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6 March 2018:


Bibby Offshore successfully completes multi-million-pound contract for BP North Sea

Bibby Offshore, a leading subsea services provider to the oil and gas industry, has successfully completed a contract worth more than £2million for BP in the North Sea.

The project, completed in December 2017, utilised Bibby Offshore’s diving support vessel Bibby Topaz to carry out inspection, repair and maintenance operations in the Rhum gas field, approximately 380 kilometres north-east of Aberdeen.

The scope included control system low insulation resistance diagnostics and component replacements, manual valve operations and ROV inspection works at BP’s Bruce platform, which is located 44 kilometres south of Rhum.

The project was also supported by an onshore engineering team to meet urgent client needs.

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Aquabotix Secures New Commercial Partner for Underwater Vehicles and Camera Systems

UUV Aquabotix Ltd today announced the addition of new commercial partner and distributor Azorean Aquatic Technologies, S.A. to help support the company’s global expansion and sale of its underwater robotics products, including its Endura ROV (remotely operated vehicle), Integra AUV/ROV (autonomous underwater vehicle/remotely operated vehicle) and AquaLens Connect underwater camera system. To date, Aquabotix has sold more than 380 vehicles in nearly 60 countries worldwide.

Founded in 2012, Azorean seeks innovative solutions to produce low-cost specialised instruments and autonomous robots for multiple market segments, including recreation, business and scientific exploration. The company’s first product is Ziphius™, an aquatic drone controlled by a smartphone.

Aquabotix and Azorean embody Portugal’s tradition of ocean exploration as both companies have Portuguese roots. Azorean is headquartered in Ponta Delgada, Azores, while Batista and Aquabotix founder and chief technology officer Durval Tavares are both dual citizens of Portugal and the United States.

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UK Ministry of Defence adopts Surfzoneview

The UK Ministry of Defence recently purchased an operational license for SurfZoneView, the New Zealand Navy software tool to support amphibious operations and beach landings.

Designed by MetOcean Solutions in partnership with the New Zealand Defence Force, SurfZoneView is based on the state-of-the-art XBeach numerical model. By resolving the main processes in this complex environment, the software clearly maps out the nearshore conditions and includes risk management tools to assist operational decision making.

The UK purchase coincides with the release of a new version of SurfZoneView.

The tool clearly shows safe and unsafe zones for beach landings, and users can compare the relative safety of landing at different areas along a stretch of coastline, or at different times within a seven day forecast. Safety profiles allow users to test settings and examine how safety tolerances and vessel draughts alter the predictions.

In 2016, MetOcean Solutions won the Minister of Defence Industry Awards of Excellence for the SurfZoneView software. The uptake of the software by UK is further recognition of the value that accurate modelling, presented in a user-friendly format, can offer naval personnel operating in nearshore areas.

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Raft-mounted Multifrequency Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler with Cellular Modem

The National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering (NRIFE, Kamisu) of the Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA, Yokohama) has deployed an ASL Environmental Sciences Inc. multifrequency Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP 125, 200, 455 and 769 kHz) in Yamada Bay, 450 km north of Tokyo since 2013. The collected data are being used to understand seasonal variations of zooplankton in the water column.  As the AZFP is battery powered and enclosed in a pressure case, periodic recovery was necessary to access the data.

To help the scheduling of the release of hatchery reared juvenile salmon and increase their survival in the sea, upgrades were purchased by FRA scientists in 2016 which included a solar-powered datalogger with a cellular modem for the AZFP and a Conductivity Temperature (CT) sensor. The datalogger acquires raw data from the AZFP and then averages the data into 1 m bins over a ping interval of 30 pings. These data are then retrieved on demand via a cellular modem and downloaded to the NRIFE’s offices.

The deployment of this upgraded system in 2016 was successful and, as a result, FRA purchased a second ASL-built solar-powered datalogger with a cellular modem in 2017 for deployment in the spring 2018.

The raft-mounted system includes a solar panel, a charge controller, rechargeable batteries, a datalogger with AZFP data software, serial connections to the CT sensor and AZFP and a cellular modem all in two weather-proof enclosures.

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Recording Mediterranean Posidonia Meadows

A round of measurements took place in the Mediterranean between June and November 2017 using instruments developed by RTsys. It is a part of CHORUS, a Chair of Excellence of the foundation Grenoble INP and supported by RTsys and the network of monitoring CALME developed by a partnership between CHORUS and the French Water Agency Rhône Méditerranée Corse .

