Issue 558
30 October 2018:


L3 ASV to conduct Autonomous Navigation Study for U.K. Government

L3 ASV announced that it has received U.K. government funding for a pioneering project on autonomous navigation of maritime vessels. The company will conduct a study with its partners in the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) and United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), focusing on the future of marine navigational data and charts. The project is funded by the Department for Transport’s Transport Technology Research Innovation Grant (T-TRIG) and aims to promote early-stage science, engineering or technology innovations with the potential to advance the U.K.’s transport system.ASV Oceanbuzz


L3 ASV’s T-TRIG project will begin by exploring the characteristics of navigational data and charts in terms of what they comprise, their structure and how they are updated.


L3 ASV is a world-leading developer of autonomous vessel technology. The company has delivered more than 100 systems, which are now deployed all over the world in the service of the defence, oil & gas, and scientific sectors. L3 ASV is the industry’s most experienced, tested and successful developer, employing the smartest brains and the most agile minds to deliver safe, efficient and reliable solutions.


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How Feritech's ground-breaking HUB software is bringing equipment synergy to reality.

The  main ethos at Feritech is to improve survey efficiency, they aim to do this by developing integration and synergy into all geotechnical equipment, winches and LARS – Feritech’s equipment working together is better than the sum of all of its parts.


Feritech have realised this vision by introducing the Feritech HUB, which allows the user to seamlessly operate and control the entire range of Feritech equipment from a single device, with the equipment able to communicate with each other through the HUB, survey efficiency and safety is vastly improved.

The  whole range of corers, winches, LARS, CPT and heat flow probe all work seamlessly together when operated with the Feritech HUB.



Single piece of software controlling entire Feritech equipment suite

‘Plug in and play’ system

Minimal set-up time

Improved survey efficiency and safety

Compatible with all Feritech LARS, winches and geotechnical equipment

Data acquisition, logging and processing suite included

Wide range of sensor capabilities available, with ability to tailor and design additional ones.


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Rovco expands ROV fleet with new Falcon DR ROV

UK subsea services company, Rovco, has expanded its ROV and hydrographic survey capabilities with the addition of a Saab Seaeye Falcon DR ROV to its fleet.


The 1000m depth rated, long range Falcon DR is the most advanced electric underwater robotic system of its class. It will enhance Rovco’s ability to deliver intricate and demanding missions that require a variety of high bandwidth sensors, either at depth or over long distances.


The Falcon DR marks a £200,000 investment for the firm and is part of its ambitious expansion programme. As well as its commercial use, it will support Rovco’s R&D projects by carrying out research into autonomous path planning using the company’s SubSLAM, live 3D vision system.


The addition of the Falcon brings Rovco’s range of survey class ROVs up to five. Its fleet can be mobilised to support a wide variety of projects and are equipped with the latest technologies used for a broad range of survey and mechanical activities.


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IMCA launches eCMID 11 and eMISW 4 question sets

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has launched an updated suite of question sets in issue 11 of the eCMID and issue 4 of the eMISW vessel inspection report forms. It has also rewritten IMCA M 167 to serve as single reference point on the inspection process and correct use of the report form.


New features and revisions have been introduced following a consultation with users by IMCA. Questions have been added on cyber security; there is a new section on the Maritime Labour Convention; an optional supplement on vessel reactivation after a period of lay-up; and updates to reflect regulatory and technological developments. Changes have also been made to watermarks to reinforce the fact that only online reports are now recognised by IMCA.


Since the payment system was introduced in June 2018, reports have been produced from across the globe and IMCA has made improvements to the system and the software.


Supporting guidance and website

To support the eCMID system, IMCA has rewritten ‘Guidance on the IMCA eCMID system’ (IMCA M 167) to act as the single point of reference for official IMCA policy and guidance on the inspection process and use of reports. The previously separate explanatory texts for eCMID and eMISW have been moved to this document.


IMCA has also developed a new online resource, which provides information on eCMID, including task-focused user guides and an archive of the latest system communications. Further enhancements will include PDF downloads and YouTube videos.


The updated question sets and full information on eCMID and eMISW can be found at in the database section.


Idronaut unveils the new OCEAN SEVEN 314 ON-LINE MODULE

IDRONAUT, a market leader of underwater instrumentation, is enhancing its product portfolio by introducing the OS314 On-Line module. It is housed in a sealed POM cylinder provided with a transparent acrylic flow cell, which is easily removed for sensor cleaning and maintenance. The sample volume of the measuring chamber is only 250 ml, which ensures a very fast response time. The OS314 measurement sensors (CTD, Oxygen, pH and Redox) are manufactured by IDRONAUT.


