Issue 531
17 April 2018:


Teledyne Gavia integrates Marine Magnetic Explorer Magnetometer with the Gavia AUV

Teledyne Gavia, manufacturer of the Gavia Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), announces the integration of Marine Magnetics’ Explorer AUV magnetometer.

The Explorer AUV magnetometer is a high accuracy omnidirectional sensor, which is towed behind the vehicle allowing it to operate outside the AUV’s magnetic signature. The Explorer’s exceptional accuracy and sensitivity, small size, low noise, and minimal power requirements make it a highly valuable tool that is ideally suited for use with AUVs.

Dynamic and static testing of the Gavia AUV was conducted at Marine Magnetics’ facility in Canada and near Teledyne Gavia’s manufacturing facility in Kopavogur, Iceland to validate that the Explorer could measure variations in the magnetic field, rather than the influence of the Gavia moving through the water column. The trial ensured that the data was accurate and free of heading error that might obscure small targets.  The testing produced the data set in figure 1, which is smooth and free from stripping, a by-product of heading error. The pre and post-seeded surveys, completed on separate days, matched up perfectly. The data illustrates the accuracy of both the Explorer magnetometer and the 3D positioning capabilities of the Gavia AUV, allowing the combined Gavia AUV Explorer Mag to locate all of the seeded targets.

Equipping the Gavia AUV with the Marine Magnetics Explorer enables the Gavia AUV to combine high accuracy magnetic signature mapping along with Side Scan or Bathymetric survey data, Sub Bottom Profiler data, and still images, providing multiple detection levels of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), pipelines, buried objects, or shipwrecks.

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Teledyne PDS Introduces Online Side Scan Sonar Backscatter Mosaicking

Teledyne PDS has released a number of new features for Online Side Scan Sonar Backscatter Mosaicking

A new option has been added to the Teledyne PDS applications to enable Side Scan Sonar Backscatter Mosaicking, ensuring that the PDS offering remains at the forefront of sonar processing software. In relation to this new update, a number of new features are available.

Firstly, whilst in mosaicking work flow, an additional Backscatter Logging tab has been added to the online Sonar Side Scan Waterfall and Snippets display to activate and manage the online backscatter gridmodel logging and mosaicking. An online Side Scan Sonar GapFill view with a GapFill Operations tab has also been added to the platform. This will enable the user to set GapFill parameters in a similar format to the offline version.

Also included in this update is Normalised Side Scan data. This is accompanied by changes to the Planview display which now has a layer to show port and starboard swath coverage and sailing direction for ease-of-use. In addition, users can now drape an online backscatter grid model on an online grid model. This function enables for quicker processing and easier management as users no longer need to leave grid model modes to perform this task. The following data items have been added to the backscatter grid model: Min-, Max-, First- and Last Backscatter. These new items give exiting possibilities to tune the mosaicking model to your own needs.

Another update to note is that a Layers Control Pane has been added that can be used where possible and applicable, which also enables an easier and smoother operating experience.

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Purpose-designed SubConn® connectivity solution for high power submersible pumps

MacArtney’s SubConn® connectivity products reflect a leading range of truely industry standard, reliable and affordable connectors and cables supplied throughout the world to the demanding underwater industry. Having been designed, manufactured and tested for use in harsh marine environments, the full range of SubConn® connectivity solutions meet customer needs from shallow water use to full ocean depth rating.

Thus, MacArtney designs and manufactures state-of-the-art connectivity solutions for any application within all maritime industries including subsea, offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, ocean science, civil engineering, defence, fisheries and diving.

The scope of supply of this recent order consists of a total of nine sets of 4-pin power connectors based on MacArtney’s SubConn® 1-pin power connector. Four SubConn® 1-pin power connectors have been installed in a connector body designed and manufactured by MacArtney and subsequently moulded to a MacArtney supplied power cable. This moulding procedure was carried out in MacArtney’s moulding and cable-assembly workshop representing state-of-the art moulding technology.

