Issue 530
10 April 2018:


Fugro returns to Hollandse Kust Wind Farm Zone for marine site characterisation contract

Fugro is set to commence a site characterisation programme at the Hollandse Kust (noord) Wind Farm zone. Carried out under a further contract for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (, part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy), the geotechnical workscope comprises seabed investigations and borehole drilling at two lots. Other deliverables include standard and advanced laboratory testing and an integrated geological/geotechnical soil model which will be used by future developers of the wind farm to prepare their bids.

The fieldwork takes place between April and June from Fugro vessels including state-of-the-art geotechnical drilling vessel, Fugro Synergy. Deployment of two of Fugro’s most recent technical innovations will enhance safety and bring improved operational efficiency to the project. The team of geophysical, geological and geotechnical experts will complement the company’s innovative technology to optimise an integrated deliverable.

With a total capacity of 700 MW, the Hollandse Kust (noord) Wind Farm Zone is located ten nautical miles off the west coast of the Netherlands. In the third quarter of 2017 an earlier contract with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency saw Fugro complete a geophysical survey of the area to map the position of existing cables and pipelines, as well as the possible presence of other obstacles.

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Aquabotix releases revolutionary SwarmDiverTM Micro USV / UUV

UUV Aquabotix Ltd, an underwater robotics company with operations in Australia and the U.S., released SwarmDiverTM, a micro unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) that operates in a swarm. Multiple SwarmDiversTM can function simultaneously as a single coordinated entity, be easily controlled via one operator on the surface, and perform dives on command to collect valuable intelligence. SwarmDiversTM can be viewed in operation here

Maritime swarming is rapidly becoming an area of focus for naval forces globally, and SwarmDiverTM leads a revolution in underwater technologies. SwarmDiverTM advances amphibious warfare tactics as it is engineered to handle dynamic operational situations, including Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions and sophisticated, coordinated assaults through tracking, trailing and overwhelming targets.

In addition to defense and security applications, SwarmDiversTM can be deployed in research, harbour management and oceanography.

For more information about the SwarmDiverTM Micro USV/UUV, please visit

Ashtead Technology adds Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav subsea navigation systems to rental fleet

Global subsea equipment specialist, Ashtead Technology has selected acoustic and inertial navigation technology from Sonardyne International Ltd. to add to its rental fleet. The multiple SPRINT-Nav systems will be made available to support survey and construction projects using ROVs and AUVs in water depths down to 4,000 metres.

SPRINT-Nav makes optimal use of acoustic aiding from data sources including USBL, sparse LBL and DVL and pressure sensors to improve the accuracy, precision and reliability of subsea vehicle navigation. Its all-in-one design tightly couples Sonardyne’s SPRINT inertial and Syrinx Doppler technologies to enable marine robotic platforms to remain precisely on course over many kilometres travelled, even if one or two DVL beams become unavailable.

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High-end system solutions from MacArtney supplied to Geo Group, Germany, for hydrographic and geophysical survey

MacArtney Germany has effected supply, installation and setting-to-work of several multibeam echo sounder systems and navigation equipment for hydrographic survey applications.

Being an internationally operating company providing solutions ranging from classic geoengineering services onshore to special tasks offshore, the Geo Group consists of 18 subsidiaries in Germany and Poland. The deliveries made by MacArtney have been distributed to four GEO subsidiaries. Geo Ingenieurservice Süd has taken delivery of Teledyne Reson SeaBat T50-P, SBG Ekinox2D, Valeport SVP, QINSy Survey. These products are applied on board a small vessel for surveys in small lakes and rivers.

Geo Ingenieurservice NordWest has received Teledyne Reson SeaBat T20-R DualHead, GNSS ObeLx-R (Septentrio inside), Valeport SVP, QINSy Survey. This equipment has been supplied to a new-built trailerable vessel and represents the first dual head multibeam system for the GEO Group to operate in shallow areas and in nearshore inland projects.

Geo Offshore has taken delivery of iXBLUE Hydrins and Septentrio AsteRx-U MARINE FULL to be used for offshore projects.

