Issue 525
27 February 2018:


Fugro leads the marine survey industry in support of global initiative seabed 2030

Fugro is leading the marine survey industry in support of NF-GEBCO Seabed 2030, a global initiative to produce a definitive, high-resolution bathymetric map of the entire world’s ocean floor by the year 2030. The initiative is being facilitated by the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) project in partnership with The Nippon Foundation (NF) as a means to inform global policy, improve sustainable use and advance scientific research.

Much less than 20 percent of the world’s oceans are mapped using modern survey techniques and Fugro recognises the importance of accurate seabed measurements (bathymetry) to numerous government, scientific and industry applications. David Millar, Fugro’s government accounts director in the Americas explains, “As the world’s largest offshore survey company, Fugro is in a position to help close this data gap, and we are committed to doing our part through the Seabed 2030 project.”

One of the primary ways Fugro is supporting Seabed 2030 is through crowd sourced bathymetry data contributions. In 2017 the company devised a methodology for collecting valuable high-resolution bathymetry datasets while its vessels are transiting between survey projects. The approach is made possible through Fugro’s Office Assisted Remote Services (OARS®), its proprietary technology that enables safe and efficient data acquisition without the need for dedicated survey staff on board. In this way, valuable data can be collected from transiting vessels with minimal effect on Fugro’s standard operating procedures.

In 2017, Fugro deployed its in-transit data collection methodology on two survey vessels, delivering approximately 65,000 km² of crowd sourced bathymetry data to GEBCO. The company has recently expanded that collection capacity to include four survey vessels and intends eventually to incorporate the approach across its entire global survey fleet to make an increasingly significant impact on the Seabed 2030 programme.

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Bibby HydroMap invests in new autonomous survey technology

Bibby HydroMap, one of the leading providers of hydrographic and geophysical surveys in the UK and Northern Europe, have partnered with iXblue to bring “DriX”, a new autonomous unmanned surface vessel (AUSV), to the European market.

Specifically designed with a revolutionary hull shape optimized for both coastal and offshore missions, and manufactured using state of the art composite materials, DriX operates with the utmost stability, guaranteeing the best possible results, with excellent and unmatched performance offshore. In a step change for autonomous survey, DriX offers up to 7 days of data acquisition endurance at speeds of up to 14 knots. Multiple navigation options are also available ranging from full autonomy, to autopilot, remote supervisor action, a “follow-me” function and a “hovering” mode, all COLREG compliant.

Bibby HydroMap are excited to make this investment and become the first adopter of DriX in the UK, having worked closely with iXblue for a number of years.

iXblue, a global provider of innovative solutions and services for navigation, positioning and imaging, have developed DriX over the past 12 months to revolutionise the hydrographic survey market

Initially mobilised with a dual-head Teledyne RESON SeaBat T50 integrated multibeam echosounder system to give the highest quality hydrographic data, DriX will be available to Bibby HydroMap’s existing and new customers from June 2018, and will offer increased production and productivity during survey data acquisition.

DriX will be used to supplement existing survey capability across projects undertaken by Bibby HydroMap, and performance information will form part of the continued development of the asset.

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Kongsberg Maritime and RTS team up to better serve customers in the North Sea region

Kongsberg Maritime has appointed RTS as a dealer for their range of hydroacoustic equipment and subsea positioning systems in Norway.

The companies have also agreed to jointly invest in a rental pool consisting of Kongsberg’s full range of acoustic positioning systems and accessories. In addition, Kongsberg will provide comprehensive training for RTS personnel to meet the demand for local support in the Norwegian subsea sector.

Kongsberg Maritime is a global marine technology company providing innovative and reliable technology solutions for all marine industry sectors including merchant, offshore, subsea and naval. Headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway, the company has manufacturing, sales and service facilities in 20 countries

RTS AS is a world leading provider of ROV Multiplexer Solutions, Monitoring Solutions for Subsea Structure Installation, and a wide range of products and solutions to the Marine Industry.

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New virtual buoy solution eliminates the need of deploying marker buoys

Danish hardware and software engineering specialist EIVA has introduced a new system solution that offers an alternative way to ensure safe navigation by marking channels, shoals, wrecks, etc as well as during harbour expansions and other construction projects.

NaviSuite Perio provides harbour and other waterway authorities with the possibility of replacing marker buoys with virtual buoys that are managed via a software user interface and never actually deployed – yet, they are still displayed to AIS users as actual buoys at a given location in the water.

