Issue 539
19 June 2018:


Rovco completes Amazon Reef survey for Greenpeace

UK subsea services company, Rovco has announced the successful completion of an underwater survey of the Amazon Reef, off the northern coast of Brazil, for leading environmental organisation, Greenpeace.

The Bristol-based firm carried out a full 3D seabed survey, deploying its SubAtlantic Mojave and Seaeye Cougar ROVs while using its latest 3D reconstruction technology. The project also required Rovco to mobilise a survey grade, fully redundant Ultra-Short Base Line (USBL) system for accurate subsea positioning.

Findings revealed the existence of coral reef near the mouth of the Amazon, which extends further than previously thought. The calcareous ecosystem which supports fish and other reef creatures lies inside a recently licensed exploration block, approximately 28km from an exploration well in the Foz do Amazonas basin.

The project was completed within six weeks by Rovco’s survey party chief, ROV supervisor and ROV pilot on-board the Greenpeace Esperanza ship. The mobilisation took place in Bordeaux, France, and work commenced offshore Brazil before concluding in French Guiana. The demobilisation will be conducted in La Rochelle over the coming weeks.

Rovco is already in discussions with Greenpeace about using similar 3D survey techniques to protect other sensitive environments around the world.

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ABPmer launches global metocean data explorer

ABPmer, a recognised metocean data provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its Global Data Explorer. Using the data explorer, you can instantly discover the world’s wind and wave climate, obtain free metocean analyses and download key metocean statistics.

Since 2013, ABPmer has provided a metocean information service, SeaStates. The tools within the service can be used to characterise the conditions at any place of interest.  Underlying SeaStates is a database of historic wind and wave conditions stretching back to 1979 with a hindcast of shelf-scale tide and surge added to the package last year.

Having expanded SeaStates to provide global coverage the company took the decision to harness the power of webGIS technologies and provide direct access to some of its datasets.

The Data Explorer can be accessed at

The launch of the Data Explorer adds to ABPmer’s existing portfolio of metocean data and information services. Their weather downtime express service was launched in 2015 and is used worldwide to plan any operations restricted by weather and/or or seastate condition.

The company expects these datasets to be the first of many to be made available via the Data Explorer and is interested in hearing of other data and statistics that people would like to see be made available.

To access the Data Explorer go to their dedicated metocean information services website which also offers a 4-day global metocean forecast.

MacArtney enhance their market position in China

Newly established strategy and business plans applying to the Asian markets, among others, have led MacArtney Singapore to enter into an exclusive sales agreement with Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL). OSIL provides tailored integrated systems for environmental monitoring in all marine environments, from shallow coastal waters to full ocean depth.

With such an agreement, MacArtney is confident of being able to cover the ocean science industry and improve business relations in the Chinese market as well as provide optimised after-sales service in a demanding market.

Initiatives will be taken with a view to promoting and marketing mooring systems, sediment corers, box cores, giant piston cores, etc. in order to implement additional sales in the Chinese market. Thus, MacArtney will be in a position to supply complete systems for existing and new research vessels incl. MacArtney launch and recovery and OSIL giant piston core and sediment sampling systems.

Entering into this exclusive sales agreement puts MacArtney and OSIL in a favourable position to satisfy demand and provide higher-quality customer service in the Chinese market. Having already completed several sea acceptance tests in conjunction with OSIL staff and products, the local MacArtney crew in China is already well acquainted with the OSIL range.

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RTSYS Recorders: cutting edge technology in underwater acoustics listening systems

RTsys has a complete range of underwater acoustic recorders used in scientific studies or to monitor wind and tidal energy farms. The quality of the data collected by these recorders is widely recognized by users, such as universities, institutes, industrials such as marine renewable energies and oil & gas companies. RTsys recorders are also used by national navies.

Whether they are generated by marine fauna or of anthropic origin, there is a lot of underwater noise. In order to help better identify the sounds and learn about the characteristics, RTsys has developed a range of underwater acoustic recorders. RTsys has designed an extensive range of robust and modular devices for a variety of different uses, with the cutting edge SDA (Synchronous Data Acquisition) electronic board at its technological core. Equipped with up to sixteen (16) hydrophones, the recorders can be used to record underwater sounds over extended periods, or offer real-time measurement solutions, some with a wireless option. Depending on the depth at which the measurements will be made, RTsys offers three materials: plastic (up to 200m depth), aluminum (up to 1000m depth) or titanium (up to 6000m depth).