To extend their own GRS-Geo Reference Service, Geo Ingenieurservice NordOst bought two AsteRx-U MARINE BASE to provide high accuracy GNSS corrections in the Baltic.

Featuring superior acoustic quality and high accuracy, the products supplied enable easy and quick down-loading and sharing of data relevant in relation to the hydrographic and geophysical surveying.

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ULTRABEAM - A new name in high-resolution coastal survey

Delivering over 45 years of expertise in coastal and offshore surveys, Ultrabeam Limited has been launched to provide high resolution hydrographic and geophysical services to a wide range of clients, from ports & harbours, utilities, offshore renewable energy, oil & gas and public sector industries.

Established by experienced hydrographic surveyors Andy McLeay and Gabriel Walton, Ultrabeam combines extremely strong industry knowledge with innovative solutions to offer a range of tailored hydrographic and geophysical services including:         Structural Inspection;          High Resolution Seabed Mapping;     Cable & Pipeline Survey and Inspection and      Marine Geophysical survey

Strong existing relationships with partner companies within the industry enables Ultrabeam to offer a range of survey vessel options, from a small USV to fully equipped coastal survey vessel, depending upon the specific survey task.

The company has developed a dynamically positioned unmanned surface vessel (USV), designed to enhance slow speed and static data acquisition, optimising data density and coverage by enabling precise control of survey sensor alignment. This ultra-high resolution service is aimed at port and harbour surveys where Ultrabeam deliver seamless laser scan and high-density multi-beam data.

For more information please visit Ultrabeam’s website at or e-mail [email protected]

Reygar expands use of DP system

Marine innovation company Reygar has successfully tested its StemTIDE dynamic positioning (DP) control system on the 60 x 22m multi-purpose barge “Mormaen 15”. In a project backed by Innovate UK, the Keynvor Morlift (KML) owned barge was converted to take twin 430kW modular deck mounted azimuth thrusters and the StemTIDE DP system.

StemTIDE allows a vessel with two or more directional thrusters to hold position or accurately manoeuver under automatic or joystick assisted control. The system also allows subsea vehicles such as ROV’s to be automatically followed for survey type work and can work with conventional azimuthing thrusters, waterjets and even fixed main drives with bow and stern thrusters.

Developed by Reygar over the past five years in conjunction with KML, StemTIDE has primarily been used on small commercial vessels until now, most notably on KML’s 30m LOA ROV and mini-construction vessel ‘Severn Sea’. The system is particularly suited for holding position in strong tidal currents where this vessel frequently operates.

StemTIDE was installed on the ‘Mormaen 15’ at the same time as the thrusters and integrated with the OEM thruster control system within approximately one hour. The system was successfully tested in automatic, weathervane and joystick assist modes during the course of the sea trials. StemTIDE consistently held vessel position throughout the trials to within +/-0.5m and heading to within +/-1.0 degree of the target over a 30-minute test period in approximately 15 kts wind. The performance of the system was also verified for operation in tidal current conditions, with opportunities for further enhancements identified for the future.

‘Mormaen 15’ is owned and operated by Keynvor Morlift Limited (KML), an experienced marine contractor and vessel fleet owner based in Falmouth, Cornwall. KML was delighted with the performance of StemTIDE and the speed and ease with which it was installed and commissioned. The barge is a robust and versatile work platform capable of being configured for a wide range of heavy lift construction and O&M work.

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Chesapeake’s SonarWiz 7.1 Delivers New Suite of Tools to Boost Bathy, Sidescan, and Backscatter Productivity

Marine survey professionals can save time and enhance productivity thanks to a broad array of new tools included in Chesapeake Technology’s SonarWiz 7.1, released early April 2018.  The latest version of SonarWiz features drag and drop bathy, automated vessel creation, a new unified user interface, and multiple EGN tables designed to streamline workflow and boost signal processing speeds.

Drag and drop bathy dramatically increases the speed of the import and merge process, and automated vessel creation saves time and enhances productivity. One of the biggest time savers is the software’s new smarter import logic.

