Issue 520
23 January 2018:


Sonardyne deep tracking technology selected for German research vessel upgrade

Ocean science company, Sonardyne International Ltd., has announced that its deep water acoustic tracking technology, Ranger 2, has been installed on one of the most modern vessels in the German research fleet, the Maria S. Merian.  The announcement was made at the annual meeting of the Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO), which this year is hosted by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA.

Delivered through Sonardyne’s in-country agent, Scholz Ingenieur Büro GmbH, the system was chosen as a replacement for the vessel’s existing third-party Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic equipment to enable science teams to precisely track the position of deep-water science systems including unmanned robotic platforms and seafloor landers to beyond seven kilometres. German scientists’ first-hand experience of the Ranger 2 systems fitted to the UK’s research vessels, including the RRS James Cook, is reported to have been a key factor in the institute’s decision to select it for the Maria S. Merian.

For more information on Sonardyne’s Ranger 2 USBL tracking system visit

Imenco wins contract for world’s largest offshore wind farm

Imenco Corrosion Technology AS have been awarded a contract to deliver equipment for corrosion protection of the world’s largest offshore wind farm; Hornsea Project One off the coast of UK.

Imenco Corrosion Technology AS (sister company of Imenco AS) have been awarded a contract to deliver equipment for corrosion protection (cathodic protection) of the world’s largest offshore wind farm – Hornsea Project One off the Yorkshire coast in UK. The contract has been awarded by Ørsted Wind Power A/S (previously DONG Energy Wind Power A/S) – the world’s largest developer and operator of offshore renewable energy. The wind farm consists of 174 wind turbines with a total capacity of 1,2 Gigawatt or electrical power for more than 1 million homes. The contract is for systems to connect sacrificial anodes to the turbine foundations and consist of Imenco’s Piranha® earthing connectors, cables and cable protectors.

Following Imenco’s first delivery of cathodic protection equipment for offshore wind projects in 2016, the company has been awarded contracts for delivery of similar solutions for 8 European offshore wind power projects in UK, Germany and Belgium.

Imenco has developed a series of solutions for connection of sacrificial anodes to various subsea structures. The solutions are all made to be installed without the use of divers and are all based on the same patented technology. In addition to offshore wind, the main application is found in lifetime extension of offshore oil and gas assets like pipelines, subsea production systems as well as floating and fixed platforms.

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Newton and iXBlue demonstrate system integration

iXBlue, one of the leading suppliers of IMU systems to the world and Newton Labs, the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer of underwater laser scanners announced demonstrations and tests of advanced integration technology between their systems to supply the highest possible resolution of laser scanning coupled with an IMU in ROV/AUV service. Performed at Newton’s facility in Seattle, the combination of the two advanced systems and coupled with the advanced integration technology developed between the two companies; this test demonstrates the highest possible resolution in subsea laser scans.

The two companies first demonstrated the ability of the combination to operate in conjunction with industry standard navigation software. They then also proved the ability of the Newton scanners to work with the full data set from the iXBlue Phins IMU to adjust the Newton laser scans for heading, pitch and roll independent of any other software.

Newton Labs broad line of underwater laser scanners with most of the models operating both as fully internal scanners and also as fixed line scanners with IMU support brings to the subsea industry products that allow for the successful conclusion of virtually any laser scanning project. Whether it is full field scanning, pipe line scanning or high-resolution corrosion and crack detection Newton’s underwater scanners have features to bring the highest resolution possible to the work. With depths to 4000 meters and resolutions to 0.1 mm, one of Newton’s underwater laser scanners can provide the data when converted to CAD models to satisfy most requirements.

For further information visit and

4DGlobal to provide Applanix Products and Solutions for land and air survey customers in Australia and New Zealand

Applanix, a Trimble Company, announced today that 4DGlobal has been selected to provide products, support, and service for Applanix’ air and land customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Working with Applanix, 4DGlobal increases its range of products with the addition of Applanix’ Position and Orientation Solutions for airborne and land vehicles including industry-leading POS AV and POSTrack, POS LV, DG for UAV OEM board sets, and POSPac MMS software. Working with 4DGlobal, Applanix gains knowledgeable and expert representation in an important and growing marketplace.