The OS314 module is controlled by an advanced miniaturised and very low power electronics, that store measurements in non-volatile memory or transmit them in real-time at sampling rate of up to 28 Hz. The OS314 module can be directly connected to a data logger or personal computer by means of a wired or wireless interface. Optional interfaces allow the connection of external fluorometer, turbidity meter and a remote thermometer.


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Klein Marine Systems selects Greensea Inertial Navigation for Multibeam Side Scan Sonar Towfish

Klein Marine Systems, Inc., a world’s leading supplier of side scan sonar equipment and waterside security and surveillance systems, chose Greensea Systems, Inc. to provide SWaP-C optimised inertial navigation for their high-performance side scan sonar towfish products. The Greensea INSpect GS products utilise Greensea’s open architecture operating platform, OPENSEA®, and a patent-pending heading alignment methodology.

Klein Oceanbuzz

Greensea is a leader in intelligent marine robotic systems that increase operator productivity through the integration of navigation, control, and user-interface products using their open architecture operating platform, OPENSEA®. Using the Greensea system, the marine industry now has a distributed, networked framework for complex robotic environments that streamlines workflow and increases productivity. Since opening in Richmond, Vermont in 2006, the company has successfully installed Greensea systems on over 800 manned, unmanned, surface, and subsea vehicles. Greensea offers commercially available products as well as customised applications for original equipment manufacturers such as Teledyne Marine, VideoRay, STIDD, NAMJet, Klein, and more.


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Second harbour regeneration deployment for OSIL buoy

A turbidity monitoring buoy built by OSIL is to be re-deployed by BAM Construction on a further dredging project in Ireland.


The buoy was originally purchased as part of a network to monitor the dredging activity for the new Bantry Harbour Marina (Cork, Ireland), part of the €8.5 million Bantry Inner Harbour Redevelopment project, which was completed recently, and the buoy will now be deployed to another BAM project having completed a full system check at OSIL.


The 0.7m Small Field Buoy can easily be deployed from a small boat by hand, and will now be monitoring continuous dredging in a berthing pocket adjacent to the new quay at Cork Container Terminal. The buoy is equipped with a wiped turbidity sensor complete with a conversion factor to change the units’ sidescatter output readings to Total Suspended Solids in mg/L that was calculated by OSIL’s technical team. Data is relayed in real time using GPRS/GSM to ensure that turbidity levels are continually monitored during the process.


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Pakistan’s Bahria University Benefits from CGG GeoSoftware’s Donation Program Promoting Geoscience Education

Postgraduate students at Pakistan’s Bahria University (Karachi Campus) can now conduct more complex research into quantitative geophysics thanks to the donation by CGG GeoSoftware of a full suite of its advanced geoscience software. Exploration & production companies around the world use this software to better understand the Earth’s subsurface, manage exploration and development risks, and maximise the potential of oil and gas reserves.


Students registered in the Department of Earth and Environment Sciences’ postgraduate (MS Geology, MS Geophysics and PhD Geophysics) programs can use the Jason®, HampsonRussell, Insight Earth, PowerLog® and VelPro software to easily apply the latest and most advanced methodologies for inversion and rock physics modeling on their projects. Also, while learning and developing new seismic reservoir characterisation techniques on real-world data, they will gain valuable skills for their future careers with prospective industry employers.


Bahria is the second university in Pakistan, after Nusrat Jahan College, to benefit from GeoSoftware’s global University Donation Program (UDP). Its selection results from a collaboration initiative between the university’s Karachi Campus, Pakistan Petroleum Limited, CGG and LMKR, CGG’s reseller in Pakistan, with the aim of building and supporting a skilled geoscience community in the country. The university also has several research facilities, including a rock physics laboratory, that attract researchers and geoscience students from all over Pakistan.


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Fugro seminar to spotlight role of geoscience in coastal and river development

Cutting edge site investigation for nearshore development is the focus of Fugro’s one-day seminar, ‘Geo-Intelligence for Coastal Infrastructure’, taking place in Wallingford (UK) on November 15th.


A team of Fugro experts will discuss current approaches to data acquisition and interpretation to meet the complex challenges of energy, transport and other developments at coastal, port and river sites.


Delegates will be updated on the benefits of an integrated approach to environmental, geotechnical and geophysical surveys to build a comprehensive and cost-effective understanding of conditions above and below the surface. Speakers will also explain the benefits of data sharing via dynamic online platforms, facilitating slicker decision-making on design and construction for marine and river development.


With reference to recent projects, Fugro will highlight the value of early partnering for innovative site assessment and ensuing benefits to risk management, including improved safety, cost and programme performance.


