Issue 524
20 February 2018:


Only 21 stands remaining at Ocean Business 2019

With still over a year to go until the next Ocean Business the team are delighted to report that there are only 21 stands remaining on the floorplan!

After the most successful Ocean Business show ever in April 2017, with over 4,350 visitors from over 60 countries bustling through the halls, it is no surprise that there has been a rush to book space for the next show taking place in Southampton on 9 – 11 April 2019, with over 90% of exhibit space already sold! In fact, feedback from exhibitors backs up that Ocean Business is still their single most effective sales tool for return on investment. See further feedback from past exhibitors here:

Ocean Business 2019 will be using the same winning formula, designed to maximise face-to-face interaction between exhibitors and customers, with a three-day international exhibition of technology and services from over 360 companies, backed up by a programme of hands-on training and demonstration workshops. Running alongside the show will be a conference to address both technical and business issues facing the industry. Ocean Careers will also run over the three days to provide advice on career opportunities within the ocean technology, marine science and offshore industries.

All companies wishing to participate in the next event are encouraged to get in touch with Cheri Arvonio at  [email protected] or Tel: +44 (0)1453 836363 for further information.


Launch of intelligent underwater winch from MacArtney

Forming part of the renowned MERMAC range of electrically driven winch and LARS systems, new MERMAC U from MacArtney is an underwater winch range ideal for use within scientific, naval and homeland security applications.

For decades, MacArtney winch and handling solutions have been trusted by operators within maritime industries due to the fact that the systems embrace some of the most advanced and rugged solutions available. In consequence of several requests from core customers to MacArtney, a number of different prototypes of underwater winches have been delivered thus far. Based on the experiences gained from these projects and an increasing demand for underwater winches, MacArtney is now introducing a range of underwater winches to expand the MERMAC family of electrically driven winches.

MacArtney has integrated several features into this multipurpose, intelligent underwater winch to help ensure that the winch works optimally from the seabed. Consisting of a winch fixed to a platform on the seabed, MERMAC U controls the deployment of oceanographic equipment by raising and lowering a buoy at pre-defined intervals and speeds and to set depths.

The MERMAC U intelligent underwater winch system is available with various purpose-built properties and options, which makes it ideal for use within multiple applications. MERMAC U is rated for deployment at depths of up to 3,000 m and comes with an intelligent control system for launching and retrieving as well as a state-of-the-art data collection system.

Based on high-end technology and decades of extensive winch design, manufacturing experience and knowhow, the MERMAC U is designed to operate in harsh underwater environments and equipped with standard industry components. The winch motors and control electronics as well as the slip ring are all encapsulated and in general the winches are manufactured from structural steel as standard.

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Satellite derived Bathymetry from TCarta plays key role in aquaculture siting project

British Engineering and Scientific Consultancy Firm, BMT, is using Satellite Derived Bathymetry from TCarta as a critical dataset in the selection of new fish farming sites in the Arabian Gulf. BMT is performing the site selection work on behalf of Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD).

As a primary input for the modeling phase of the project, BMT obtained five-meter resolution Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB) products from TCarta for the waters around Delma. BMT also used TCarta Marine Habitat Maps, which differentiate the surface compositions of the seafloor around the island in waters to approximately 10 meters deep. TCarta created the Satellite Derived Bathymetry and Marine Habitat Map products for EAD during a 2015 environmental mapping project conducted by Abu Dhabi.

BMT used the TCarta data sets in its hydrographic modeling software to select ideal fish farming sites based on two key criteria. First, the chosen offshore locations must fall within certain maximum and minimum water depth thresholds to accommodate the large fish cages. And secondly, the cages must be placed in areas such as natural subsurface channels where water currents will continuously flush waste from the enclosures and keep the growing fish healthy.

The TCarta products provide the information required for BMT to perform these assessments accurately and quickly.

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Atlas Professionals launches Drilling Assessment

Atlas Professionals has developed a drilling assessment which will support employers looking to further build skilled and competent teams, and ensure a sustainable and safe environment offshore.

