Issue 559
06 November 2018:


Fugro announces agreement with l3 asv to develop next-generation autonomy for commercial survey

Fugro has signed a joint development agreement with L3 ASV, a leader in the field of unmanned and autonomous vessel technology, to create the next generation of autonomous vessels for the commercial survey market. The partnership brings together the expertise of both companies for the joint development of a variety of fit-for-purpose unmanned surface vessels (USVs). Delivery of the first USV, designed for medium- to large-scale hydrographic survey applications, is scheduled for Q2 2019.


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Scientists capture 360 degree video of the deepest part of the salish sea from manned submersible

Research scientists and explorers captured 360-degree images to depths of nearly 1000 feet near Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands during the 2018 Salish Sea Survey Expedition. The Boxfish 360 camera, courtesy of Oceans 360, a non-profit focused on increasing awareness of the importance of the world’s oceans, was mounted to the exterior of Cyclops 1, a 5-person manned submersible, owned and operated by OceanGate Inc.

The expedition, conducted in early September 2018, included seven dives over five days to allow three teams of scientists to observe the feeding strategies of deep-sea red urchins, document the sand wave habitat of Pacific sand lances, and assess the potential impacts of scientific trawling on the ecosystem.

An internally mounted GoPro Omni and the external Boxfish 360-degree cameras were deployed during all research projects and helped to document the existence of red urchins at a depth of 284 meters (932 feet) – more than twice the depth previously recorded. Red urchins feed on kelp that typically grows in depths of less than 100 feet, so documenting the existence of urchins at more than nine times this depth validates the flow of this food source from shallow subtidal kelp forests to the deepest parts of the Salish Sea.


Scientists also captured photographs using a stereoscopic camera that takes pairs of images to create a three-dimensional effect, similar to human eyesight, and also allows for gathering quantitative information about the environment – such as measuring fish to precise lengths and doing a full 360-degree reconstruction of the visual field. Provided by NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center, this was the first time the stereoscopic camera has been deployed on a manned submersible.


Dive time for all three research projects during the 2018 Salish Sea Survey Expedition was funded by the SeaDoc Society as part of their annual competitive grants program, with additional funding provided by the OceanGate Foundation. The expedition was based at the University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories in Friday Harbor, Washington.


Link to 360 Video and Salish Sea Survey Expedition Video.

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Teledyne CARIS to Adopt New Licensing Technology

Teledyne CARIS™ is pleased to announce they will be moving to new software licensing technology. Clients will first see this implemented in conjunction with the upcoming release of Bathy DataBASE™ 5.2, with integration into other CARIS applications scheduled for the coming months. With this new licensing technology, Teledyne CARIS is responding to changing market requirements and customers wishes as well as preparing for new options for future software deployment.

Key benefits of this new technology include:

Convenient and easy softkey activation

The elimination of physical hardware removes the possibility of damage or loss

No more need of a separate licensing tool

Faster software purchase and setup

Improved license usage transparency for network license users


For more information about the new licensing technology and effects on your organisation, please review the FAQ page, which provides a general overview. More detailed information will become available with each CARIS application release and through our Online Customer Services web page.


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Sonardyne USBL technology in demand across three continents

Underwater navigation and positioning company Sonardyne has secured new Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) equipment sales across Europe, Asia and the Americas.


XPRIZE finalists TeamTao have acquired a Ranger 2 GyroUSBL system with AvTrak 6 OEM Nanos for tracking and communicating between a swarm of underwater drones and an unmanned surface vessel. The technology is due to be deployed in the final of the XPRIZE, offshore Greece, starting in November.


Thai offshore inspection, repair and maintenance company Beacon Offshore has acquired a Ranger 2 Survey package, with a Dynamic Positioning Transponder 6 (DPT 6) and deployment system for its latest vessel, the subsea support vessel SC Sirapat for ROV and diver tracking operations offshore Southeast Asia.


