Issue 542
10 July 2018:


Fugro returns to Ørsted’s Hornsea offshore wind farm sites for geotechnical site investigation

Fugro has commenced marine site characterisation work at the Hornsea Two Offshore Wind Farm site. The contract, awarded by renewable energy company Ørsted, covers geotechnical site investigation and follows other contracts awarded earlier this year for geophysical investigation services at the site.

The geotechnical data acquired by Fugro will support the development of the ground model, assist design activities for the turbine foundations and inform cable route design at the Hornsea Project Two and Hornsea Project Three sites. Fugro’s workscope includes seabed and downhole geotechnical investigations which will be undertaken using state-of-the-art equipment from a number of Fugro’s specialist vessels.

Since 2016 Fugro has carried out several marine site characterisation contracts at Ørsted’s Hornsea One site and workscopes have included geophysical surveys, geotechnical and environmental site investigations, laboratory testing programmes, deployment of a lidar buoy with subsequent measurements and a range of consultancy services.

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UAV allows cost effective, safe and high-quality topography & photogrammetry surveys

Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd, a Gardline company, have recently achieved Civil Aviation Authority Permission, for Commercial Operation of our newly acquired Sensefly eBee Plus fixed wing Un-manned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

The UAV is fitted with a Sensefly S.O.D.A camera (the first camera specifically designed for photogrammetry applications) and incorporates built in RTK / PPK capability. Horizontal and vertical positioning accuracies of 3cms are possible and can provide extremely detailed topography and photogrammetry data with 1120 XYZ data points per m2.

Titan’s primary applications for the system are topographic/photogrammetry surveys of beach and intertidal areas, where survey effort increases significantly as the water depth decreases further inshore. This includes supporting vessel based mapping for cable routes, pipeline routes, coastal engineering and coastal monitoring projects.

By replacing traditional topographic and vessel based intertidal data acquisition with a UAV can bring substantial time and cost reductions to our clients. Significant benefits in health and safety can also be achieved by mitigating the risks to vessels, equipment and personnel.

Titan Surveys has been awarded their first contract for the system, mapping the intertidal and beach of a power cable landfall from a wet renewables test bed.

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New RBRquartz³ BPR (Bottom Pressure Recorder) Enables Tsunami Monitoring Programs

Accurate and long-term measurements of sea level, tidal harmonics, and tsunami activity are a growing requirement to address global coastal developments and risk mitigation programs. Real-time tsunami monitoring and warning systems are being developed to save lives, model wave propagation, and quantify coastal hazards. At the heart of these measurements is the new RBRquartz³ BPR (Bottom Pressure Recorder).

The RBRquartz³ BPR uses an integrated Paroscientific Digiquartz® pressure sensor for the best-in-class initial accuracy, resolution, and low drift performance. It is intended for deep long-term autonomous or real-time observations of water level and tsunamis, and rated to 10,000m. Despite being located on the sea floor, the high resolution (10ppb) quartz pressure sensor is able to detect 100µm changes in surface water level from 1,000m below the surface. Flexible measurement schedules with continuous, averaged, or burst sampling permit applications for tide, sea level, or tsunami measurements. The RBRquartz³ BPR comes standard with a high-accuracy temperature sensor and may be configured with an optional 3-axis tilt sensor.

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) has recently taken delivery of five new RBRquartz³ BPRs (bottom pressure recorders) for a long-term research program with the Insitu Marine Laboratory for Geosystems Research (iMARL). The DIAS RBRquartz³ BPRs are rated to 7,000m and the high resolution bottom pressure measurements are required to observe tsunamis from the deep sea. The iMARL is a network of deep sea ocean sensors including ocean bottom seismographs (OBS), broadband acoustic sensors, and RBRquartz³ BPRs for measuring absolute water pressure & temperature at the ocean floor.

Strapped to deep sea landers, the iMARL network will allow for the detection of offshore earthquakes and offshore storms, as well as noise in the ocean and biologically generated acoustic signals. One RBRquartz³ BPR will become a real-time sensing offshore element of the Irish National Seismic Network and be used to detect tsunamis.