Third party competence has long been a question within the drilling industry. This unique assessment tool is the first step towards providing clients further assurance of the capabilities of third party contractors. This will form part of the Atlas Competence Programme (ACP) within the drilling industry which is currently under development.

The international specialist recruitment and HR services company has created the robust testing procedure in collaboration with OPITO, the global, not-for-profit, skills organisation for the energy industry. The Atlas Drilling Assessment sits within the OPITO Skills Screening tool which is an online user-friendly platform adopted by oil and gas employers around the world looking to measure the knowledge of their workforce and also identify any skill set gaps.

The addition of the drilling assessment will allow Atlas’ clients to access a bespoke area which looks at a variety of drilling specific functions, comprising questions around the core and technical skills required for numerous safety-critical drilling tasks.

The Atlas Drilling Assessment section of the OPITO Skills Screening tool was created to provide a better insight into the knowledge and experience of professionals going offshore. This tool will further substantiate the company’s recruitment and selection process and shows its determination to provide a unique and comprehensive solution for clients.

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New CGG GeoSoftware technology drives greater E&P efficiency

CGG GeoSoftware has announced new releases across its entire geoscience portfolio. Its complementary HampsonRussell, Jason, PowerLog, InsightEarth, VelPro, and EarthModel FT solutions are the industry’s preferred set of tools and support for multi-disciplinary teamwork at every stage from exploration and development to life-of-field production management.

Recent developments bring exciting new capabilities within each individual solution while offering increasingly integrated workflows from geology and geophysics to reservoir engineering. As an example, the new ‘Load-Once-Use-it-Everywhere’ capability enables Jason users to operate on HampsonRussell seismic stores and vice versa without the need to duplicate, move or reload seismic volumes. This integration unleashes the power of cross-solution workflows.

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Scotload load links ensure operator safety during aquaculture lifting procedures

Scotload, a specialist in load measuring and monitoring solutions, has recently supplied eight 12.5t load links to a Scottish aquaculture company to ensure its operations are safe and compliant with the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations (LOLER).

Scotload’s load links can be used to test the suitability of existing lifting equipment for future lifting operations by monitoring weight and tension during test operations. By regularly using load links to test equipment and ensure it remains suitable for use, the risk of machine failure or unsafe procedures being carried out is greatly reduced.

Aquaculture companies undertake operations that require nets to be submerged for anywhere up to two years. In this time algae can grow on the net and add to the weight. This additional weight can make lifting operations dangerous. Not knowing what load is on the end of the crane creates an unsafe working environment which is not compliant with the updated LOLER guidelines.

Scotload’s load links ensure complete compliance to the requirements set out by the LOLER regulations for regular inspections of fishing equipment, as they provide a provable and traceable method to ensure that the loads are correctly identified for lifting operations and can be used to identify issues, ensuring that all operations are carried out safely and efficiently.

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New Tritex Drone Thickness Gauge

Dorchester based, Tritex NDT have launched a new ultrasonic metal thickness gauge specifically designed for mounting onto drones for high level inspections. The gauge uses multiple echo to completely ignore coatings up to 20mm thick and the single crystal probe ensures accurate readings on curved surfaces, such as storage tanks and pipelines. Remaining metal thickness and corrosion levels can be quickly and more easily checked without the need for scaffolding or rope access.

The Multigauge 6000 Drone Thickness Gauge OEM transmits real time measurements wirelessly up to a distance of 500 metres using its integrated RF transmitter. The readings are displayed and stored on dedicated Communicator software within templates in a grid or string format.

Dry couplant membranes reduce the weight further as couplant, and a means to deploy it, are not required. The Multigauge 6000 Drone Gauge is supplied as a complete kit for OEM installation onto drones. It accepts an input of 8Vdc – 35Vdc for complete versatility.