The connector has a rating of 1000V/250A per pin and includes a standard 3-pin SubConn® circular connector for signal transfer as well as POM dust caps.

The connectors are used in railway tunnels where water and spills inevitably accumulate at the lowest point of the tunnel. Therefore, high power pumps are usually installed at this point to ensure pumping liquids out of the tunnel, often over a distance of several kilometres.

In the event of pump service or replacement, it is essential for the safe operation of the tunnel that the downtime is minimised. The 4-pin custom connector selected allows the operator to quickly connect and disconnect the pumps and is thus a critical part of the tunnel safety infrastructure.

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EdgeTech Releases New Discover Blue Software for Search & Recover (SAR)

EdgeTech, a leader in high resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, has released a new side scan sonar software packaged, Discover Blue.  Discover Blue was developed specifically for police organisations, fire departments, dive teams, and other groups that utilise side scan sonars for search and recovery (SAR) efforts.  Developed specifically for this community, the software offers a number of unique features only available with Discover Blue.

Discover Blue side scan sonar software offers the first ever Target Adaptive Software.  This unique software feature allows the sonar operator to select a target type from a list of common underwater targets. Then, it automatically configures the side scan sonar system with the best settings to aid the operator in utilising the sonar to locate the target of interest in the most effective and efficient manner. The software is customisable to each team allowing them to add their agency name and logos for reporting.  It also allows for one agency to enter multiple teams for different shifts so each team within that department can use their own preferred settings. Analysing a target is made easy with simple cursor click and drag measurement tools in the software. Additionally, once a target is marked and analysed, report generation can be outputted to a number of common formats.

From mission planning to target identification and reporting, EdgeTech Discover Blue and the EdgeTech 4125-SAR side scan sonar system provide SAR teams a complete package that can be deployed and operated quickly effectively for every search and recovery job.  The new Discover Blue software comes standard on all EdgeTech 4125-SAR systems.

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Bibby HydroMap strengthens its Asset Inspection service offering

Bibby HydroMap are pleased to announce the expansion of their specialised asset inspection survey technology with the purchase of the Carlson Software Merlin LiDAR mapping system. The Merlin LiDAR system will complement their existing marine and terrestrial survey equipment to deliver improved high-resolution datasets of objects of interest, with the aim of enhancing the validity of asset inspection services.

The new system is a vessel-based 3D mobile marine laser scanner system, designed to seamlessly integrate with existing hydrographic equipment, therefore allowing simultaneous data acquisition above and below the waterline. Producing an accurate 360° dataset in a single pass, both acquisition and data processing timescales are reduced compared to conventional inspection techniques.

With flexible deployment options, and applications in a range of environments, the versatility of the Merlin LiDAR system offers optimum performance and gives Bibby HydroMap access to the latest laser surveying technology, improving the terrestrial component of their asset inspection point cloud data.

Bibby HydroMap’s inshore vessel Eagle is currently fitted with the new system and can be rapidly mobilised with all other asset inspection equipment to reduce deployment timescales. The system has been successfully used on recent asset inspection projects throughout the UK.

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RTSYS characterises the nature of surface sediments, using acoustical detection

INSEA is a portable sound velocity meter that can easily take measurements in situ in all types of sediments. It offers an alternative to sampling (coring, grab bucket, rake, etc.) that can be destructive, with a speed advantage as the analysis is performed in place and not in a laboratory. The first version of INSEA, created in partnership with the Maree company, is already five years old. INSEA2, released in 2016, has been considerably improved.

The INSEA sound velocity meter is used to measure the speed and attenuation of a sound wave in the sediment, with 4 transmitter/receivers. This multiplication of acoustical pathways (up to 12) allows, for example, the collection of quality data even in the presence of anomalies such as rocks that block the circulation of a sound wave in the case of a single path. The area studied can be modified and can reach more than 30 x 15 centimeters, 5 to 15 centimeters inside the sediment, which satisfies the vast majority of user needs.

