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20 November 2018:


Offshore Survey 2019 Call for Abstracts – Deadline 14 December 2018

Don’t miss out on your chance to submit papers for the Offshore Survey conference taking place at Ocean Business in Southampton, UK from 9-10 April 2019. There are less than 4 weeks until the deadline on 14 December 2018!

Offshore Survey is one of 2019’s unmissable industry and professional conferences.  It’s always a popular event and has gained a reputation for attracting the very best papers, with a unique mix of global technology and business.  The conference offers a golden opportunity to share cutting edge information and the committee welcomes submissions for sessions on:

Subsea Positioning

Hydrographic and Seabed Systems

Survey Operations

Data Processing and Visualisation

Industry and Professional Issues


Each abstract will be peer-reviewed and a final program will be announced in January 2019.

Click here for more information on submitting an abstract:

Offshore Survey 2019 runs alongside Ocean Business, the hands-on ocean technology and training forum held at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK from 9-11 April 2019. For more information on Ocean Business and Offshore Survey 2019, please visit


Sonardyne leads ocean autonomous systems collaboration project

Underwater positioning and communications technology provider Sonardyne International Ltd. has initiated a collaborative project to drive a major step change in ocean system autonomy for long-endurance autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). The ambition of the Innovate UK-supported Precise Positioning for Persistent AUVs (P3AUV) project is to enable AUVs to operate at high levels of navigation performance with less surface support and for longer periods.


With partners L3 ASV and the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Sonardyne will focus on longer-term navigational accuracy for AUVs in deep water, while reducing power requirements and increasing autonomy in marine operations. The P3AUV project will involve trials using Sonardyne’s leading underwater positioning technology on the NOC’s Autosub Long Range (ALR) and L3 ASV’s C-Worker 7 autonomous surface vehicle (ASV). The project, which will include trials in Loch Ness next month, is due to run until late 2019.


The project will focus on three key areas: increasing long-duration navigational accuracy by integrating low- and high-power Inertial Navigation System (INS) sensors; improving positioning accuracy while underwater vehicles descend and ascend through the water column, through the integration of Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) current measurement capabilities and INS technologies with on board processing of data; and enabling ASV deployment of seafloor positioning transponders.


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Forssea Robotics and GMS announce the creation of an underwater vision & photogrammetry joint laboratory

Offshore robotics company forssea robotics chose gms as main technical partner to certify its real-time visual positioning technologies. A joint laboratory will be created to develop a common offer covering camera calibration, subsea image treatment and innovative photogrammetry solutions.


Forssea Robotics decided last year to adapt their atoll ROV embedded visual docking technology into a stand-alone product. The company was already manufacturing and commercialising underwater cameras, mainly for r&d underwater vision applications.


The so-called “v-loc” technology (stands for visual localisation) has been designed for quick and operational use. one operator sticks the marker on the structure and the camera computes the 6-degree coordinates in real-time on the user screen.


Forssea and GMS recently organised underwater trials with conclusive results. These results will be communicated to client as offshore pilots shall be organised early 2019.


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Two MVP30-350 Systems for Geological Survey of Ireland

The Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) has purchased AML Oceanographic’s Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) to simultaneously improve the productivity, safety, and data quality of their survey operations. Working in partnership with the Marine Institute of Ireland under the joint programme INFOMAR, they have committed to having all Irish waters mapped by 2026. The addition of MVP30-350 systems to their two 16m survey catamarans is expected to facilitate on-time completion of the project.


The first of the two systems were commissioned aboard RV Mallet in November 2018, with delivery of the second MVP30-350 for RV Keary to occur in 2019. To date, over 130 MVP systems have been provided to organizations around the world seeking to reduce the technical and financial unpredictability of hydrographic and ocean science surveys.


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Dynautics Ltd announces Electronics Interface to Mercury Outboard Motors for unmanned use

Oceanbuzz 2018Dynautics Ltd, a leader in intelligent marine electronics for unmanned boats successfully developed and commissioned an electronic interface to convert the Mercury outboard motors for unmanned operation.