Brazilian underwater engineering company Belov Engenharia has acquired a Mini-Ranger 2 USBL system for the dive support vessel Cidade Ouro Preto to track ROVs during inspection, repair and maintenance work offshore Brazil.


Vietnamese offshore services company Greenstar Positioning has acquired two Mini-Ranger 2 USBL underwater positioning systems and a number of Wideband Sub-Mini 6 Plus (WSM 6+) beacons for tracking ROVs and divers during operations offshore Vietnam.


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Marine-i announces new fund to pioneer data technologies

Marine-i is making up to £500,000 available for businesses to develop innovative marine data technologies and applications.


Marine-i is part funded by the EU and was set up to help foster innovation in the marine industry in Cornwall.

To be eligible for funding, companies must base their funded activity in Cornwall. Funded activities must also create a benefit for the economy of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.


Projects of all sizes are encouraged but it is anticipated that businesses will request funding support of between £20,000 and £50,000 from this funding call. Small to medium sized enterprises are eligible for up to 70% funding for their project.

Project proposals must be submitted by midnight on 16 November 2018.


Full details on the Marine-i project can be seen at:

Kreuz Subsea and Seamec consortium mobilise Kreuz Glorious for two-year ONGC project

Global integrated subsea services business, Kreuz Subsea and consortium partner Seamec Ltd, have successfully completed the mobilisation of the Kreuz Glorious vessel to commence a two-year project with India’s Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

The scope of work includes the inspection of 27 offshore jackets in the Mumbai High North, Mumbai High South, Heera, Neelam and Bassien assets, located off the coast of Mumbai in the Arabian Sea.


The construction work barge is specifically designed to work around complex jackets which are often inaccessible by more traditionally utilised DP2 diving vessels. The Kreuz Glorious has a 1,200m2 deck area, accommodation for 304 people and an eight-point mooring system.


The campaign will see 50 personnel from Kreuz supporting in project management roles as well as performing offshore construction tasks.

In September 2018, the Government of India approved fiscal incentives to attract investments and technology to improve recovery from oil fields. This move is expected to lead hydrocarbon production worth more than USD $700 billion in the next 20 years.


Singapore-headquartered Kreuz Subsea was established in 2008 as an integrated subsea solutions provider to the global energy industry. It has operational bases in Brunei and India and has around 400 personnel onshore and offshore.


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RBR opens office in China

RBR is pleased to announce the formal opening of RBR China in Qingdao. RBR China is a wholly-owned foreign enterprise under the direction of RBR Ltd. (Canada) and has been established to more efficiently support the growing customer base and collaborative business development activities in China. The coastal city of Qingdao is the hub of oceanographic research in China and home to Ocean University of China, First Institute of Oceanography, North China Sea Branch of SOA, and the Institute of Oceanography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


RBR China will strengthen RBR’s commitment to customer success and innovation in China by continuing collaborations with many university and government offices, making frequent customer visits, and developing demonstration projects to introduce new products and applications into the Chinese market. Following the grand-opening of RBR China at Oceanology International in Qingdao, customers and parters in China attended a technical workshop focused on advancement of understanding RBR sensors, loggers, software, and deployment best practices.


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MacArtney welcomes new Managing Director to MacArtney Norge AS

Bjørn T. Akselsen officially joins MacArtney Underwater Technology as the MacArtney Norge AS Managing Director. Bjørn brings with him extensive international business development and management experience.


Having recently returned from almost a decade in Houston, Texas, as the Director of Innovation Norway and consultant to Norwegian Oil & Gas companies establishing a presence in the Gulf of Mexico, Bjørn has been enhancing business strategies and networks for many years.


The first chapter of Bjørn’s story began in the late 80s with both onshore and offshore projects, and commissioning activities, followed by management positions within his own contracting company. Eventually, Bjørn’s knowledge and skills took him across the Atlantic.


Initially working in Houston, Texas, as Commercial Consul at the Royal Norwegian Consulate General until 2013 and finally as a US advisor until 2017. The years prior to this saw time spent as Managing Director of Viking Life-Saving Equipment Norge AS.