In another major enhancement, users can apply more than one EGN table, allowing more rapid signal processing in projects that involve multiple sonar systems or dual frequency sonars. The software includes new unified waterfall windows that allows users to see, interpret and digitize contacts and features from three sources: multi-beam bathymetry, multi-beam backscatter and sidescan sonar, all in a consistent single interface.

SonarWiz 7.1 includes multi-core processing for bathymetry, significantly decreasing time required to import and process bathymetry data. Enhanced color palette support enables users to easily adjust individual files. User-specified tide and sound velocity during data acquisition allows for greater control and precision.

An R2Sonic batch file utility splits a multi-spectral R2S file into multiple R2S files each containing a discrete frequency. The new software also includes support for working with multi-spectral multi-beam backscatter. And a new generic frequency filter allows users to import all frequencies and then filter out discrete frequencies to build imagery and surfaces.

Finally, Chesapeake is among the first in the industry to offer dongle-free license options, simplifying workflow and eliminating the cost and risk of replacing lost or stolen dongles.

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Aquaterra Energy successfully designs, fabricates and installs first CSP platform for offshore Trinidad and Tobago

Aquaterra Energy, a leading global offshore engineering solutions provider, is pleased to announce it has completed the delivery of a Sea Swift conductor supported platform (CSP) for DeNovo Energy in the Gulf of Paria, offshore Trinidad and Tobago.  This is the first platform of its kind to be installed in the country, and was completed in just ten months.

Located in the Iguana field, the Sea Swift was installed from a jack-up rig in 27 metres water depth, accommodating up to four wells and includes local power generation, manifolds and a control system. To meet the tight delivery timetable, the design phase of the project overlapped with the fabrication of the Sea Swift. It was built by Chet Morrison Contractors who also designed and installed the Iguana pipeline to shore.

Drilling of the first of a three-well development campaign has commenced, using the Well Services Rig 110.

Aquaterra’s Sea Swift platform has been installed across a number of shallow water locations, including three in West Africa, one in Egypt and one in the Far East. Its deepest deployment to date is at 65 metres water depth using two subsea structures, offshore Peninsular Malaysia. It is also the largest known CSP in terms of topside weight at more than 400 tonnes fully laden.

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Successful ROV inspection of the Apulian Aqueduct with Novacavi’s tether cable

Novacavi, specialist in custom cable design and manufacturing, reports use and satisfaction of its hybrid electro-optical neutrally buoyant cable for the latest inspection and control of the Apulian Aqueduct. To check the main pipeline of water supply in Puglia (Italy) and to discover any problem of water dispersion without interrupting the service, it was used a ROV equipped with high resolution colour rotating video camera and sonar system connected through Novacavi’s tether cable. The 18GAX111 cable, produced and deployed in a single length of 2km, has supported the whole operation both in a state of flotation and in immersion allowing the success of this delicate activity.

Established in 1975 as a specialist cable manufacturer, Novacavi conceives, manufactures and provides in-house bespoke cables matching customers’ exact requirements – even if small quantities are needed in a variety of high-demanding applications.

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C-Innovation announces new three-year subsea construction contract with BP

C-Innovation, LLC (C-I), an affiliate of Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) and its family of companies, has secured a three-year contract with BP Exploration & Production, Inc. (BP), the largest energy investor in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

The contract encompasses subsea construction, inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) and logistics services in the Gulf of Mexico. With Port Fourchon, La., serving as the home port, the new contract will bring together ECO’s extensive fleet of multipurpose platform supply and well intervention vessels with C-I’s ROV, tooling, project management and engineering services.

The scope of work includes: jumper installations; subsea tree installations; facility underwater inspections in lieu of dry-docking; commissioning of new assets; and general field support.

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Unprecedented International Scientific Expedition to Weddell Sea Announced

During January/February 2019, a major international scientific expedition will explore one of the coldest, harshest and most remote locations in the world: the Weddell Sea off Antarctica. The objective of the expedition is to survey the underside of the Larsen C Ice Shelf, document the rich and little-studied marine life of the western Weddell Sea ecosystem, and attempt to locate the wreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship ‘Endurance’, which was trapped and crushed by the ice and sank there in 1915.