How do you determine whether an ecosystem is being disturbed by human activity? To study these ecosystems that are difficult to access, researchers in the scope of the recent discipline named “soundscape ecology” decided to use underwater sounds as witnesses of the wellbeing of an ecosystem. They record marine mammals and fish sounds (territory defence, reproduction) and also those from the invertebrates (sea urchins grazing, the sound of shrimps’ pincers closing, or bivalve coughs).

RTsys offers smart acoustic-recording systems, equipped with hydrophones and connected to computers on-shore. Unlike visual observations made during dives (which represent one-off moments in time or a short duration), underwater sounds can be recorded by non-invasive systems night and day continuously over extended periods (month to year).

In 2017 the analysis of measurements taken in the Mediterranean since 2015 meant that it was possible to relate the sounds of fish living in Posidonia oceanica meadows to the ecological state of the meadow by comparing different meadows soundscapes to a “reference” soundscape area deemed to have been only slightly affected by human activity.

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Navsight Marine Solution, Powerful New Inertial Navigation Solution – High Simplicity for Hydrographers

SBG Systems releases at the Oceanology International trade show in London (UK), the Navsight Marine Solution, a full high performance inertial navigation solution designed to make surveyors’ tasks easier on both shallow and deep water. Built on a proven technology, Navsight strengthens SBG Systems position as leading innovator in the marine technology market.

Navsight Marine Solution consists in an Inertial Measurement Unit available at two different performance levels (from shallow to deep water), and connected to Navsight, a rugged processing unit embedding the fusion intelligence, the GNSS receiver when selected, and all connections to external equipment such as echo-sounders, sonar, etc.

Navsight Marine Solutions is based on 10 years of SBG Systems experience in marine inertial sensing products. The Ekinox and Apogee INS have been a huge success in the field; the company continues its efforts to offer even more performance, simplicity, robustness, and versatility to marine professionals.

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ECA Group unveils its new generation mid-size AUV A18-M for underwater mine warfare

On 16th February ECA Group presented its latest mid-size AUV A18-M dedicated to mine counter measures. With its compactness and its unequaled high-quality imagery this new generation underwater drone becomes the reference in the category of autonomous underwater vehicles dedicated to mine hunting. A live demonstration in Toulon area has been conducted in order to show some of the amazing performances of this new maritime drone that is completing ECA Group’s AUV family.

A18-M is the new generation of autonomous underwater vehicle developed by ECA Group for efficient mine detection and classification in all water depths up to 300m. Like the A9-M and A27-M, the AUV A18-M is specifically designed to operate in the close vicinity of the smartest mines without triggering them.

More compact than previous generation of MCM AUV, A18-M is easy to deploy even from small naval platforms such as new generation of Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV). Thanks to its high stability, and the fact that it is less affected by waves than a surface ship or a towed system, a very high image quality is obtained.

In addition, the AUV A18-M can also adapt its operating depth to the environmental conditions, avoiding blind zones due to sound speed stratification.

Advanced embedded processing allows to process in real time the sonar image raw data and extract a list of contacts which are relayed back to the command center using an advanced communication network, with an unmanned surface vessel (USV) or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) acting as gateway. These contacts are then reviewed by sonar operators onboard a mothership or onshore, in order to launch identification and disposal.

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Unique Group invests in latest subsea laser scanning technology

Unique Group is pleased to announce a further addition to its extensive line of subsea technology with the addition of underwater laser scanners from Newton Labs. This recent purchase represents a further investment in advanced technology from the Group as they continue to increase their equipment rental inventory with the latest in subsea technology.

The Newton underwater laser scanners provide images and 3D modeling of subsea structures and the seabed and are part of a wide range of products with scanning ranges out to 10 meters and resolutions to 0.01mm. With its most comprehensive in the world line of subsea scanners, Newton is the largest and oldest worldwide manufacturer of underwater laser scanners.

The scanners are available for rental through the Unique Group’s Survey Equipment division.

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Comex Innovation appoint RUCO Limited as exclusive sales agent for the UK and North Sea region

Comex Innovation; providers of the ORUS 3D underwater photogrammetric acquisition and processing service, has appointed RUCO Limited as its exclusive sales agent for the UK and North Sea region. The ORUS 3D is a non-intrusive system designed to be easily interface to most ROVs for free-flying data acquisition, however Comex Innovation can also perform the service using its own ROV.