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ION and Greensea announce joint marketing agreement to provide subsea vehicle navigation solutions for offshore and military markets

ION Geophysical Corporation and Greensea Systems, Inc. announced a joint marketing agreement to provide underwater navigation solutions for manned and unmanned underwater vehicle operators. This partnership will accelerate the adoption of ION’s technologies into larger, less cyclic adjacent markets offshore and in the military while providing Greensea with options to integrate ION sensor technology into a growing number of navigation systems. Greensea and ION have already collaborated to integrate ION’s optical magnetic heading sensor into Greensea’s INSpect navigation system to dramatically improve subsea vehicle navigation accuracy in remote GPS-deprived environments.

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RS Aqua deliver ORCA acoustic recorders, RBR BPRs and SubCtech power packs to DIAS

RS Aqua are pleased to confirm that The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) have recently taken delivery of ten ORCA broadband acoustic recorders for use in the iMARL project. These recorders are fitted with multiple hydrophones for medium to ultra-low frequency detections. RS Aqua are also supplying five new RBRquartz3 BPRs (bottom pressure recorders) to the same project for storm and tsunami event monitoring. The BPRs, manufactured by RBR, have an exceptionally high resolution of 10ppb, which equates to 70 micrometres whilst deployed up to 7,000m below the surface. To attain the long-term deployment requirements for these instruments, five new rechargeable Li-Ion deep-water PowerPacks from SubCtech in Germany were also supplied. These PowerPacks have class-leading energy density and excellent resilience to extreme environments, which made them the perfect choice for deep-water deployments.

RS Aqua worked to optimise these sensor systems so that the very highest-performance equipment was supplied to DIAS for the iMARL project. The result is a network of ocean observatories capable of producing exceptionally high quality data.

The Insitu Marine Laboratory for Geosystems Research (iMARL) project is a network of deep sea ocean sensors including ocean bottom seismographs (OBS), broadband ORCA acoustic recorders, and RBR BPRs for measuring absolute water pressure & temperature at the ocean floor. Strapped to deep sea landers, the iMARL network will allow for the detection of offshore earthquakes and offshore storms, as well as noise in the ocean and biologically generated acoustic signals

Fendercare Marine signs global supply agreement with HALO Maritime Defence Systems

Fendercare Marine, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has signed an international distribution and preferred supplier agreement with HALO Maritime Defence Systems (HALO), a global leader in waterside security and access control solutions, to provide enhanced marine asset security and protection to its global customer base.

The agreement, effective immediately, allows leading marine equipment supplier Fendercare Marine to supply and install HALO marine barriers and access control systems worldwide. Customers will benefit from increased availability of HALO’s advanced solutions as well as Fendercare Marine’s expert personnel and equipment support on installation and maintenance projects.

HALO’s floating barriers and gates provide essential security to critical assets that are vulnerable to water-borne access. The systems benefit from over ten years of research and development, offering the only solution available to have met or exceeded the US Navy’s performance specifications.

The partnership expands Fendercare Marine’s offering to the defence and maritime markets and will improve the availability of HALO barriers by leveraging the company’s international reach, together with the wider, global supply chain of the James Fisher group.

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CTG Pipeline Leak Detection System chosen by ECA Group, France

ECA Group, France, leading providers of advanced unmanned and autonomous systems has chosen a CTG Pipeline Leak Detection System (PLD) to be employed in the role of subsea pipeline inspection and oil leakage detection. The 600 metre, certified system contains a CTG Uvilux configured for hydrocarbons. The PLD system will be integrated into ECA’s innovative ROV, the H800-SUR alongside a hydrophone, water sampler and sediment sampler.

The chosen system is one of a range of standard systems CTG offer specifically designed for ease of integration to ROV platforms. They come with all accessories including cabling, deck unit and PC with leak detection software pre-loaded. CTG PLD systems are also available for detection of a wide range of subsea control fluids and pipeline commissioning products.

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High demand for INNOVATUM equipment and services continues

Since January 2018 INNOVATUM has been experiencing continual robust demand from the Offshore Renewable sector, for both Smartrak and Smartsearch systems, for subsea cable depth of bury survey and cable route survey. There is also increasing demand for their cable magnetising services, which enhance the tracking capability of  Smartrak to detect unpowered subsea cables.