Funded by a charitable trust in the Netherlands, The Flotilla Foundation, the Weddell Sea Expedition 2019 has a pioneering programme of science and exploration planned, under the leadership of Professor Julian Dowdeswell, Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge. The expedition will involve an international team of researchers, comprising glaciologists, marine geologists, marine biologists, marine biogeochemists, oceanographers and marine archaeologists, from the Scott Polar Research Institute, Nekton Foundation, University of Canterbury in New Zealand, as well as the University of Cape Town and the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The team will use autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to survey the sea floor down to beyond 3,000 metres, study cavities on the underside of the ice shelf, and search for the wreck of ‘Endurance’.

Antarctica has about 1.5 million square kilometres of floating ice shelves, which have been surveyed and studied from above, but only very rarely from beneath.  Many of these ice shelves are thinning and retreating rapidly, making scientific investigations here very timely.  The Larsen A and B ice shelves collapsed suddenly in a matter of weeks in 1995 and 2002, respectively, and one of the biggest iceberg calving events ever recorded took place from Larsen C Ice Shelf in July 2017. The Weddell Sea is one of the most pristine marine ecosystems in the world and has been nominated as a large, international Marine Protected Area. The expedition will gather vital baseline biological data on the rare and little-studied species which inhabit this ecosystem, as well as studying the key physical processes driving changes in the region’s sea ice, ocean currents and the fringing ice shelves.

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SMD Curvetech™ Thrusters to Power French Subsea Trencher

Curvetech™ engineers at Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) have completed the build and test of a range of hydraulic thrusters for French subsea cable installation engineering firm Louis Dreyfus TravOcean.

SMD’s Curvetech™ HTE_500BA and HTE_430-63 thrusters are destined for use on a large subsea trenching vehicle designed and built by the Marseille-based company.

In a cost-conscious market, SMD has seen an increase in demand from self-builders and third-party OEMs using their Curvetech™ components in the design and build of their own subsea engineering vehicles and equipment.

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Offshore renewable energy summer school, 23 July - 3 August 2018, HR Wallingford, UK

The offshore renewable energy summer school is a two-week course hosted by HR Wallingford and is delivered at the end of year one of the Edinburgh / Strathclyde / Exeter Industrial Doctorate Centre in Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE) programme. The first summer school in this series was held at HR Wallingford in 2012 and attended by post graduate students from the IDCORE programme.

From 2013, the course has been open to bookings from other students and professionals with the added flexibility of attending either the full course, or selected modules. The summer school is designed to deliver an industry focused course that aims to expand and sustain a community of high-quality staff for the UK offshore renewable energy industry.

The course uses taught sessions, case studies and hands-on activities delivered by industry experts. Full details on the course and all modules can be found on the website but as a guide;

Week one outlines site selection procedures, environmental assessments and noise modelling, computational modelling (TELEMAC and SWAN) and wave forces on structures.

Week two covers maritime engineering, marine scour and sediment, and includes a day spent on practical exercises in our physical modelling laboratory and navigation simulation facilities.

The standard fee for the full two-week course (23-27 July and 30 July-3 August) is £3,000.00 (excluding VAT). This includes all documentation, lunch and refreshments (please note, it does not include accommodation).

For more information or to reserve your place, please go to

Dredging management training course – 23 & 24 May, HR Wallingford

This two-day course provides an overview of the environmental aspects of dredging, the latest technology and equipment that apply to dredging and the management of dredged material. Designed to provide an introduction to the subject of dredging, this course will assist those who are responsible for commissioning and managing dredging contractors and those who regulate dredging.

The course is ideal for project owners, those managing contractors, regulators, port and harbour authorities, coastal engineers, conservation agencies.

The registration fee for this course is £600.00 (plus VAT at 20%) per delegate, and includes all documentation, lunch and refreshments. Discounts are available when booking more than one place, please check online for details.

For further details on the course visit

IMCA Lifting & Rigging Seminar to focus on cranes, 27 November, Amsterdam

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has announced details of its annual ‘Lifting & Rigging Seminar – return to offshore cranes’.