The probe has Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR), which automatically adjusts settings in the gauge when connected, resulting in a perfectly matched probe and gauge for enhanced performance. Also, the Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS) used with multiple echo ensures only true measurements are displayed, even on the most heavily corroded metals.

Tritex NDT is a leading manufacturer of thickness gauges. All gauges are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and supplied as complete kits, ready to use, with a 3 year warranty and free annual calibration for the life of the gauge.

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Comprehensive Glider-Based Ecosystem Study in Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea

On January 9th, 2018, a post-doctoral researcher and undergraduate student of Dr. Grace Saba (Assistant Professor, Rutgers University, Center for Ocean Observing Leadership) deployed a Teledyne Webb Slocum Glider with an integrated ASL Environmental Sciences Inc. Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP) 38, 125 and 200 kHz instrument in the Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica). The deployment lasted 3 weeks and the glider was recovered on January 31, 2018.

The purpose of this deployment was to obtain mesoscale and sub-mesoscale measurements of hydrographic processes and simultaneous biological distributions and abundance. From the resulting data, the researchers will examine the interactions between multiple trophic levels (phytoplankton, zooplankton and fish) and their relationships to the physical hydrographic driving forces such as sea ice and currents.

A key component to this investigation is the AZFP’s ability to differentiate key species within this important Antarctic food web. Species of specific interest include various copepods, crystal krill (Euphausia crystallorophias), and Antarctic silverfish (Pleuragramma antarcticum). The glider was also instrumented with a CTD, a WET Labs BB2FL ECO puck to measure phytoplankton biomass and an Aandera Optode dissolved oxygen sensor.

To validate glider acoustic-based species, size and abundance data, a coordinated ship-based acoustic and net sampling program was conducted in close proximity to the autonomous glider.

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Industry leaders ready to offer next-generation pole-to-pole satellite broadband connectivity for maritime applications

Iridium Communications Inc. announced that Marlink, Speedcast, Applied Satellite Technologies Ltd (AST) and Satcom Global are the initial global maritime launch partners for Iridium Certus.  The first regional maritime launch partner, Arion, will focus on delivering Iridium Certus to the Asian market. These commitments represent a major milestone for the Iridium Certus program, allowing each company to deliver a new choice in the maritime industry and offer what will soon become the market’s fastest L-band satellite connectivity.

For decades, the maritime industry lacked truly global coverage and had only one real choice for L-band connectivity at sea.  This changed with Iridium®, and with the introduction of Iridium Certus, a cutting-edge alternative has arrived for mariners. Offering a high-performing, competitively priced solution that features state-of-the-art technology, Iridium Certus is designed to meet the needs of the ‘connected ship.’ Operating on small-form-factor terminals with solid-state, active-array antennas, the service will enable more efficient business operations, cost-effective crew welfare solutions, and safety communications, while providing a pole-to-pole, truly global grid for Internet of Things (IoT) smart ship applications.  Already undergoing live testing, Iridium Certus terminals built by Cobham and Thales will debut at speeds of 352 Kbps, later upgradable to 704 Kbps through a firmware update. With eventual speeds reaching approximately 1.4 Mbps, Iridium Certus will also enable multiple streaming classes and safety services designed to provide reliable connectivity in even the harshest environments.

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Aqua-tools to participate in new ISO standard for ballast water sampling and analysis

Paris-based aqua-tools is to participate in the formulation of an international standard for ballast water sampling and analysis.

The company, which specialises in the biological monitoring of water quality for various applications, including ships’ ballast, will work with French standardisation organisation AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO) to establish new chapters for ISO 11711 – the Ships and Marine Technology, Piping and Machinery, Ballast Water Sampling and Analysis standard.

While ISO 11711-1:2013 provides guidance to shipboard personnel and other parties on the materials, design, and installation of equipment used to take samples of treated ballast water from the discharge pipe onboard a vessel, it does not yet include a standard on how to perform the representative sampling and analysis of ballast water.