Altus LSA, based in Greece, an established supplier of Ariel Unmanned Systems, approached Dynautics for the conversion of their standard RHIB for unmanned use. The standard RHIB was fitted with a Mercury Verado 150HP outboard motor which are traditionally controlled by a Mercury proprietary interface protocol. Dynautics overcame this by developing a Mercury Interface Module (Dynautics MIM) and integrating a MHK NEC KE5+ electronics throttle system. The Dynautics system was designed to allow for both manned and unmanned operation.


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The Epic 2-Hour Special, ‘Discovery LIVE: Into The Blue Hole,’ to premiere on Discovery Channel, Sunday 2 December, from 9-11pm

Oceanbuzz 2018Located 46 miles off the coast of Belize, the Blue Hole is known around the world for its crystal-clear water and its abundance of sharks and sea life. But this remote spot has only ever been fully explored once – back in 1971 by legendary ocean expert Jacques Cousteau himself. But what mysteries lie at the greatest depth of this ancient sink hole that is millions of years old? Discovery announced today it will take viewers to the bottom of the Blue Hole and document its findings in an all-new, 2-hour special called discovery live: into the blue hole premieres Sunday December 2 from 9-11pm.


The Blue Hole has never been mapped or even plotted – and while many speculate what is at the bottom – the exact answer remains unknown. To find out, Discovery has tapped a team of the world’s leading explorers who will venture down to its bottom in a fully-manned submersible.

The on-board exploration team will include businessman/philanthropist Sir Richard Branson; explorer Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau; and Erika Bergman, the submersible’s pilot. The mission will be the very first time since 1971 that anyone has attempted such a feat.


Discovery will pick up from where Cousteau left off – exploring the Blue Hole in real time and attempting to shed light on its many mysteries. The team will also have access to a fully equipped second submersible with additional lighting that will allow them – as well as viewers – to see as much as possible.


The 2-hour special will also explore a variety of sea-related topics such as how the Blue Hole was created, how technology has evolved since Cousteau’s first mission, and will delve into the many legends surrounding this unique spot, which has attracted diving enthusiasts from around the globe.


The broadcast, hosted by marine biologist Luke Tipple and presenter Chris Jacobs will document the team’s descent into the Blue Hole; however, that is not the only mission. Vessels will continue exploring the Blue Hole for two weeks after the dive and track the site. The data collected will help construct real-life models of the Blue Hole’s geographical features to help researchers and scientists from around the world understand how changing sea levels affected its formation and to provide key information about climate change patterns.


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TDI-Brooks International, inc. joins the blue hole belize expedition

Oceanbuzz 2018TDI-Brooks International, Inc will soon deploy the R/V Brooks McCall to Belize and join the Blue Hole Expedition. The vessel will provide the logistical support, hosting and launching of Aquatica’s manned submersible submarines along with providing accommodations for all crew and guests during the two-week expedition.  Partnered with Aquatica Submarines, and their partner, the Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration (RIDE), they will be deploying their submersibles for the Expedition – Aquatica’s STINGRAY 500 and RIDE’s IDABEL.


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First sale of the TRIAXUS ROTV into the Chinese ocean science market is a MacArtney milestone

The Chinese Academy of Science, via MacArtney agent Geo Marine Technology Ltd, has purchased the first TRIAXUS ROTV to be utilised aboard CAS research vessels in the South China Sea. This milestone sale of the MacArtney TRIAXUS ROTV is the first of its kind to enter the Chinese Ocean Science market and forecasts a future need for ROTV facilitated research in this region.


Marine Observation Technology is a developing market as research organisations seek out cutting-edge technology to facilitate their research. In this case, the areas of the Marine Observation Technology focus are triple-fold as the TRIAXUS will be facilitating research into the South China Sea Circulation, Tropical Ocean-Air Processes, Climate Effects and Eco-environmental Consequences of Dynamical Processes in Tropical Oceans as outlined by the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology (SCSIO).