INSEA2 has a frequency sweep system, possibly from 40 kHz to 400 kHz, with current usage from 70 to 270 kHz. The device can collect the data, over all of the swept frequencies, in less than 30 seconds. The differences in speed and attenuation of the sound depending on the frequencies transmitted contribute to characterizing the sediment. The user will then have access, using a computer, to calculations such as the inter-sensor distances, the flight time measurements and amplitudes for each frequency, the calibration corrections and the deduction of the speed and attenuation of the sound wave. Portable, the sound velocity meter weighs less than 9 kg in air and can be used either stand-alone (data storage) or cabled (data transfer by Ethernet cable, allowing the reading of some information directly).

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SMD Sign Contract to Supply Atom Mk1 ROV System to China Southern Power Grid

A leading subsea equipment design and manufacturer Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd (SMD) are pleased to announce the signature of a contract to supply its Atom Mk1 1000m 100hp Work Class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) system to Chinese power specialist China Southern Power Extra High Voltage Power Transmission Company (EHV, CSG), a subsidiary of the state-owned China Southern Power Grid (CSG).

The ROV will be used for inspection of the 31km physical power cable connections in the Qiongzhou Strait between Hainan Island and mainland China. The Qiongzhou strait often experiences high currents so it was essential that CSG chose a compact and powerful ROV to cope with the harsh conditions.

The Atom system is SMD’s lightest work class ROV suitable for offshore power applications, survey and light construction duties, and can be mobilised on vessels with limited deck space. For this contract, SMD will integrate a TSS350 cable tracking system and other survey tools to perform cable inspection.

Scheduled for delivery at the end of 2018, the ROV will be equipped with SMD’s proven and reliable range of Curvetech® components, DVECSII control system and 20ft control cabin which will be mobilised on board CSG’s new cable installation vessel. As part of the contract, SMD Services is also providing bespoke training courses to ensure CSG’s operational team are prepared with the necessary operating skills.

SMD Services will utilise CRRC SMD Shanghai’s facilities to support mobilisation of the ROV on board CSG’s new vessel. They will also lead on the sea trials ensuring the ROV operates at maximum capacity with support from the SMD Services offshore team, who will be on hand to provide assistance for any on deck ROV support.

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Repair diversity keeps delays at bay

A range of hull repairs on a variety of ship types have illustrated the diversity of shell plating operations Hydrex diver/technicians are capable of undertaking at a moment’s notice.

In Amsterdam, recently, Hydrex responded to an emergency call from a ship’s crew, requesting a permanent repair to a crack in the port side grey water tank of their 145m chemical tanker.

To get the job done during the ship’s port stay, Hydrex immediately fabricated a 700mm x 300mm insert plate, as well as a steel mobdock (mobile drydock) profiled to fit the curvature of the tanker’s hull. The mobdock was installed, enabling the diver/technicians to cut away the cracked area and weld the insert plate in place, using Hydrex’s class-approved full penetration welding technique. All of this work was carried out during the tanker’s scheduled stop, and in close communication with the superintendent of the vessel and the attending class surveyor. The permanent nature of the repair meant that no further action would be required at the ship’s next drydocking.

Meanwhile, after a fully-loaded 180m bulk carrier was faced with a near two-week delay when a repair to grounding damage in Las Palmas, Spain, proved unsuccessful, Hydrex was called in to take over the repair work. The Antwerp-headquartered company had been chosen because the classification society was confident that Hydrex would be able to perform a satisfactory underwater repair and get the bulker sailing again as soon as possible.

The Hydrex team was on site rapidly, the first step of the operation being the removal of the cofferdam that had been installed during the previous repair attempt. Then, working in shifts, Hydrex diver/technicians installed two doubler plates over the affected areas of the flat bottom. The vessel was soon able to resume her voyage, much to the satisfaction of the owner and port authority.