The seminar will focus on all aspects of offshore cranes – types, applications (including offshore, subsea, wind, heavy lift and decommissioning), operational modes, practical experience, new developments (hybrid/fibre based, digitalisation) and the future of subsea lifting. It will to take place on 27 September at the Novotel Hotel, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.

The seminar is aimed at subsea contractors, offshore crane designers/manufacturers, equipment suppliers, crane training and academic institutions. It will be a combination of presentations and workshop sessions, with a strong focus on facilitating discussion between contractors, suppliers and research institutes.

Further information on the seminar is available on the IMCA website at

Minister for Energy and Clean Growth to visit All-Energy, 2-3 May, Glasgow

The Rt Hon Claire Perry MP, Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth hopes to visit All-Energy and the co-located Smart Urban Mobility Solutions (SEC, Glasgow, 2-3 May).

The 2018 conference has an impressive line-up of industry, academic and political speakers. There are streams and sessions devoted to the show’s four ‘pillars’ as well as energy systems, energy storage, decarbonising industry, carbon capture and storage, community and local energy and the needs of the farming community all part of the annual mix.

Free online registration is open at for all component parts of All-Energy – exhibition, conference and Civic Reception and Giant Networking Evening.  New features this year include an Investor Breakfast; Innovation trail; CPD sessions for installers and DNOs/IDNOs; and Technology Tours for both low carbon heat and energy efficiency.

Shepherd and Wedderburn is All-Energy’s headline sponsor. Other sponsors include the Crown Estate Scotland, Element Power and ScottishPower Renewables. All-Energy is supported by nearly 40 trade associations, government departments, professional bodies and learned societies, and is held in association with the Renewable Energy Association; Highlands and Islands Enterprise; Scottish Enterprise; Innovate UK; Sustainable Glasgow; and the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG), with Glasgow as its Host City, and the Society for Underwater Technology as Learned Society Patron.

Full information on both events is at and

Riptide Autonomous Solutions displays Deep Rated UUV at Sea-Air-Space

During Sea-Air-Space in National Harbor, MD Riptide Autonomous Solutions displayed a new variant of their unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) product line. This particular vehicle is a deep rated version to support acoustic telemetry research programs.

The deep UUV is rated for 1,500 meters depth but still only 7.5 inches in diameter. Its payloads include CTD, acoustic modem and a custom towed acoustic receiver array. With industry leading low power hotel load this system can still deliver over 48 hours of endurance for field testing.

The deep UUV is on display at the Sea-Air-Space symposium in National Harbor, MD. Riptide is at booth 2654. Also on display will be the second generation MK II  µUUV recently introduced to the market. This vehicle offers performance and manufacturability improvements while retaining the payload versatility and open architecture of the original µUUV.

Riptide has begun shipping the new MK IIs and can tailor systems for customers interested in deep applications.

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XI Congress on Marine Sciences MarCuba’2018, 5-19 October 2018, Havana

The National Oceanographic Committee (NOC) of Cuba, along with national marine scientific institutions, is pleased to inform you that the XI Congress on Marine Sciences MarCuba’2018 will be held 5-19 October 2018, at the International Conference Center in Havana. Under the motto “Today’s science in the interest of future coasts and seas”, the occasion brings together scientists and other professionals linked to sciences, observation systems, coastal and marine services and technologies, educators, sociologists, economists, businessmen and policy makers to attend this important event.

The Organising Committee is sending invitations to various national and international personalities, organisations, institutions and bodies to join them in this eleventh edition of the event that they hope, as in previous years, will achieve a broad participation of professionals from their region and from others as well.

For further information, visit where you can also register for the event.

Register to attend Bluetech Expo, 4 June 2018, Washington

Join IOSTIA and Sea Technology Magazine to promote ocean “blue” technology and innovation. The year’s premier blue-tech event on Capitol Hill will be held June 4th, 2018, on the eve of the annual Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW). The BlueTech Expo will feature an exhibition of ocean innovators demonstrating and discussing their products, services and customer success stories with key decision-makers, members of Congress and their staff. The exhibition will be followed by an innovative B2G networking social.