The Applanix POS AV system (Position and Orientation System for Airborne Vehicles) is a hardware and software system specifically designed for Direct Georeferencing of airborne sensor data. By integrating precision GNSS with inertial technology, POS AV enables geospatial projects to be completed more efficiently, effectively, and economically. OEM board sets are available including those designed for use on UAVs (DG for UAV).  POS LV is a compact, fully integrated, turnkey Position and Orientation System utilizing integrated inertial technology to generate stable, reliable, and repeatable positioning solutions for land-based vehicle applications.  POSPac Mobile Mapping Suite is Applanix’ next generation, industry-leading software for Direct Georeferencing of mobile mapping sensors using GNSS and inertial technology.

Contact 4DGlobal by visiting

Teledyne Gavia releases iXblue Phins Compact C3 module

Teledyne Gavia, manufacturer of the Gavia Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), announced the release of a new navigation module that incorporates iXblue‘s new Phins Compact C3 with a Teledyne RDI 1200 kHz Workhorse. The system is another high quality option for customers interested in high accuracy navigation at a competitive market price and in a compact form.

The Gavia AUV can be utilized in various applications, including geophysical surveys, cable and pipeline surveys, environmental surveys, and under ice surveys, as well as Mine Countermeasures (MCM), Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA), and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) surveys.

Equipping the Gavia with the Phins Compact C3 and TRDI‘s Workhorse DVL offers a 0.3% CEP50 Distance Travelled navigation accuracy in a very compact module that lowers the weight and size of the vehicle from previous navigation options. The Phins Compact C3 is the second inertial navigation system from iXblue that Teledyne Gavia has integrated into the Gavia AUV.  Teledyne Gavia has had great success with the iXblue C5, so the company is excited to extend the portfolio of iXblue technology available on the Offshore Surveyor with the introduction of the Phins Compact C3.

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ROV/AUV Mounted Sediment Corer now available from OSIL

UK-based Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) have announced the release of an innovative new sediment corer designed to be mounted to the skids of ROVs or AUVs.

The self-contained system will allow sediment samples to be collected during routine ROV operations and can be daisy chained together to allow multiple core assemblies to be installed as one system.  The assemblies are powered and controlled by the customers own skid control unit and have been pressure tested for use in depths of up to 1200m, with deeper units currently in development.

The design is based around the industry standard multiple (multi) corer, and each assembly recovers a 400mm sample containing 300mm sediment and 100mm supernatant water. Disturbance of the sample is minimal as the core tubes seal after sampling to preserve the sediment/water interface, and the rate of penetration can be adjusted to suit environmental conditions.

Each complete assembly weighs approximately 12kg in air and exerts a downward penetration force of up to ~15kg. On recovery the core tubes can be recovered and replaced swiftly, and can either be sampled directly, or frozen and sampled subsequently.

OSIL’s precision engineering facilities allowed a development prototype to be demonstrated to the customer before the final design specification was agreed.

For further information visit or contact: [email protected] or call +44 (0) 2392 488 240.

PingDSP unveils turnkey Shallow Water Wide Swath Bathymetry Solution

Ping DSP, manufacturer of the 3DSSTM, continues to innovate with new shallow water bathymetry technologies with the introduction of the turnkey 3DSS‐iDX‐450. The introduction of the iDX reaffirms PingDSP as the leading innovator and developer of sonar technology for shallow water hydrography and imaging. “Performance, versatility and simplicity, that’s what shallow water hydrographers want, and that’s exactly what the 3DSS‐iDX is all about”, says Dr. Paul Kraeutner, PingDSP’s founder and CEO.

