Issue 521
30 January 2018:


OFG supports successful project combining AUV and USV mothership to survey the ocean’s depths

The GEBCO-NF Alumni Team has completed the Technology Readiness Tests of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE using a combined Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) system. The goal of the XPRIZE challenge is to advance ocean technologies for rapid, unmanned and high-resolution ocean exploration and discovery. This is a world first using the Hugin AUV and a USV mothership for launch, synchronized autonomous AUV survey operations, and recovery of the AUV back in to the USV. The project demonstrated that combined AUV and USV systems are a viable option for future offshore survey and inspection projects.

The Team chose to work together with OFG to integrate the HUGIN AUV Chercheur, in to the system. Chercheur is an industry-leading survey and pipeline inspection AUV equipped with a multibeam, camera, sub-bottom profiler, OFG Self Compensating Magnetometer (SCM), water chemistry sensors, and the HISAS 1032, a deep-water interferometric synthetic aperture sonar, that was used to collect bathymetric and imagery data for this project.

The USV SEA-KIT Maxlimer was designed by Hushcraft Ltd to act as a surface support vessel for the AUV, including the capacity to launch and recover the AUV and to provide subsea communications and positioning. SEA-KIT is a rugged, impact-safe and self-righting USV that can carry a deployable and retrievable payload of up to 2.5 tons. It has passive motion damping, a stable single-compartment flooding system and a self-deploying and stowing sea anchor to ease and ensure safe operations. The autonomous capabilities of the USV were provided by the K-Mate controller developed by Kongsberg Maritime and the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI).

Videos of the OFG participation and contribution to the project can be found at the following web addresses:  [Short Version], [Full Version]

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RTsys acoustic recorders to the poles!

The Biologist Laurent Chauvaud records underwater noise ranging over an area from the Brittany coast all the way to the Poles and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. With RTsys he found robust underwater acoustic equipment that meets his needs for his new trip to the South Pole.

Sounds from animal moving, feeding and breathing can be used as indicators of the health of ecosystems. The Biologist Laurent Chauvaud has been recording them along the Brittany coast and at the Poles in an attempt to develop new descriptors or marine environment and to better understand how these coastal ecosystems work and handle impact of human activities and climate change.

RTsys has been supplying Laurent Chauvaud with robust and reliable recorders since 2014 for his Artic and Antarctic expeditions. RTsys engineers have developed tools which meet the divers’ needs, as their movements are restricted by the thick wetsuits needed to protect them in -2°C water. Divers are satisfied with the shock resistance, the quality of the batteries and the connection reliability of EA-SDA14 in extreme conditions. This rechargeable recorder, which does not need to be opened, limits the risks associated with the device not being closed correctly and problems with further measurements.

During their last trip to Greenland in May 2017, the biologists team listened to bearded seals, minke whales as well as bivalves, and focused particularly on benthic communities, for they have not been described yet.

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Unabara completes Mississippi sound demonstration survey

Unabara has completed a seafloor geotechnical and bathymetric demonstration survey for various federal and state agencies on the US Gulf Coast. The area of study was the Gulfport, Mississippi Ship Navigation Channel; in particular, areas where “fluid mud” presents potential problems for safe ship passage.

The key acoustic component for the survey was Unabara’s Hydro-2F™ Multi-Frequency Synthetic Beam Bathymetric & Sea Floor Sonar. In addition to providing precision bathymetric mapping, the Hydro-2F™ processed acoustic backscatter data from the sea floor to predict reflection coefficient, porosity, bulk density and other characteristics of the sediments.

Applications for the Hydro-2F range from standard hydrographic mapping, to dredging monitoring, to artificial reef placement selection and shoreline restoration.

Augmented reality maps of both bathymetry and sediment characteristics were generated using Hydromagic™ Survey PC Software (from Eye4Software of the Netherlands).