With NaviSuite Perio, EIVA has applied AtoN technology, which is used in connection with AIS information on objects that are not vessels (such as marker buoys), in a somewhat alternative manner. An AIS transmitter is placed on land and broadcasts a number of virtual AtoN markers. In other words, it sends out signals containing ID, position, type, etc, just as if it was located at the position of the markers it simulates. AIS users cannot see the difference as the signals look like marker buoys at different locations on the navigation map.

The locations of the virtual buoys are defined in the NaviSuite Perio software through a map display. The map also allows the user to choose if the position signals are activated or not, that is, whether the virtual buoys are ‘deployed’. It is also able to display existing navigation charts and aerial photo backgrounds and not least the 3D depth (bathymetry) data recorded by the relevant harbour authority during its latest survey. As a result, the position of each virtual buoy is defined with the highest possible accuracy.

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OSIL Calibration Department in demand

UK-based OSIL’s (Ocean Scientific International Ltd) in-house calibration department continues to experience high levels of demand, particularly for salinometer servicing and repairs from its global client base.

OSIL are global representatives for Guildline salinometers, holding common components in stock to ensure a quick turnaround, and are ideally placed regarding calibration standards for conductivity and salinity as OSIL operates the IAPSO Standard Seawater service from within its facilities.

OSIL provides support, calibrations and repairs for a wide range of hydrographic instruments from its well-equipped facilities and offer a range of calibrations , pre-deployment verifications and services for CTDs, Sound Velocity, Current Meters & Tide Gauges, Multiparameter Sondes and AML X Change Sensors in addition to the Guildline Salinometers. Supported manufacturers include include Aanderaa, SeaBird, AML, RBR, Idronaut, Hydrolab and YSI.

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Wärtsilä to ensure and optimise the performance of four TMS Cardiff Gas vessels

The technology group Wärtsilä is expanding its co-operation with the Athens based ship management company TMS Cardiff Gas Ltd. Under the recently signed maintenance agreement, Wärtsilä ensures the maintenance predictability of the operation of four TFDE LNG Carriers in TMS Cardiff Gas’ fleet. Eniram’s data collection platform and advanced data analytics helps TMS Cardiff Gas to achieve optimal fleet operations, resulting in reduced fuel costs and emissions.

The maintenance agreement, signed in December 2017, advances the performance monitoring of TMS Cardiff Gas’ vessels. The agreement is an expansion to the earlier Technical Management Agreement signed between Wärtsilä and TMS Cardiff Gas in 2014. With the new agreement, the scope of Wärtsilä’s services include, among others, Eniram’s data collection platform and advanced data analytics that enables TMS Cardiff Gas to save costs and maximise overall profitability while cutting its emissions.

Wärtsilä’s Dynamic Maintenance planning, in combination with Eniram’s Vessel digital performance management system, provides TMS Cardiff Gas with a comprehensive view of each vessel’s performance, efficiency, and improvement possibilities.

Wärtsilä is engaged in the maintenance and optimisation of vessels’ engines, allowing the customer to focus on its core business. Wärtsilä provides all necessary spare parts for the maintenance of the vessels as well as field service resources for scheduled maintenance that has been planned according to the actual running hours of the engines. Remote support service guarantees that the vessels’ crews have access to Wärtsilä’s support team around the clock, which facilitates troubleshooting on the spot and also minimises service visits on board.

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Oceangate expeditions selects falck safety services for helicopter underwater egress training for titanic survey expedition

OceanGate Inc., a provider of manned-submersible services, has selected Falck Safety Services Canada to provide Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) for the 2018 Titanic Survey Expedition.

The wreck site of the RMS Titanic is located about 400 miles due south of St. John’s, Newfoundland. As part of the multi-year survey of the RMS Titanic, which kicks off in June, the expedition crew, mission specialists, and content experts fly from St. John’s, Newfoundland to rendezvous with the dive support ship at sea.

In preparation for the over-ocean helicopter flight, all crew members must participate in a one-day HUET session. This mandatory training is required in preparation for the unlikely event of an emergency landing at sea. Using a helicopter simulator, similar to those used by military personnel, all crew members will learn to safely and effectively exit the aircraft and survive at sea.

The HUET session includes both classroom and practical training utilizing Falck’s Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS®). Falck, a global leader in safety services will conduct the training at their Newfoundland and Labrador location where all crew and mission specialists will participate prior to spending a week at sea to explore the wreck of the Titanic.

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Sercel Sells a Sentinel HR High-Resolution Streamer System to German AWI Research Institute

CGG announced today that Sercel has sold one of its new Sentinel® HR high-resolution solid streamers to the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), a German research foundation specializing in polar and marine research in the Arctic and Antarctic.