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The underwater centre signs major Japanese trials contract

Subsea training and trials centre, The Underwater Centre, has signed a basic agreement with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd in Japan to carry out a verification test of a prototype AUV equipped with a robot arm for subsea pipeline inspection. The test, scheduled for October 2018 at The Underwater Centre in Fort William, will be the first test of its kind in the world.

As a purpose-built subsea training and trials facility, The Underwater Centre incorporates an extensive pier complex including four dive stations, classrooms, workshops and decompression chambers plus mechanical and electrical workshops, a 1.5 million litre indoor tank and classrooms as part of their ROV training suite.

In November 2017, Kawasaki (KHI) successfully completed a 15-day verification test at The Underwater Centre for the automated underwater docking of a prototype AUV to its charging station, involving contactless charging and large-capacity optical communication.

With a focus on the growing demand for pipeline maintenance in offshore oil and gas fields, Kawasaki has been developing leading-edge component technologies for AUVs, based on sophisticated submarine technologies fostered in-house over many years.

Aiming at commercialisation in 2020, Kawasaki is currently developing an AUV capable of underwater charging and transferring of inspection data to the mother ship – features that allow for longer deployment time – while autonomously locating and tracking pipelines at close range, including those buried under seabed sediment.

For the upcoming test, leveraging on synergies of its technologies, Kawasaki plans to use a prototype AUV equipped with a robot arm with an attached inspection tool unit – which is currently under development – to achieve autonomous locating and tracking of subsea pipelines. The test will focus on verifying the robot arm’s capability to absorb the movement of the AUV due to tidal currents, as well as verifying that the inspection tool unit can continuously track a pipeline under those conditions.

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Transas to promote fleet efficiency for Wilson Ship Management

Transas, a Wärtsilä company, has signed a landmark contract to supply a Fleet Operations Solution (FOS) to Wilson ASA, the Norway-based fleet operator. The FOS creates an infrastructure that includes onboard navigational and communication components to provide enhanced connectivity for business communications and crew services, and access to fleet data from shore-based locations for complete situational awareness. The order was booked in Q1, 2018.

This will be one of the first applications of the Thesis concept within Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine Ecosystem vision. Thesis creates a collaborative environment for ship operations by connecting fleet operations with the ships, the port, and with coastal traffic management, using shared data to increase safety, reliability, and efficiency. This structure is an important element in Wärtsilä’s vision for future shipping, which uses high levels of connectivity and digitalisation to enable the optimal use of resources, the highest levels of safety, and the least possible impact on the environment.

The managed service solution incorporates elements of the recently launched A-suite portfolio, a portfolio of decision support tools developed by Transas. It sets a new industry precedent by adopting machine-learning techniques in a maritime setting to increase navigational safety and enhance efficiency. The FOS comprises an intelligent tool kit designed to improve vessel operations, while releasing resources for other work tasks, thereby promoting improved fleet efficiency, safety and compliance.

Wilson will also use the Advanced Remote Training for Seafarers (ARTS) module, an e-learning solution within A-Suite with online access to manufacturer approved, type specific training courses for Navi-Sailor ECDIS. This is fully compliant with SOLAS, ISM, and STCW requirements.

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M2 Subsea secures projects worth more than £10 million in six months

M2 Subsea, the global independent provider of ROV services, has secured contracts worth more than £10 million over the past six months.

The company, which has bases in Aberdeen, UK and Houston, Texas, has successfully conducted more than ten projects across the oil and gas and renewable markets.

M2 Subsea’s extensive fleet of ROVs have been mobilised across the globe for contracts in the North Sea, Southern North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, India and the Middle East with workscopes ranging from inspection surveys to leak detection studies.

Building on the success of several renewable projects in 2017, the firm also secured a contract for unexploded ordinance (UXO) identification for a UK offshore wind farm earlier this year.

The company has also secured placement of its Triton XLS and Triton XLX ROVs on board two UK-based vessels. The work-class ROVs, which are both rated to 3,000m, feature top-hat tether management systems and are equipped with survey pods and auxiliary hydraulics.