Interested parties are invited to request a copy of the survey report (including maps) in PDF format (delivered via email) by simply emailing: [email protected] and requesting a copy of Gulfport Survey 2018-1

For additional information about the Hydro-2F™ sonar, visit:

Sea and Spirit Energy team to recycle offshore production equipment

Cohort plc company SEA and leading North Sea oil and gas producer Spirit Energy have joined forces to promote the recycling of valuable subsea production equipment under the former’s Legacy Locker programme. The initiative enables the offshore industry to re-use higher value legacy equipment. The two companies are working together to recycle, two redundant but fully operational Aker third generation Subsea Control Modules (SCMs), following the decommissioning of Spirit Energy’s Ann field.

SEA’s planned refurbishment of the equipment means the modules will be fully functional and available for re-use through Legacy Locker, which comprises a repository of new and refurbished equipment that can be purchased, rented or merely used to ensure operators maintain production.

SCMs are widely used in the UKCS and beyond, and there is demand for support. The industry is also actively considering refurbishment, recertification, and reuse of this type of equipment for smaller, shorter life developments.

Equipment is either owned by Aberdeen-based SEA or its clients and is tested, refurbished, re-certified or reverse-engineered by SEA’s subsea engineering experts.

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SENSYS launches low logistics ROV magnetometer solution MX3D UW

SENSYS launched their new MX3D UW magnetometer system to be mounted on nearly any ROV. Due to very small, lightweight and high sampling Fluxgate magnetometers the MX3D UW allows a very compact setup on and around the ROV. Thus, launch and recovery through A-frames and with TMS has never been easier before. The loaded sensor frame weights only 8kg in air at a width of 1.5m to hold 4 sensors.

The analogue sensors comes with a small recorder to be placed inside the ROV and connected via Ethernet to its MUX. An intuitive recording software on a separate screen onboard allows for an easy management and recording of measurement data while operating the ROV. For the data processing SENSYS offers software to process the data on-board but also supports the major processing- and survey-software products. That way the MX3D UW system is highly integrable into any third party system.

SENSYS is a manufacturer of magnetometers and survey solutions to support their clients daily challenges inshore and offshore.

For more information see the latest product video here.

Riptide Autonomous Solutions opens new facility

During 2017 Riptide Autonomous Solutions delivered an expanding portfolio of offerings including the µUUV®, an “A” sized 4.875” (124mm) diameter UUV; the 1MP One Man Portable 7.5” (190 mm) diameter UUV and the 2 MP Two Man Portable 9.375” (238mm) diameter UUV. To support this growth the company has moved into a new facility.

Previously housed in Greentown Labs, a facility focused on nascent companies, Riptide has moved to the Cordage Commerce Center in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This site shares marine technology heritage, having once been home to the world’s largest manufacturer of rope for sailing vessels. Today it is a thriving business park.

This new location offers Riptide space to grow its staff and manufacturing capabilities as well as an onsite marina. As Riptide focuses on compact, easily deployed, UUVs this site ensures easy access for engineering testing and customer demonstrations. Plymouth is conveniently located near major undersea technology centers including Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Cape Cod and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island.

During 2018 Riptide looks forward to this expanded space to grow both its team and customer base. Visitors to the region are encouraged to contact the company to discuss a site visit and product demonstration.

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University of Rhode Island Students Retrieve ADCP at Bourne Tidal Test Site

As part of a research project, entitled, “Assessment of the Tidal Energy at a Demonstration Site: Cape Cod Canal, MA, URI doctoral student, Soroush Kouhi and three URI Ocean Engineering students went out to the Bourne Tidal Test Site Friday 19 January 2018 to retrieve the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) that was deployed one month ago to take water column velocity data. The data will be analysed to show what the water velocities were for 30 days. The high-resolution data will be correlated to result in a projected energy power output. Determining projected power output for a tidal testing area is important because when device developers install their own turbines at the BTTS, they can compare data from their turbine to the actual energy output recorded by the URI team. Of course every turbine is different but all designers hope to top or match their previous power output results.