AWI will use the Sentinel HR on research projects it is conducting to record critical data about the relationship between geological activity and ecosystems in order to gain a better understanding of the Earth’s system.

Launched in 2017, Sentinel HR is the latest member of Sercel’s Sentinel solid streamer family. With a close channel separation of 3.125 m, Sentinel HR is designed for shallow target applications and high-resolution 3D surveys and delivers an industry-best hydrophone performance. Driven by Sercel’s new-generation Seal 428 marine seismic recorder, up to 6 km of Sentinel HR can be deployed with full data and power redundancy for non-stop acquisition.

AWI has also added the combination of Sercel’s SeaPro Nav integrated high-end navigation system and QuietSea™ Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) system to its marine seismic equipment portfolio to optimize marine mammal detection during seismic acquisition. SeaProNav provides the most accurate real-time positioning for all types of marine seismic surveys while QuietSea complies with international marine mammal monitoring regulations to offer the most advanced detection tool in the industry.

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Next Geosolutions launches new UK division

Next Geosolutions has announced the launch of a new division, Next Geosolutions UK Continental Shelf (Next UKCS), following its acquisition of RMS Submarine in 2017.

Operating within the cable and renewables industries, Next UKCS will provide solutions to the operations and maintenance market. The new division will bolster Next Geosolutions’ current offering, which includes Next Marine, Next Earth, Next Engineering, Next Remote, Next Innovation and Next Resourcing, to support the company’s existing UK business, as well as global client requirements.

In line with Next Geosolutions’ growth strategy, Next UKCS has re-located to larger offices within Norwich, the east of England’s energy hub, and plans to increase its workforce by the end of Q2., offering a local knowledge and skillset to the North Sea and Baltic marketplace. This move provides a strong platform for the company to further develop its existing research and development, renewables operations and maintenance, and oil and gas inspection, maintenance and repair offerings.

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SAND Geophysics launches new high-resolution seismic inversion service

Following a number of successful trial projects, SAND’s robust processing system is now available for all clients interested in the quantitative characterisation of the marine near surface using geophysical data. Based on over a decade of research and development by SAND co-founder Dr Mark Vardy, SAND’s in-house QSI software can provide estimates of bulk (e.g., density, porosity) and geotechnical properties (e.g., undrained shear strength) using a variety of different seismic sources (pinger, chirp, boomer, sparker and airgun). By utilising cloud computing capabilities, SAND can offer a cost-effective yet highly scalable solution.

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Fiber optics tether for UAV (Underwater Autonomous Vehicle)

For UAV (Underwater Autonomous Vehicle) SEDI-ATI has developed a system which can avoid a bulky and heavy cable tether. It is composed of a very compact and light package in which is included a precision wound untwisted optical fiber allowing long distance pay out. This disposable system is ideal when weight or small dimensions are important factors.

The coating of the fiber is reinforced for optimum resistance allowing high speed payout. The deployable side of the spool is equipped with a connector to be connected to the control station and the opposite fiber end is pigtailed with a 1.8mm standard jacket to be connected to a hermetic feedthrough on the vehicle. The spool length could be up to 30 km for the underwater version. Other designs can be proposed on request. In addition to the spool, SEDI-ATI manufactures hermetic feedthroughs (catalog products or custom design).

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Xiamen University Selects AML’s Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP)

Xiamen University has purchased a Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) for the research vessel JIA GENG. The university’s State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science will use the deep water underway profiling system, MVP300, to collect CTD, sound velocity, and environmental data in support of both hydrographic and ocean science applications. The ability to collect high density data in real-time while the vessel is underway will produce higher quality results than can be achieved with static profiling systems, and in a fraction of the time. This contract was secured through manufacturer AML Oceanographic’s local agent, Laurel Technologies Company of Hong Kong. It marks the 127th order for a Moving Vessel Profiler, and the 18th such contract to be delivered to China. The solution to be supplied to Xiamen University includes the MVP, instrumentation, installation, and training services.

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Hanseaticsoft targets Asia with its visionary suite of maritime software to lead shipping into the digital age

Hanseaticsoft, a leading provider of maritime software, is attending Asia Pacific Maritime in Singapore, 14-16 March 2018 as it accelerates its growth plans into the Asian shipping market and looks to open a Singapore office.

Following a significant investment by Lloyd’s Register (LR) last year, Hanseaticsoft saw its business grow substantially in 2017, with 15 new shipping companies choosing its Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM), a web-based platform for shipping companies to manage their entire fleet, adding 500 more vessels to their system.

