used as a floatel for this scope to accommodate the increased personnel needed at the location.


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Carl Mancuso Joins Teledyne Marine as Product Line Manager

Teledyne Benthos is pleased to announce that Carl Mancuso has joined Teledyne Marine as the Director of Product Line Management for Teledyne Benthos, which consists of acoustic modems / positioning products, flotation, releases, pinger locators, and deep tow systems.


Carl comes to Teledyne from Falmouth Scientific Inc. (FSI), where he served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the past eight years. Carl brings with him a keen understanding of the oceanographic community, and a strong familiarity with Teledyne’s products.  Prior to FSI, Carl worked in various capacities at Boston Dynamics, American Research Institute, Philips Electronics, and Hazeltine Corp (now part of Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems). He has earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Clark University.  Carl also has strong local industry ties, presently serving on the Board of Directors of the Marine & Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN).


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Gardline Limited are Hiring…Come and Join the Team!

Whilst expanding its core business areas, marine survey experts Gardline Ltd are looking to recruit the following full-time, permanent personnel -:

Geophysicists (all levels)

Geophysical Engineers

Geotechnical Operators

Geotechnical Engineers

Acoustic Equipment Technician

Seismic Processing Geophysicists




Calibration Technician

Marine Mammal Observer

Marine Acoustic Technician

Marine Environmental Scientist

Environmental Reporting Scientist

Environmental Project Managers

Logistics Supervisor

PAT Engineer


As an experienced professional, you will join the class-leading Gardline team to deliver high-quality, data-driven insight to industry, across the Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy sectors.

For more information and to apply for these positions please visit the website


Similarly, please feel free to send your CV and covering letter to: Gemma Coote, Recruitment Coordinator at Gardline Ltd, Endeavour House, Admiralty Road, NR30 3NG or email [email protected]

Gardline can offer the right candidate a rewarding career in the marine science survey industry. This is offered alongside a competitive salary, including company pension and private healthcare as well as the opportunity for development and progression.

Business Development Manager, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Wallingford, UK

Fugro are an independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions for large constructions, infrastructure and natural resources.  As a result of the continued growth, they are seeking a Business Development Manager (BDM) to join the team in Wallingford.


The office in Wallingford delivers a number of key services supporting projects in both the marine and land environment.


The metocean measurements service line collect oceanographic data via deployment of an interesting variety of metocean instruments ranging from small temperature sensors to large wave buoys and provide this data to oil & gas, renewables and coastal infrastructure clients.  Fugro are currently looking for a suitable candidate to join the team to assist the Business Development & Sales activities.

Roles and Responsibilties:

The duties and responsibilities associated with this position include, but are not limited to:

Liaise with client relationship managers, commercial managers and sales representatives of other Fugro service lines to ensure regular co-ordinated client visits are undertaken and knowledge of projects is provided

Client visits in UK, Europe & Africa

Maintain awareness of client group projects, covering all phases of the offshore sector in which Fugro provides metocean services

Prepare press releases and marketing material


The ideal candidate will have:

Degree in Ocean Science or Marine Surveying

Experience in customer focussed sales

Knowledge of marine survey techniques


Relevant offshore and/or oil & gas industry experience

Metocean career background

Benefits for this role include a competitive salary accompanied by an attractive package including contributory pension scheme, life assurance, 24 days annual leave and private medical insurance.


If you are interested to join Fugro’s talented team, please apply by submitting a CV to: [email protected] quoting ref 4156.

Instrumentation Engineer, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Wallingford, UK

Fugro GB Marine Ltd is a provider of commercial meteorological and oceanographic monitoring, measurement, assessment and consulting services.


They are enjoying a sustained period of growth and as a result we have a vacancy for an experienced Instrumentation Engineer based in the Wallingford office.  If you are looking for an exciting and varied role which offers you the opportunity to work for a growing global company, then this could be the job for you.


As an Instrumentation Engineer you will assist in and undertake the design, build and maintenance of high specification, integrated, real-time metocean and response monitoring systems for the offshore industry.  You will be assigned to projects to design, build, commission and service systems, support existing real-time data acquisition and monitoring systems through maintenance and defect investigation.

Responsibilities include:

Assisting or leading in the design and build of monitoring systems for offshore installations meeting O&G industry specifications

Specifying and procuring equipment

Testing and integrating equipment

Configuration and testing of company real-time data acquisition software

Visits to offshore installations to conduct installation, commissioning and maintenance duties

Offshore travel required


The role is based in the Wallingford (UK) office and will require some offshore field trips.

The ideal candidate will have:

Degree in Ocean Science, Electronic Engineering or Instrumentation discipline, or similar experience/qualifications

Previous experience of electronic instrumentation and real-time data collection systems

Sound high-level IT and network understanding


What we offer:

Benefits include a competitive salary and offshore allowance accompanied by an attractive package including contributory pension scheme, life assurance, 24 days annual leave and private medical insurance.


If you are interested to join Fugro’s talented team, please apply by submitting a CV to: [email protected] quoting ref 4024

Oceanographic Engineer, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Wallingford, UK

Fugro GB Marine Ltd is a  provider of commercial meteorological and oceanographic measurement, assessment and consulting services, with offices located around the globe.


Fugro are enjoying a sustained period of growth and as a result they have a vacancy for an experienced Oceanographic Engineer. This is both an exciting and varied role and offers you the opportunity to work for a growing global company.


As an Oceanographic Engineer, you will assist in and undertake the design, build and maintenance of offshore metocean monitoring systems. You will be assigned to projects to design, build and commission; and also support existing real-time data acquisition and monitoring systems for the oil and gas sector through maintenance and defect investigation.


The role is based in the Wallingford (UK) office and will also require some offshore field work trips.

Benefits for this Wallingford based role include a competitive salary accompanied by an attractive package including contributory pension scheme, life assurance, 24 days annual leave, private medical insurance and a subsidised restaurant.


If you are interested in joining Fugro’s talented team, please apply by submitting a CV to: [email protected] quoting ref 4093.


Deadline for application submission is 11th January 2019.

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