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USS Inception Mark 2 USV goes to NTNU Trondheim University

Swathe Services are pleased to announce that an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), designed and built by Unmanned Survey Solutions in Hayle, Cornwall, has been purchased by Trondheim University for research studies in Norway.

The Inception Class Mark 2 USV is built by surveyors for surveyors. It’s designed for hydrographic surveys and data acquisition in ports and harbours, lakes and rivers, shallow coastal or enclosed inland areas.

The university intends to use the new USV to map lakes and river sediment movement in Norway.

The Inception class USV’s can be operated with remote control capabilities or as an autonomous vessel for ultimate line running and survey efficiency. They are extremely robust, built out of aluminium and can operate in ultra-shallow waters.

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Industrial-academic partnership to develop innovative technologies

Novacavi has actively contributed to “Marine Energy LAB” (MEL), the research and development project of efficient production, accumulation and transmission of electricity in marine environment jointly developed by the Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria and Politecnico di Bari.

12XM463 special data transmission custom cable for submarine use has been engineered and manufactured to assure efficiency and reliability to this innovative system able to exploit wind and waves clean energy of the Italian marine heritage: it is a special multipolar hybrid cable with multi-mode optical fibers in stainless steel tube and reinforcing braid of aramidic yarn with a self-extinguishing, hydrolysis and UV resistant polyurethane.

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BMT Supports the Installation of Appomattox FPS

BMT has completed a project for Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) providing marine simulation studies which have supported the installation of Shell’s Appomattox Floating Production System.

The topside and hull of Appomattox, Shell’s largest floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico, were integrated at Kiewit Offshore Services (KOS), Ingleside, Texas prior to installation. The completed platform was then wet-towed from the KOS integration yard to the installation site.

To facilitate this operation, BMT delivered a multi-user training simulator to enable HMC to investigate towage operation obstacles and manoeuvring characteristics of the hull during the inshore part of the tow, covering La Quinta, Corpus Christi Ship Channel and Aransas Pass. These studies played an integral role in identifying overall obstacles during the towage operation and developing operating strategies. Furthermore, the studies helped to determine rational weather and tidal operating limits and provide training and familiarisation for the towmasters, tug captains, pilots and other marine personnel who were involved in the tow.

BMT further developed a hydraulic simulation of the tidal and non-tidal current flow through the Corpus Christi channels which provided a time series of the currents likely to be encountered during the tow. The final phase was delivery of the training simulator suite to the customer’s site in Texas and to construct simulation models of the tow using BMT’s industry-leading navigation simulator, REMBRANDT which incorporated the tow handling and environmental models developed in the preceding stages.

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ROVOP reports record year and growth in challenging market

ROVOP Limited, (“Rovop”) an independent operator of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), has marked a major business achievement after reporting record revenues and employee numbers for the company. ROVOP has also reported its best ever EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes Depreciation and Amortisation).

ROVOP Limited, the UK trading business of ROVOP, last year boosted its turnover by 39% to £19.7m, despite very challenging market conditions and continued pricing pressure, while its EBITDA increased 50% from the prior year level of £4.8m to a record £7.2m.

Just before its September 2017 financial year end, the company also reduced its long-term debt from £35m to £16m, providing it with much greater financial flexibility ahead of a £56m fund raising completed in December 2017.

During the same financial year, ROVOP also saw its team increase by more than 10% from around 160 to 180. Its ROV fleet has also grown to 27, compared with 16 the previous year.

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Frazer sets sail on journey to career with Sentinel Marine after winning deckhand trainee of the year award

A young seaman has plotted the first point on his course towards a successful career in the maritime industry after being named deckhand trainee of the year by the Scottish Maritime Academy, North East Scotland College’s nautical centre.

Frazer (24), from Turriff, was presented with the award, sponsored by Peterhead Port Authority, after lecturers on the 12-week programme determined that he was best overall student from the three courses that run over the course of the academic year.

Sentinel Marine, which provides emergency rescue and response vessels (ERRVs) for the offshore industry, spotted Frazer’s talent when visiting the college to recruit new additions to its team. The firm is nearing completion on a £110m investment to add nine new-build state-of-the-art vessels to its fleet.