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Teledyne Benthos Acoustic Modems meet NATO’s new JANUS Interoperability Standard

On May 21–25, Teledyne Benthos took part in a 5-day JANUS Interoperability Fest hosted by the NATO STO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), based in La Spezia (Italy), at which various vendors tested their JANUS protocol capabilities. The Teledyne Benthos UTS-9400 deck box and ATM-900 Series Modems were tested and proved their ability to provide an interoperable real-time implementation of the JANUS protocol utilising commercial-off-the-shelf acoustic communication (ACOMMS) hardware.

Subsea ACOMMS technology has come a long way over the past two decades and is now commonly used as a primary communication and data link to the vast proliferation of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). Although there are a number of commercial communication solutions and protocols available, until recently, there has not been a set standard to ensure the interoperability between equipment from the various ACOMMS manufacturers.

To address this need, over the past ten years the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation has been leading the efforts to develop a digital underwater coding standard aimed at providing a baseline common denominator for underwater acoustic communications. This new standard is called JANUS, named after the Greek God in control of beginnings and transitions. As of March 2017, JANUS is now recognized as a NATO standard referred to as STANAG, a Standardization Agreement by all the NATO Nations.

According to a recent CMRE press release, once adopted globally, JANUS can make military and civilian, NATO and non-NATO devices interoperable, providing them all with a common language with which to communicate and arrange to cooperate.  Put simply, JANUS is an interoperable marine radio channel 16 for digital underwater communications devices. Over the past several years, the standard has been extensively tested at sea in exercises involving a number of partners (universities, industries and research institutions) covering a range of application scenarios.

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CGG’s Helitem Shatters AEM Low-Frequency Barrier to Target Deeper Resources

CGG Multi-Physics is pleased to announce that its Helitem helicopter time-domain electromagnetic system has successfully acquired high-quality, broad-spectrum Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) data at a base frequency of 7.5 Hz. This is a significant breakthrough for resource exploration worldwide, and an industry first.

As shallow mineral resources are depleted, and mining activity moves to ever greater depths, mineral explorers are searching deeper and in more difficult-to-image environments, such as beneath conductive cover sequences. The ability to effectively energize deep conductive targets and survey at lower frequencies is critical to improving the imaging performance of airborne electromagnetic systems in these environments. Until now, these capabilities have been beyond the reach of AEM systems.

The key to this major advance has been CGG’s continued investment to improve its AEM receiver design. Historically, receiver motion-induced noise has been the primary limiting factor in acquiring useful low base frequency AEM data. Evolutions in the design of CGG’s Helitem AEM system in terms of both receiver electronics and a patented receiver suspension system now allow operation at a base frequency of 7.5 Hz. An innovative change in transmitter pulse-shape also enables early off-time measurement and effective energising of deep conductive targets.

CGG’s Helitem AEM system can now image the Earth’s resistivity to greater depths than other systems while retaining resolving power throughout the section. A comparison of resistivity images from CGG’s 30 Hz and 7.5 Hz Helitem systems shows that the 7.5 Hz data provides more interpretable information about the near-surface and also delivers accurate geological information at depth.

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Reygar launches ‘Digital-DPR’

Marine innovation company Reygar has developed Digital-DPR, a new system that allows Masters to manually enter vessel reporting information, which is combined with the data captured automatically by its award-winning BareFLEET system.

BareFLEET automatically records a host of fleet monitoring data, including machinery health and alarms, fuel efficiency, vessel motion and navigational information. Digital-DPR allows the vessel’s Master to enter daily report information into a console that would otherwise be difficult to capture automatically, such as personnel on board, drills performed, personnel transfers and bunker levels.

The data captured by Digital-DPR is automatically combined with information gathered by BareFLEET and sent back to shore. As the name suggests, accurate and timely DPR’s (daily progress reports) can be automatically generated.

The new system has been developed through Reygar’s close cooperation with CWind, which uses BareFLEET across its entire fleet of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs).

Owned by Global Marine Group, CWind’s CTVs play a big role in facilitating turbine construction and maintenance for wind turbine operators and the company relies on the data gathered by BareFLEET to reduce vessel downtime and help use staff resources efficiently. The level of information it is able to share has also helped CWind to secure new contracts.