40 companies, including OSM Maritime Group in Singapore, are now using CFM to manage inspections, crew management, purchasing and other processes in real time using apps and mobile devices. In 2017 Hanseaticsoft also added several new modules to CFM including Cloud Maintenance, Cloud Purchase and Cloud MRV, further enhancing its suite of products.

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New, high-performance inertial measurement unit will equip the autopilot for the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS 400)

Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd’s latest DMU30 inertial measurement unit (IMU) is to provide highly accurate ship’s attitude data to the autopilot that will navigate the ground-breaking Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS 400) as she travels the world.

The mission of the MAS 400 project is to build an autonomous vessel capable of conducting scientific research, with the endurance and reliability to operate remotely in all corners of the globe. The vessel’s maiden voyage, unmanned, across the Atlantic, will form part of Plymouth, England’s ‘Mayflower 400’ celebrations in 2020 – commemorating the 400th anniversary of the crossing of the pilgrim fathers in the original Mayflower from Plymouth UK to Plymouth MA, USA. Having completed the crossing, MAS 400 will then travel on around the globe.

Silicon Sensing’s DMU30 is the company’s latest high performance micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS) IMU and is designed for use where there are exacting motion sensing requirements, as with the MAS 400.  DMU30 is a full 6 degree of freedom (DoF) IMU that uses the company’s own gyros and accelerometers to create a small, rugged and cost-effective unit that offers the high levels of performance more typical of larger, heavier and more costly fibre optic gyro (FOG)-based devices.

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EOM Offshore, LLC Poised for Growth

On February 5, 2018, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) sold its majority ownership interest to EOM Offshore’s management team and investors while continuing to receive royalties under the existing exclusive licensing of its stretch hose technology. Rockland Trust Bank provided a line of credit to assist the change in ownership and help assure EOM Offshore’s continued financial strength.

EOM Offshore is a mooring systems and component company based on technology developed by engineers at WHOI. The company was founded as a start-up in 2009 to commercialise fatigue-resistant hoses that have the ability to stretch two and half times their original length without disrupting the transmission of power and data to and from undersea sensors.

EOM Offshore’s patented Stretch Hoses accommodate the heave and surge of buoys on the ocean surface that are buffeted by winds, currents and waves, while contracting to their original size resulting in a small watch circle. This “stretchability” decreases the wear and tear on the moorings, extending the moorings’ lifespans. The hoses’ ability to absorb extensive motion at the top of the mooring also leaves mooring components below relatively motionless, providing a platform for a variety of different instruments such as hydrophones or environmental monitoring equipment that are movement and noise sensitive.

Varying EOM Offshore mooring applications used in conjunction with gliders and AUVs are being used in the NSF’s Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI), a major oceanographic community project funded by National Science Foundation to establish long-term oceanographic platforms equipped with sensors that monitor ocean conditions 24/7 for decades. In addition, EOM Offshore mooring systems are currently being used to listen for endangered Right whale calls and transmit those signals to shore in order to warn ships of the whales’ presence and to help prevent lethal collisions. As growth continues in emerging offshore renewable floating power-generation platforms, EOM Offshore’s power-handling capacity and fatigue-resistant hoses offer key advantages to promote growth in this market.

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Greensea receives 2018 Marine Technology Society Corporate Excellence Award

Greensea Systems, Inc. of Richmond, Vermont was honored to receive the 2018 Corporate Excellence Award presented by the Remotely Operated Vehicle committee of the Marine Technology Society (MTS) at Underwater Intervention in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The award is presented to companies that have made significant contributions to the ROV community. The award was accepted for Greensea by CEO and President, Ben Kinnaman and Chief Operating Officer, Marybeth Gilliam.

The MTS ROV Committee began its award program in 1990 to recognise outstanding individuals and organizations in the ROV community. To maintain a high degree of distinction, awards are not necessarily presented annually, but only as deemed appropriate. Greensea is honored to be included amongst previous award recipients such as Schilling Robotics, SAAB Seaeye, and VideoRay.

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Teledyne RESON and Teledyne PDS open courses 2018

Teledyne RESON A/S announces a new series of SeaBat and Teledyne PDS training courses. Start the year off well by getting trained on the latest hardware and software technology.

This year, Teledyne Marine again brings you a number of courses set at different global locations. The open courses cover Teledyne PDS for Dredge or Multibeam operations and SeaBat training. Teledyne PDS and Teledyne SeaBat Multibeam Sonars are widely used for many seabed mapping and dredging operations. Due to the popularity of the SeaBat and Teledyne PDS, we also offer a combined training session giving you everything you need to know from SeaBat installation to producing a deliverable in Teledyne PDS.