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Naval Dome to secure Stamco ship management’s car carrier fleet against cyber intrusion

Maritime cyber security specialist Naval Dome has confirmed it has signed a contract with Piraeus-based Stamco Ship Management to install its maritime cyber defence system aboard 55 Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC).

Stamco Ship Management provides technical and commercial ship management services to various companies like NYK, MOL, K-Line, China Shipping, Höegh Autoliners, WWL, Eukor and Glovis.

Naval Dome will install the security system onboard the vessels’ bridge, navigation, communication and machinery control systems to deliver maximum, multi-layered protection from any existing or future cyber security threat.

Earlier this month a security industry report revealed that ransomware is now the most common type of malware, accounting for 39 percent of malware-related hacks. The Verizon report found that attacks are also moving into business-critical systems, which encrypt file servers or databases, inflicting more damage and commanding bigger ransom requests.

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Tracking and Communicating with Multiple Manned Submersibles

LinkQuest has a long-standing working relationship with Triton Submarines LLC, located in Vero Beach, Florida, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art personal luxury submarines for superyacht owners who want to explore the world beneath the waves. LinkQuest has delivered a number of TrackLink 1500 USBL tracking systems with integrated acoustic modem function to Triton Submarines over the past few years. Those TrackLink systems not only allow for surface ship-based personnel to track the positions of the manned submersibles but also allow for the crew inside the submersible to communicate with the ship-based personnel through the integrated acoustic communication function. The acoustic communication data are integrated and piggybacked with the USBL acoustic tracking signals. By doing so, acoustic interference is avoided and the user?s experience is enhanced.

Recently, LinkQuest expanded the functions of the TrackLink 1500 systems to allow for surface ship-based personnel to track and communicate with multiple manned submersibles in the same area from a single transceiver on the ship. This new function allows operators of the submersibles to manage and use the submersibles in a more efficient way. Additionally, LinkQuest has also recently rolled out a new TN1510BH-AM transponder with high power acoustic modem transmission. The high power transponder has further improved the performance of the system over a long tracking and communication range.

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Extended charter contract for M/V Stril Explorer

MMT has extended its contract with Simon Møkster Shipping AS for the DP2 multipurpose support vessel Stril Explorer.

MMT has operated Stril Explorer since April 2014, equipped with the latest subsea survey technology and is very suitable for launch and recovery operations with Surveyor Interceptor ROV (SROV), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s), Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV’s) and geotechnical equipment.  Stril Explorer has been part of project for MMTs clients such as Nord Stream Pipelines and Nord Stream 2 and will be operated by MMT during 2018 and 2019.

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Proserv secures multi-million Repsol contract

Energy services company Proserv has secured a contract worth over $5.5million (45million Norwegian Kroner) with Repsol to upgrade and build new subsea production control equipment for the Yme field redevelopment in the Norwegian North Sea.

The award scope initially covers the refurbishment and upgrade of the existing subsea control system.  Using Proserv’s unique technology and expertise, the life of the existing equipment will be extended significantly beyond its original design life, with no compromise on functionality.

The entire subsea control system will be upgraded to provide state of the art functionality including high speed data management and transmission capability with sufficient capacity for future field expansion or increased data capture.

As part of the workscope, Proserv will engineer, manufacture and supply all associated topside and subsea equipment. The refurbishment and servicing of the subsea control modules and the manufacturing of the subsea electronics modules and master control station will be delivered by the company’s subsea controls experts in Trondheim and Stavanger, Norway. Each control module will include Proserv’s award-winning Artemis 2G (A2G) subsea electronics modules which are designed to be compatible with existing infrastructure to avoid costly system replacements and protect against obsolescence.

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NEXT Resourcing Brand is Launched

Next Geosolutions recently launched their 6th and newest branch – NEXT Resourcing. The addition of Resourcing to the existing NEXT Marine, Engineering, Earth, Remote and Innovation, combines the historical services of the companies UK entity, NEXT UKCS, and further compliments the provided services and solutions during this period of growth for the Next Geosolutions Group.