ISO is now working on new chapters, 11711-2 and 11711-3, intended to provide guidance on the selection and use of the sampling apparatus needed to collect and process samples onboard. It will also include the methodologies that should be used to analyse the samples to determine compliance with ballast water discharge requirements.

In its entirety, ISO 11711-1, 2 & 3 will provide shipboard personnel as well as port and flag state officials with a standard for verifying whether the BWMS is working as intended.

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Puerto San Antonio will house the largest port infrastructure in Chile

Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, announced the construction of the Outer Port in San Antonio, located approximately 100 km to the west of the capital, Santiago.

The new port infrastructure, which will be constructed in phases in line with increases in demand, will have a total annual throughput capacity of 6 million containers (TEU), in addition to Puerto San Antonio’s current capacity.

The construction of the new terminal in San Antonio does not require public funds, as it will be financed through port tariffs—the same as those charged currently for the use of existing infrastructure—and will entail a total investment of USD 3.3 billion. This represents an enormous benefit for the country, given the scale of the commercial opportunities and connectivity for the central and southern regions of Chile, extending the positive effects throughout the country.

An animation of the project in English can be seen at:

MAPPEM Geophysics releases new UXO EM technique

MAPPEM Geophysics has developed and launched a new marine electromagnetic tool and method to detect and position buried metallic objects. “With up to 5m penetration, any metals, including aluminium or copper-based alloys, can be detected”, says Jean-François D’Eu, CEO of MAPPEM Geophysics. These detection capabilities include localising German LMB mines, which have been confirmed with great accuracy.

Towed above the seafloor, the equipment does not require large vessels, does not present any risk to accidentally hit UXOs, and can be run at 3 to 5 knots with excellent results.

Combined with the proprietary “BODIES” data processing, detection can be confirmed in real-time on the vessel.

MAPPEM Geophysics is also proposing unique marine resistivity imaging for geophysical site investigation, and is currently developing 3D systems for even better cost-effective efficiency.

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Increase in pipework repairs correlate to increase in scrubber installations

Hydrex has recorded an increase in repairs to the pipe work and overboard outlets of those ships that have exhaust gas scrubbers installed.

Diver/technicians from the underwater repair specialist recently carried out pipe replacements on 270m shuttle tankers where the wash water from the “scrubbed” exhaust gases had corroded the pipework, resulting in water ingress. Repairs to the tankers were carried out while the vessels were alongside and remaining in operation.

To repair corroded piping while vessels remain in-water and in service, Hydrex uses measurements taken during a preliminary inspection. The data is then used to fabricate a custom-made mobdock (flexible mobile mini-drydock). This is then transported to the repair site, where it is placed over the scrubber cooling pipe outlet to allow the repair work to be carried inside the vessel without further water ingress.

For protection of the new pipe against further corrosion, the internal surface was coated using Ecospeed, a highly chemical resistant coating product from Hydrex’s sister company Subsea Industries.

After the success of this repair, Hydrex was contracted to carry out the same operation on the sister ship berthed at Skagen in Denmark. This vessel had experienced exactly the same problem.

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ECA Group - Petrus: significant partnership and positioning in subsea robotics services (AUVs and ROV) for the oil & gas market

ECA Group and Petrus announced the signing of a cooperation agreement for subsea robotics services to oil companies. Based in Brazil, West Africa, and South East Asia, Petrusis a global Oil & Gas services group employing approximately 400 people.

After evaluating the market since June 2017, the parties have entered into a partnership agreement to offer the Oil & Gas sector inspection and survey services using an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: the A18D AUV.

The A18D AUV is designed and manufactured by ECA Group, to dive up to 3000m depth and work autonomously for 24 hours. It can carry out inspection and 3D mapping missions, revealing seabed conditions before or after construction / installation of an underwater structure, pipeline or cable and also before, during and post decommissioning of subsea installations.

As part of this contract, ECA Group will lease the AUV to Petrus, while also providing operational support. Petrus, with its solid experience in the Oil & Gas market, will carry out and coordinate missions from preparation to data processing and delivery of results to the customer.