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Trophy revealed for the 2018 Offshore Achievement Awards

After months of competition, hard work and anticipation, the sought-after trophy that will be presented to winners at this year’s Offshore Achievement Awards has been revealed. Robert Gordon University student Robin Pioche, designed the trophy for the prestigious event which is taking place next month.

Robin, a Three Dimensional Design student at Gray’s School of Art, won a competition set by the organisers of the awards, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Aberdeen Section, to design and create the 2018 trophy. Robin has cleverly represented the passage of geological time with his design, using metals that will gradually corrode and oxidise and change colour over time.

Principal sponsor and long-standing supporter of the awards, TAQA, has championed the trophy design competition as a prime opportunity to involve students in industry initiatives, even those studying subjects not directly related to the energy sector.

The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday March 22 at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC). Finalists from both the offshore oil and gas and renewables sectors were revealed in January, with categories covering technical innovation, company performance and individual achievement.

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25th Armourstone Users Group Meeting, 9 May 2018, Aberdeen, UK

This annual meeting facilitates the exchange of news and views about the use of armourstone for coastal defences and breakwaters in the UK and around the world. Delegates will receive useful technical updates, along with plenty of time for discussion and networking. The meeting has proved to be of interest to all practitioners in the field including those involved in the supply, specification and use of armourstone. It is a unique opportunity for the meeting of quarry operators, shipping companies, contractors, designers and end-user authorities.

The date of this year’s meeting is Wednesday 9 May 2018 and the venue will be the Aberdeen Douglas Hotel, 43-45 Market Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5EL. The meeting will feature presentations on key issues and technical developments, and during the afternoon will include a site visit. This year the visit will be to the South Harbour development in Nigg Bay.

The Young Professionals Award will also be taking place again this year. This is an opportunity for young engineering professionals and other professionals with less than 10 years post-graduate experience to submit short written papers describing some aspect of an armourstone project with which they have been involved, whether in concept development, detailed design or construction. Successful candidates will then be asked to present their papers at the meeting where the winner will be decided. The deadline for submission of papers is 4 April 2018, please email to [email protected].

Registration is now open, and there is discounted early booking fee of £205 (excluding VAT) available for registrations received on or before 9 April 2018. After 9 April the standard fee of £255 (excluding VAT) will apply. The optional evening dinner is £35 (excluding VAT).

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Dredging management course, 23-24 May 2018, HR Wallingford, UK

1.a)        Dredging management course, 23-24 May 2018, HR Wallingford, UK

A two-day dredging management course is taking place on Wednesday 23 – Thursday 24 May. Designed to provide an introduction to the subject of dredging the course will assist those who are responsible for commissioning and managing dredging contractors and those who regulate dredging. It’s the ideal course for project owners, those managing contractors, regulators, port and harbour authorities, coastal engineers, conservation agencies.

Over the two days delegates will explore multiple aspects of a dredging project, the course modules include:

An explanation of definitions and terminology.

An introduction to the different types of dredging e.g. capital, maintenance, aggregate, deep water etc.

Dredging plant description.

The components of a dredging project (e.g. planning, licences, contracts, environmental aspects, undertaking and managing works, potential disputes / claims and their avoidance).

If you or your colleagues are interested in attending you can book your place via our online registration form. The registration fee for this course is £600.00 (plus VAT at 20%) per delegate, and includes all documentation, lunch and refreshments. If you would like to book more than one place discounts are available, please check online for details.

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UK secondary pupils set ultimate subsea STEM challenge

Industry body Subsea UK has launched a new initiative aimed at encouraging school pupils to consider a career at sea. The STEM Challenge, led by Subsea UK and supported by The Smallpeice Trust, will see teams of year nine students compete in a design-and-make challenge for the marine industries.

The regional competitions kicked off at Falmouth Marine School with further events at the universities of Strathclyde (February 27), Southampton (March 6), and Newcastle (March 28).

Schools will compete to design and build an ROV using Lego Mindstorms, a platform produced by Lego to develop programmable robots based on Lego building blocks. Each version of the system includes an intelligent brick computer that controls the system, a set of modular sensors and motors, and Lego parts from the Technic line to create the mechanical systems.