The PingDSP engineering team worked closely with both SBG Systems and AML Oceanographic to provide seamless integration of hydrography grade peripherals into the iDX sonar head, significantly reducing both installation and operating complexity. The newly integrated OEM Ellipse2‐E INS or optional Ekinox2 provides accurate sonar attitude, heading and heave information in a GNSS aided package. While the recently unveiled AML MicroX SVT probe provides accurate sound velocity at the transducer face for seamless real‐time angle corrections.

The iDX‐450 also includes a new Sonar Interface Unit that offers an integrated GNSS option and provides ultra‐portable field operation with as little as a laptop and battery while also supporting easy interfacing with external MRU, GNSS or INS systems aboard a fully equipped survey launch or unmanned vehicle.

Ping DSP’s flagship 3DSS‐DX sonar has well established the utility of combining accurate wide swath bathymetry with high resolution 3D (and 2D) imagery and the iDX now extends that capability as a complete hydrographic/imaging solution for customers who want both versatility and installation/operating simplicity without sacrificing performance.

For more information regarding the 3DSS‐iDX‐450, please email [email protected] or visit

Research partnership helps ocean industries

MetOcean Solutions and the Coastal and Regional Oceanography Group in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) are partnering to ensure that marine industries will benefit from the latest ocean research along the southeast coast of Australia.

The UNSW team developed a 23-year (1994-2016) hydrodynamic hindcast model using the 3D Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS). The model simulates ocean circulation at sufficient resolution (2.5-6 km) to characterise the hydrodynamics in the region. Results have been validated with quality, long-term oceanographic data, and were distributed through the Australian Integrated Marine Observing Program (NSW-IMOS).

The MetOcean Solutions team use model output to generate statistics needed by clients for design purposes. In addition, they have characterised the coastal marine environment at a number of locations along the coast of SE Australia, and are conducting research that will improve understanding of dynamical drivers of the coastal circulation. The data has also been used to provide boundary conditions to clients for further downscaling studies.

For further information about Australian oceanographic research and consultancy services, please contact Alexis Berthot in Sydney at [email protected].

CGG in support of SNH in its Promotion of Open Acreages in Rio del Rey and Douala/Kribi-Campo Basins for 2018 Cameroon Licensing Round

CGG announced that it has an agreement with Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH), the National Oil and Gas Company of Cameroon, to promote enhanced multi-client E&P data packages and interpretative products, in support of Cameroon’s 2018 Onshore & Offshore Licensing Round opened and conducted by SNH for eight free blocks on offer, located in sedimentary basins offshore and onshore Cameroon.

The Licensing Round opened on 15 January 2018 and will close on 29 June 2018. Roadshows will be held in London on 28 February to 2 March 2018 and in Houston on 7 to 9 March 2018, with the participation of specialists from both SNH and CGG.

Cameroon is a proven hydrocarbon province with oil and gas production from both the Rio Del Rey (RDR) and Douala/Kribi-Campo (DKC) basins. Significant further opportunities exist for commercial hydrocarbon accumulations in both basins with large tracts of open acreage available, particularly in the DKC basin. Recent new petrophysical and geophysical analyses have identified potential missed opportunities from previous exploration, and there is even more potential for large volumes of hydrocarbons to be present across these increasingly prospective basins.

The TerraCubeTM suite of integrated data packages of the onshore/offshore DKC and RDR sedimentary basins will offer oil and gas explorers access to workstation-ready 2D and 3D seismic, well data and interpretative products, with unrivalled coverage, enabling them to make a rapid technical evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential of the blocks on offer.

For further information, visit

A vote for Compac is a vote for sustainable shipping

Thordon Bearings’ water lubricated propeller shaft bearing system, COMPAC, has been nominated for the 2018 Green4Sea Technical Award.

