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27 November 2018:


Offshore Survey 2019 Call for Abstracts – Deadline 14 December 2018

There is still time to submit an abstract for the Offshore Survey conference taking place at Ocean Business in Southampton, UK from 9-10 April 2019. The deadline is less than 3 weeks away, 14 December 2018!


Offshore Survey is one of 2019’s unmissable industry and professional conferences. It’s always a popular event and has gained a reputation for attracting the very best papers, with a unique mix of global technology and business. The conference offers a golden opportunity to share cutting edge information and the committee welcomes submissions for sessions on:

Subsea Positioning
Hydrographic and Seabed Systems
Survey Operations
Data Processing and Visualisation
Industry and Professional Issues


Each abstract will be peer-reviewed and a final programme will be announced in January 2019.
Click here for more information on submitting an abstract:

Offshore Survey 2019 runs alongside Ocean Business, the hands-on ocean technology and training forum held at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK from 9-11 April 2019. For more information on Ocean Business and Offshore Survey 2019, please visit

Ocean Careers 2019 – Are you interested in taking part?

Ocean Careers is an event that runs alongside Ocean Business, offering advice on career opportunities within the ocean technology, marine science and offshore industries.


We are looking for a number of professionals within the industry to present and discuss the wide range of job opportunities available and offer advice within their specific sector. Ocean Careers also consists of short speedy meetings where students can meet face-to-face with industry professionals to find out all they need to know about the industry from qualifications to lifestyle!

If you are interested in taking part or would like more information please contact Apinya Wright [email protected] or +44(0)1453 836363

Ocean Business 2019- Call for Helpers

Ocean Business is coming back to the National Oceanography Centre in April. It incorporates an ocean technology exhibition, in-classroom and on-water training and demonstrations, with an offshore survey conference alongside and the organisers – Diversified Communications UK Ltd are looking for some keen students to help with the day to day running of the event from the 8 – 11 April 2019.


There are a number of roles available, to view the advert please visit
Please note that the roles are all event based and are not technically based. Please be advised to look at our website before interviews, if selected.


Application Details:

To apply for any of the above roles, send your CV for the attention of Hannah Thompson to [email protected] If you have worked at Ocean Business before, please be sure to make this clear on your application making reference to the role that you carried out. Interviews for the above roles will take place at the NOC on the 24th January 2019
For more information on the event, please visit


Norwegian Billionaire Funds Deluxe Deep Ocean Research Ship

“A dream vessel” is what Joana Xavier, a sponge expert at the Interdisciplinary Center of Marine and Environmental Research in Porto, Portugal, calls a new research ship due to launch in 2021. Funded by a Norwegian billionaire, the 183-meter-long Research Expedition Vessel (REV) will be the largest such ship ever built, more than twice the length of most rivals. Engineered to endure polar ice, punishing weather, and around-the-world voyages, the REV will not only be big and tough, but packed with top-of-the-line research gear—and luxurious accommodations. Its full capabilities were detailed for the first time last week at a meeting on deep-sea exploration at The Royal Society in London.


The $350 million ship, under construction in a Black Sea shipyard in Romania, is owned by Kjell Inge Røkke, 60, who made his fortune in fishing, offshore oil, and other marine industries. In October, he promised an additional $150 million to REV Ocean in Fornebu, Norway, to operate the ship for at least 3 years, giving scientists free access. Røkke started the foundation last year to find solutions to climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing, and marine pollution. “The scale of the investment and commitment is astounding,” says Victor Zykov, science director of the Schmidt Ocean Institute, a charity in Palo Alto, California, that has its own research vessel, the Falkor.


Many national research fleets are aging and shrinking. Since 2005, for example, the U.S. academic fleet has declined from 27 vessels to 18, and by 2025 it will it drop to 16 ships. As a result, marine scientists can face long waits for ship time. “If I want to know what’s happening in a particular place, it might not work out within a decade,” says Antje Boetius, an oceanographer and director of the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, Germany.


Philanthropists have launched several vessels to help shorten the queue, but few are dedicated to research, and all are dwarfed by the REV.


For further information visit

Edgetech 2205 AUV-Based Sonar Proves Instrumental in Discovery of Missing Argentine Submarine

oceanbuzz 2019EdgeTech, a leader in high resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, is honoured to learn that it’s industry leading side scan sonar technology was used to help find the missing Argentine submarine, ARA San Juan.