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National Physical Laboratory hosts a most successful 61st MMF

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Teddington, UK, hosted the 61st edition of the one day Marine Measurement Forum (MMF) which bought together a strong turnout of 67 delegates from industry, academia and professional bodies from across the UK, as well as many international attendees from countries such as Poland, Norway and Canada.

Thirteen attendees presented to the forum, grouped into three sessions, each of which was themed to a particular topic. This provided a wonderful opportunity for some of the presenters to refer back to other presentations, emphasising the benefits in bringing marine measurement professionals together in a forum such as the MMF. Presentations topics included hydrophones (both deployment methods and characteristics), surveying in the oceans and coastal regions, the use of satellite data and the critical importance of accuracy, and even unexploded ordinance and the importance of using the correct techniques to search for these in proposed renewable development sites. The day concluded with a tour of NPL’s open water calibration tanks and the Acoustic Pressure Vessel.

The next MMF (#62) will be hosted by Fugro at their Wallingford headquarters in October 2018. Further details will be announced in due course. Additional information on the MMF series and the opportunity to register for news announcements can be found at

Adapting to the digital future for the subsea industry

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has teamed up with the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and The Hydrographic Society in Scotland for an annual joint seminar. The seminar’s theme this year is ‘Adapting to the Digital Future’ for the subsea industry and will be held on 1 November 2018 in Aberdeen.

Digitalisation is a key strategic theme for IMCA. The seminar aims to stimulate discussion on subsea innovation and the development of a road map on possibilities for the digital oilfield of the future.

A Call for Papers has been published for the seminar. Abstracts are being accepted for consideration in areas such as Inspection, Repair, Monitoring & Maintenance / Operations & Maintenance; Survey; Construction; Environment & Ocean Science; and Decommissioning.

More information can be found at

CTG sponsors the 4th Premiam Conference "Post Spill Monitoring, Looking Back and Moving Forward", 21st June at the Natural History Museum, London

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) are delighted to sponsor the 4th Premiam Conference “Post Spill Monitoring, Looking Back and Moving Forward” on the 21st June at the Natural History Museum, London. Emma Johnson, CTG’s Maritime & Hydrocarbon Sales Manager will be showcasing CTG’s range of hydrocarbon monitoring products.

The aim of the Premiam conference is to provide a forum for scientists, regulators and environmental advisors working in the field of marine oil/chemical spill monitoring and impact assessment to share experience, best practice and knowledge with the wider marine emergency response community.

CTG has a proven range of in situ sensors optimised for monitoring crude and refined oil. Applications include: reporting of hydrocarbon monitoring in ports & coastal areas, within natural water systems, pollution surveillance, point source pollution tracking & monitoring of wash water from ship’s exhaust gas scrubbing systems. Systems are also available for detection of leaks in pipelines & subsea installations and for subsea control line leak detection.

On display will be:

The new V-Lux: Multi-parameter fluorometer configured to detect either Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Algae or Tryptophan-like fluorescence

OIL-Wader: Provides real-time in situ detection of dissolved aromatic hydrocarbons. This system comprises a UviLux fluorometer and a Hawk handheld display and logging unit.

Subsea Leak Detection Systems: These systems detect fluorescence of either hydrocarbon directly, or standard products with added fluorophors and have been optimised for minimal interference from turbidity.

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IMCA to provide insight into important aspects of DP

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) Captain Andy Goldsmith, Technical Adviser – Marine, and Captain Mike Meade of M3 Marine and Chairman of the IMCA Reactivation of DP Vessels Workgroup, will be speaking on important aspects of dynamic positioning (DP) at the 8th DP Asia Conference & Exhibition being held in Singapore 27-29 June.

At the conference on 27 June, Andy Goldsmith and Mike Meade will talk about the work of IMCA members in the Marine Division, with emphasis on current and future DP related activities. This will include the activities of two workgroups. One has developed a scheme for providing accreditation for DP practitioners, and the other has produced a valuable and concise aide memoire for members preparing to reactivate DP vessels following a period of lay-up.

They will also talk about guidance documents IMCA is currently working on and give an overview of the IMCA DP station keeping event reporting scheme.

IMCA has been at the forefront of DP since it was first introduced to the offshore industry. Guidance and station keeping event reports provided by IMCA members are widely used throughout the industry.