The TRIAXUS ROTV system for CAS includes a TRIAXUS E Vehicle, TRIAXUS Topside Unit, a MERMAC S20 Winch, inclusive of 3000 m of Electro-Optic Tow Cable with Subsea termination and a Focal combined electro-optical slip ring. The TRIAXUS sensor payload consists of a Teledyne RDI Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, SeaBird 911 CTD including a Dissolved Oxygen sensor and a WETLabs ECO Fluorometer providing a full payload for oceanographic research.


With the Sea Acceptance Test completed in September 2018, the TRIAXUS is now in full operation. As an undulating 3D towfish, the TRIAXUS features flaps for vertical as well as lateral control. Specifically developed for high-speed oceanographic data acquisition work the TRIAXUS can undulate between 1 and 400 metres ensuring dense data acquisition throughout the water column.


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New thought leadership series aims to open up discussion to improve offshore operations

Attollo Offshore is releasing the first of its Attollo Conversation series which, it hopes, will help open the discussion to improve offshore operations ready for a new era through constructive disruption and change.


The series wants to address key issues of technology and innovation within the offshore energy industry, discussing the growing use of smarter technology within all industries, and its potential to provide smarter offshore operations.


Attollo has brought some of the brightest minds together to give their opinions on key industry topics – from the future of work to big data – to ignite the debate and get offshore energy industry thinking.


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Reliable green power for seabed oil and gas installations

Aberdeen-based company EC-OG has been using Nortek’s Aquadopp current profiler to ensure that tests of its innovative subsea power generator were based on reliable ocean current data.


Power from tides and ocean currents is not all about the potential of large underwater turbines to produce industrial-scale levels of electricity. At the smaller scale, tidal power can be just as useful and, indeed, can be a lot easier to deploy to meet commercial needs.


A team of highly experienced subsea engineers from the North Sea oil and gas industry saw one such potential opportunity and decided to set up their own company – EC-OG – to pursue it in 2013. The result of their endeavors is the Subsea Power Hub, a compact tidal- and ocean-current-based electricity generator, suitable for providing renewable power to subsea oil and gas installations.


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Innovatum management buy out

Innovatum are pleased to announce the completion of a Management buyout. Robert Nunn is now the sole owner of Innovatum and is looking forward to continuing the development of the business.


Innovatum specialises in the development of submarine cable and pipeline surveyance tools Smartrak and Magnetic mapping tool Smartsearch. They also provide magnetising services to improve detection ranges of cables along with their fleet of ROVs.


Innovatum will continue as normal with the main contacts being Robert Nunn (Managing Director) [email protected] and Chris Rayner (General Manager) [email protected]

Innovatum wishes Terry and Sarah Slater the best for their well-deserved retirement.


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Rovco strengthens business development team to support continued growth

ROV and hydrographic survey company, Rovco, has established a dedicated business development team to support its ambitious growth plans, as it looks to increase its presence in key international markets.


Paolo Cattaneo, Brett Laurenson and Alex Pretty, collectively bring more than 40 years of business development experience to the company. Whilst capitalising on Rovco’s latest 3D reconstruction technology, they will be responsible for strengthening the company’s market presence, geographical reach and effectively executing the firm’s global growth strategy.


Whilst working alongside the offshore and R&D teams, they will help to develop future technology and services required to support clients in the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors. This will ensure the company continues to broaden its range of services in line with customer and industry demand.


Mr Pretty will focus on developing new opportunities in the offshore renewables market, Mr Laurenson will boost Rovco’s presence in the global oil and gas industry, and Mr Cattaneo will work across both divisions.


With an expanding fleet of ROVs, Rovco has the resources required to provide subsea surveys and inspections anywhere in the world. Offering a unique approach to technical subsea challenges, Rovco has the expertise to deliver a high quality and efficient solution for underwater hydrographic survey and inspection services.


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NEXT GEN 2019,3 One Day Workshops - Southampton UK – 2- 4 April 2019

OceanbuzzNEXT GEN 2019 is a series of specialist one day workshops run ‘back to back’ on 2 – 4 April 2019. The programme combines hot topics and international maritime experts with dynamic panel discussions. The Grand Harbour is a superb conference venue overlooking the historic port of Southampton UK.