NEXT, whilst having invested in significant assets since its inception in 2014, continues to support its own projects and key clients for separate consultancy services, with its expansive knowledge and contact base for marine resourcing, be this personnel, vessels, equipment or software. An ethos of ensuring assets are fit for purpose rather than fixed/owned assets forced to fit, is one that has transpired to further enhance NEXT’s growth.

Recent awards for a Project Engineer permanent 6 month placement in Berlin to oversee as built delivery on a Baltic wind farm development, full client representative provision for a prominent UK wind farm installation and 3rd year of full client representative supply to a key client for a UK to Europe interconnector cable installation, as well as complimenting NEXT’s own multi vessel and multi-faceted project awards and resourcing requirements, continues to support that the new NEXT Resourcing brand will add value and differentiation within the offshore renewables and O&G sector exploits of the company.

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Elmeridge Cables Limited - Subsea/Marine Products & Capabilities

Elmeridge Cables Limited (ECL) have been a market leader in the production and distribution of custom-made cables for over 30 years, designing and supplying a wide range of stock and specialist cables to a growing worldwide market.

ECL’s expertise and technical knowledge have helped companies within the following industry sectors: Underwater marine and offshore; Pumps and sensors; Oil and gas; Pipes and drain inspection; Cranes and ports; Diving, fish farming and fisheries; Medical; Railways and signalling, and many other unique applications.

ECL’s product range and capabilities are ever growing. They have recently added cables with an outside diameter of up to 140mm and with up to five layers of steel wire armour. The cable comes in lengths of up to 8000 metres, fully pressure tested to 6000 metres.

ECL also supply seismic cables, deep-sea mining cables (including 3.5kV, 4.5kV and 6kV), ‘hairy fairing’ cables, bladed fairing (which can be supplied pre-terminated), ROV cables, tether cables, deep trenching cables and many others.

ECL are proud to have developed some highly successful products, including their compound for the subsea industry known as ‘Supreme Polyurethane’. This compound is hydrolysis resistant, UV and abrasion resistant, and is incredibly tough whilst still remaining flexible. Added to this list are our three compounds for termite-proof cables, along with a rodent-proof cable for the rail industry.

Depending on the product and quantity, lead-times vary but we advise 6-8 weeks from order to delivery.

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DimEye announce Partnership Agreement signing with Sidus Solutions

DimEye (Los Angeles) is proud to announce the Partnership Agreement signing with Sidus Solutions (San Diego) for development of the Video Laser Scan™ System (VLS ™) for ROV, AUV, UAV and Diver!

For inaccessible and/or hazardous environments, DimEye has developed the Video Laser Scan™ Technology – a specialised High Accuracy 3D Measurement system.

SIDUS Solutions provides innovative design and advanced technology Subsea Cameras, Lights and Lasers.

VLS™ Systems are now available to purchase: they can be mounted on any kind of vehicle or used subsea by divers or by technicians on the ground.  Video files are sent to DimEye for 3D Processing and converted into 3D As-built CAD Models (any format) or any kind of high accuracy measurements and 3D Analysis such as Point Clouds for FEA.

Be ready to capture HD videos and get High Accuracy 3D Measurements and 3D As-built CAD Models! … If you can fly it, we can measure it!

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Large legacy for National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium (NMA) in Plymouth is to receive a substantial legacy from its late chairman. David Pridden, who sadly died in November last year, has bequeathed a major sum to support the organisation’s educational work, with the only stipulation being that funds must be matched from industry, organisations or individuals.

With a long and illustrious career in the energy industry, Mr Pridden became the inaugural chief executive of Subsea UK – the industry body for the country’s subsea sector – and was latterly chairman of Seanamic Group and a member of the Simmons Private Equity Investment Committee.