Frazer spent his first trip at sea on board the Mariner Sentinel under the watchful eye of Master Mogens Karllson. The ship is currently operating within Statoil’s Mariner oilfield to the east of Shetland.

The trainee deckhand course covers a wide range of topics, including stability, vessel construction, communication and maritime safety. Sentinel Marine has the newest and most modern fleet of ERRVs in the industry, and by opting to build new rather than refit existing vessels, have ensured their ships are kitted out with the latest technologies and crew facilities.

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Teledyne Marine and DASCO to Co-host Users Conference in Canada

Teledyne Marine and local manufacturers’ representative, DASCO Equipment, have announced plans to jointly host a Users’ Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on September 18-19, 2018.  This marks the first time that Teledyne Marine has hosted such an event in this region. As with Teledyne Marine’s other users conferences, this event will be comprised of customer presentations, product / software training, on-water demonstrations, and the opportunity to consult with Teledyne’s technology experts. The focus will be on sharing ideas, lessons learned and networking opportunities, complimented by classroom and on-water training.

A call for speakers is currently underway.  Local users are encouraged to contact DASCO if they would like to present their field experience using any of Teledyne’s Marine’s products.

Event details and online registration can be found at:

IMCA staging September contracts and insurance seminar

With its theme ‘Back to the Negotiating Table – Working Together’ the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Contracts and Insurance Seminar will be held on 20 September. An afternoon event, being held at the Royal Academy of Engineering at Prince Philip House on London’s Carlton Terrace, the timely seminar will be followed by a networking reception. Like others in the series this year’s seminar will be chaired by Nathalie Louys, Chair of IMCA’S Contracts & Insurance Committee, and Subsea 7’s General Counsel.

“There will be three pillars of discussion: ethics and compliance; working together to maintain a FAIR risk allocation; and a panel session with speakers from contractors and oil companies, and from the legal and insurance professions,” explained Allen Leatt, IMCA’s CEO.

Attendance is open to all IMCA members with registration open on the IMCA website at

Breaking the Surface 2018 30th September - 7 October, interdisciplinary marine robotics workshop

Breaking the Surface (BTS) 2018 is a 7 day interdisciplinary marine robotics workshop bringing together marine robotics scientists and users from related fields for the 10th year in a row in Biograd na Moru, Croatia. Up to date workshop schedule can be found on:

Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to hear lectures from leading maritime robotics, biology, archeology, geology and security scientists, as well as business experts. They will also participate in live demonstrations of underwater and surface vehicles, discover business solutions from companies, develop new technical skills during mentored tutorials, learn from experienced entrepreneurs on how to go from an idea to a business and enjoy a rich social program.

Registrations for the workshop are open until the 2nd of September. Registrations and all other additional information can be found on


RPS Energy are seeking to recruit technical roles in Aberdeen and Woking

The roles available are for a Project Manager and Geohazard Interpreter to join in either Woking or Aberdeen, and Senior or Principal Environmental Consultant for Aberdeen.

The Project Manager role will require you to have previous Project Management experience ideally within one or all of site survey, geotechnical site investigation, geodesy, GIS or geoscience.

For the Geohazard Interpreter role you will have experience of seismic interpretation and the integration of other geological data to improve geohazard interpretation. With working knowledge of Kingdom and/or other industry recognised packages.

The Senior or Principal Environmental Consultant, will manage and undertake a range of environmental compliance processes. You will have previous experience within the oil & gas environmental industry and have knowledge of UKCS offshore consenting.

For more information on both roles please visit or contact the recruitment team on 01483 746 500.

Hydrographic Survey Engineer – Swathe Services (UK) Ltd, Cornwall UK

Swathe Services is a leading hydrographic support organisation for marine survey companies working in oil and gas, renewables, offshore and coastal industries.   With over 50 years of expertise in the field, we provide innovative technology and equipment, rental services, personnel, consultancy, training and support.  As part of our continuing success, we are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable Survey Engineer.