The Teledyne ADCP is enshrouded in a bottom mount frame – called a Trawl Resistant Bottom Mount – that is very rugged and is easy to deploy and recover. It was simply placed overboard, fell to the seafloor, was tethered to the BTTS structure and left to collect data for the past month. As with anything that enters the challenging marine environment, the ADCP was seen being buffeted by the currents and the ice floes that move by with the current. Mercifully its buoyancy bladder deployed on target and it floated to the surface for retrieval.

While out there, the team lead by MRECo’s BTTS Site Manager C. Eben Franks installed a downward looking sea surface level sensor that will correlate tidal heights with the water velocities recorded underwater by the ADCP. All of this data will be combined to further characterize the water flow environment at the BTTS.

Marine-i makes its first grant award to pioneering company, Triskel Marine

Marine-i, the EU funded programme set up to boost the marine technology sector in Cornwall, has made its first grant award to Cornish marinetech company Triskel Marine.

Employing eight people, Triskel Marine is a hi-tech company which recently moved to the Marine Enterprise Zone in Hayle, Cornwall. The company specialises in marine data management, communications and power control for the marine industry. They engaged with the Marine-i programme in order to progress a new product from working prototype to commercial product. The innovative product will be launched from Cornwall into the fast-growing global hybrid energy market for mid-sized boats. It is expected to be unveiled at a launch event in the USA in Autumn 2018.

The grant to Triskel Marine, the first from Marine-i’s Marine Challenge Fund, has enabled the company to build a comprehensive hybrid test rig for its new product.

Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Marine-i is a £9.3m collaboration between the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, The Cornwall College Group, Cornwall Marine Network, Cornwall Development Company and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult. It brings together key infrastructure and expertise to enable technology innovation in the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly’s marine sector, which has been identified as an area of high growth potential by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership.

Registration of interest can be made through the Marine-i website at:

Wärtsilä extends the service agreement with Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ldt. for another 10 years

The technology group Wärtsilä has signed a 10-year service partnership agreement with the Swiss company Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (WinGD), a leading developer of two-stroke low-speed gas and diesel engines used for propulsion power in merchant shipping.

The new partnership agreement appoints Wärtsilä as an authorized global service provider for all WinGD products and provides WinGD and its customers continued access to Wärtsilä’s worldwide service network and comprehensive services offering. It also enhances the opportunity for Wärtsilä to provide integrated smart solutions and smart services to the merchant shipping industry.

WinGD was established in 2015 as Wärtsilä’s and China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s (CSSC) joint venture for research and development (R&D), design, operational and manufacturing support, and the marketing and sales of two-stroke low-speed gas and diesel engines. Wärtsilä’s minority stake in the joint venture was transferred to CSSC in 2016.

The agreement will also make Wärtsilä’s integrated lifecycle solutions available to all WinGD-powered vessels, including the development of new digital solutions for performance management, ship management, and energy efficiency optimisation.

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Biodegradable EALs under the spotlight as more sterntube bearings fail

Thordon Bearings has welcomed an industry initiative to evaluate the effect of biodegradable lubricants on sterntube bearings following a reported marked increase in sealed oil lubricated propeller shaft bearing failures.

While many ship operators consider the rise in use of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EAL) a cure-all to meeting environmental regulations, particularly in waters where the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has regulated the use of mineral oils, their performance as a propeller shaft bearing lubricant has come under increasing scrutiny.

It is thought some EALs may impede bearing and seal performance, damaging critical components and compromising oil-tight integrity.

DNV-GL, in conjunction with marine insurers The Swedish Club, Norwegian Hull Club and Gard & Skuld, recently announced the launch of a test programme of EAL’s at the University of Sheffield (UoS), U.K. The testing will focus on EAL lubrication performance in stern tube bearings and could influence future Class Society rules.

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Marine contracting industry launches personal resilience awareness programme

Leading members of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) have come together to develop the IMCA Resilience Awareness Programme tailored specifically for the men and women working in the marine contracting industry.

They did this in the knowledge that one of the key attributes of a successful organisation is its ability to cope and adjust to the many challenging issues in the industry today. The capability of an organisation to do this effectively is largely dictated by the resilience of its people.