Mac Artney are delighted to welcome Bjørn to MacArtney Norge AS to begin a new chapter of growth and prosperity. Having just celebrated their 40-year anniversary Bjørn joins them at a poignant time as they look to the future and continue to tell the MacArtney story.


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First nippon foundation-gebco seabed 2030 project regional mapping meeting for arctic, antarctic & north pacific held in stockholm

The first regional mapping meeting for The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project has been held in Stockholm, covering the Arctic, Antarctic and North Pacific regions. The successful meeting, held last month, brought together leading ocean mapping experts, oceanographers, scientists and private companies to discuss various technical elements of the Project including data acquisition, visualisation, expedition coordination and the role of future technologies. The three-day meeting was chaired by the Regional Data and Coordination Centre (RDACC) heads: Dr Martin Jakobsson and Dr Larry Mayer, who lead the RDACC covering the Arctic and North Pacific; and Dr Boris Dorschel, who leads the RDACC covering the Southern Ocean.


With the goal of mapping the entirety of the world’s ocean floor by 2030, The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project divides responsibility for different areas of the ocean between four RDACCs. These centres are located at The Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Germany, covering the Southern Ocean; The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Wellington, New Zealand, covering the South and West Pacific Ocean; The Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, USA, covering the Atlantic and Indian Oceans; and Stockholm University, Sweden, in partnership with the University of New Hampshire, USA, for the Arctic and North Pacific Ocean. Regional products are fed to the Global Data and Coordination Centre hosted at the British Oceanographic Centre in Southampton, UK.


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All set for inaugural online marine surveying International fest

Presenters from the USA, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, mainland Europe  and the UK will be taking part in the inaugural Marine Surveying International Fest, a 24 hour non-stop online marathon being hosted live from the head office of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS),  on 6-7 November. The Fest is supported by the Nautical Institute and Constellation Marine Services.


Starting at 11.00 hrs (GMT) on Tuesday 6 November and running non-stop until 11.00 hrs (GMT) on Wednesday 7 November, the Fest will be opened by Mike Schwarz in discussion with Capt John Lloyd, Nautical Institute CEO.


Each hour on the hour, a new presentation will be delivered live (with two exceptions, where a pre-recorded video will be used) by a knowledgeable presenter somewhere in the world on a surveying related or relevant business topic. There is a balance between commercial ship and yacht and small craft content.


The full programme is online at

OceanWise are running their popular Marine Data Management and GIS Workshop on 27 November 2018

This free event is back and is bigger and better than ever covering ‘What is data and why should we care’? ‘Why should data be seen as infrastructure?’ ‘Smart Ports – a myth or reality?’.


Join industry experts, share your experiences and learn how GIS technologies can successfully deliver savings in time, effort and money. Take part in the debate on open data and network with contacts from a range of industries and sectors.


For the program, speakers, full event details and registration, please visit

This event is free to attend but is limited to 70 delegates so please register now to avoid disappointment.

Please note that student places will be limited and will be issued on a first come first serve basis.


For any queries please contact [email protected]  +44 (0) 1420 768262

The Mary Rose wins digital media award at the Maritime Media Awards 2018

The Mary Rose was announced as the winner of ‘The First Sea Lord’s Award for Best Use of Digital Media’ at the Maritime Media Awards at an evening ceremony at Drapers’ Hall, London on 31 October.

The Maritime Media Awards celebrates work that enhances public understanding of maritime issues.


‘The First Sea Lord’s Award for Best Use of Digital Media’ recognises a person or team that has made the most constructive contribution to raising awareness of current maritime issues through digital media (websites, apps, or social media). The judges took into account the depth, quality and originality of the work, and its impact on public awareness and individual commitment to these issues.


The Mary Rose, which is located in Portsmouth, was nominated for its website, which, supported by major research, presents an illuminating account of Henry VIII’s flagship and the 19,000 personal and professional artefacts that give a stunning insight into life on board in Tudor Times. The visitor is given an unparalleled overview, both of historical context in which the Mary Rose sank and of the archaeological discoveries that can be seen in the museum. The team uses social media effectively to promote corporate messages. museum events and exhibitions, engaging with visitors in an inspiring and enthusiastic way.