This partnership guarantees to ECA Group a cumulative turnover of € 6 million over the next four years, which can increase according to the rate of use of the underwater robot. Depending on the commercial success, additional A18D AUVs could be commissioned as part of this partnership.

Discover the A18D video:

Geoquip Marine bolsters its deep-water capability with a top-class geotechnical spread

Leading geotechnical engineering and offshore drilling group Geoquip Marine has bolstered its deep-water capability by adding the brand new and multi-function offshore support/platform supply vessel Dina Polaris to its fleet.

The Dina Polaris was built in Besiktas, Turkey in 2017 and is fitted with Geoquip Marine’s fully heave compensated GMTR120 twin tower deep water geotechnical drilling rig. The vessel has Iceclass 1A, as well as Class DNV-GL clean environmental certification, making it ideally suited for Arctic work. At 99m in length with a 21m beam, she is one of the largest and most stable geotechnical drilling vessels in the industry.

The GMTR120 is suitable for drilling, coring, sampling and testing in all soil conditions in water depths plus borehole depth of up to 2,500m with an option to extend to 3,000m. It is compatible with a wide range of wireline, downhole sampling, testing and logging equipment. It is also capable of running Logging While Drilling Assemblies to provide detailed geophysical, geomechanical, petrophysical and geological borehole data.

The Dina Polaris has already completed projects for the oil and gas industry in the Mediterranean and is currently working in the Arabian Gulf for the largest O&G company in the world. She has windows of availability in 2018.

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Turkish newbuilds opt for Ecospeed hull protection

Two newbuild projects at Turkish shipyards have been protected using specialist coatings from Belgian coatings company Subsea Industries. Its Ecospeed hull coating and Ecoshield rudder protection coating have both been applied to a shallow-draught AHTS (anchor handling tug and supply) vessel and an oil tanker at the Atlas Shipyard in Gölcük and the Akdeniz Shipyard in Ceyhan, respectively.

The AHTS owner chose Ecospeed because of its proven performance in polar waters. The 65m, Ice Class 1A vessel will operate in the ecologically-sensitive Arctic region and comply with IMO Polar Code requirements.

The Polar Code recommends abrasion resistant, low friction coatings to vessels operating in ice conditions. Ecospeed is certified for ice-going ships, and, moreover, is one of only a few such coatings which allows the thickness of the steel of the ice belt to be reduced when a certified coating is applied. This gives a significant financial benefit during newbuild projects

Ecospeed is applied in two layers of 500µm each, which offers a major advantage compared with other hull coatings. An antifouling coating system, including some of the newer silicone-based hull coatings, can easily involve application of four or five, or even more, layers. A two-coat application is said to be quicker, cheaper and more flexible. Because Ecospeed is designed to be long lasting, it only needs localised touch-ups during future drydocking, rather than removal and recoating.

Wärtsilä and Maersk Drilling create a joint 25-year strategy for thruster services to increase uptime and reduce costs

The technology group Wärtsilä and the global drilling contractor Maersk Drilling have joined forces in a unique co-operation to create a 25-year thruster maintenance strategy for Maersk’s three semi-submersible rigs and four drillships. The parties have already completed the strategy work on the D-rigs and commenced the strategy work related to V-Drillships.

By reducing the thruster exchange time, the deep-sea rigs and drillships will spend less time in sheltered waters for thruster maintenance. The joint strategy defines the planning procedures for scheduled maintenance as well as thruster services and equipment exchange in emergency scenarios.

The new, close collaboration reflects the long-established partnership and mutual trust between Wärtsilä and Maersk. Increased understanding of one another’s operations and demands helps the two companies to plan and further develop the optimal and most efficient ways of executing thruster maintenance. With open exchange of information and knowledge, Wärtsilä and Maersk can also adopt a holistic view of the maintenance needs for a fleet of vessels over an extended time period, and thus optimise logistics and cost efficiency.