The primary role of the Survey Engineer will be to provide technical support on all survey equipment and software owned and sold to customers by the company.  The position is based at the company’s office in Cornwall, UK and may involve site work to support equipment rental activities and/or customer demonstrations.

Main duties:

Provide technical support on all survey equipment to customers and the inhouse sales team

Support the R&D team with Unmanned Surface Vessel equipment integration

Manage the company’s equipment rental pool for booking, tracking & checking procedures

Maintain inventory and asset registers and track all calibration and maintenance renewals

Personal skills and qualifications:


Degree in industry related field

Hydrographic surveying experience

Extensive knowledge of survey equipment interfacing, setup and calibration

Good communications skills

Good IT skills


Ability to manage own time and diary


Experience with the following specific software and hardware



R2SONIC Multi-Beam Echo-Sounders (MBES)

CEE Hydrosystems Single-Beam Echo-Sounders (SBES)

SBG Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

Applanix POSMV INS

Valeport Instrumentation

Trimble GNSS

Unmanned Surface Vessels

To apply: Please apply on-line via by attaching your CV and a cover letter outlining why you are suitable for the role.

To find out more about Swathe Services, visit their website at:

Closing date for applications is midnight 30th July 2018.

Acoustic Sales Engineer, Ocean Sonics

Ocean Sonics Ltd. is a growing, innovative, Ocean Technology company that designs and manufactures Smart Hydrophones. They require an Acoustic Sales Engineer who is a detail focused, enthusiastic individual with strong sales drive. This is a hybrid role incorporating both sales and engineering. The ideal candidate will have ocean acoustic experience. They are looking for someone who can earn the customer’s trust while solving their technical challenges.

Specific responsibilities

Identify and meet prospects to develop new business

Consult with customers to provide the best technical solution using our products

Bridge the gap between customers and engineers

Supporting Responsibilities

Produce proposals, complete RFQ’s and tenders

Understand products and services fully

Demonstrate products and make presentations

Build and maintain customer database


Degree or Diploma in Engineering

Minimum 3 years’ ocean acoustic experience and proven sales track record

Background in acoustics

Strong computer skills: MS Office, Word, Excel, Power point and cloud based tools

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

A team player who brings creativity, enthusiasm, and a strategic outlook

Entrepreneurial attitude

Travel is involved therefore valid driver license and passport are required.

Compensation and Benefits Details

Competitive salary

Flexible work schedule

Health plan

New building expansion to Truro NS in 2018

This is an excellent opportunity to bring your energy and problem-solving experience to a dynamic team. If you are interested in this exciting challenge please forward a copy of your resume and cover letter in pdf format to [email protected].

For further information, visit

EGS International Ltd are recruiting a HSEQ Manager, Bordon, Hampshire

Position: Full time, Permanent
Salary: Dependant on experience

An experienced HSEQ Manager is required to join the EGS International team. Reporting to the Directors, you will be responsible for providing HSEQ support and advice across the business. You should be fully conversant with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 auditing standards and have demonstrable experience in an HSE role.

Responsibilities for this role will include:

Manage and maintain the HSE and Quality Management Systems

Produce HSEQ documentation, risk assessments for office, site and safety files

Delivery of training and advisory sessions to personnel and contractors when required.

Office and site induction

Reporting, analysis/examination and follow up all HSEQ incidents

Preparation of HSEQ documentation for inclusion in PQQ’s and Tenders

Act as Management Representative and competent person for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001

You will be primarily office based (though some site work will be required), with the ability to work well under pressure and in a team environment.

Desired skills, knowledge and experience:

CMIOSH/NEBOSH or similar qualifications.

Minimum 5 years of experience in a Senior or similar reporting position

Well organised and self-motivated, ability to work within high pressure situations and to tight delivery deadlines

Proficient user of Microsoft Office

Ability to ensure consistent in-house document style/format is maintained

You must live or be willing to relocate to a commutable distance of the EGS office in Bordon, Hampshire

To apply for this position please send your CV and covering letter to: The HR Manager, EGS International Ltd, Unit 27 Woolmer Way, Bordon, Hants GU35 9QE or email: [email protected]

Oceanographer and graduate-level Oceanographer, Fugro

Fugro GB Marine Limited are looking for both an experienced Oceanographer and a graduate-level Oceanographer to join the Metocean Modelling and Analysis team in their Wallingford office.