3D visualisation of images is currently generating a lot of interest, however only a true photogrammetric system can provide the data density and high-resolution imagery required to provide millimetric accuracy of measurements.

Comex Innovations is a division of the Marseille based Comex Group; known as a pioneer in the development of technologies for human intervention and robotics in extreme environments. With this wealth of experience in the underwater market behind them, the Innovation Division aims to develop specific client system builds as well as integrated systems, like the ORUS 3D, and continue to meet the demands of underwater vision systems for science, defence and industry.

For more information visit them on the Business France stand (K200) at Oceanology International or visit

MakaiLay Commissioned by Prysmian Group on Cable Laying Vessel Giulio Verne

A best-in-class cable deployment control software MakaiLay was commissioned on the cable laying vessel Giulio Verne in November 2017 by the Prysmian Group, a world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry. Giulio Verne is a DP2 cable laying vessel built to tackle the most challenging worldwide subsea operations and interconnections. It is expected that MakaiLay with its power-cable-specific module will be used by Giulio Verne when it starts working on the North Sea Link installation. North Sea Link is a subsea power cable interconnector between Norway and UK and will be the longest subsea interconnector in the world upon completion in 2021.

MakaiLay accurately calculates the shape of the cable in the water column and the condition of the cable near the touchdown point and displays this information in real-time. To accomplish this, MakaiLay integrates data from all the typical instruments available on a vessel, such as navigation (GPS, Gyro), cable data (tension, cable counter & length), currents (ADCP), and bathymetry. This information, together with a 3D dynamic model of the cable provides key information to the installers to properly install the cable along the route with the proper tensions.

The Power cable module includes a collection of tools that were developed for addressing specific issues faced by power cables during installation.

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IMCA Jones Act update

IMCA has updated the US Gulf of Mexico vessel data associated with its authoritative study ‘Marine Construction Vessel Impacts of Proposed Modifications and Revocations of Jones Act Letters Related to Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Activities’ submitted to the US Customs and Border Protection agency in early April of last year. This supplement is part of a tracking exercise and focuses on the US GoM vessels of interest to IMCA’s members, and can be found at

At the lighter end of the market, several new Coastwise Qualified light construction vessels (LCVs) have entered the market and largely displaced the foreign tonnage. These vessels are quite versatile and can easily interchange between transportation and light construction. This market adjustment is perfectly normal and poses no threat to future investment and development potential of the US GoM.

At the heavier end of the market (Deepwater Pipelaying, Heavy Lifting, and Well Intervention) the picture is unchanged from last year, except for the naturally lower level of seasonal activity. There are no Coastwise qualified vessels in the deepwater pipelaying or heavy lifting markets and only one in the well intervention market. The foreign flagged specialist vessels are not engaged in transportation activities and fill the high-end gap where the coastwise fleet is absent.

Conclusions in April 2017 are unchanged and their update fully supports the argument that the specialist class of deepwater construction vessels are pivotal to the future investment and development of the US Gulf of Mexico. The real threat remains that development would simply not be possible by using the lightweight LCV fleet, which is in a commodity market and unable to conduct specialist heavy construction work. Furthermore, it takes experienced marine contractors, rather than marine service companies, to build the offshore production infrastructure.

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Dr John Attridge presents on “Traceability and linearisation of in situ fluorescence measurements using the new V-Lux sensor” at the SWIG Workshop, 7 March 2018 at Clare College, Cambridge

Dr Attridge presenting on “Traceability and linearisation of in situ fluorescence measurements using the new V-Lux sensor” at the SWIG “Latest developments in water sensors” Workshop on 7 March at Clare College, Cambridge.

During the workshop, CTG’s Justin Dunning will also be demonstrating the Lux family of portable and on-line systems for measurements of Algae parameters, Hydrocarbons, CDOM and Bacteria (Tryptophan-like fluorescence) and delegates will have an opportunity to see the new V-Lux Sensor.

The V-Lux is configured to provide high quality in situ detection of either Algae, Aromatic Hydrocarbons or Tryptophan like fluorescence. V-Lux is ideally suited for monitoring within both water and waste water processes, as well as environmental monitoring for pollution within both river and marine environments.  Applications include monitoring of road and airport apron run-off, bathing waters and shellfish waters monitoring, and discharge monitoring within the oil and gas sector.