The Green4Sea award is presented to those companies that have made a significant technological breakthrough or have made a significant contribution in any aspect of environmental maritime activity. The winners are selected by members of the global maritime industry who are invited to cast their votes. You can vote at

Recent orders from Login Logistica, Matson Navigation, Lomar, COSCO, Tropical Shipping, MSC Cruises and Viking Crusies attest to this.

Thordon’s belief is that seawater shaft lubrication systems provide the only guarantee of zero environmental impact from the propeller shaft, without detriment to shaft integrity, reliability and operability.

Voters can learn more about the environmental and operational advantages of using COMPAC at

Hydrex receives energy award for revolutionary propeller buffing technique

Hydrex, a Belgian underwater repair and maintenance specialist, has been awarded the prestigious Energy Globe Award for 2017 from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

The award was presented to Hydrex CEO Boud van Rompay at the company’s Antwerp headquarters by Mrs Martina Madeo from the Austrian Embassy in Brussels in recognition of the company’s revolutionary propeller buffing technique.

According to van Rompay, the loss of efficiency, from the altered shape and the roughness of the ground blades, results in increased fuel consumption, by up to 10%, with the consequent higher fuel cost to the operator and a corresponding increase in greenhouse gas emissions. The Hydrex method employs much lighter, more frequent cleaning with a less-aggressive tool than a grinding wheel.

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce awarded Hydrex the prestigious Energy Globe Award on the basis that the technique can result in fuel savings of 5% or more.

The Energy Globe Award was first launched in 1999. It showcases worldwide projects that conserve and protect natural resources or that employ renewable energy. The goal is to present successful sustainable projects to a broad audience, demonstrating that good, feasible solutions already exist to many environmental problems. More than 2,000 projects and initiatives from 178 countries were submitted for the 2017 awards.

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Bibby Offshore Holdings Limited - Completion of Recapitalisation

Bibby Offshore Holdings Limited (“Bibby Offshore” or the “Group”), is delighted to announce that it has completed the recapitalisation of its balance sheet announced on 5 December 2017.

The comprehensive agreement on the recapitalisation of its balance sheet was approved by an over-whelming majority of 98.7% of noteholders of the £175 million 7.5% senior secured notes at the Scheme Meeting held on 10 January 2018. The noteholders, which have provided significant support to the business, are now the new owners of the Group.

The recapitalisation was finalised Wednesday, January 17th and is effective immediately. This will result in the Group having a substantially debt-free balance sheet with an equity injection of £50 million to enable it to reach its full potential by consolidating and expanding its position within the offshore inspection, repairs and maintenance and construction markets. The Group was supported throughout the transaction by Ernst & Young LLP, as financial adviser, and Latham & Watkins (London) LLP, as legal adviser.

The full details visit

iSURVEY celebrates successful end to 2017

iSURVEY, a leading provider of survey and positioning services to the global oil and gas, offshore renewables and telecommunications markets, has celebrated a successful end to 2017 with contract awards totalling more than £250,000.

This work, which was awarded in the last two months of 2017, included two subsea cable excavation projects and a UXO inspection scope. Each of the projects involved offshore wind-related scopes in either UK or NW Europe, which have contributed to iSURVEY’s sustained growth in the offshore renewables market.

This positive end to 2017 has paved the way for continued success in 2018, with a recruitment campaign already underway in Norway and the UK.

For more information please visit:


Subsea Expo, 7-9 February 2018, AECC, Aberdeen

Attracting over 5,000 delegates and around 150 exhibitors, Subsea Expo is a free subsea exhibition and conference.

Registration gives you access to the exhibition and all of the conference sessions. To register please visit

The conference runs multiple parallel sessions over the three days and attracts a broad range of experts to discuss the challenges facing the industry, cost efficiency, new technologies and diversification, among other topics. To view the interactive schedule which includes information on speakers, timings, biographies and abstracts, visit

You can also download the Subsea Expo app via AttendeeHub which includes a helpful schedule planner to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Plot your course with an interactive floorplan, and join in the #SubseaExpo buzz on social media. Click here to download the app on your mobile device.