Offering vital insight for asset owners, consultants and contractors, the free event will feature a tour of one of Europe’s most advanced geotechnical laboratories.


Contact Amy Bennett for further details ([email protected]) or register online at


PTS and HWCG LLC to Host Well Testing & Water Treatment Showcase

Production Technology and Services, Inc. (PTS), a provider of complete offerings in all facets of well testing, and HWCG LLC, a consortium of deepwater operators and non-operators in the Gulf of Mexico with the goal to protect people, property and the environment, will host a Well Testing and Water Treatment Showcase on November 7 and 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the PTS facility. The facility is located at 101 Derrick Road, Broussard, Louisiana 70518.


Through a partnership with HWCG LLC, PTS has developed the largest well testing system built for emergency response to deepwater well events. The equipment is staged in Broussard, Louisiana, and is designed for rapid deployment to enable quick well containment and control to meet current BSEE regulations. During emergencies, the well testing system is transported to the port, loaded and brought to the response vessel, where it is rigged up during transit to the site. PTS has the personnel available to mobilize at all times.


The invitation-only showcase will consist of a walk-through of the complete offshore production testing package, which will be rigged up for viewing at the event. Personal protective equipment will be made available onsite. Lunch will also be served.  Representatives from PTS and HWCG will be available for interviews.


All invited media are asked to RSVP to Foster Marketing at [email protected], or call (281) 448-3435. We look forward to welcoming you to this informative event.

SonarWiz Annual Training Workshop December 4-6 2018, St. Petersburg, FL

Join the Chesapeake Technology team in St. Petersburg, FL for our Annual 3-Day Training Workshop and learn the latest SonarWiz 7 features! Attendees will learn to use SonarWiz for sidescan, sub-bottom, magnetometry, MBES and SBES

processing, as well as data acquisition in the Tampa Bay.


For more information or to register to attend, please contact: [email protected]

Hydrographic surveying training course in cornwall a success for swathe services

In September, Swathe Services ran a Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder (MBES) and mobile laser training course for Hydrographic surveyors from their HQ in Cornwall. Swathe Services is the only organisation in the UK that run hands-on practical training based around the latest HYPACK/HYSWEEP software.

People came from all over the UK to attend the bi-annual training event. With surveyors from ABP Humber & Southampton, Jersey Ports, Plymouth based ECOSPAN and Canal and River Trust among the attendees.


The course gave attendees a great way to experience HYPACK and view a particular MBES/Laser Scanner setup and is extremely valuable for surveyors or graduates looking to improve their knowledge and expertise.

Swathe Services run these MBES courses twice a year. If you are interested in finding out more, register your interest here:


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Least Squares Adjustment for Offshore Survey, Newcastle University, 21 – 23 January 2019

This intermediate/advanced course provides geomatics professionals with an opportunity to strengthen their Least Squares and Statistical Analysis skills.

Topics covered include:

Error analysis and concepts of least squares

Efficient data handling using matrices

Review of fundamental concepts including:

Differentiation and linearisation

The least squares process from ground up

Statistical testing


Audience: The course will have particular value for those working in the fields of offshore and land surveying, together with other high precision positioning applications (including GNSS). Software programmers in related fields will also find the course of benefit.

Fee: £965.00


For further information and online booking visit


LandScope are recruiting a Senior Hydrographic Surveyor – Shropshire, UK

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to manage the fast growing, multi-disciplined marine element of LandScope. Excellent communication and organisational skills will be required to work alongside the principal surveyor and other geospatial business unit teams. A strong focus on process design, quality control and self-improvement are anticipated.


The position offers the opportunity for involvement in all aspects of the marine business from strategic planning, marketing communications, operations and project delivery.


LandScope offers the opportunity to move away from the traditional offshore deployed hydrographic surveyor role with increased focus on specialist high resolution multibeam and LiDAR applications in infrastructure engineering, asset management and conservancy sectors. The latest hydrographic survey systems – R2Sonic, Applanix, BlueView, HySweep – are augmented with mobile mapping (LiDAR and photography), terrestrial scanning, UAV, high resolution geophysics and cloud-based delivery to maintain the industry leading solutions.


The senior hydrographic surveyor will be expected to lead site campaigns; however, these are largely limited to UK deployments and typically of no more than five days. The anticipated balance of work is circa 30% field and 70% office based.


LandScope offers the successful candidate the opportunity to live in Shropshire – relocation package included – and benefit from a very competitive package of remuneration and benefits.


If you are interested in this role, please send your CV and covering letter to [email protected].

