Issue 551
11 September 2018:


Sonardyne leads collaborative project to aid autonomous vessel navigation in denied environments

Ship technology companies Sonardyne International Ltd. and Guidance Marine Limited are working together on a project that will help unmanned autonomous vessels navigate, even when they lose access to global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).


The Innovate UK-backed AutoMINDER (Autonomous MarIne Navigation in Denied EnviRonments) project will combine Sonardyne’s underwater positioning systems and Guidance Marine’s relative surface positioning systems into one integrated solution. It will also create a common interface structure to allow the different sensors to be fed into one platform and develop an industry standard.


The system uses Sonarydne’s SPRINT-Nav, all-in one subsea navigation instrument, which combines Sonardyne’s SPRINT INS solution, Syrinx DVL and a high accuracy pressure sensor, into one tightly integrated unit. SPRINT-Nav will takes in position data provided by Guidance Marine’s vessel-mounted CyScan laser instrument. Future trials will incorporate water track velocity data, using Sonardyne instruments, to further aid the INS positioning. Guidance Marine will also deploy its recently launched SceneScan product, which maps surface features of structures, such as offshore oil platforms, processes the point cloud data and applies simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) techniques to provide relative position data – further expanding autonomous navigation capability.


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Fugro secures e&p support contracts in Trinidad and Gulf of Mexico

Fugro has won three contracts with BHP Petroleum (Deepwater) Inc., which see the company delivering a range of specialist services to support exploration and production operations in Trinidad and Tobago and the Gulf of Mexico.


Within Trinidad’s Block 3(a) Fugro is providing geophysical and geotechnical services from dedicated vessels to support the development of the Ruby field. From its deepwater survey vessel, Fugro Searcher, Fugro will conduct 3DHR seismic surveys, seabed clearance and shallow hazards surveys, a flowline corridor survey and a shallow geotechnical survey. For the geotechnical site investigations, the workscope includes drilling, laboratory analysis and engineering reporting.


To service a long-term contract, Fugro has installed its custom-designed FCV 3000 ROV equipment onboard Transocean’s ultra-deepwater drillship, Deepwater Invictus, for subsea ROV support at drilling campaigns in Trinidad and Tobago, the US Gulf of Mexico, and Mexico. These operations commenced in June this year and continue until May 2020.

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Riptide Autonomous Solutions launches Riptide Canada

Riptide is pleased to announce its first international expansion with the creation of Riptide Autonomous Solutions Canada. Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Riptide Canada is being established to support the increasing demand in Canada and abroad for affordable, flexible AUV systems.

Riptide Canada plans to establish development, production, and support capabilities in the Halifax area and add staff to meet their growing product demands over the next several years.

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Teledyne Gavia introduces ASW Training Target Module

A global leader in the provision of low logistic Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Teledyne Gavia announces the recent delivery to an undisclosed military customer of a Sonar Transponder Module (STM) for ASW training. The STM module made by Scanmatic AS of Norway and integrated into a Gavia payload module is capable of receiving and retransmitting sonar signals for training sonar operators.  The STM consists of a flooded transducer compartment, an electronic compartment, and a hydrophone that is towed behind the Gavia AUV. The STM is programmable to emulate different types of realistic submarine target characteristics including sizes and speeds for cost effective and re-usable ASW training applications.


When a Gavia vehicle is not utilisung the STM module, it can be configured for a variety of other applications including MCM, SAR and REA operations. STM modules are suitable for use with all existing Gavia vehicles in the field.


The Gavia AUV is an autonomous sensor platform that is user configurable by the addition of one or more sensor, navigation or battery modules by means of a unique twist lock system. The Gavia AUV is a low logistics, fully modular system designed for operation from vessels of opportunity and has the greatest depth rating of any vehicle in its class.  The modular design of the Gavia ensures maximum mission flexibility and system upgradability. Module options include acoustic payloads for ASW training, various side scan sonars, multibeam sonars, camera, and an array of environmental sensors.


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Innovation backed to revolutionise decom environmental monitoring

Sentinel Subsea has created a revolutionary well integrity monitoring system, has had its technology tipped to become ubiquitous within the global decommissioning industry.


Long-term well integrity verification specialist, Sentinel Subsea – which is being supported to accelerate its commercialisation by the Scottish Enterprise High Growth Ventures team – has also announced it is working towards its first offshore field trials with a large independent UK operator.


Taking place during Q2 2019, the trials will see deployment of the technology in the North Sea. Passively monitoring the subsea environment around a suspended or abandoned well for over 10 years without the requirement for intervention, its early detection of leaks aims to mitigate the potential environmental consequences of long-term issues following well plug and abandonment (P&A) activity.