Over the years, he held a variety of senior positions in both large and small subsea oil & gas and marine renewable companies, including launching and successfully growing his own business.

Mr Pridden was passionate about attracting young people into the subsea engineering industry and to providing education on the marine environment. In his position with the NMA, his appreciation for promoting “pro-ocean behaviour” grew and he was relentless in helping the organisation increase discovery and learning opportunities for future generations.

For every £25,000 raised, the NMA can draw down funds against Mr Pridden’s bequest to spend on supporting the organisation’s national roll-out of its “Schools Outreach” programme.

Launched during British Science Week, the “Schools Outreach” scheme saw more than 800 schoolchildren involved in activities at the NMA, all of whom had the opportunity to try new virtual reality video programmes using new headsets.

Companies, industry bodies and individuals who would like to support the NMA national schools outreach initiative can contact Roger Maslin on [email protected].


Stephanie Lavelle presenting on “Monitoring Waste Wash Water from Scrubbers” at the Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference, 17-18 April 2018, Amsterdam

CTG’s Maritime Manager, Stephanie Lavelle will be presenting on “Monitoring Waste Wash Water from Scrubbers” at the Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference, 17-18 April 2018, Amsterdam. Stephanie will outline CTG’s Green Shipping Initiatives for monitoring wash water from Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems to ensure vessels are fully compliant with global regulations.

CTG developed Sea Sentry, a DNV.GL certified fully autonomous wash water monitor that ensures compliance with the hydrocarbon limits set for discharging the water used to clean emissions.

Stephanie Lavelle and Emma Johnson will be available to answer any questions on the Sea Sentry: Wash water monitor for exhaust gas scrubber systems. These DNV.GL certified systems are capable of monitoring both open and closed loop scrubber systems, featuring CTG’s unique PAH and turbidity sensors with a de-aerator configuration. Sea Sentry monitors both the inlet and outlet of water, so that ship operators can be extremely confident that their scrubber systems are working effectively.

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Be inspired and informed by the All-Energy/Sums 2018 conferences in Glasgow

With well over 400 speakers taking part in over 60 conference sessions and five exhibition show floor programmes the All-Energy and co-located Smart Urban Mobility Solutions conferences (SEC, Glasgow 2-3 May) are set to inspire and inform those attending the annual events. The programmes for all are online and are free to attend for all with relevant business/professional interests.

The plenary sessions that start each day’s proceedings set the scene with exceptional speakers. At the first day’s session, chaired by Keith Anderson ScottishPower’s CEO, the First Minister will speak following the ‘Civic Welcome’ by Glasgow’s Lord Provost. Next, Shell UK’s Country Chair, Sinead Lynch will focus on energy transition; The Leader of Glasgow City Council will set the Glasgow scene; and Strathclyde University’s Professor Sir Jim McDonald will look back over the year’s achievements and predict more to come.

Day 2’s plenary session asks “Electric free for all – anarchy or ecstasy? Will decentralised generation, digital disruption, decarbonisation of transport and customer choice bring benefit to the UK or our power system to its knees?’ involving a panel of luminaries chaired by Lindsay McQuade, CEO ScottishPower Renewables.

All four All-Energy ‘pillars’ are reflected in the major exhibition with some 300 exhibiting companies and sector-specific trails to be followed, to which has been added the Innovation Trail.

Full information on all aspects of All-Energy and SUMS 2018 and free online registration are at and Both events are neatly encompassed in the show preview at


New partnerships bolster Hydro Group’s international strategy

Subsea cable and connector specialist Hydro Group plc, has reported a positive start to 2018 with ongoing international growth, due to a string of successful new business partnerships. As part of the company’s global expansion strategy, Hydro Group has partnered with firms in West Africa, South Korea, Thailand and Japan.

Complementing the work Hydro Group undertakes, the company will work in tandem with their business partners to underpin operations in each region, while offering its expertise in overcoming challenges to deliver underwater power and data connections.