For further information visit

Report Coordinator, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

An exciting opportunity has arisen for Report Coordinator to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. You will play a key role in the department, coordinating report production, liaising with senior members of the Geophysics team and ensuring the on-time delivery of reports. You will have previous experience of geophysical data processing, interpretation / reporting and be able to demonstrate a focus on quality. The successful candidate will ensure that high quality reports are produced for clients in various fields; including renewables, oil and gas and utilities.



Produce and oversee the production of high quality geophysical survey reports; Work with the senior project team to assign sufficient resources and enable the on-time delivery of reports; Ensure a diligent, high level of quality control is undertaken, in accordance with Fugro’s quality management system; Ensure that all reports comply with the requirement of Fugro’s quality management system and associated documentation; Strive for the continuous improvement of reporting and associated guidance documents; Monitor and track key deliverable deadlines and ensure that all reports are issued on time; Undertake regular liaison between key project stakeholders, including Fugro personnel and our clients, to ensure that key project objectives are met; Act as a reporting lead on projects with responsibility for liaising with clients in a technical capacity, undertaking overall report QC and ensuring that survey specifications and deadlines are met; Manage, lead and provide training to other personnel in the department to, ensure that all reporting deliverables meet the project specification and Fugro quality standards.


To apply and for more details please visit:

Proposal Coordinator, Fugro GB Marine Ltd, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Ref number 4122, deadline 16/11/2018


Fugro GB Marine Limited’s Geophysics division are excited to be recruiting for the role of Tender Coordinator.

Independently developing proposals and cost estimations for the Marine Site Characterisation Business Line. Supporting the FGBML commercial team and wider MSC Commercial group. Contributing to and being part of client meetings, business development activities, contract negotiation and bid strategy.



To ensure proposals are produced on time and to the highest quality; Liaison with key Fugro commercial staff, including legal, technical authorities and commercial managers to ensure proposals are aligned with wider Fugro strategy and meet proposal approval requirements; Liaison with Fugro commercial team and business development staff to aid in the preparation of winning proposals; Represent Fugro at client meetings for proposal clarification and contract negotiations; To liaise with clients on a regular basis and develop sound business relationships; Maintaining tracking tools with up to date information; Provision of hand-over briefings and onward commercial guidance to the  project management team; To contribute to Fugro marketing strategy and assist in marketing of company activities.


To apply and for more details please visit:

EGS International Ltd are recruiting experienced hydrographic surveyors, Bordon, Hampshire

Full time, Permanent

Salary: Dependant on experience


EGS International Ltd is part of leading international group of companies with offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. EGS provide global specialist multi-disciplinary marine survey support, and deliver solutions to the Renewable, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Power, Mining and Offshore Construction industries.


Due to an increased workload they are looking for experienced hydrographic surveyors to join our expanding hydrographic team in Bordon, Hampshire (United Kingdom). The role has both offshore and onshore elements which will allow successful candidates to be part of a variety of different projects, from tendering to the product delivery stage.


Offshore you will be part of a hard-working and dedicated team working on complex projects in global locations.  You will be acquiring high quality bathymetric data on a variety of vessels in challenging marine environments. Onshore you will form part of multidisciplinary team delivering a client focused products using industry leading techniques while contributing to the innovation and improvement of processing workflows within the department.


Experience in processing UK nautical charting datasets is highly desirable.



Minimum 3 years of experience in a similar position and a university degree in Hydrography or a closely related marine discipline.

Experience in offshore windfarm and cable route surveys.

Equipment knowledge in Kongsberg MBES, Applanix POS MV, Sonardyne USBL.

Acquisition experience in QINSy, Kongsberg SIS, Sonardyne Ranger.

Processing experience in Caris HIPS & SIPS, QINSy Qloud, Qimera.

Experience in processing UK nautical charting datasets is highly desirable.

Experience of working in the shallow inshore environment is advantageous.

Party Chief experience is advantageous.

‘Cat A’ surveyor-trained is advantageous.

Site work rotations can be as short as a few days but also up to 6 weeks, therefore the ability to work away from home for long periods is essential.

Self-motivated, with the ability to work well under pressure in a team environment.

Eligible to work in the UK and possess a full UK driving licence.


You must live within or be willing to relocate to a commutable distance of the EGS office in Bordon, Hampshire.

Joining the EGS team will allow you to expand your skills and knowledge within the marine survey industry and provide you with excellent opportunities to actively develop your career through mentoring and professional training.  EGS offer you a competitive salary, including company pension and the opportunity to join a professional body such as the Hydrographic Society.