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Cammell-Laird Suppliers' Conference for the Type 31e Frigate Programme, 28 March 2018

A Cammell-Laird/BAE Systems Consortium is preparing to bid to be prime contractor for the Type 31e Frigate Programme and will be holding a Supplier’s Conference (overflow) for Tier 1 and Tier 2 sub-contractors and the wider supply chain.

The conference will include presentations from the senior management of the consortium on the overall programme that is planned and will be followed by an opportunity for suppliers to engage in one-to-one discussions with bid managers from the “Leander Team”. There will also be an opportunity for delegates to tour the shipyard in small groups.

Industry representatives, especially from SMEs, who are involved in the many aspects of shipbuilding supply chains, procurement, marketing products and services, are strongly urged to attend.

Delegates planning on participating in one or both of the opportunities for one-to-one discussions with the consortium managers and/or the shipyard tours must register their intentions so that a structured programme can be prepared.

The price per delegate for participation in the event, including refreshments and the networking buffet luncheon is £125 + VAT (Total £150).

A discount is available for members of the Society of Maritime Industries who pay £75 + VAT (Total £90).

For further information, and to register visit:

MTS Buoy Technology for the Oceans and Lakes, 9-12 April, 2018

The 12th MTS Buoy Workshop will be held on 9-12 April, in the Michigan League located on the University of Michigan Campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Developments in Moored System Capability and Reliability: It’s all about making critical measurements offshore, and getting data from the oceans and lakes back to shore.

Here are other important dates to remember:

Early Workshop Registration Friday, March 2

Exhibitor Application:  Friday, March 2

Early Hotel Discount: Graduate Ann Arbor and Inn at the Michigan League March 16            [Discounted rates honored for attendees 3 days before and after the Buoy Workshop]

Power-Point Presentations:  Friday, April 2

A brief background of other goings on during the workshop:

Icebreaker social will be at the Graduate Inn in the evening of Monday, April 9th

Presentations will be Tuesday, April 10th through noon Thursday, April 12th

Gala Dinner will be in the Union-Rogel Ballroom on Wednesday, April 11th

Tour of GLERL Facilities will happen the afternoon of Thursday, April 12th

For further information visit

OMG 2018 - Ocean Microstructure Glider Workshop Announced for May 28 - June 1, 2018 in Bermuda

Rockland Scientific and the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences are pleased to announce Ocean Microstructure Glider (OMG) 2018 in St. Georges, Bermuda from May 28th to June 1st. OMG 2018 is a specialized training program for Rockland turbulence measurement systems that are integrated with ocean gliders. OMG 2018 will be hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Glider Initiative & Collaboration (MAGIC) at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. The classroom and field training will be optimized for both scientists and technicians and facilitated by instrument specialists from Rockland Scientific.

Fees to attend OMG 2018 are $1,650 USD and do not include transportation & accommodation. Please contact Jeremy at to register. Dormitory room & board at BIOS is also available.  Details of OMG 2018 can be found here:


Teledyne Marine announces the addition of Doug Lockhart in the role of Vice President and General Manager of Teledyne SeaBotix and Teledyne Oceanscience

Mr. Lockhart will manage the two San Diego based vehicle businesses for the company and will report to Dr. Thomas Altshuler, Vice President and Group General Manager for Teledyne Marine Vehicles, the unmanned systems business group for Teledyne Marine.

Mr. Lockhart has worked for Teledyne businesses for over 9 years, including positions as Chief Hydrographer for Teledyne RD Instruments, Director of Business Strategy for Teledyne Marine Sensors and Systems, and most recently Vice President and General Manager of Teledyne CARIS. Prior to working for Teledyne, Mr. Lockhart was a Senior Staff Engineer for Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute from 1990 to 1996 and the Chief Scientist for Fugro Pelagos from 1997 until 2009.

Mr. Lockhart holds both a Bachelors in Science and a Masters in Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Harris Pye launches Greece office

Global engineering group Harris Pye, a Joulon company, has launched Harris Pye Greece/Mediterranean based in Glyfada, Athens and appointed Tony Gennadopoulos Business Development Manager – Greece/Mediterranean.