The deep water search was performed by Ocean Infinity and it’s advanced fleet of 6,000 meter rated autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) equipped with EdgeTech 2205 Side Scan Sonars. EdgeTech’s unique tri-frequency side scan sonar frequency combination of 75 / 230/ 410 kHz enables the host AUV to perform long range searches in deep water, with the middle and higher frequency providing added resolution for better target identification. The ARA San Juan was imaged by the EdgeTech sonar operating at a frequency of 230kHz and a 400 meter range scale.The submarine, which has been missing for one year, was discovered in over 900 meters of water.

EdgeTech side scan sonar systems provide operators the ability to image large areas of the sea floor during important deep-water searches when the whereabouts of sunken objects are largely unknown. EdgeTech takes great pride in knowing its high quality reliable underwater acoustic imaging systems continue to assist in these demanding endeavours.


For more information please visit:

Fugro Generates AUD 10 Million Cost Saving with Award-Winning ROV Deployment Technique

Fugro’s innovative use of platform deployed ROV (PDROV) technology has demonstrated substantial reductions in the costs of subsea jacket inspections and significant operational improvements.


oceanbuzz 2019

Recognised recently by an Engineering Excellence Award from Woodside Subsea Academy, Fugro’s novel PDROV for subsea jacket inspections at Australia’s largest oil and gas development reduced Woodside’s costs by around AUD 10 million per inspection cycle.


During the development of the new system the project team overcame a number of challenges including limited space and structural capacity on the platforms, platform crane weight and reach limitations, electrical supply and restrictions on welding and drilling.


Fugro’s innovative technique resulted in substantial cost savings as well as significant risk reduction, achieved through reduced requirements for vessels, personnel and equipment. The new system delivers additional benefits including access to previously inaccessible areas of oil platform jackets and an improved operating window due to the absence of heave and drift-on restrictions associated with vessel-based ROVs.


Work on the Woodside IRM project is planned to continue until December 2018.


For further information visit

Sonardyne Launches New ERA in Acoustic and Inertial Operations

A new platform bringing a step-change reduction in complexity and overheads for offshore operations has been launched by leading underwater positioning and navigation specialist Sonardyne International Ltd. Fusion 2 Long BaseLine (LBL) and Inertial Navigation System (INS) software has been written from the ground up to offer marine survey contractors and offshore construction companies a single solution from which they can undertake field development projects faster and easier than ever.


The integrated acoustic and inertial positioning platform builds on Sonardyne’s four decades’ experience as a trusted leader in precision LBL acoustics, its expertise in inertial and Doppler guidance, and its sensor integration capabilities, to reduce system complexity, streamline workflows and increase productivity.


With Fusion 2, the separate software applications, vessel-fit hardware and often complex communication interfaces that have been typically required to support LBL, acoustically-aided INS and Sparse LBL operations, have been replaced with a single, unified solution that is easier and faster to set up and run.

Key benefits of Fusion 2 include the ability undertake the real-time SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) calibration of a sparse LBL transponder array while you survey – until now a lengthy offline post-processing activity. Sonardyne has also re-engineered the digital signal processing protocols used by Fusion 2 to command and control seabed arrays of its Compatt LBL transponders and vehicle-mounted ROVNav transceivers to Wideband 3.


This allows, for the first time, sensor data (e.g. pressure, depth and temperature) from a Compatt to be to be embedded with navigation (ranging) telemetry data, which will eliminate issues operators currently face with latency on operations such as structure installation. To benefit from Wideband 3, Sonardyne has advanced its sixth-generation subsea hardware platform, with Compatt 6 and ROVNav 6 instruments now designated as ‘plus’ units, supplied as standard. To protect customers’ investments, these are backwardly compatible with existing inventories of Compatt 6s, which can also be upgraded to realise the potential of Fusion 2.


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MacArtney Provide Innovative Source Control Solution to ION Geophysical for Seismic Survey

With a strong history of innovation, ION Geophysical has been a technology leader for 50 years. Their reputation within the Exploration & Production industry for innovative technology marries well with MacArtney’s 40-year reputation for providing optimal solutions to the highest standards of quality and service.


Earlier this year MacArtney provided six customised SailWing actuators for use in a control system for ION Geophysical. On the cutting edge of technology, the SailWing actuator and its control panel are designed to control sources towed from a seismic vessel gathering data intended for 3D interpretation of the subsurface, in search of oil and gas.


Traditionally, source arrays are stabilised by a complicated connection of ropes and deflectors. The SailWing actuator is installed in each source head float and controls the SailWing angle of attack, which stabilises the array with software controlled adjustable lift.


3D surveys repeated over time (4D) provide critical information to allow the optimisation of fields over their lifetime.  Improved source stability means the signature from the source is more repeatable, survey after survey, which in turn delivers better 4D information.