The programme, comprising six video modules and accompanying guidance notes for facilitators and an introduction for those embarking on the programme, explains the main concepts of resilience and proposes useful tips on how to develop and improve this capability for use at work and at home.

Filming took place onboard vessels of Subsea 7, Saipem, and Heerema Marine Contractors. The programme is sponsored by IMCA’s board member companies: Allseas, Fugro, Heerema Marine Contractors, Saipem, Subsea 7, TechnipFMC and McDermott International.

The full Programme can be found at

9th Plocan Glider School, Gran Canaria, Spain, 1-5 October 2018

The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands -PLOCAN-  is pleased to announce the 9th Glider School edition, to be held as usual in Gran Canaria (Spain) as hands-on training and networking forum on ocean-gliders technology.

The training-didactical contents will cover both hardware and software issues through theoretical and practical dedicated sessions in class, lab and open waters using real ocean gliders units by different technologies (Seaglider, Slocum, Seaexplorer, Waveglider and Sailbuoy), focusing on ocean-gliders features, their capabilities and applications.

This training week represents a great opportunity for students and professionals worldwide to learn about ocean glider technologies having the direct teaching-support from leading manufacturers of gliders, ocean sensors and rest of accessories that integrates these state-of-the-art unmanned ocean platforms.

For more information and to register, please visit:

Scottish Enterprise and Subsea UK to provide industry insights at Expo event

Delegates from across the oil and gas industry are being invited to learn about the current state of the subsea industry and what the future might look like at a networking event with Scottish Enterprise.

Taking place at the AECC on Wednesday 7 February, the ‘Scottish Enterprise Business Breakfast’, will provide guests with a networking opportunity whilst demonstrate the vast amount of diversification opportunities there are across the sector.

Industry body, Subsea UK will deliver a presentation on the current landscape and the latest developments and opportunities to unfold. The organisation’s latest business activity review revealed that 80% of large companies and 65% of SMEs believe that their exports will grow over the next three years. Scottish Enterprise and Subsea UK will be on-hand at the breakfast event to provide guidance on how delegates can capitalise on these business opportunities and more at Subsea Expo.

Those interested in registering for the ‘Scottish Enterprise Business Breakfast’ can do so here:

MMT ROV Surveyor Interceptor demonstration

MMT is exhibiting at Oceanology International for the 7th time. The event takes place at ExCel in London on the 13-15th of March 2018 and MMT will demonstrate the new version of the fast going survey ROV Surveyor Interceptor, now upgraded for UXO inspections.

MMT launched the first version of the Surveyor ROV in 2014 at Oceanology International. Since then it has been working on some of Europe’s largest pipeline and cable route projects and has been developed in close cooperation with partners and clients.

MMT will present the new and upgraded Survey ROV at Oceanology International 2018 and showcase its portfolio for being world leading in UXO detection and subsea pipeline inspections. At MMT’s stand F601 you will be able to listen to daily presentations, grab something good to drink and meet MMT’s sales team. MMT will also have a presentation about the upgraded Surveyor Interceptor 2 in the Trade & Innovation theatre at Oceanology International on Thursday the 15th of March 2018 at 12:55-1:15 pm.


Rovco appoints new operations manager

Subsea services company, Rovco has appointed Liam Warren as operations manager to support the delivery of complex ROV and survey projects across the globe.

A chartered engineer with considerable knowledge and understanding of the offshore sector, Mr Warren brings more than 15 years’ experience having worked on a number of major oil and gas, marine renewables and nuclear projects.

Prior to joining Rovco, Mr Warren was a construction package manager for Costain where he played an instrumental role in the development of the marine works required for the construction of an offshore heat sink system for the nuclear facility at Hinkley Point C.

In his role at Rovco, Mr Warren will manage the implementation of all ROV and survey projects, while sourcing the skills and resources required to ensure flawless execution, from tender to completion.