The winning team from each regional event will receive a Think Kit from The Smallpeice Trust, with all the tools needed to run an in-school challenge and build a floating wind turbine. They will travel to Aberdeen, the Global Centre of Excellence for Subsea, for a morning of company visits before the Subsea UK STEM Challenge concludes with the final competition

Each team will have the opportunity to prove their model in a test tank and deliver a short presentation to a judging panel before the overall winner is announced.

Subsea UK members are invited to participate by sending their young people along to the regional competitions and also sponsoring the STEM Challenge.

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Aanderaa is bringing its oceans and coastal monitoring solutions to Oceanology International 2018, London, ExCel

You are invited to join Aanderaa on Wednesday 14 March in the Networking Suite, room 1 where they will give two presentations.

The first on the successful Xylem MOTUS Wave Buoys, sharing their experience in using a standard navigation buoy to measure Accurate Wave Direction and Currents. The second presentation is about the latest development, best practices for enhanced field quality and new application of the Aanderaa Smart Sensors.

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IMCA’s Mark Ford joins IACS Advisory Committee

The International Marine Contractor’s (IMCA) Technical Manager, Mark Ford, has been unanimously endorsed by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) to become a member of the IACS Advisory Committee (AVC).


Mark Ford joined the IMCA Secretariat in 2012 from Charles Taylor Consulting, where he worked as a senior surveyor and divisional director in the safety and loss prevention department. His work involved carrying out ship condition surveys prior to and during entry into P&I insurance cover, writing various technical and safety articles for the safety and loss department publications.


Before coming ashore Mark Ford worked for over 25 years as a marine engineer on bulk carriers and diving support vessels, ultimately rising to the rank of chief engineer. He has worked as an engineer superintendent for a product tanker company which involved dry dockings, general repairs and the daily running of the fleet and also as a consultant marine engineer, specialising in FMEAs, exhaust gas emission studies, vessel lay-up studies and retro-fit specifications.


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Well-SENSE Technology Bolsters US Presence

Downhole technology specialist, Well-SENSE, has continued its expansion in the US with the launch of a new business and a key appointment. The Aberdeen-based company has launched Well-SENSE Inc. as part of global expansion plans and to meet growing demand for its technology in the US. With a number of field trials in the pipeline over coming months, the Houston-based subsidiary will be headed up by Tad Bostick who becomes Western Hemisphere commercial director.

Prior to joining the company, Tad led Weatherford’s global reservoir monitoring product line before becoming Vice President of the global production optimisation business unit.

Boasting over 35 years’ industry experience, Tad began his career with Western Geophysical working in surface seismic exploration and borehole seismic logging. He has held various positions in field engineering, technical support and product management.

Throughout his career, Tad has been actively involved in innovative sensing and monitoring technologies for oil and gas applications worldwide. His new role will see him lead Well-SENSE Inc’s operations and expand delivery of Well-SENSE’s innovative FiberLine Intervention technology (FLI) in the region.


Offshore Party Chief, Fugro, Offshore / Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Contract Type: Permanent, full-time

Closing Date: 02 March 2018

An exciting opportunity has arisen for Party Chief’s to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading global hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. You will be required to lead offshore operations acquiring hydrographic and geophysical data on survey vessels around the world. Managing a wide variety of projects in various fields including renewables, oil and gas and utilities. Focus on your core trained discipline (Survey, geophysics, Engineering) will still be a large part of the job.


To oversee offshore operations

Lead offshore survey teams, maximising productivity and efficiency.

Interpret and implement all contract requirements for each project.

Ensure project deliverables are produced on-time and to the standard demanded by the project requirements.

Liaise with client representative and the project manager.

Implement and administer safe working practices amongst offshore survey team, including implementing all Fugro GB Marine Limited’s safety policies and procedures where they involve the offshore survey team.

Oversee all mobilisation checks and calibrations.

Oversee the production of high-quality project documentation including operational logs, QA and processing logs, daily meeting minutes, calibration details, safety briefing logs, mobilisation checks, daily progress reports and documenting verbal instructions from client.

Oversee all offshore quality control and provide final approval of all offshore deliverables.

Ensure that all offshore requirements have been completed to the required standard prior to leaving the survey site.


To apply and for more details please visit

Geophysical Engineer, Fugro, Offshore / Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Contract Type: Permanent, full-time

Closing Date: 02 March 2018

An exciting opportunity has arisen for offshore engineers to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading global hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. You will be required to work with hydrographic and geophysical equipment and data acquired by survey vessels from around the world. The roles will involve office-based and offshore work. Graduate and experienced candidates are welcome to apply.