The team are continually developing techniques to model, interpret and predict meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) conditions, and use this knowledge to provide high quality information to clients in the offshore, coastal engineering and renewable energy sectors. The work carried out by the team includes the numerical modelling of metocean processes, the processing and quality control of measured data and the statistical analysis of metocean data to produce information for engineering design and for operational planning.

The key responsibilities for the senior oceanographer role would include:

Analysis of metocean data to derive extreme and operating criteria for engineering design and marine operations.

Technical supervision of work carried out by the project team

Project management

Liaison with clients

Writing technical reports.

The key responsibilities for the oceanographer role would include:

Analysis of metocean data to derive extreme and operating criteria for engineering design and marine operations.

Processing and quality control of measured metocean data.

Writing technical reports

Candidates should have a degree in oceanography or a related discipline. A PhD would be desirable but is not essential. Experience of MATLAB programming is also desirable, but not essential.

For more information please visit

Geophysicist and Graduate Geophysicist roles available at SAND Geophysics LTD

SAND Geophysics Ltd. is dedicated to providing innovative survey and consultancy. They specialise in all types of high-resolution seabed and near-surface detection geophysics, including high-resolution seismic, sidescan and magnetometer surveys. SAND Geophysics are dedicated to bringing cutting-edge unexploded ordnance detection, ultra-high resolution seismic methods and low logistic AUV solutions to increasingly demanding offshore industries.

SAND Geophysics are currently looking for a Geophysicist and Graduate Geophysicist to join their team full time.

Please visit for further details on the two positions, or alternatively please email your CV and covering letter to [email protected]

Bibby HydroMap are hiring

Bibby HydroMap have a number of exciting new job opportunities currently available and are looking for talented individuals to join their dynamic and expanding team based in Bromborough, Wirral. Current vacancies available at Bibby HydroMap:

Experienced Geophysicists

Experienced Hydrographic Surveyors

Survey Engineer

Engineering Manager

Vessel Mate

All these positions are full-time. Bibby HydroMap offer a competitive salary and an attractive benefits package.

If you’re looking for a new challenge and are driven, motivated and want to be part of a growing business, please send your CV outlining your qualifications, skills and capabilities to [email protected]

Bibby HydroMap specialise in the acquisition, interpretation and reporting of highly accurate and precisely positioned seabed and sub-seabed survey data. Bibby HydroMap have extensive expert knowledge, together with the use of innovative technology they support a range of offshore operations.

Please visit the company website for full details on the above job roles

Report Co-ordinator, Fugro, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Contract Type: Permanent, full-time
Closing Date: 12 August 2018

An exciting opportunity has arisen for Report Co-ordinator to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. You will play a key role in the department, co-ordinating report production, liaising with senior members of the Geophysics team and ensuring the on-time delivery of reports. You will have previous experience of geophysical data processing, interpretation / reporting and be able to demonstrate a focus on quality. You will ensure that high quality reports are produced for clients in various fields; including renewables, oil and gas and utilities.



Produce and oversee the production of high quality geophysical survey reports;

Work with the senior project team to assign sufficient resources and enable the on-time delivery of reports;

Ensure a diligent, high level of quality control is undertaken, in accordance with Fugro’s quality management system;

Ensure that all reports comply with the requirement of Fugro’s quality management system and associated documentation;

Strive for the continuous improvement of reporting and associated guidance documents;

Monitor and track key deliverable deadlines and ensure that all reports are issued on time;

Undertake regular liaison between key project stakeholders, including Fugro personnel and our clients, to ensure that key project objectives are met;

Act as a reporting lead on projects with responsibility for liaising with clients in a technical capacity, undertaking overall report QC and ensuring that survey specifications and deadlines are met;

Manage, lead and provide training to other personnel in the department to, ensure that all reporting deliverables meet the project specification and Fugro quality standards.

To apply and for more details please visit

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