To apply for this position please send your CV and covering letter to: The HR Manager, EGS International Ltd, Unit 27 Woolmer Way, Bordon, Hants GU35 9QE or email: [email protected]

EGS International Ltd are recruiting a HSEQ Manager, Bordon, Hampshire

Full time, Permanent

Salary: Dependant on experience

An experienced HSEQ Manager is required to join the EGS International team.  Reporting to the Managing Directors, you will be responsible for providing HSEQ support and advice across the business. You should be fully conversant with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 auditing standards and have demonstrable experience in an HSE role.

Responsibilities for this role will include:

Manage and maintain the HSE and Quality Management Systems

Produce HSEQ documentation, risk assessments for office, site and safety files

Delivery of training and advisory sessions to personnel and contractors when required.

Office and site induction

Reporting, analysis/examination and follow up all HSEQ incidents

Preparation of HSEQ documentation for inclusion in PQQ’s and Tenders

Act as Management Representative and competent person for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001


You will be primarily office based (though some site work will be required), with the ability to work well under pressure and in a team environment.

Desired skills, knowledge and experience:


CMIOSH/NEBOSH or similar qualifications.

Minimum 5 years of experience in a Senior or similar reporting position

Well organised and self-motivated, ability to work within high pressure situations and to tight delivery deadlines

Proficient user of Microsoft Office

Ability to ensure consistent in-house document style/format is maintained

You must live or be willing to relocate to a commutable distance of the EGS office in Bordon, Hampshire

To apply for this position please send your CV and covering letter to: The HR Manager, EGS International Ltd, Unit 27 Woolmer Way, Bordon, Hants GU35 9QE or email: [email protected]

Dimension Control/Land Surveyor, GEOSIGHT, Hampshire UK

GEOSIGHT is a Hampshire (UK) based multi-disciplinary geospatial survey company who are both regulated by the RICS and are members of the UK Survey Association. Due to continued growth they are looking to appoint a dimensional control surveyor to be based from our Hampshire Office

GEOSIGHT are particularly interested in candidates who have a background in hydrography and offshore construction support and who have interests and experience with Precise Vessel Dimensional Control Surveys in support of offshore survey operations. The ideal candidate will have a willingness to travel away from home for short periods of time, and will ideally be fluent with operating modern total stations and have a keen appetite for developing their skills in laser scanning.

Principally however, If you have a passion for the science of surveying and the complete understanding of its core principles, we would love to hear from you. We would particularly like to hear from you if you share our values of hard work and commitment, honesty and positivity, and if you want to be more than just an employee and contribute to helping direct a path towards continued professionalism and growth.

GEOSIGHT will offer a competitive salary commensurate with relevant experience, with additional allowances for qualifying work, which includes work away from home or out of hours working.

At GEOSIGHT they empower diversity, autonomy and creativity, and recognize people working with them as autonomous adults; people who are friends, partners and parents. That means they don’t know what is best for you, you do. GEOSIGHT want to enable you to embrace all your roles and responsibilities whilst having a fulfilling career. They don’t want employees, we want people to come on a journey with us.

If you like the sound of what you have read about GEOSIGHT, then please submit your C.V and covering letter to Brian Gamet via email – [email protected]

The closing date for applications is 29th November 2018.

Ocean Engineering Technician – Mechanical, UKRI- NERC NOC, Southampton

£22,224 – £25,557,Full time, Permanent


The Natural and Environmental Research Council (NERC) is a partner organisation within UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). UKRI is a new entity that brings together nine partners to create an independent organisation with a strong voice for research and innovation, and a vision to ensure the UK maintains its world-leading position in research and innovation.


The National Oceanography Centre (NOC), part of NERC, is a national research organisation, delivering integrated marine science and technology from the coast to the deep ocean and is one of the top five institutions of its kind in the world.


About the role

NERC are looking for Mechanical or Engineering Technicians to join our Ocean Engineering Team.


The Ocean Engineering Team forms part of the wider National Marine Facilities Team (NMF), responsible for the provision of safe, efficient and effective marine science equipment and support infrastructure, both ashore and at sea.


You will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of complex marine instruments, equipment and systems, including the operation and deployment of hydraulic and pneumatic handling systems, sediment coring, and seismic equipment.


Whilst at sea, you will form part of the on-board technical support team with responsibility for the operation and maintenance of on-board equipment.


How to Apply

Applicants are required to include a cover letter outlining their suitability for this role.


Applications are handled by UK Shared Business Services, to apply please visit our job board at Applicants who are unable to apply online should contact by telephone on +44 (0)1793 867000.

The closing date for applications is 11th November 2018.

Ocean Buzz


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