Key Responsibilities

Acquire and quality-control geophsyical data. Datasets include but not limited to Sidescan sonar, Sub-bottom profiler, EIVA ScanFish and Magnometer.

Process and reprot on geophysical data. Datasets include but are not limited to Sidescan sonar, Sub-bottom profiler, EIVA ScanFish Magnometer;

Mobilisation and demobilisation of survey equipment;

Assist with equipment maintenance;

Assist with bathymetric survey, processing and reporting;

Author, update and follow work instructions and procedures;

Train and supervise less experienced staff in geophysical survey methods;

Ensure adherence to current QHSSE policies and practices;

Work closely with other Fugro survey teams worldwide.


A qualification in geophysics or closely-related subject is essential;

A Bachelor’s degree or higher in geophysics or closely-related subject is desirable but not essential.

Key Skills:

The following attributes are essential:

Good English language skills, verbal and written;

Experience of an industry-standard geophysical software package, such as: Edgetech Discover, Geometrics MagLog, Fugro Starfix Suite, EIVA ScanFish III Flight, Geosuite AllWorks, Innomar SESWIN.

Understanding of geophysical survey principles;

Excellent computer literacy, including working experience of Microsoft Office;

Excellent attention to detail, quality and safety;

To apply and for more details please visit:

Geophysicist, Fugro, Offshore / Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Contract Type: Permanent, full-time

Closing Date: 02 March 2018

An exciting opportunity has arisen for marine geophysicists to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading global hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. Based either offshore (Europe) and / or in the Fugro office in Portchester (UK);

If based in the Portchester office, there will be some periods of offshore time required. Offshore periods will be between four to six weeks at a time. Shorter periods away from the Portchester office may also be required, for example during vessel mobilisations or at remote processing locations;

If based offshore, period of time offshore will be four to six weeks. Occasional short periods each year, will also be required in the Fugro office in Portchester. In order to conduct training and periodic progress reviews.

Both graduate and experienced candidates are welcome to apply.

Key Responsibilities:

To collect, quality check and process shallow seismic data, including sub-bottom profile systems such as boomer, pinger, chirp and sparker systems;

To collect, quality check and process sidescan sonar and magnetometer data, including UXO data processing and interpretation;

Undertake interpretation of seismic data to provide our clients with detailed geological information;

Assist with equipment maintenance

Undertake offshore surveys, including assistance with vessel mobilisations, when required;

Undertake and assist in the production of technical reports;

Operate in accordance with all Fugro QHSE procedures and work instructions;

Assist with project management and survey planning, when required.


Fugro are pleased to offer:

An opportunity for training and career progression within Fugro;

The chance to work in challenging environment committed to individual professional development;

Being part of an exciting company at the forefront of marine geophysical survey work and consultancy.

To apply and for more details please visit:

Lead Oceanographic & Hydrographic Surveyor, ABPmer, Southampton

ABPmer are a leading marine consultancy, based in Southampton, who have been delivering solutions for their clients around the coasts, estuaries and the seas of the UK and overseas for over 60 years.

ABP are seeking an experienced Oceanographic/Hydrographic Surveyor to lead their survey team.

Key Tasks

Undertaking nearshore marine surveys (water levels, currents and waves);

Bathymetric and coastal topographic surveys;

Shore and boat based sediment sampling;

Laboratory analysis of samples (e.g. particle size distribution);

Preparing H&S documentation including Risk Assessments;

Preparing proposals and survey pricing;

Equipment setup and maintenance;

Processing and managing marine survey datasets;

Writing survey reports.

Skills and Experience


Experience of implementing industry-leading H&S standards;

Good knowledge of marine, topographic, bathymetric and benthic sampling survey techniques;

Good boat handling capabilities (Qualifications required);

Experience planning a range of survey campaigns;

Survey management (proposals, pricing, data analysis and report writing);

Experience in handling specialist survey equipment;

Good IT skills, including MS office and survey software;

Flexibility to work at locations across the UK.


Marine related degree (hydrography, oceanography, geophysics)

Experience of Nortek AWAC, Aquadopp and ADCP equipment

Wider marine consultancy experience e.g. GIS, geophysics

Sediment sampling and laboratory experience

Employment Package: ABPmer offers opportunities to learn and develop your skills; you will be working on industry-leading projects, with other technical specialists and using the latest technical tools.

A competitive salary commensurate with experience is available. Benefits include personal pension and private medical insurance for you and your family. There are also numerous employee benefit schemes including employee assistance, childcare vouchers, Cycle2Work, season ticket loans, employee discounts, and Give as You Earn.