Additionally, the SailWing ensures costly downtime is avoided during source maintenance and repair since neighbouring sources can be navigated to a safe distance for trouble-free maintenance and quick redeployment.

Control of SailWing happens via ION’s state of the art Orca or Gator navigation system interfacing with the electronic control rack that then communicates with the actuator, signalling the mechanism to adjust the lift provided by the SailWing.


MacArtney has designed and manufactured the SailWing actuators, control system topside rack, power supplies and a remote control box allowing for manual control of each SailWing actuator.


This customised solution has broader applications, enhancing the MacArtney portfolio of custom designed and manufactured products shaped to their customers’ needs.


As a full system solutions provider, MacArtney supply custom solutions to a wide range of marine industries from offshore oil and gas to the renewable energy sector, ocean science institutes, civil engineering, fishery, defence and navies around the world.


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First Ever Wärtsilä 31 Engine Retrofit Brings Massive NOx and Fuel Savings to Gardar

The technology group Wärtsilä will deliver its first ever Wärtsilä 31 engine retrofit to Gardar, a fishing vessel owned by Norwegian Gardar AS, built originally in 1998. After the retrofit is completed, Gardar’s fuel consumption will be reduced by 200,000 litres and NOx emissions by over 88 tonnes annually.


The decision to retrofit Gardar’s engine will have a huge impact on the vessel’s environmental footprint. Lower fuel costs and NOx fees, combined with the longer service interval of the Wärtsilä 31 engine, will result in significantly lower operating costs.


The existing 18-cylinder Wärtsilä 32 engine in V-configuration will be replaced with the 10-cylinder Wärtsilä 31 engine in V-configuration. Wärtsilä 31 engine holds the Guinness World Record as the most effective medium-speed diesel engine in the world. In addition, the vessel will be installed with Wärtsilä NOx Reducer emission after-treatment system with a compact silencer. The propulsion control system will also be upgraded.


Norwegian NOx Fund has committed a substantial amount of support for this project, resulting in a very satisfactory repayment period.


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Ashtead Technology Acquires Welaptega

Global subsea equipment solutions specialist, Ashtead Technology has further bolstered its rapidly-expanding inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) services and capabilities with the acquisition of Canadian-based underwater inspection company, Welaptega.

The transaction comes just 10 months after the company completed a joint venture with Forum Energy Technologies, creating the industry’s leading independent provider of subsea survey and ROV equipment services with a fleet of 19,000 assets worth in excess of £100 million.
The announcement marks Ashtead’s third deal since it was acquired by Buckthorn Partners and APICORP in 2016, and demonstrates its commitment to further expand its service offering both organically and through acquisition.


Founded in 1990, Welaptega is a market leader in mooring system inspection and integrity engineering. Over the past 28 years it has developed a suite of pioneering technologies and services to mitigate failure, prevent damage, and manage the ongoing integrity of offshore operations through a risk-based approach to asset integrity.
By bringing together two world-class portfolios, the deal significantly strengthens the group’s subsea inspection capabilities, creating a wider, more competitive offering, whilst reinforcing Ashtead’s position as a leader in the provision of advanced offshore equipment solutions.


For more information about Ashtead Technology, visit

Modus Completes Vashishta Pipeline and Umbilical Trenching

Modus Seabed Intervention Limited has successfully trenched to specification the ONGC Vashishta pipelines and umbilical offshore India for McDermott International.  The challenging scope included the trenching and surveying of two 18km long pipelines with outside diameters of up to 579mm, and a 24km long 284mm outside diameter umbilical, down to a maximum trench depth 2 metres.  The water depth for trenching operations ranged between 3.5 metres and 217 metres and involved mobilising the Modus CT-1 trenching vehicle onto the Bourbon 807 for the deeper water sections and then transferring the trenching equipment to the Multicat Zwerver II for the shallow water operations.  The project demonstrated the versatility of the CT-1 to provide on-specification burial and survey from a host of vessels; mobilising safely and swiftly, offering unrivalled flexibility.  The CT-1’s ability to be configured to trench in water depths from 3.5m to 3,000m is unrivalled in the industry.


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Aberdeen Subsea Connectivity Specialist Expands Business with Israeli Partnership

Subsea cable and connector assembly specialist, Hydro Group, has expanded into a new market with Israeli-based distributor Aretha Technologies Ltd.


Aretha Technologies will offer subsea electrical and optical cables, ROV tethers and more from Hydro Group’s extensive product range.

Established in May 2018 by Ofer Kleiner and Moshe Eisenkraft, the firm based in Kfar Saba, Israel, is the official agent for specialist engineering firms active in the defence, aerospace and renewable energy industries.