To register, visit

SWIG 2018 Photo competition: £200 first prize

SWIG will be holding a photography competition in the spring/summer of 2018, with the shortlisted photos on display at WWEM, Telford and the winner presented with a £200 prize during the gala dinner on 21st November. The focus of the completion will be the use of sensors in the water sector. There will be 2 categories for entries for pictures: Close up water sensors and     Water monitoring technology in action (with no branding on display in either case) and the judging will take into account technical excellence and artistic interpretation of the subject.

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EOM Offshore’s Growth in the U.S.

On March 30th, 2018 EOM Offshore LLC advanced its strategic position in the U.S. market with the appointment of John Flynn and Flynn Technical Solutions LLC to serve as its representative in the “Hurricane” states. John Flynn’s professional background serving as Technical Sales and VP Global Marketing Communications with various marine-related and technological companies will create synergy and momentum for EOM Offshore.

EOM Offshore is a WHOI spin-off; the company manufactures specialized mooring subcomponents and mooring configurations.

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IMCA appoints Helix Well Ops Executive to its board

The international Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is pleased to confirm the appointment of Stephen Sheppard to its Governing Board.

Mr Sheppard is the Diving Manager at Helix Well Ops (U.K.) Ltd, which has been a strong supporter of IMCA over many years. He has extensive industry experience in diving operations and is known as an industry expert in diving health and medical issues. He is an honours graduate from Aberdeen University with a degree in Physiology.

For further information, visit

Gavin Scandlyn joins RBR

RBR Ltd is continuing to support the rapid global growth of new customers and applications by establishing a direct presence in the Asia-Pacific region. They are pleased to announce that Gavin Scandlyn has joined the RBR team as Business Development Manager. Providing sales, technical, and business development support for their customers and local agents, Gavin will be based in New Zealand and primarily involved in NZ, Australia, and Japan.

Gavin joins RBR with a broad background in business communications, marketing, and sales, having previously worked as Marketing Manager for one of RBR’s agents. Currently based in New Zealand, he has lived and worked in Japan, South Korea, and Australia, and shares RBR’s keen interest in supporting the Asia Pacific-Region.

For further information, visit

Seafloor Systems, Inc. Names Palle Herskind Director of Business Development in Europe

Seafloor Systems, Inc., a global leader in the manufacturing of unmanned surface vehicles, today announced the addition of Palle Herskind to their sales force. Serving as the Director of Business Development in Europe, Herskind – who is based in Denmark – will be tasked with expanding the Seafloor brand and increasing the presence of the company’s USVs within the European market.

As a well-known veteran of the European marine industry, Herskind brings over 30 years of experience with renowned marine manufacturers to Seafloor, including EIVA and Marimatech. During his impressive 23-year stint with EIVA, Herskind worked as an International Sales and Marketing Manager, where he held overall responsibility for international sales of software, hardware and integrated systems for marine surveying and subsea construction before moving on to Marimatech in 2015. At Marimatech, Herskind served as a Global Sales Manager for two years, specialising in the sale of navigation and berthing aid systems for the marine offshore industry.

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Autonomous Systems Engineer, Blue Ocean Monitoring, Southampton, UK

Blue Ocean Monitoring (Blue Ocean) continue to expand their global team and seek an Autonomous Systems Engineer to join their UK team, based at the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre at the National Oceanographic Centre Southampton (NOCS).

This is an excellent opportunity to join a fast-growing ocean technology company specialising in autonomous survey platforms; BOM currently owns and operates the world’s largest fleet of Subsea Gliders and has recently invested in “micro” Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (µUUV), and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) for a wide range of commercial applications. The company also maintains a comprehensive portfolio of traditional meteorological and oceanographic equipment (ADCP, CTD, meteorological stations etc.) and specialise in the deployment of real-time monitoring systems.

Reporting to the CTO, this role will provide engineering and software support for internal technology development (R&D) and commercial field applications. You will provide support in project/mission planning, autonomous vehicle preparation and mobilisation, deployment, piloting and sea-going operations support. Your role includes the maintenance and modification of autonomous vehicles and associated sub-systems and sensors.