To apply please send your CV and covering email to Linda Boxall at [email protected] by the 16 March 2018. Further information can be found on their website

Multibeam System Surveyor, NORBIT

NORBIT UK wish to employ a dedicated Multibeam System Surveyor. Due to increasing business activity, this exciting opportunity will suit a motivated and dynamic individual, who enjoys working in both office and field environments. The role will involve running the daily technical tasks of the business and contributing towards NORBIT global client technical support. The position holder will travel to install and commission multibeam systems, plus in addition conduct training courses for clients on a global basis.

For further information please contact [email protected]

Subsea Survey Development Engineer / Senior Surveyor, CMS-Geotech

An exciting opportunity for an experienced, talented and enthusiastic person to become a part of one of the leading independent marine GeoScience Survey Companies.

CMS-Geotech are looking for a motivated, innovative dynamic individual with vision to take a leading role in the technological development and management of both existing & new services. The role will involve office based & offshore work and will require a high degree of travel between company sites.

This will be an exciting and challenging role with wide ranging responsibilities and tasks.

For full details of the position please visit our website

Experienced Hydrographic Surveyors, EGS International

EGS (International) Ltd are looking for experienced hydrographic surveyors to join the team. EGS have positions available for both a joint site/office role, and an office only role for experienced processors. As an experienced surveyor, you will be involved with all aspects of a project to include; tendering, survey planning, vessel mobilisation, equipment calibration/verification, survey acquisition, data QC, data processing, processing QC and final reporting. Working in small survey teams on complex projects, surveyors will be acquiring high quality bathymetric data. You will also be involved in the acquisition of other geophysical equipment and working closely with the engineering department to assist in troubleshooting of any equipment related issues. Experience in online QC to ensure that the data is meeting client specifications is essential.

For a surveyor looking for an office only role, you will be relied upon for processing large nautical charting datasets in Caris HIPS & SIPS to meet the high. Experience in processing UK nautical charting datasets is highly desirable.


University degree in Hydrography or a closely related marine discipline.

Equipment knowledge of these systems or similar: Kongsberg MBES systems, Applanix POS MV positioning, Sonardyne USBL.

Acquisition experience of these or similar: QINSy, Kongsberg SIS, Sonardyne Ranger.

Processing experience an advantage: Caris HIPS & SIPS, QINSy Qloud, Qimera.

Experience of working in the shallow inshore environment.

Party Chief experience an advantage.

Willing to relocate to commutable distant of EGS office in Bordon, Hampshire

Self-motivated, with the ability to work well under pressure in a team environment.

Current medical, BOSIET/FOET certificates are an advantage.

Eligible to work in the UK and possess a full UK driving licence.

To Apply for this position please send your CV and covering letter to: The HR Manager, EGS International Ltd, Unit 27 Woolmer Way, Bordon, Hants GU35 9QE or email [email protected]

Experienced Geophysicists, EGS International

EGS (International) Ltd are looking for experienced geophysicists to join the team. The successful applicant will be expected to acquire process interpret and report geophysical data.

As an experienced geophysicist, you will be involved with all aspects of a project to include; survey planning, vessel mobilisation, equipment calibration/verification, survey acquisition, data QC, data processing, and final reporting. Working in small survey teams on complex projects, you will be acquiring high quality geophysical data (side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, magnetometer, single and multi-channel seismic) as well as collecting seabed samples (cores and grabs) and be working closely with the engineering department to assist in troubleshooting of any equipment related issues. Experience in online QC to ensure that the data is meeting client specifications is essential. Party Chief duties will be required on occasions.


University degree in Geophysics or another relevant subject.

Geophysical survey experience, with a thorough understanding of geophysical survey techniques and demonstrable experience with acquiring, processing and interpreting geophysical survey data.

Advantageous software experience: IHS Kingdom, CTI SonarWiz and Geosoft Oasis Montaj, Radex Pro (or equivalent) and GIS packages.

Experience of working in the shallow inshore environment and Party Chief experience are also an advantage.

Willing to relocate to commutable distant of EGS office in Bordon, Hampshire

Site work rotations can be as short as a few days but also up to 6 weeks, therefore the ability to work away from home for long periods is essential.

Self-motivated, with the ability to work well under pressure in a team environment.

Current medical, BOSIET/FOET certificates are an advantage.

Eligible to work in the UK and possess a full UK driving licence.

To Apply for this position please send your CV and covering letter to: The HR Manager, EGS International Ltd, Unit 27 Woolmer Way, Bordon, Hants GU35 9QE or email [email protected]

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