Exploring Energy Opportunities in Brazil, 19-21 March 2018, Rio de Janeiro

UK subsea companies are being encouraged to join the sixth edition of the ‘UK Energy in Brazil’ trade mission which takes place in March.

The event has been organised by the Department for International Trade (DIT) in association with Subsea UK, along with the Energy Industries Council (EIC), Society of Maritime Industries, East of England Energy Group and Scottish Development International.

The objective of the mission is to showcase UK capabilities in the energy industry, enabling companies to share expertise and consolidate strategic partnerships for the Brazil energy sector.

Industry body, Subsea UK will lead the subsea section of the showcase which will connect around 12 UK subsea companies with Brazil’s most influential energy players.

As part of the programme, delegates will get the opportunity to present their capabilities during a conference showcase session on March 20 in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, the Brazilian DIT team will organise site visits to the major operators and contractors across the country.

As part of the UK Government’s strategy to help double British exports by 2020, Subsea UK is   seeking to strengthen trade partnerships across the globe, exporting the country’s sought after subsea expertise to increase the sector’s international capabilities and reputation.

The trade mission to Brazil will take place from March 19-21 in Rio de Janeiro. For more information, visit

CTG showcases latest sensor technology to rapidly detect microbiological contaminants at "Water & Health Workshop".

Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd (CTG) will be exhibiting at the jointly held SWIG (Sensing for Water Interest Group) & Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) “Water & Health Workshop” on 31st January at the University of West of England.  The workshop will commence with a keynote talk from Public Health England giving an overview of waterborne disease, followed by presentations from companies & researchers showcasing the latest devices & sensor technologies that are able to rapidly detect microbiological & chemical contaminants.

During the workshop, CTG’s Justin Dunning will be demonstrating the Lux family of portable & on-line systems for measurements of Algae parameters, Hydrocarbons, CDOM & Bacteria (Tryptophan-like fluorescence).

The workshop also includes a presentation from British Geological Survey which will cover the use of the CTG Bacti-Wader system in their project overseas.

Details on how to register for the workshop can be obtained at:

This is an excellent opportunity to stay abreast on the theme of Water & Health and obtain knowledge on CTG’s Lux range of sensors and portable and on-line systems.

MTS Buoy Technology for the Oceans and Lakes’, 9-12 April, Michigan

Plans are now in full swing for the 12th MTS Buoy Workshop which will be held in the Michigan League on the beautiful campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The hosts this year are the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research, and the Great Lakes Observing System, Regional Association.

Abstracts Deadline – Friday, February 16

Presentation Deadline – Friday, April 2

Icebreaker Reception – Monday, April 9 at the Graduate Inn

Presentations – Tuesday, April 10 through noon on Thursday, April 12

Gala Dinner – Wednesday, April 11 at the Michigan League

Tour of GLERL Facilities – Afternoon of Thursday, April 12

For further information visit

Aqua-tools to provide free training and support with every b-qua ballast water monitoring solution

Shipowners, test labs, ballast water manufacturers and Port State Control Authorities that use aqua-tools’ B-QUA rapid ballast water monitoring kit can now benefit from a year’s free training and support.

The full scope of services that aqua-tools will provide with its ATP 2GTM technology includes full web-based and in-field training for technicians, engineers and crew; the issuance of training reports and certificates; recommendations for optimum ballast water sampling; regulatory updates and scientific studies relating to ballast water treatment and analysis; along with comprehensive reports on the efficacy of the installed ballast water treatment plant.

The training and support procedures aqua-tools has implemented is intended to help the industry implement ATP-metry technology (sampling, analytical protocols, interpretation, microbiological mapping, etc.) to best fit a company’s specific needs.

For further information, visit


Mark Grabowski Joins Teledyne Marine OneTeam in Houston, TX

Teledyne Marine is pleased to announce that Mark Grabowski has joined the Teledyne Marine OneTeam of professionals as sales manager in the Gulf of Mexico region for their Imaging and Instruments product lines. Mark brings with him a wealth of relevant experience, having supervised and implemented a broad scope of technical marine projects for the oil and gas industry over the past 18 years.