NEXT GEN Man Overboard Prevention & Recovery on 2 April 2019 is relevant to all people working on or near to water. Expert presenters highlight lessons learned and give viable methods to reduce loss of life at sea, in harbours, docks and marinas.


NEXT GEN Safety Systems & Equipment Workshop on 3 April 2019 delves into future requirements along with integration of traditional and innovative systems into the maritime workplace to improve safety, communication and situational awareness.


NEXT GEN Shock Mitigation Solutions Workshop on 4 April 2019 focusses on managing the risk of operating planning craft in waves. Extreme applications have driven rapid development and cost effective solutions are now becoming available for lower speed vessels.


The fast moving Workshop style programme brings together an international group of experts armed with the latest knowledge to identify problems that affect the sub IMO / sub 24 metre maritime sector worldwide and highlight potential solutions. The unique knowledge gained from NEXT GEN presentations and panel discussions helps to shape decisions that lead to improvements for in-service equipment and procurement.


NEXT GEN 2019 Workshops Information


Project Manager, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

As a Project Manager you are responsible and accountable for the delivery of projects. The prime responsibility is to ensure both an effective and efficient execution of the agreed work in such a way that the QHSE, technical, commercial and contractual requirements are met. You will be managing offshore projects utilising specialist survey vessels and equipment in a global market.


The duties and responsibilities associated with this position include, but are not limited to:

To plan, organise, control, co-ordinate, lead, motivate to achieve optimal balance between cost, time, quality, benefit and risk in marine geophysical projects;

To support the development of a positive safety culture; to develop project documentation including project execution plans;

To monitor project budgets, schedules and performance against KPI’s; to supervise and motivate project teams;

To communicate with clients, internal partners, and sub-contractors; to support the tendering process; to support and promote a Team Fugro culture.

We are looking for candidates who are excellent, reliable and efficient. We require first class communicators that adopt a proactive and systematic approach with a competitive attitude.


To apply and for more details please visit:

Report Coordinator, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

An exciting opportunity has arisen for Report Coordinator to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. You will play a key role in the department, coordinating report production, liaising with senior members of the Geophysics team and ensuring the on-time delivery of reports. You will have previous experience of geophysical data processing, interpretation / reporting and be able to demonstrate a focus on quality. The successful candidate will ensure that high quality reports are produced for clients in various fields; including renewables, oil and gas and utilities.



Produce and oversee the production of high quality geophysical survey reports;

Work with the senior project team to assign sufficient resources and enable the on-time delivery of reports;

Ensure a diligent, high level of quality control is undertaken, in accordance with Fugro’s quality management system;

Ensure that all reports comply with the requirement of Fugro’s quality management system and associated documentation;

Strive for the continuous improvement of reporting and associated guidance documents;

Monitor and track key deliverable deadlines and ensure that all reports are issued on time;

Undertake regular liaison between key project stakeholders, including Fugro personnel and our clients, to ensure that key project objectives are met;

Act as a reporting lead on projects with responsibility for liaising with clients in a technical capacity, undertaking overall report QC and ensuring that survey specifications and deadlines are met;

Manage, lead and provide training to other personnel in the department to, ensure that all reporting deliverables meet the project specification and Fugro quality standards.


To apply and for more details please visit:

Instrumentation Engineer, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Wallingford, UK

Fugro GB Marine Ltd is one of the world’s foremost provider of commercial meteorological and oceanographic monitoring, measurement, assessment and consulting services.


Fugro are enjoying a sustained period of growth and as a result there is a vacancy for an experienced Instrumentation Engineer based in Wallingford.  If you are looking for an exciting and varied role which offers you the opportunity to work for a growing global company, then this could be the job for you.


As an Instrumentation Engineer you will assist in and undertake the design, build and maintenance of high specification, integrated, real-time metocean and response monitoring systems for the offshore industry.  You will be assigned to projects to design, build, commission and service systems, support existing real-time data acquisition and monitoring systems through maintenance and defect investigation.