For more information about Rovco, visit

Evac Group has appointed Tomas Michelsson as President, Offshore and Merchant vessel business

Evac Group has appointed Tomas Michelsson as President, Offshore and Merchant vessel business, effective January 8, 2018. The Offshore and Merchant business area is one of the four business areas at Evac and it encompasses the following customer groups: Ropax vessels and ferries;            Yachts;           Cargo vessels;          Work boats and special vessels;   Navy and coast guard vessels;          Offshore vessels and platforms.

Tomas is a member of the Evac Group Management Team. He is based in Espoo, Finland, and reports to Tomi Gardemeister, President and CEO of Evac Group.

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Hydrographic Surveyor, Fugro, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

An exciting opportunity has arisen for hydrographic surveyors to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading global hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. The roles will involve office-based and offshore work. Graduate and experienced candidates are welcome to apply.

Key Responsibilities

Acquire and quality-control hydrographic data. Datasets include but are not limited to multibeam echosounder, multibeam backscatter, GNSS and USBL;

Process and report on hydrographic data. Datasets include but are not limited to multibeam echosounder, multibeam backscatter, GNSS and USBL;

Mobilisation and demobilisation of vessels;

Assist with tendering and commercial work;

Assist with equipment maintenance;

Assist with geophysical survey, processing and reporting;

Author, update and follow work instructions and procedures;

Train and supervise less experienced staff in hydrographic survey methods;

Ensure adherence to current QHSSE policies and practices.


A qualification in hydrography or closely-related subject is essential;

A Bachelor’s degree or higher in hydrography or closely-related subject is desirable but not essential.

Key Skills

The following attributes are essential:

Good English language skills, verbal and written;

Experience of an industry-standard hydrographic software package, such as: Applanix POSPac, CARIS HIPS/SIPS, Fugro Starfix, QPS QINSy;

Understanding of hydrographic survey principles;

Excellent computer literacy, including working experience of Microsoft Office;

Excellent attention to detail, quality and safety;

Able to manage own time and deliver to tight deadlines;

Able to work flexible hours and travel when required;

Able to work offshore for periods of up to 6 weeks.

The following attributes are desirable:

Experience of working offshore;

Experience in defence, oil and gas, ocean science, renewables and/or survey industries.

To apply and for more details please visit

Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor, ABP, Southampton

Full time, Permanent contract
Competitive Salary + Excellent Benefits

Southampton is the UK’s number one vehicle handling port, Europe’s leading turnaround cruise port and the UK’s most productive container port. Operated by DP World Southampton, the terminal is home to the new 500m deepwater quay SCT5, which was purpose built to handle the biggest ships in the world.

The Role: Reporting to the Principal Hydrographic Surveyor, the purpose of the role is to assist with all aspects of hydrographic data gathering/ processing and chart production for the Port of Southampton and other locations across the local area, as well as the wider ABP group as may be required.


To undertake hydrographic survey field work on board the Port’s survey vessels (data acquisition and quality control).

Assist with survey vessel boat handling as and when required within the Hydrographic department.

To carry out data reduction, processing and the production of charts, and other documents as directed by the Principal Hydrographic Surveyor.

Assist with the provision of hydrographic services to third party port users.

Assist with maintenance and implementation of survey related equipment and processes on board survey vessels, and general vessel husbandry (excluding vessel maintenance).

Assist in the maintenance of records on availability of local Aids to Navigation to the appropriate authorities.

To undertake other related marine and hydrographic duties as directed by the Harbour Master or Principal Hydrographic Surveyor.


Skills and Experience
Higher education to degree/diploma level in a relevant marine/geographical discipline.
Experience of the marine environment.
Confidence in numeracy, literacy, IT skills.
Ability to work as part of a small specialist team with a flexible attitude.
Confidence to follow instructions and make own decisions as required.
Willingness to learn with a positive, can-do attitude.

Membership of relevant professional body or association.

To apply, visit by 11 February 2018

Research Vessel & Marine Systems Manager, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Northern Ireland, AFBI Newforge, Belfast

Salary: £47,749 – £52,334

Department: Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Northern Ireland (AFBI)

The RV Corystes, owned and operated by AFBI, currently undertakes a far reaching and dynamic at-sea scientific work programme to acquire scientific evidence to support statutory and policy responsibilities in the marine fisheries and marine environmental areas.