With a strong track record of international expansion in both Asia and the Americas, Hydro Group is continuing to identify local experts and new markets globally for its suite of subsea connectivity solutions.

From its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Scotland, Hydro Group develops the complete subsea electrical and optical interconnect package, built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.


Hydro Group employs more than 100 full time staff in Scotland, Singapore and the USA, providing total solutions to a portfolio of prime contractors, major operators, OEMs, defence agencies, defence organisations and the UK MOD.


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London Array Limited selects James Fisher to Provide the Complete Maintenance Solution on its 630 MW Offshore Wind Farm

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has secured a trio of milestone contracts on London Array 175 turbine 630 MW wind farm – one of the largest in Europe – affirming the company’s status as a leading provider of unique and flexible integrated services to the offshore renewables sector.

oceanbuzz 2019

Already appointed by London Array as the contractor for topside balance of plant (BoP) services, JFMS will now also provide subsea services, including inspection of the substation and all wind turbine generators (WTGs), together with high voltage (HV) services –all under five-year agreements or until at least 2023.


In addition to the BoP scope of work, sister company EDS HV Group – recently acquired by James Fisher and Sons plc as the renewables industry’s foremost HV company – will provide support services London Array’s HV network on a 24/7 basis through its state-of-the-art control centre, including the associated offshore transmission owner (OFTO) assets.


Looking ahead, JFMS now aims to add value to its London Array operations through further exposure to intelligent systems and services, including risk-based inspection, condition monitoring, further multiskilling of personnel and digital solutions.


JFMS has experienced rapid growth in the offshore renewables sector, including nascent energy projects, as a result of its integrated services model and commitment to supporting the local supply chain wherever it operates.


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Inyanga-Tech Launch New Tidal Energy Project with Support from Marine-I

Inyanga-Tech Ltd, which is based in Penryn in Cornwall, has launched an innovative tidal energy project called HydroWing.

HydroWing is Inyanga-Tech’s patent-pending tidal energy technology which is based on a full-systems approach targeted at subsea tidal energy arrays.


The HydroWing project has received grant support from Marine-i. Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Marine-i is a partnership project aiming to boost the marine technology sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Their funding has enabled the recruitment of two specialised research project engineers.


Inyanga-Tech has also received additional support from the Marine-i lead partner, University of Exeter, which is undertaking research looking at Operations, Maintenance, Reliability and Yield Analysis.


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Successful Trials for Inland Waterways Unmanned Survey Vessel

The ‘micro Rapid Environmental Assessment Vessel’ (mREAV); an unmanned and highly-portable integrated survey system for inland waterways has successfully completed initial trials in the South West of England.


oceanbuzz 2019

The very small Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) was developed by Safeguard Nautica in collaboration with control systems partner Reygar, as a part of a project sponsored by UK Research & Innovation’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund for Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in Extreme & Challenging Environments.


The unmanned platform with automated swathe following and station-keeping features was verified in high-current environments, streaming live data to the operator onshore. The vectored-thrust propulsion system offering precise control and redundancy, draws upon Reygar’s previous experience in developing dynamic positioning systems.


Safeguard Nautica has focused design effort on packaging the mREAV into a lightweight and compact USV which may be carried in small vehicles or as civilian aircraft luggage, working with Dr. Rachel Nicholls-Lee to develop an optimised hull form which reduces flow disturbance in way of the survey payload. The result is a sensor platform less than 1m in length and weighing less than 20kg.


During trials, mREAV was operated in still water environments and in high-current estuaries, demonstrating a capability to follow pre-programmed survey missions whilst streaming live survey data to create accurate bathymetries in shallow-water or hazardous environments.


For further information visit or


New Face at Planet Ocean

Surrey based Planet Ocean Ltd is pleased to announce the arrival of a new team member Aaron Clark to their sales team.  Aaron joins as Technical & Scientific Sales Engineer and is based at the Planet Ocean Camberley HQ.


Aaron graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a B.Sc (Hons) in Marine Biology and is a keen SCUBA diver, qualifying as one of the youngest scuba divers in the UK, after having been selected for a trial to lower the age for qualification.  Subsequently he has gone on to obtain qualifications in advanced open water diving and scientific diving techniques.


Aaron joins planet ocean from the sales team at Silverbear Ltd, a software company specialising in CRM systems.


For further information visit


Gardline Limited are hiring…Come and join the team!