Physical and chemical sensors are at the heart of virtually all measurement systems. During the past decades, they have become smaller, more rugged and stable, leading to better reliable systems.  The SWIG workshop will highlight developments and improvements to sensors and sensing technologies. It will discuss how information supplied from reliable sensors is vital for the development of big data analytics and creates the options for novel applications and alternative measurements. The overall goal will be to provide information to allow water companies to make better measurements in the future.


Teledyne CARIS and Teledyne Optech to showcase marine mapping solutions at Oceanology International

Teledyne CARIS and Teledyne Optech are pleased to announce their joint presence at Oceanology International 2018 in London, England, March 13-15. Visitors to Stand H500 can learn about their combined competence in ocean mapping software and lidar surveying and mapping solutions.

Teledyne CARIS is excited to showcase its highly anticipated release of CARIS Onboard™ 2.0. Learn how to leverage the near real-time processing power of this software application to increase your bathymetric production. Live streaming data from the Teledyne Marine vessel to the stand will featured daily.

Teledyne CARIS staff will also be on hand to discuss the latest advancements in HIPS and SIPS™, Bathy DataBASE™ and Engineering Analysis Module™

Teledyne Optech will be at hand to discuss the advantages of: Optech CZMIL Nova, CZMIL’s Optech HydroFusion workflow, Optech Titan and Optech Polaris

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Aquatec Solutions Clinic at Oceanology International 2018

Struggling to find an instrumentation or communication solution, or off-the-shelf product to meet a subsea problem or requirement? Stop by the Aquatec Solutions Clinic on stand J300 at Oceanology International in London, from 13– 15 March.

Aquatec Group is hosting the Aquatec Solutions Clinic every day from 2pm to 4pm on their stand J300. The clinic is an opportunity to meet with Aquatec’s in-house experts to discuss any subsea measurement or communication needs that require an innovative approach or where there is no off-the-shelf product. To pre-book a time, email [email protected] or alternatively drop in between 2pm and 4pm.

Aquatec has extensive experience in this area and has been providing instrument, communication and systems design services for over 20 years. Prior projects have included monitoring of cable motion, vibration, buoy presence, injected water quality and pipeline temperature.

Host announced for the 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards

TV presenter and maths expert Rachel Riley has been announced as host of the 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards this month.

Returning by popular demand after being involved in previous years, Rachel will present winners announced on the night with trophies designed by Robin Pioche of Gray’s School of Art, who won the student trophy design competition.

Rachel is well known for her involvement with long-running quiz show Countdown and is also a regular panellist on comedy show 8 out of 10 Cats. Brought up in Essex, Rachel graduated from Oxford with a mathematics degree and is passionate about popularising maths and the sciences.

The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, 22 March 2018 at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC). Finalists from both the offshore oil and gas and renewables sectors were revealed in January, with categories covering technical innovation, company performance and individual achievement.

For more information and booking details, please visit Sponsorship opportunities are still available, please contact [email protected] for details.

Seafaring heroes to be honoured

National maritime charity, the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, is calling on members of the maritime and rescue communities to nominate those who have demonstrated outstanding courage and expertise in aiding those in peril at sea, for its 167th Skill and Gallantry Awards.

Since 1851, the Society has presented the awards to those who have shown bravery and skill in rescues at sea and this year’s awards will be presented at the charity’s AGM in October.

Among last year’s recipients were Captain Patrik Norrgård, for the rescue of a seven-man crew from a sinking ship in the Dover Traffic Separation Scheme and Captain Jamie Wilson for his role in the rescue of over 900 migrants in the Mediterranean.

Founded after the tragic loss of a fleet of fishing boats in 1839, the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society provides financial support to individuals in need who have worked, or are still working at sea in the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets, as well as their dependants. Last year the Society distributed more than £1.4m in grants in over 2,000 cases of need and it received 565 new applications for assistance.

The Society is calling for nominations of acts of rescue that took place between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018. To submit a nomination for this year’s Skill and Gallantry Awards, contact: Justin Osmond, Chief Executive 01243 789329, [email protected]

The closing date for nominations is 12 noon, Friday 4 May 2018.