Mark attended Texas A&M University at Galveston where he received a BS in Marine Sciences. His career has led him to work for some of the industry’s preeminent marine organisations, including Veritas DGC Inc., where he performed deep water seismic surveys; Fugro GEOS, where he served as a project oceanographer for coastal studies and deep-water operation; and DOF Subsea Inc., where he performed extensive survey and positioning field work in support of deep water drilling and subsea construction operations.

Mark Grabowski is located in the Houston Center of Excellence, located on Chimney Rock Road in Houston, TX.


Hydrographic Surveyor, Fugro, Portchester, Hampshire, UK

An exciting opportunity has arisen for hydrographic surveyors to join Fugro, one of the world’s leading global hydrographic and geophysical survey companies. The roles will involve office-based and offshore work. Graduate and experienced candidates are welcome to apply.

Key Responsibilities

Acquire and quality-control hydrographic data. Datasets include but are not limited to multibeam echosounder, multibeam backscatter, GNSS and USBL;

Process and report on hydrographic data. Datasets include but are not limited to multibeam echosounder, multibeam backscatter, GNSS and USBL;

Mobilisation and demobilisation of vessels;

Assist with tendering and commercial work;

Assist with equipment maintenance;

Assist with geophysical survey, processing and reporting;

Author, update and follow work instructions and procedures;

Train and supervise less experienced staff in hydrographic survey methods;

Ensure adherence to current QHSSE policies and practices.


A qualification in hydrography or closely-related subject is essential;

A Bachelor’s degree or higher in hydrography or closely-related subject is desirable but not essential.

Key Skills

The following attributes are essential:

Good English language skills, verbal and written;

Experience of an industry-standard hydrographic software package, such as: Applanix POSPac, CARIS HIPS/SIPS, Fugro Starfix, QPS QINSy;

Understanding of hydrographic survey principles;

Excellent computer literacy, including working experience of Microsoft Office;

Excellent attention to detail, quality and safety;

Able to manage own time and deliver to tight deadlines;

Able to work flexible hours and travel when required;

Able to work offshore for periods of up to 6 weeks.

The following attributes are desirable:

Experience of working offshore;

Experience in defence, oil and gas, ocean science, renewables and/or survey industries.

To apply and for more details please visit

Electronic/Electrical Engineer, Marine Autonomous Robotics Systems (MARS) ROV Group, National Marine Facilities Sea Systems, National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Southampton

£28,200 and £30,600 (dependent on skills and experience)
Full time

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) are seeking an Electronics/Electrical Engineer to join their experienced team of enthusiastic engineers who are developing and operating the NERC’s ROV Isis and other deep towed equipment.

This role will support the ROV and deep towed equipment at sea and maintain service and upgrade the systems back at base. During sea-going operations, you will work with an experienced team and will be expected to fly and control the ROV to photograph and sample the deep oceans of the world. You will also trouble shoot and fix software and/or electronic/electrical problems as they arise. Sometimes these need to be fixed under tight time constraints and arduous conditions, so a practical can-do attitude is essential.

Back at base you will primarily work on servicing and developing the ROV team’s equipment, but you may also be required to work on other MARS Marine Autonomous System, as well as more broadly on the National Marine Facilities Sea Systems equipment.

This is a permanent position offered on NERC terms and conditions and is open to internal and external candidates.

For further information about the role and to apply, please visit

Closing date: 28 January 2018

Software Engineer, Marine Autonomous Robotics Systems (MARS) ROV Group, National Marine Facilities Sea Systems, National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Southampton

£28,000 and £30,600 (dependent on skills and experience)
Full Time

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) are seeking a Software Engineer to join their experienced team of enthusiastic engineers who are developing and operating the NERC’s ROV Isis and other deep towed equipment.