Whilst expanding its core business areas, marine survey experts Gardline Ltd are looking to recruit the following full-time, permanent personnel -:

Geophysicists (all levels)

Geophysical Engineers

Geotechnical Operators

Geotechnical Engineers

Acoustic Equipment Technician

Seismic Processing Geophysicists




Calibration Technician

Marine Mammal Observer

Marine Acoustic Technician

Marine Environmental Scientist

Environmental Reporting Scientist

Environmental Project Managers

Logistics Supervisor

PAT Engineer


As an experienced professional, you will join the class-leading Gardline team to deliver high-quality, data-driven insight to industry, across the Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy sectors.

For more information and to apply for these positions please visit our website


Similarly, please feel free to send your CV and covering letter to: Gemma Coote, Recruitment Coordinator at Gardline Ltd, Endeavour House, Admiralty Road, NR30 3NG or email [email protected]

Gardline can offer the right candidate a rewarding career in the marine science survey industry. This is offered alongside a competitive salary, including company pension and private healthcare as well as the opportunity for development and progression.

Project Manager, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

As a Project Manager you are responsible and accountable for the delivery of projects. The prime responsibility is to ensure both an effective and efficient execution of the agreed work in such a way that the QHSE, technical, commercial and contractual requirements are met. You will be managing offshore projects utilising specialist survey vessels and equipment in a global market.


The duties and responsibilities associated with this position include, but are not limited to:
To plan, organise, control, co-ordinate, lead, motivate to achieve optimal balance between cost, time, quality, benefit and risk in marine geophysical projects;
To support the development of a positive safety culture; to develop project documentation including project execution plans;
To monitor project budgets, schedules and performance against KPI’s; to supervise and motivate project teams;
To communicate with clients, internal partners, and sub-contractors; to support the tendering process; to support and promote a Team Fugro culture.


We are looking for candidates who are excellent, reliable and efficient. We require first class communicators that adopt a proactive and systematic approach with a competitive attitude.

To apply and for more details please visit:

Oceanographer, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

The Coastal Oceanography Department has the following vacancy for an Oceanographer based within the team in our Portchester office.


Fugro are one of the world’s leading, independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions for large constructions, infrastructure and natural resources. They provide the technical data and information required to design, construct and maintain large structures and infrastructure in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Working around the globe, predominantly in energy and infrastructure markets, they employ approximately 10,000 employees in around 65 countries.


There office in Portchester delivers a number of key services supporting projects in both the marine and land environment.


The Oceanographer duties and responsibilities include:

Metocean survey – setting up metocean equipment, preparing moorings, mobilising vessels, deploying equipment, collecting metocean data.

Equipment selection and preparation prior to survey work, and demobilisation following survey.

Processing and quality control of measured metocean data.

Writing technical reports.


Attributes will include:

Degree in Oceanography or related discipline.

Ability to work well as part of a team.


Fieldwork experience is desirable, but not essential. Understanding of metocean equipment and knowledge of the offshore renewables industry is also desirable, but not essential.


For more information please visit our web site:

Hydrographic Surveyor, Spectrum Geosurvey, Hampshire, UK

Spectrum Geosurvey specialise in coastal geophysical surveys, supporting a wide range of clients in the offshore renewables sector. Spectrum Geosurvey are seeking an enthusiastic and dedicated individual to join a growing team based in the Lymington office.


The successful candidate will be required to perform a variety of roles within the company and be prepared to travel and work offshore and away from home on a regular basis.

Supported by an experienced team, the candidate will have 2 or more years’ experience within the offshore industry and will be responsible for the following activities:
Acquisition, quality checking, processing and interpretation of data from various survey systems including multibeam sonars, sub-bottom profilers, RTK & PPK GPS, side scan sonar and USBL systems;
Vessel mobilisations, project management and survey planning, calibrate and maintain survey equipment;
Technical report writing & charting;
Production and checking of final deliverables;
Research new technologies & techniques to keep Spectrum on the cutting edge;
Assist with the development of new procedures for tasks including survey operations, data processing and data management.


Required education/experience & attributes:
Degree or equivalent in a relevant subject such as Geophysics, Geology, Hydrography or similar;
High attention to detail and able to work efficiently to meet deadlines;
Full, valid UK driving licence;
Competent in the use of Microsoft Office applications, especially Excel and Word;

Willing to work in the offshore marine environment and away from home for several weeks at a time;
Ability to take initiative and work unsupervised.


Working knowledge of Teledyne PDS & POSPac MMS;
Land survey techniques;
GIS knowledge and experience of GIS software;
An understanding of the importance of data management;
An interest in offshore survey techniques, offshore energy & infrastructure;


Please send your CV to: [email protected]

Closing date: 15/01/2019

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