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Nippon paint marine introduces world’s first biocide free SPC antifouling

Japan-headquartered Nippon Paint Marine has introduced what is thought the world’s first biocide-free, low friction self-polishing copolymer (SPC) antifouling technology.


Aquaterras, a product name derived from the Japanese word for shining and the Latin for water – Shining Water – is an entirely new type of marine coating developed using neither biocide materials nor silicone.


The technology adopts an advanced antifouling mechanism based around the anti-thrombogenic polymers used in the construction of artificial hearts and blood vessels in the medical sector.


The medical polymeric material was designed so that no biological substances or life would or could adhere to the surface so as to prevent blood clots (thrombosis). Using the technology in marine pants allows the new hydrolysis polymer reaction developed at Nippon Paint to continuously self-polishes. It also exposes active micro-domain structures to seawater ensuring that Aquaterras provides long-term antifouling performance.


Registered as a tin-free antifouling paint, Aquaterras has received approvals from all the major classification societies and is certified with no ’active ingredients’ in its Type Approval Certification.


A full and comprehensive technical Dossier has been compiled to demonstrate the rigorous and exhaustive testing carried out by Nippon Paint over years of research.


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Survitec stands by for re-hooking deadline dash

The clock is ticking for a significant number of vessels who have not yet met the rehooking regulations (IMO MSC.1 / Circ 1392) which specifies that all non compliant Lifeboat Release and Retrieval Systems (LRRS) must be replaced at the first scheduled dry docking after 1st July 2014 but no later than 1st July 2019.


According to the IMO there are 160 hooks in the market place and only just over half of these are compliant, with a further 30% becoming compliant after modification.  This leaves a huge number of vessels under pressure to meet the deadline in the next 9 months*.


While annual inspections usually take place on board the vessel, most of the 5-year inspections and load testing will be carried out during dry dockings. Survitec’s Global lifeboat offer and re-hooking offer has clearly defined lump sum prices covering the global ports, utilising either local technicians or flying squads to cover the required inspections.


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ACO Marine and Sika Group cooperate on new flooring-drainage interface concept

Wastewater management specialist ACO Marine has entered into a cooperation agreement with Switzerland´s Sika Group to optimise the interface connections between onboard drainage scuppers and channels and a vessel’s deck coverings.


The development, announced in Hamburg, Germany, during the SMM 2018 Trade Fair, extends the cooperation agreement Sika Group signed with ACO Marine’s parent company, ACO Group, more than three years ago.


Sika, a market-leading resin flooring company, and ACO, a leader in the development and manufacture of hygienic drainage systems, initially joined forces to develop evidence-based guidance on flooring-drainage connections for factory and processing facility operators.


The research proved invaluable in establishing a new way to design floor-drainage connections for land-based applications and this is now extended to develop the same for maritime application.


The connection between scuppers and channels and a ship’s flooring is a critical point since it is possible to have connection breakdown – due to dynamic and/or thermal loading – which can result in water ingress, corrosion of deck structures or floor delamination. Water seeping in to the flooring from the gutters can also create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, a major concern for passenger ship operators, in particular.


ACO Marine showcased a potentially new drainage interface connection during the SMM event. A meeting table at the company’s both was manufactured from a Sika flooring material with an ACO Marine drainage system and interface running through the middle.


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ASL Announces Its 2018 Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP) Award Winner

ASL Environmental Sciences is pleased to announce the winner of the third annual Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP) award. Dr. Lilian Lieber, Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast, has been selected to receive the use of one of ASL’s four frequency (38/125/200/455 kHz) AZFPs for her proposal entitled Drivers of Predator–Prey Coherence in Energetic Environments. With this award comes the free of charge use of a four-frequency AZFP including batteries and a mooring cage for a deployment period of up to three months. Also included with this award is support from ASL’s team of experts.

As marine renewable energy projects have led to a rapid increase in the installation of tidal turbines in coastal channels, it is increasingly important to understand the bio-physical mechanisms driving predator–prey interactions in these highly dynamic environments.


Dr. Lieber will be conducting her study in the Narrows, an energetic tidal channel located in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland, UK. At this site, a novel quarter-scale tidal turbine developed by Minesto called the Deep Green tidal kite is currently being tested.  Hydroacoustic monitoring using multibeam sonar and acoustic Doppler current profilers is already under way as part of the EU-funded PowerKite project to assess animal–kite interactions. The project also aims to understand tidally-driven processes that may result in foraging opportunities for top predators (seals and seabirds) which can be exploited over several hours within a tidal cycle. For instance, during peak flows, prey may be transported to the surface by bathymetry-induced turbulence, making prey available to surface-feeding seabirds.