Other nominees in this category included The Lifeboat Station Project, The European Marine Energy Centre, and The Royal Society.


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LandScope are recruiting a Senior Hydrographic Surveyor – Shropshire, UK

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to manage the fast growing, multi-disciplined marine element of LandScope. Excellent communication and organisational skills will be required to work alongside the principal surveyor and other geospatial business unit teams. A strong focus on process design, quality control and self-improvement are anticipated.


The position offers the opportunity for involvement in all aspects of the marine business from strategic planning, marketing communications, operations and project delivery.


LandScope offers the opportunity to move away from the traditional offshore deployed hydrographic surveyor role with increased focus on specialist high resolution multibeam and LiDAR applications in infrastructure engineering, asset management and conservancy sectors. The latest hydrographic survey systems – R2Sonic, Applanix, BlueView, HySweep – are augmented with mobile mapping (LiDAR and photography), terrestrial scanning, UAV, high resolution geophysics and cloud-based delivery to maintain the industry leading solutions.


The senior hydrographic surveyor will be expected to lead site campaigns; however, these are largely limited to UK deployments and typically of no more than five days. The anticipated balance of work is circa 30% field and 70% office based.

LandScope offers the successful candidate the opportunity to live in Shropshire – relocation package included – and benefit from a very competitive package of remuneration and benefits.


If you are interested in this role, please send your CV and covering letter to [email protected].

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Report Coordinator, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

An exciting opportunity has arisen for Report Coordinator to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. You will play a key role in the department, coordinating report production, liaising with senior members of the Geophysics team and ensuring the on-time delivery of reports. You will have previous experience of geophysical data processing, interpretation / reporting and be able to demonstrate a focus on quality. The successful candidate will ensure that high quality reports are produced for clients in various fields; including renewables, oil and gas and utilities.



Produce and oversee the production of high quality geophysical survey reports; Work with the senior project team to assign sufficient resources and enable the on-time delivery of reports; Ensure a diligent, high level of quality control is undertaken, in accordance with Fugro’s quality management system; Ensure that all reports comply with the requirement of Fugro’s quality management system and associated documentation; Strive for the continuous improvement of reporting and associated guidance documents; Monitor and track key deliverable deadlines and ensure that all reports are issued on time; Undertake regular liaison between key project stakeholders, including Fugro personnel and our clients, to ensure that key project objectives are met; Act as a reporting lead on projects with responsibility for liaising with clients in a technical capacity, undertaking overall report QC and ensuring that survey specifications and deadlines are met; Manage, lead and provide training to other personnel in the department to, ensure that all reporting deliverables meet the project specification and Fugro quality standards.


To apply and for more details please visit:

Proposal Coordinator, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Portchester, Hampshire, UK,

Ref number 4122, deadline 16/11/2018

Fugro GB Marine Limited’s Geophysics division are excited to be recruiting for the role of Tender Coordinator.

Independently developing proposals and cost estimations for the Marine Site Characterisation Business Line. Supporting the FGBML commercial team and wider MSC Commercial group. Contributing to and being part of client meetings, business development activities, contract negotiation and bid strategy.



To ensure proposals are produced on time and to the highest quality; Liaison with key Fugro commercial staff, including legal, technical authorities and commercial managers to ensure proposals are aligned with wider Fugro strategy and meet proposal approval requirements; Liaison with Fugro commercial team and business development staff to aid in the preparation of winning proposals; Represent Fugro at client meetings for proposal clarification and contract negotiations; To liaise with clients on a regular basis and develop sound business relationships; Maintaining tracking tools with up to date information; Provision of hand-over briefings and onward commercial guidance to the  project management team; To contribute to Fugro marketing strategy and assist in marketing of company activities.


To apply and for more details please visit:

Ocean Buzz


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