This role will support the ROV and deep towed equipment at sea and maintain service and upgrade the systems back at base. During sea-going operations, you will work with an experienced team and will be expected to fly and control the ROV to photograph and sample the deep oceans of the world. You will also trouble shoot and fix software and/or electronic/electrical problems as they arise. Sometimes these need to be fixed under tight time constraints and arduous conditions, so a practical can-do attitude is essential.

Back at base you will primarily work on servicing and developing the ROV team’s equipment, but you may also be required to work on other MARS Marine Autonomous System, as well as more broadly on the National Marine Facilities Sea Systems equipment.

This is a permanent position offered on NERC terms and conditions and is open to internal and external candidates.

For further information about the role and to apply, please visit

Closing date: 28 January 2018

Principal Robotic Systems Engineer, Marine Robotics Innovation Centre (MRIC), Innovation & Enterprise, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (NOC)

Salary: £45,271 to £49,207 per annum


The NOC are seeking a Principal Robotic Systems Engineer to join their Marine Robotics Innovation Centre. The aim of the innovation centre is to foster collaborative engagements between innovative companies developing Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) and the NOC to generate mutually beneficial commercial and science opportunities.


Working closely with the Marine Autonomous Robotic Systems (MARS) team you will be responsible for technical oversight and project management of internally and externally funded innovation centre projects. The role will involve taking the lead in the development of a variety of projects from initial ideas and discussions to specifications, design, implementation and testing, and finally through to sea trials.

This is a permanent position, offered on NERC terms and conditions and is open to internal and external candidates.

As the ideal candidate you will have:

A degree (or equivalent) from a relevant engineering discipline, together with significant relevant experience of robotic platforms or sensors, ideally in the maritime environment. A background in software development would be advantageous.

A broad engineering knowledge with a good understanding of physics, mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical systems and software development.

A proven track record of managing multiple successful projects and leading projects from inception to completion.

A sophisticated approach to decision making, with the ability to consider the impact of decisions at all levels and demonstrate sound financial management skills.

Experience of liaising with potential funders, commercial and joint venture project partners and other key stakeholders in a complex environment.

Proven experience of effectively identifying, preparing and submitting funding proposals

Experience of standard project management tools and methodologies (e.g. Prince2)

Strong written and verbal communication skills and be fluent and influential in all media, as appropriate for the audience.

Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to lead and motivate a small highly skilled team to maximise team effectiveness.

All internal and external applications are handled by UK SBS. For further information about the role and to apply, please visit

Closing date: 11 February 2018

Research Vessel & Marine Systems Manager, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Northern Ireland, AFBI Newforge, Belfast

Salary: £47,749 – £52,334

Department: Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Northern Ireland (AFBI)

The RV Corystes, owned and operated by AFBI, currently undertakes a far reaching and dynamic at-sea scientific work programme to acquire scientific evidence to support statutory and policy responsibilities in the marine fisheries and marine environmental areas.

AFBI is seeking to recruit a Research Vessel & Marine Systems Manager to manage the ship management contract as well as the electronic instrumentation and marine systems engineering services within the branch. You will have a high degree of interaction with the ship managers, the crew and scientists. You will take a leading role in innovation, health and safety management and the development of charter opportunities. The role requires strong leadership, effective decision making and excellent communication skills.

Further appointments may be made from this competition should AFBI positions become vacant which have similar duties and responsibilities.

For more detailed information and to apply, please go to

Alternatively, an application pack can be requested by contacting: HRConnect, PO Box 1089, The Metro Building, 6-9 Donegall Square South, Belfast, BT1 9EW. Telephone: 0800 1 300 330. Email: [email protected]

All requests must include your name, address and reference number IRC224852.

Completed application forms must be returned to arrive not later than 12:00 noon (UK time) on Monday 19 February 2018.