To do this, an integrated suite of hydroacoustic instruments are deployed to create three-dimensional visualisations of animals, debris and turbulent features at the site. By adding the awarded AZFP to this suite, Dr. Lieber hopes to utilise the AZFP’s multi-frequency capabilities to enable broad categorisation of prey as well as information on prey vertical distribution and abundance. To complement the suite of underwater instruments, a holographic camera capable of directly imaging particles (e.g. plankton, flocs, suspended sediment and bubbles) will be used to ground-truth the multi-faceted acoustic data. Interactions of surface-feeding seabirds will concurrently be assessed using vantage point studies and drone transects over turbulent features.


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IMCA members are invited to take part in quickfire ‘totally technology’ session at annual seminar, The Netherlands, 28-29 November

The Quickfire ‘Totally Technology’ session has been a regular feature at the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) Annual Seminars.


An invitation is extended to all IMCA member companies to present their ideas and innovations to 300 industry leaders at the Annual Seminar taking place at the World Forum in The Hague, The Netherlands, on 28 to 29 November.


The proposed presentation and an abstract explaining the technology or innovation in 150 words, plus any supporting video/ photographs /charts /web links, should be submitted to IMCA by 30 September at [email protected]


Six companies will be chosen to present in the Quickfire Totally Technology session.
Full information on the Quickfire Technology Session can be found at

Meet AXYS at WindEnergy, Hamburg, September 25-28 September

AXYS is exhibiting at the 2018 Global Wind Summit in Hamburg September 25 – 28. AXYS are exhibiting on stand 301.04b which is part of the Canadian Pavilion and located in Hall B1.


This event is an ideal opportunity to learn about the latest AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinel enhancements, including work toward becoming the first FLD to reach Stage 3 of the Carbon Trust roadmap. Additionally, AXYS will be providing information about their sea-state monitoring solutions specifically designed for offshore wind farms.

AXYS also invite you to:

Learn more about their O&M solutions by visiting the poster“Reducing the cost of construction, operations & maintenance with real-time sea state data” (#302); and  attend the Pre-Construction: Modelling the Wind Resource Session – Wednesday, 26 September 2018, 13:15 – 14:30 chaired by AXYS President & CEO, PS Reilly.
To schedule a meeting during the event, please email Breanne Gellatly at [email protected].

Marine Data Management Awareness Course – 16 October 2018, London

IMarEST are hosting a marine data management awareness course. The course shows how effective data management can improve your organisation’s efficiency in data acquisition, storage and analysis. It will ensure you understand data use with respect to corporate risk, re-use, audit and traceability whilst at the same time minimising costs.


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Marine Measurement Forum #62 – Registrations and Call for Speakers now open - Fugro, Wallingford on 17 October 2018

Fugro are delighted to host the #62 Marine Measurement Forum on behalf of the committee on 17 October 2018.  The non-profit making Marine Measurement Forum (MMF) series of twice yearly, one day networking seminars is a fantastic opportunity to catch up and network with your peers whilst hearing about latest developments and technologies in the Marine Measuring world.


Call for Speakers deadline has been set for 28 September 2018  – Readers who would like to offer a presentation at MMF62 should provide a short abstract and professional overview to Chris Janson at Fugro via [email protected]

The event will be held at Fugro House in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Lunch and Refreshments are provided.


Places are limited and readers interested in attending the event are urged to register as soon as possible.

To register interest in attending the event please visit 

Conference.Marine Minerals: 31 October – 1 November, London

Geological Society of London are hosting a Marine Minerals conference at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.

The Geological Society is pleased to host this conference on marine minerals as part of its Year of Resources theme.A wide range of international speakers will attend and panel discussions involving audience and speakers will take place.


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Hanseaticsoft launches new version of crewing module to make managing crews across multiple ships simpler & more efficient

Hanseaticsoft GmbH a provider of innovative, cloud-based maritime management software is launching its updated and enhanced crewing module, Cloud Crewing 2.0 to help shipping companies better manage their crews across multiple ships.


The software is available within Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM), the company’s web-based platform, which allows information to be centralised, processed and accessed in real time using apps and mobile devices. The crewing module helps optimise crewing processes, including the interaction, administration and appraisal of seafarers.


Hanseaticsoft’s Cloud Crewing 2.0 offers improved performance and responsiveness and it’s now available in any browser and optimised for use on smaller screens, such as tablets. There are new functionalities and enhancements, including an expanded Payroll module and the ability for seamen to log into Cloud Ship Manager to autonomously enter their rest hours on board.