KNL Networks and win Wärtsilä SparkUp Challenge for start-ups

The first Wärtsilä SparkUp Challenge, an initiative by the technology group Wärtsilä to find innovative start-ups to develop ideas for the smart shipping value chain, has been won by KNL Networks and The prize for the winners is a four-month collaboration and co-creation in the Wärtsilä Digital Acceleration Centre (DAC) beginning in March. In addition, they will receive a capital grant of 50,000 euros.

Finland-based KNL Networks provides a data network for maritime communications., based in the USA, offers a collaboration platform that logs incoming and outgoing ships in ports, and optimises port operations.

The winners were selected by a jury made up of Wärtsilä’s own and external industry specialists at the SparkUp Challenge Day, which was held at Wärtsilä headquarters in Helsinki on 28 February. The 11 finalists were chosen from a shortlist of 20 start-ups, which were screened and evaluated based on their ability to complement Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine Ecosystem Vision. Altogether close to 150 companies entered the challenge from across the globe. The entries were submitted as applications via, as well as pitches during Slush. The focus areas in choosing the finalists were: ports, cyber security, voyage management, green management, fleet management, connectivity, and autonomous technology.

Co-creation at the DAC takes place through an incubation phase and a go-to-market transformation. The Wärtsilä SparkUp Challenge was kicked off at Slush Helsinki start-up event in December 2017. The next SparkUp Challenge focusing on Smart Energy will take off later in 2018.


Lars Aggerholm Nielsen Joins Teledyne Marine in Denmark as VP Customer Center & Services

Teledyne Marine is pleased to announce that Lars Aggerholm Nielsen has joined Teledyne Marine as Vice President Customer Center & Services for our Imaging product lines globally. Lars brings over 25 years of Marine Industry experience from different positions.

Lars Aggerholm Nielsen has 15 years of Management Experience within Customer Support in the global Marine industry, driving technical organizations through own support organizations and through resellers and agents globally. He has worked in both smaller organizations and very large organizations in different roles centered around Customer Support functions.

Lars’ role will be focused towards all the customer-facing activities we have in the Teledyne Marine Imaging Group, and he will take lead of what is known as Engineering Services globally to better serve our customers.

Lars is located in the Imaging Center of Excellence, in Denmark.

For more information, visit or contact Lars Aggerholm Nielsen, at [email protected]

Benthic Solutions appoints new Commercial Manager to support on going expansion

Benthic Solutions has appointed Simon Redford as Commercial Manager at its head office in the UK. This newly created position is to support the on-going growth and development of the business through geographic expansion and diversification into new marine markets.

With over 35 years of experience primarily working in the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry, Simon brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of this highly competitive market, having successfully conducted business in over 40 culturally diverse countries.

The company currently delivers marine environmental services, often as bespoke cost effective solutions. Data acquisition is acquired with fully integrated and innovative equipment packages specifically designed for ease of deployment from vessels of opportunity. In house laboratories undertake detailed data analysis, interpretation and reporting; including chemistry, taxonomy, sediment and microbiology.

Recent developments include molecular biological analysis, deep water video in 3500m water depth and acoustic monitoring

For further information regarding Benthic Solutions visit Alternatively, contact Simon Redford at Elanco Works. Marsh Road, Hoveton, Norfolk NR12 8UH, +44 (0)1603 784726 or alternatively e-mail [email protected]


Multibeam System Surveyor, NORBIT

NORBIT UK wish to employ a dedicated Multibeam System Surveyor. Due to increasing business activity, this exciting opportunity will suit a motivated and dynamic individual, who enjoys working in both office and field environments. The role will involve running the daily technical tasks of the business and contributing towards NORBIT global client technical support. The position holder will travel to install and commission multibeam systems, plus in addition conduct training courses for clients on a global basis.

For further information please contact [email protected]

Applied Acoustics expansion plans

Recent product innovations, with more to be revealed at Oceanology, and subsequent increase in sales have necessitated Applied Acoustics expanding its production area and recruiting more specialist staff.

Sales Manager Gavin Willoughby revealed, however, that there were still a few opportunities for talented and ambitious individuals to join the company including roles for a Product Line Manager for Marine Geophysics and Sub-bottom Profiling, a Software Development Engineer and a further Technical Sales Specialist.

He added, “More information on these remaining vacancies can be found on our websites ( or but suitably qualified individuals are more than welcome to discuss the opportunities at Oceanology, stand J301. Just email your CV to [email protected] and we’ll gladly set up an appointment time.”

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