For further information, visit and

First International Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Conference a resounding Success

With over 45 delegates from more than 15 countries around the world, the first international Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Day (SDB Day) organized by EOMAP was a great success. For the first time all relevant players came together on 6 & 7 June 2018 to anticipate what was to come for the Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB) technology in the next years and revealed future opportunities for providers and users. Presentations at the SDB Day 2018 reflected a great optimism for the SDB technology.

The next SDB Day will be announced shortly.

Initially established as a reconnaissance tool for shallow water bathymetry only, cutting-edge SDB techniques are increasingly used as a cost-efficient and rapid survey method for acquiring high-resolution bathymetric data down to water depths of 30 meters.

More information about the conference is available at


Martin Flood joins Teledyne Optech as Director of Business Development

Teledyne Optech is pleased to announce that Mr. Martin Flood has joined the company as Director of Business Development. In this global role, Mr. Flood will concentrate on expanding the reach of the Teledyne Optech product portfolio to new markets and will identify and oversee the execution of new business opportunities.

Mr. Flood started his career at Optech as a Project Scientist in 1991 and led the team that produced the first Airborne Lidar Terrain Mapping (ALTM) sensors. After leaving in 1997 and working for several mapping service companies, he joined the GeoCue Group as Business Development Manager in 2005. A major focus of his work was identifying new and emerging markets for lidar-related mapping services and helping customers adopt established best practices for new business models.

Find out more at

IMCA announces strategic appointment in the USA

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has announced that Bruce Gresham has been appointed as director for client engagement in the USA, in a part-time consulting role. He will be supporting the Association in developing and expanding its engagement with oil companies and the broader industry in the United States.

Mr Gresham has over 30 years’ experience in the offshore construction industry. He joined Heerema Marine Contractors in 1985 and held a wide range of executive roles in developing the company’s successful market presence in North America. He retired in 2017 and is retained as an advisor.

Bruce is the past Vice Chairman of IMCA’s North America regional committee, and was a member of the executive committee and board of directors of the influential National Ocean Industries Association in Washington DC.

For further information, visit and [email protected].


Project Manager, Fugro, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Ref number: 3722

Closing Date: 01 July 2018

Job Summary: Fugro are a world leading, independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions. Fugro is currently seeking additional Project Management expertise within Site Characterisation, within the Marine Geophysical Service line, across Europe and Africa.

Key responsibilities:
To plan, organise, control, co-ordinate, lead, motivate to achieve optimal balance between cost, time, quality, benefit and risk in marine geophysical projects;

To support the development of a positive safety culture;

To develop project documentation including project execution plans;

To monitor project budgets, schedules and performance against KPI’s;

To supervise project teams and motivate;

To communicate with clients, internal partners, and sub-contractors;

To support the tendering process;

To support and promote a Team Fugro culture.

Position requirements:

Fugro are looking for candidates who are excellent, reliable and efficient. Fugro require first class communicators that adopt a proactive and systematic approach with a competitive attitude.

M.Sc. or B.Sc. level in an industry associated discipline;

Marine experience is highly preferable;

Geophysical/Hydrography experience is highly preferable;

Excellent knowledge of the English language (verbal and written);

The work will involve business travel.

What Fugro offer:

A challenging and diverse job in an international environment;

A dynamic and informal work atmosphere;

Strong emphasis on personal development;

External and internal training courses to develop specialist and project management skills;

Fugro offers competitive terms of employment.

To apply and for more details please visit:

Tendering Project Manager, Fugro, Aberdeen

Fugro GB (North) Marine Ltd have a current vacancy for a Tendering Project Manager based in the Aberdeen office. The position of Tendering Project Manager is jointly responsible for business acquisition and marketing functions of Fugro.  They will be tendering and negotiating for contracts and will participate in business development and client liaison and relationship management in support of the business strategy and performance targets.

Specific responsibilities include:

Liaising with Clients on a regular basis and develop sound business relationships

Marketing of business line services within geographical areas of Fugro

Liaising with other Fugro entities in joint commercial activities

Preparation of pre-qualification and tender documentation in accordance with Fugro common IMS in consultation with Business Line Managers

Negotiation of contract terms in consultation with the Contracts Manager

Handover of contract information to Project managers in accordance with Fugro common IMS

Providing support to others in the Commercial Department

Assessing and identifying project risk at the pre-proposal stage

Keeping informed of Fugro capacities and capabilities in business lines and in general

The right candidate will have broad commercial, technical or project management experience, preferably in the survey sector of the oil and gas industry but consideration will be given to high caliber candidates from other oil and gas sectors.  The role will be based in Aberdeen (UK) and may involve infrequent domestic and international travel.  We are looking for candidates who are professional, reliable and efficient. We require first class communicators that have a proactive and systematic approach with a cooperative attitude.