The new features include a Travel Expenses app, which allows the crew to enter travel requests and related expenses directly while on board, a Cashbox app to ease the handling of cash on board (in multiple currencies), a Bonded Store app functioning as an onboard shop and a Pharmacy app to manage medication on board, plus a new Crew Portal so seamen can manage their data and documents autonomously.


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FUGRO have a current vacancy for Hydrographic Surveyor, Offshore/ Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Permanent, full-time

Closing Date: 16 September 2018


An exciting opportunity has arisen for hydrographic surveyors to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading global hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. You will be required to work with hydrographic and geophysical data acquired by survey vessels from around the world. The roles will involve office-based and offshore work. Graduate and experienced candidates are welcome to apply.

Key Responsibilities:

Acquire, quality-control, process and report hydrographic data. Datasets include but are not limited to multibeam echosounder, multibeam backscatter, GNSS and USBL;

Mobilisation and demobilisation of vessels;

Assist with tendering and commercial work;

Assist with equipment maintenance;

Author, update and follow work instructions and procedures;

Train and supervise less experienced staff in hydrographic survey methods;

Ensure adherence to current QHSSE policies and practices;

Work closely with other Fugro survey teams worldwide.



A qualification in hydrography or closely-related subject is essential;

A Bachelor’s degree or higher in hydrography or closely-related subject is desirable but not essential.


Key Skills:
The following attributes are essential:

Good English language skills, verbal and written;

Experience of an industry-standard hydrographic software package (Applanix POSPac; CARIS HIPS/SIPS; Fugro Starfix; QPS QINSy);

Understanding of hydrographic survey principles;

Excellent computer literacy, including working experience of Microsoft Office;

Excellent attention to detail, quality and safety;

Able to work flexible hours and travel when required;

Able to work offshore for periods of up to 6 weeks.

The following attributes are desirable:

Experience of working offshore;

Experience in defence, oil and gas, ocean science, renewables and/or survey industries.

To apply and for more details please visit:

CMSourcing are recruiting experienced hydrographic surveyors

Fulltime, permanent position

CMSourcing Ltd are recruiting experienced hydrographic surveyors to join our small team of staff. CMS Sourcing  are looking for 3 hydrographic surveyors for a combination of site and shore-based processing. Site work would be through CMSourcing, an established agency within the industry. This would be an extremely varied role working for multiple clients on a variety of projects. Data processing in their head office would be through their sister company, CMGeomatics.

University degree in Hydrography.
Eligible to work in Europe without visa restrictions.
Experience in QINSy / Qimera preferred. Experience with Caris HIPS & SIPS or EIVA considered.

3+ years offshore experience

Current medical, BOSIET/FOET certificates, seamans book.

This role does require time away from home, however, no requirement to relocate.

To apply for this position please send your CV and covering letter to: [email protected]

Teledyne Marine current job vacancy for a Hydrographic Surveyor, UK

Due to continued growth Teledyne Marine is looking for a Hydrographic Surveyor to join the team in the UK. The Hydrographic Surveyor plays an integral role in the success of Teledyne Marine’s Engineering Services department and we are looking for a highly motivated, skilled, quality minded and well organised individual, who is willing and able to see technically complex projects through to their completion. The position is based out of Teledyne Marine’s facilities in Aberdeen.

Responsibilities / Activities:

Manage the installation and commissioning of integrated multibeam survey systems, involving:

Sensor integration design.

Vessel installation management, dimensional control and calibrations.

Authoring and executing acceptance test protocols.

Training and customer support.

Precise, prompt and courteous customer support, technical help and training.

Assigned to the 24/7 after-hours support hot lines on a rotational basis.

Provides same-day response for customer-support related calls and emails during normal working hours.

Prepare technical documentation and drawings for hydrographic survey solutions.

Perform internal product testing, support and feedback into research and development.

The position is expected to include between 120 and 150 travel days per year.

Daily availability, to include evenings and weekends when necessary, to reach goals and deadlines.



Qualifications, Experience & Skills:

Degree level qualification in a hydrographic survey related discipline. (Cat A or similar)

Multibeam surveying experience in the hydrographic industry at a minimum of 3 to 5 years.

In depth knowledge of at least one of the leading hydrographic software packages for multi­beam survey.

Experience installing and configuring hydrographic equipment and software is an advantage

Excellent communication and customer liaison skills, both written and oral.

Experienced speaking effectively before groups of customers or employees of an organization in presentations, training and Q&A seminar.

Self-motivated, and able to work independently.

Ability to work internationally in a team environment and build relationships with internal and external partners.

Valid driver’s license and clean driving record.


Only candidates that are EU or EEA citizens or who already have permanent residence and working permit to the UK will be considered for the position.


More information is available at

To apply, please email your CV with a covering letter to [email protected]

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