AFBI is seeking to recruit a Research Vessel & Marine Systems Manager to manage the ship management contract as well as the electronic instrumentation and marine systems engineering services within the branch. You will have a high degree of interaction with the ship managers, the crew and scientists. You will take a leading role in innovation, health and safety management and the development of charter opportunities. The role requires strong leadership, effective decision making and excellent communication skills.

Further appointments may be made from this competition should AFBI positions become vacant which have similar duties and responsibilities.

For more detailed information and to apply, please go to

Alternatively, an application pack can be requested by contacting: HRConnect, PO Box 1089, The Metro Building, 6-9 Donegall Square South, Belfast, BT1 9EW. Telephone: 0800 1 300 330. Email: [email protected]

All requests must include your name, address and reference number IRC224852.

Completed application forms must be returned to arrive not later than 12:00 noon (UK time) on Monday 19 February 2018.

Applications are particularly welcomed from Roman Catholics and females as these groups are currently under-represented within AFBI. AFBI is an Equal Opportunities Employer. All applications for employment are considered strictly on the basis of merit.

Business Development Manager, EGS International Ltd, Bordon, Hampshire

Position: Full time, Permanent
Salary: Dependant on experience

An ambitious Business Development Manager is required to join the EGS International survey team. The successful applicant will be pro-active and skilful in identifying new business opportunities. You will be highly motivated and capable of working independently or as part of a team to actively grow and develop the company, maximising its business opportunities and opening new revenue streams.

You will be required to target and engage new business partners, as well as build relationships with existing customers. You should be confident and able to present to customers both in terms of selling but also demonstrate technical understanding of the customer’s requirements. This role will incorporate business planning, assisting with marketing plans, strategic input and advice on high value tender and bid opportunities. You will be required to manage, promote and represent the Company’s presence at Exhibitions and Conferences to develop and create opportunities.

Desired skills, knowledge and experience:

Experience with a proven evidenced track record as a Business Development Manager within a similar environment

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, comfortable presenting to small and medium sized audiences

Ability to communicate on a technical level in various environments comfortably

An understanding of the Marine survey industry would be advantageous

Degree educated within a technical subject and/or marketing

Ability to work autonomously as well as part of a small team

Manage and maintain the CRM system

You must live or be willing to relocate to a commutable distance of the EGS office in Bordon, Hampshire

To apply, please send a covering letter outlining your experience and salary history together with your CV to [email protected]

Reporting Manager, EGS International Ltd, Bordon, Hampshire

Position: Full time, Permanent
Salary: Dependant on experience

An experienced Reporting Manager is required to join the EGS International survey team, covering all aspects of technical report preparation and submission, including the collation of all supporting electronic data. You will be part of a hard-working and dedicated, working on a wide range of marine survey projects.

This role is critical to ensuring delivery of data to very high-quality standards. The successful candidate will be a meticulous, organised, team player, with the ability to work under their own initiative to tight deadlines.

You will be required to:

Organise and manage required resources for report input while liaising with other internal departments

Manage reporting schedules and deadline

Ensure Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures are strictly managed and adhered to at all times

Ensure that the deliverables meet or exceed the Client specification

We are looking for a candidate with a keen eye for detail and the necessary technical skills and experience to fulfil an integral team role.

Desired skills, knowledge and experience:

Strong hydrographic or geosciences background (related university degree or relevant experience)

Excellent, proven technical report writing skills with a meticulous attention to detail

Well organised and self-motivated, ability to work within high pressure situations and to tight delivery deadlines

Proficient user of Microsoft Office

Ability to maintain consistent in-house document style/format

Knowledge of industry standard software packages (IHS Kingdom, Oasis Montaj, SonarWiz)

Knowledge of GIS software packages

You must live or be willing to relocate to a commutable distance of the EGS office in Bordon, Hampshire

To apply, please send a covering letter outlining your experience and salary history together with your CV to [email protected]

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