Responsibilities include:

Assisting or leading in the design and build of monitoring systems for offshore installations meeting O&G industry specifications

Specifying and procuring equipment

Testing and integrating equipment

Configuration and testing of company real-time data acquisition software

Visits to offshore installations to conduct installation, commissioning and maintenance duties

Offshore travel required


The role is based in the Wallingford (UK) office and will require some offshore field trips.

The ideal candidate will have:

Degree in Ocean Science, Electronic Engineering or Instrumentation discipline, or similar experience/qualifications

Previous experience of electronic instrumentation and real-time data collection systems

Sound high-level IT and network understanding


Benefits include a competitive salary and offshore allowance accompanied by an attractive package including contributory pension scheme, life assurance, 24 days annual leave and private medical insurance.


If you are interested to join Fugro’s talented team, please apply by submitting a CV to: [email protected] quoting ref 4024

Deadline for application submission is 25 November 2018.

Hydrographic Surveyor (Maternity Cover), The Bristol Port Company, Bristol, UK

Attractive salary and benefits

The Bristol Port Company operates the dynamic and advanced ports of Avonmouth and Portbury located in the Severn Estuary.

They currently have an opportunity for a qualified Hydrographic Surveyor to join their small team to cover a period of maternity leave from February 2019.


As the local Statutory and Competent Harbour Authority, they are responsible for the provision of hydrographic surveys, the production and distribution of navigational charts and tide predictions, along with the monitoring and maintenance of Aids to Navigation and the promulgation of Notices to Mariners within our harbour limits.


Ideally, you will have the following qualifications and experience:

Relevant hydrographic surveying qualification and experience

Demonstrable experience in acquiring, assessing, interpreting and validating hydrographic data

Experience of PDS2000, AutoCAD, POS Pac, Fledermaus and GIS will be an advantage.

You will also be a team player with strong communication skills, with a focus on quality and attention to detail.


A full driving licence and use of a car is essential.

Please be aware, due to the nature of the role, only candidates eligible to both live and work in the UK will be considered for the role.  No sponsorship or relocation packages will be offered for this role.


To apply, please email an up-to-date CV and covering letter to   [email protected] by Friday 7 December 2018.

Hydrographic Surveyor, Spectrum Geosurvey, Hampshire, UK

Spectrum Geosurvey specialise in coastal geophysical surveys, supporting a wide range of clients in the offshore renewables sector. Spectrum Geosurvey are seeking an enthusiastic and dedicated individual to join a growing team based in the Lymington office.


The successful candidate will be required to perform a variety of roles within the company and be prepared to travel and work offshore and away from home on a regular basis. Supported by an experienced team, the candidate will have 2 or more years’ experience within the offshore industry and will be responsible for the following activities:

Acquisition, quality checking, processing and interpretation of data from various survey systems including multibeam sonars, sub-bottom profilers, RTK & PPK GPS, side scan sonar and USBL systems;

Vessel mobilisations, project management and survey planning, calibrate and maintain survey equipment;

Technical report writing & charting;

Production and checking of final deliverables;

Research new technologies & techniques to keep Spectrum on the cutting edge;

Assist with the development of new procedures for tasks including survey operations, data processing and data management.


Required education/experience & attributes:

Degree or equivalent in a relevant subject such as Geophysics, Geology, Hydrography or similar;

High attention to detail and able to work efficiently to meet deadlines;

Full, valid UK driving licence;

Competent in the use of Microsoft Office applications, especially Excel and Word;

Willing to work in the offshore marine environment and away from home for several weeks at a time;

Ability to take initiative and work unsupervised.



Working knowledge of Teledyne PDS & POSPac MMS;

Land survey techniques;

GIS knowledge and experience of GIS software;

An understanding of the importance of data management;

An interest in offshore survey techniques, offshore energy & infrastructure;


Please send your CV to: [email protected]

Closing date: 15/01/2019

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