Furthermore, Hydro Group has made two key appointments, Paul Hunter has been appointed as production manager and Yvonne Daniel as head of programmes, the duo has joined the team at its Aberdeen Headquarters. Team expansion is on the agenda, with Hydro Group planning additional key appointments in the next few months, further supporting the firm’s growth aspirations.

From its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Scotland, Hydro Group develops the complete subsea electrical and optical interconnect package, built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Hydro Group employs more than 100 full time staff worldwide and operates on a global platform providing total solutions to a portfolio of prime contractors, major operators, OEMs, defence agencies, defence organisations and the UK MOD.

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The Ocean Business Team are Hiring! Join us as Operations Executive, Gloucestershire

Diversified Communications UK is part of a rapidly growing, highly successful trade exhibition and media group, with their head office in Maine, USA. Here in the UK, Diversified Communications organise 15 highly successful trade shows, all of them leaders in their sectors as well as publishing several market leading trade magazines.

This exciting position requires the successful applicant to jump head first into a hands on, busy role with a dynamic events company who pride themselves on offering the best customer service in the industry. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone with 2 – 3 years event experience within an operations background who wants to progress to the next step within a growing team.

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Exciting opportunities with Fugro GB marine, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Due to exceptional growth, Fugro have a number of new opportunities to boost the talented team at Fugro GB Marine.

Fugro have opportunities for a Project Manager, a Tendering Coordinator and an Instrumentation Engineer.

Fugro GB Marine Ltd is a provider of commercial meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) monitoring, measurement, assessment and consulting services with offices located around the globe.

These vacancies are within the Offshore Systems division of Fugro GB Marine Ltd, and the division’s core work is the design, build, installation and maintenance of integrated, high specification metocean, helideck and response monitoring systems for the offshore Oil & Gas industry.

Why work for Fugro? If you are looking for outstanding opportunities to grow your career, be part of a great team and work with industry experts from all over the globe then please apply now.

You can find out more information on Fugro’s vacancies by visiting their careers page at or simply forward your CV to [email protected]

Please quote the appropriate reference when sending your CV.

Project Manager role quote ref 3414

Tendering Coordinator role quote ref 3055

Instrumentation Engineer role quote ref 3414

These are permanent full-time posts based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

EGS International Ltd are recruiting for Head of Hydrography, Bordon, Hampshire

Position: Full time, Permanent

Salary: Dependant on experience

As Head of Hydrography you will manage the day-to-day running of the Hydrographic Department, this will include supervising personnel and ensuring that the acquisition and reporting of hydrographic data is consistently carried out to the highest standards. The Head of Hydrography will also be responsible for providing support for all site activities leading to the acquisition of hydrographic data. You will be involved with all aspects of a project to include; tendering, survey planning, mobilisation/demobilisation, equipment calibration/verification, leading technical developments, data QC, data processing and final reporting.

You will be based at the EGS International office in Bordon, Hampshire and will work full-time on projects in the UK and worldwide. Possessing good interpersonal and communication skills along with experience of motivating and managing a team of surveyors. You should possess good analytical skills and the ability to identify and solve problems.

The position will include both site and office work.


University degree in Hydrography or a closely related marine discipline

Minimum 5 years’ relevant Management experience either office or on site

Experience of QINSy, Kongsberg MBES, Applanix POS MV, Sonardyne USBL, or similar

Processing experience an advantage in the following packages Caris HIPS & SIPS, QINSy Qloud, Qimera

Experience of working in the shallow inshore environment

Eligible to work in the UK and possess a full UK driving licence

You must live or be willing to relocate to a commutable distance of the EGS office in Bordon, Hampshire.

To apply for this position please send your CV and covering letter to: The HR Manager, EGS International Ltd, Unit 27 Woolmer Way, Bordon, Hants GU35 9QE or email: [email protected]

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