What Fugro offer:

This is a permanent full time post based in Aberdeen.

A competitive salary accompanied by an attractive package.

To apply, please go to our website Deadline for application submission is 22nd June 2018.

Data Processor, Fugro, Aberdeen

Fugro GB (North) Marine Ltd have a current vacancy for a Data Processor based in the Aberdeen office. The position of Data Processor is responsible for undertaking quality control and processing of acquired survey data sets.  The role is involved in data processing, reporting and charting for company business lines and the generation of client specified deliverables.  The position is office based but there is a requirement for offshore work and potentially work overseas.

Specific responsibilities include:

Assisting with the production of survey data packs for vessels prior to mobilisation.

Undertaking processing of survey data such as navigation and multibeam echo sounder acquired from Vessel, ROV or AUV survey platforms.

Ensuring processed data is suitable for charting, reporting and complies with scope of work.

Generation of survey data products compatible with GIS software.

Construction of survey charts compliant with charting standards.

Production of GIS deliverables.

Compilation of reports in accordance with Fugro QC system.

Generation of processing and reporting deliverables.

The right candidate will have previous experience processing Multibeam, Navigation and other data using industry standard software and/or Fugro Starfix applications. Practical, project related experience using GIS desktop or portal solutions would be advantageous.  Candidates should have a sound working knowledge of survey principles and related dimensioning control principles leading to system set-up and calibration.

What Fugro offer:

This is a permanent full time post based in Aberdeen.

A competitive salary accompanied by an attractive package.

To apply, please visit Deadline for application submission is 22nd June 2018.

RPS Energy are seeking to recruit technical roles in Aberdeen and Woking

The roles available are for a Project Manager and Geohazard Interpreter to join in either Woking or Aberdeen, and Senior or Principal Environmental Consultant for Aberdeen.

The Project Manager role will require you to have previous Project Management experience ideally within one or all of site survey, geotechnical site investigation, geodesy, GIS or geoscience.

For the Geohazard Interpreter role you will have experience of seismic interpretation and the integration of other geological data to improve geohazard interpretation. With working knowledge of Kingdom and/or other industry recognised packages.

The Senior or Principal Environmental Consultant, will manage and undertake a range of environmental compliance processes. You will have previous experience within the oil & gas environmental industry and have knowledge of UKCS offshore consenting.

For more information on both roles please visit or contact the recruitment team on 01483 746 500.

Hydrographic Survey Engineer – Swathe Services (UK) Ltd, Cornwall UK

Swathe Services is a leading hydrographic support organisation for marine survey companies working in oil and gas, renewables, offshore and coastal industries. With over 50 years of expertise in the field, they provide innovative technology and equipment, rental services, personnel, consultancy, training and support. As part of their continuing success, they are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable Survey Engineer.

The primary role of the Survey Engineer will be to provide technical support on all survey equipment and software owned and sold to customers by the company. The position is based at the company’s office in Cornwall, UK and may involve site work to support equipment rental activities and/or customer demonstrations.

Main duties:

Provide technical support on all survey equipment to customers and the inhouse sales team

Support the R&D team with Unmanned Surface Vessel equipment integration

Manage the company’s equipment rental pool for booking, tracking & checking procedures

Maintain inventory and asset registers and track all calibration and maintenance renewals

Personal skills and qualifications:


Degree in industry related field

Hydrographic surveying experience

Extensive knowledge of survey equipment interfacing, setup and calibration

Good communications skills

Good IT skills


Ability to manage own time and diary


Experience with the following specific software and hardware



R2SONIC Multi-Beam Echo-Sounders (MBES)

CEE Hydrosystems Single-Beam Echo-Sounders (SBES)

SBG Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

Applanix POSMV INS

Valeport Instrumentation

Trimble GNSS

Unmanned Surface Vessels

To apply: Please apply on-line via by attaching your CV and a cover letter outlining why you are suitable for the role. Closing date for applications is midnight 8th July 2018.

To find out more about Swathe Services, visit their website at:

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