“Shipping is Greece’s most important industry; indeed, it has been a key element of the Greek economy since ancient times,” Tony Gennadopoulos explains. “I am ensuring that ship owners in Greece are well aware of the products and services Harris Pye has to offer, particularly ballast water treatment systems and scrubbers.

Tony Gennadopoulos and Harris Pye Greece/Mediterranean can be contacted at [email protected] Tel: +306943886880; and Skype: Tony Gennadopoulos

Interventek spearheads further development plans with appointment of sales and business development director

Interventek Subsea Engineering is delighted to announce the appointment of Bruce Stuart to the role of Sales and Business Development Director.

Bruce Stuart brings with him over 30 years of commercial leadership experience and in-depth operational knowledge of the oil and gas industry.  Bruce joins Interventek from Proserv where he was VP Business Development Subsea, having previously held a seven-year tenure at FMC Technologies, responsible for UK and Canada sales and marketing for their subsea products and systems.

This new position at Interventek will support increasing levels of commercialisation activity, as new applications for the company’s ground-breaking Revolution valve technology are rolled out. These new configurations of the already successful, field tested, subsea in-riser shear and seal valves will add similar performance and cost saving benefits to well control systems for light well intervention applications and subsea well abandonments.

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Offshore Party Chief, Fugro, Offshore / Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Contract Type: Permanent, full-time

Closing Date: 02 March 2018

An exciting opportunity has arisen for Party Chief’s to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading global hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. You will be required to lead offshore operations acquiring hydrographic and geophysical data on survey vessels around the world. Managing a wide variety of projects in various fields including renewables, oil and gas and utilities. Focus on your core trained discipline (Survey, geophysics, Engineering) will still be a large part of the job.


To oversee offshore operations

Lead offshore survey teams, maximising productivity and efficiency.

Interpret and implement all contract requirements for each project.

Ensure project deliverables are produced on-time and to the standard demanded by the project requirements.

Liaise with client representative and the project manager.

Implement and administer safe working practices amongst offshore survey team, including implementing all Fugro GB Marine Limited’s safety policies and procedures where they involve the offshore survey team.

Oversee all mobilisation checks and calibrations.

Oversee the production of high-quality project documentation including operational logs, QA and processing logs, daily meeting minutes, calibration details, safety briefing logs, mobilisation checks, daily progress reports and documenting verbal instructions from client.

Oversee all offshore quality control and provide final approval of all offshore deliverables.

Ensure that all offshore requirements have been completed to the required standard prior to leaving the survey site.


To apply and for more details please visit

Geophysical Engineer, Fugro, Offshore / Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Contract Type: Permanent, full-time

Closing Date: 02 March 2018

An exciting opportunity has arisen for offshore engineers to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading global hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. You will be required to work with hydrographic and geophysical equipment and data acquired by survey vessels from around the world. The roles will involve office-based and offshore work. Graduate and experienced candidates are welcome to apply.

Key Responsibilities

Acquire and quality-control geophsyical data. Datasets include but not limited to Sidescan sonar, Sub-bottom profiler, EIVA ScanFish and Magnometer.

Process and reprot on geophysical data. Datasets include but are not limited to Sidescan sonar, Sub-bottom profiler, EIVA ScanFish Magnometer;

Mobilisation and demobilisation of survey equipment;

Assist with equipment maintenance;

Assist with bathymetric survey, processing and reporting;

Author, update and follow work instructions and procedures;

Train and supervise less experienced staff in geophysical survey methods;

Ensure adherence to current QHSSE policies and practices;

Work closely with other Fugro survey teams worldwide.


A qualification in geophysics or closely-related subject is essential;

A Bachelor’s degree or higher in geophysics or closely-related subject is desirable but not essential.