This position will require travel within UK and internationally, including working offshore and potentially in remote locations. Blue Ocean will support further training and development opportunities, and specialised training in autonomous vehicle operations and maintenance will be provided. There will also be a requirement to manage and deploy traditional metocean equipment in conjunction with, and independent from, our autonomous systems.

A degree in an engineering subject or equivalent higher/further education in a related field with relevant employment experience is required, as is a track record of solving engineering problems. Knowledge of or experience in the use of MATLAB and/or Linux based systems is preferable. You will also have experience in operating marine instrumentation, and a working knowledge of autonomous vehicle principles and operations will be highly valued. This role requires you to attend, participate and present at technical forums/workshops and conferences. The applicant needs to be a UK citizen and hold a full UK driver’s license.

Please send your CV and covering letter directly to [email protected]; for more information on Blue Ocean Monitoring visit

Graduate Geotechnical Engineer/Lab Technician - CMS-Geotech Ltd, Lowestoft UK (Offshore and Warehouse)

CMS-Geotech are offering an exciting entry level position for an ambitious, hardworking individual with good interpersonal and teamworking skills to join their growing team. Working for one of the leading independent marine geotechnical contractors in the UK there will be ample opportunity to gain broad experience in all aspects of the ground investigation process. You will also be responsible for basic geotechnical testing and soils logging within the company soils lab under direction from the senior geologist. The Position will be based in our Lowestoft site and will attract a competitive salary with offshore uplift and entitlement to join the profit share scheme.

For more information and application details please visit our careers page at

Project Support Manager, 3D at Depth, Texas, USA

3D at Depth is looking for a full-time Project Support Manager to enhance their global operations. The project support manager will be a key player in supporting the fast-growing subsea LiDAR laser scanning market. Projects will primarily be in the global offshore Oil and Gas market with the person managing onshore base operations, logistics and technical interfaces. The Project Support Manager will work under the Global Offshore Operations Manager and be based in Houston, TX. (Expected travel could be up to 15%.)  Competitive compensation offered.

For more information or to apply for the position visit:

Subsea Construction Surveyor/Subsea LiDAR Specialist (SLS), 3D at Depth

2 X Houston, Texas
1 X United Kingdom

3D at Depth is looking for a full-time Subsea Construction Surveyor/Subsea LiDAR Specialist (SLS) to support our clients with operations, data processing, training and project support.  The SLS will become a leader in the fast-growing subsea laser scanning market. Projects will be in the offshore Oil and Gas market and the SLS will be required to work on rigs or vessels supporting global projects. The SLS will work under the Global Offshore Operations Manager in Houston, TX. Expected travel could be up to 50% and competitive compensation offered.

For more information or to apply for the position visit:

Software Engineer, NERC NOC

£28,200 – £32,130 (dependant on skills and experience)
Full time, Fixed term (3 years)

UK Research and Innovation is a new entity that brings together nine partners to create an independent organisation with a strong voice for research and innovation, more information can be found at

The recruiting partner is The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) who are a national research organisation, delivering integrated marine science and technology from the coast to the deep ocean and is one of the top five institutions of its kind in the world. With sites in Liverpool and Southampton, it is the UK’s leading centre for sea level science, coastal and deep ocean research and technology development.

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a Robotic Systems and Software Engineer to join the Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems (MARS) group at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

Desirable skills include:

UxV modelling and simulation

Robotic localisation, navigation and planning

Machine learning/perception and probabilistic methods for behaviour analysis

Familiar with robotic middleware (e.g. ROS)

Hands-on robotics or experience with embedded systems

A well-established publication record

You should have a degree in Software Engineering, Robotics or a related area. Hands-on practical experience in robotics, autonomous behaviours, machine perception and probabilistic methods for behaviour analysis, as well as familiarity with robotics middleware (e.g. ROS) and other relevant software packages are an advantage. Additional desirable requirements include a good publication record, strong written and oral English communication skills, organisation and teamwork.

Applications are handled by UK SBS; to apply please visit our job board at Applicants who are unable to apply online should contact us by telephone on +44 (0)1793 867000.

The closing date for applications is 9th May 2018.

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