Applications are particularly welcomed from Roman Catholics and females as these groups are currently under-represented within AFBI. AFBI is an Equal Opportunities Employer. All applications for employment are considered strictly on the basis of merit.

General Manager, OARS-HPSG

OARS-HPSG provides high-quality contract personnel, professional consulting, and data processing services to the offshore energy and survey industries. The company is focused on the provision of skilled American-based personnel to assist with projects worldwide.

OARS-HPSG is seeking a qualified General Manager to kick off a new growth strategy, beginning with a Houston expansion in Q2 of 2018. The experienced candidate will be responsible for opening the new office and overseeing a team of personnel coordinators and data processors to grow company operations and continue to provide the high level of service clients expect of OARS-HPSG.

Specific duties for the General Manager will include:

Overall management of company operations for all service sets

Business development and expansion opportunities into new market sectors

Interface with OARS-HPSG directors, contract personnel, and clients

Assist in building Houston-based operations and data processing teams

Innovate current operations and company processes

Budgeting and financial tracking

Oversee accounting (accounts receivable and accounts payable)

Recruitment of quality contract personnel

Expand OARS-HPSG regional partnership network

Attend industry functions (conferences, trade shows, society meetings, etc.)

Write articles about the company and industry (LinkedIn)

The knowledgeable candidate should have the following skillsets:

Commercial background with 10+ years experience in the offshore O&G industry

Well-connected across all tiers of the offshore O&G industry

Knowledgeable with contractual agreements with vendors and customers

Experienced with logistics involving personnel and equipment

Self-motivated with ability to build upon existing operations

Up-to-date with modern technology and methods for marketing, communications, and

streamlining operations

Good communication and writing skills

OARS-HPSG offers the following compensation package:

Salary commensurate with skill level and experience

Profit sharing

Health insurance

20 annual PTO days

10 annual holidays

Travel and mobile phone stipend

Please apply by providing CV, salary history, and industry-related references to [email protected]

CPT Technical Manager, Horizon Geosciences

Horizon Geosciences have a vacancy for a CPT Technical Manager within the Geotech Division: –

The CPT Technical Manager oversees all activities related to Geotechnical CPT, Sampling and testing Operations. The CPT Technical Manager is to ensure equipment is able to meet all necessary project requirements. CPT Technical Manager will assist in the recruitment selection, training and assignment of personnel to projects. The CPT Technical Manager will assist in the procurement of all CPT, Sampling and Testing related equipment and its maintenance.

The operations performed by the CPT Technical Manager include (but are not limited to) the below activities.

Ensure that CPT, Sampling and testing equipment is maintained for all CPT operations.

Ensure that all CPT documentation including cone tracker, preventative maintenance schedule (PMS), CPT certifications, defects reports, recommendation reports, requisitions, etc. are maintained and up to date.

Coordination with Drilling Manager, CPT Manager and Project Manager for allocation of personnel and equipment to projects.

Monitor and evaluate daily progress of CPT operations.

Provide continuous support, advice and recommend solutions for all CPT operational issues.

Build relationships with suppliers and industry experts to remain current with latest CPT techniques and procedures.

Manage specialist contractors and suppliers of CPT equipment and tools.

Seek to reduce costs.

Suggest and carry out upgrades to increase efficiency to save time/cost.

Supervise mobilisation /demobilisations of equipment for projects.

Write a maintenance plan and ensure it is carried for all CPT, sampling and testing equipment.

Review scope of work deliverables to ensure Horizon is technically compliant.

Desired Requirements:

Minimum of 15 years in the Geotechnical industry.

Detailed knowledge of CPT processes, procedures and machinery used.

Experience of addressing and resolving a wide variety of concerns and complaints from the CPT Operators.

Computer literate with a good knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook.

Fluent written and spoken English Language

Frequent Travel between project locations, suppliers and technical training.

To apply, please send a cover letter outlining your experience to date and motivation for applying for this role together with your CV to [email protected] with CPT Technical Manager in the subject line.

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