Key Skills:

The following attributes are essential:

Good English language skills, verbal and written;

Experience of an industry-standard geophysical software package, such as: Edgetech Discover, Geometrics MagLog, Fugro Starfix Suite, EIVA ScanFish III Flight, Geosuite AllWorks, Innomar SESWIN.

Understanding of geophysical survey principles;

Excellent computer literacy, including working experience of Microsoft Office;

Excellent attention to detail, quality and safety;

To apply and for more details please visit:

Geophysicist, Fugro, Offshore / Portchester, Hampshire, UK

Contract Type: Permanent, full-time

Closing Date: 02 March 2018

An exciting opportunity has arisen for marine geophysicists to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading global hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. Based either offshore (Europe) and / or in the Fugro office in Portchester (UK);

If based in the Portchester office, there will be some periods of offshore time required. Offshore periods will be between four to six weeks at a time. Shorter periods away from the Portchester office may also be required, for example during vessel mobilisations or at remote processing locations;

If based offshore, period of time offshore will be four to six weeks. Occasional short periods each year, will also be required in the Fugro office in Portchester. In order to conduct training and periodic progress reviews.

Both graduate and experienced candidates are welcome to apply.

Key Responsibilities:

To collect, quality check and process shallow seismic data, including sub-bottom profile systems such as boomer, pinger, chirp and sparker systems;

To collect, quality check and process sidescan sonar and magnetometer data, including UXO data processing and interpretation;

Undertake interpretation of seismic data to provide our clients with detailed geological information;

Assist with equipment maintenance

Undertake offshore surveys, including assistance with vessel mobilisations, when required;

Undertake and assist in the production of technical reports;

Operate in accordance with all Fugro QHSE procedures and work instructions;

Assist with project management and survey planning, when required.


Fugro are pleased to offer:

An opportunity for training and career progression within Fugro;

The chance to work in challenging environment committed to individual professional development;

Being part of an exciting company at the forefront of marine geophysical survey work and consultancy.

To apply and for more details please visit:

Business Development Manager, Swathe Services

As part of Swathe Services continuing success, they are looking for an experienced and motivated Business Development Manager who can drive forward new business and sales, for both Swathe Services and the Swathe Services Group.

This is a great opportunity for a talented and motivated individual to join the team. Reporting to the Managing Director, the Business Development Manager role is focused on achieving financial growth for Swathe Services.

The role requires long-term strategic goal setting, building key customer relationships, identifying and responding to business opportunities, negotiating and closing business deals with the help of the support team, responding to tenders and maintaining extensive knowledge on current market conditions.

In addition, the BDM will manage existing clients, ensuring they are satisfied whilst maintaining ongoing relationships, seeking referrals and new business opportunities. Face to face meetings requiring presentations on solutions and services that meet needs or predict future requirements is a key part of the role.

There will also be industry events, conferences and seminars to attend and present at.

Typical duties and responsibilities: The primary role of the BDM is to generate income streams from new and existing customers.

For more information please go to see:

Sales Engineer, INNOVATUM, UK

Experienced sales engineer required by INNOVATUM due to continually increasing activity in the marine renewable sector. With a relevant engineering background, and extensive experience of the subsea survey sector. To actively promote INNOVATUM products and services to existing and new customers, and assess the requirements for new products relevant to the sector. Office-based with travel to customers, mainly in Europe and UK.

INNOVATUM, established in 2008, designs and manufactures specialist subsea survey equipment. Their operational division provides subsea cable and pipeline survey services to the renewable, oil and gas sectors.

Applications, supported by a current, accurate CV, to [email protected]

Subsea Survey Development Engineer / Senior Surveyor, CMS-Geotech

An exciting opportunity for an experienced, talented and enthusiastic person to become a part of one of the leading independent marine GeoScience Survey Companies.

CMS-Geotech are looking for a motivated, innovative dynamic individual with vision to take a leading role in the technological development and management of both existing & new services. The role will involve office based & offshore work and will require a high degree of travel between company sites.

This will be an exciting and challenging role with wide ranging responsibilities and tasks.

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