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3 October 2017:


SMI publishes its Ninth Annual Review of the Marine Science & Technology Sector

The ninth survey, focused on UK companies operating primarily in Marine Science and Technology (MST) activities, aims to provide an insight into current business activity in terms of market sectors, market size and business confidence both current and forecast.

The survey was conducted at Ocean Business, a trade show held in Southampton during April 2017.  The exhibition hosts over 360 companies representing the world’s leading ocean technology suppliers and service providers and has over 4,300 visitors from 61 countries.

Highlights from the report are:

The Commercial Marine Science and Technology (MST) sector reported limited growth in 2016 as the depressed oil price held back exploration demand.  This to some extent is being offset by growth in other sectors such as renewables, defence and environmental monitoring.

MST companies contribute, on average, over £1.35bn/year to the UK economy with most of the companies exporting worldwide to a total annual value of £569m.

Europe remains the largest market for the MST sector with Asia Pacific being seen as a growth market along with the Middle East.

25% of the 92 companies surveyed reported an increased headcount with 53% remaining static in headcount.

The 2017 Annual Review of the UK Marine Scientific Industries can be found:

Bibby Offshore continues North Sea success with triple contract win

Bibby Offshore, a leading subsea services provider to the oil and gas industry, has successfully completed three further contracts from global oil and gas operator, Apache North Sea.

The multimillion pound contracts utilised Bibby Offshore’s diving support vessels, Bibby Polaris and Bibby Topaz, and its construction support vessel, Olympic Ares.

Operating across North Sea assets during Q3 2017, the vessels engaged with project activities, which included supporting field development and inspection repair and maintenance.

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Baltic Business for Applied Acoustics’ 500th USBL System

A significant milestone has been reached at Applied Acoustics with the announcement of the company’s latest contract to supply subsea positioning equipment to a major European subsea pipeline contract.

Contractors working in the Gulf of Finland in the eastern Baltic Sea have selected Applied Acoustics’ Nexus 2 USBL system to carry out sidescan sonar surveys in advance of engineering works as well as for use in marine archaeological operations. The award of this contract is notable as it marks the 500th USBL system that the Great Yarmouth, UK, based manufacturer has supplied to the marine industry, enhancing the company’s reputation as a leading provider of specialist subsea acoustic systems.

Key to the success of the system, and fundamental to its selection as part of this project, is its extremely reliable, stable and repeatable positioning performance that is delivered by the advanced Sigma 2 bi-directional acoustic protocols. Additional attributes that make the Nexus 2 the preferred choice include its intuitive user interface, its simplicity of deployment and overall versatility.

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Baltic Pipe route survey in the North Sea

MMT has been awarded a contract by the Danish energy transmission system operator Energinet as part of the Baltic Pipe project. The assignment includes a route survey for a new offshore pipeline in the North Sea and in Lillebælt, the inner Danish Seas.

The pipeline is planned to have landfall on the west coast of Jutland and the total length of the North Sea offshore part of the pipeline is approximately 105km, the Lillebælt area is approximately 5 km. The entire route is located within the Danish EEZ and the scope includes geophysical seabed survey, geotechnical investigations, ROV inspections of existing utilities and landfall investigations including Borehole drilling, reporting and data delivery and options for benthic investigations. MMT have assigned their survey and ROV vessels Franklin and IceBeam for the offshore survey and smaller nearshore vessels for the intertidal and costal sections. Drones are also used for onshore topography.

The Baltic Pipe is a potential new gas pipeline that would provide Denmark and Poland with a direct access to Norway’s gas fields. The Baltic Pipe project has been included on EU’s list of important infrastructure projects – so-called Projects of Common Interest (PCI) – which are deemed essential to the integration of the European energy networks. As a result, the project has been granted EU funds to perform a feasibility study. It is organised as collaboration between Energinet and the Polish gas transmission system operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

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Teledyne Gavia AUV Demonstrates Capabilities of Ranger 2 Ultra-Short Baseline (USBL) System from Sonardyne

Teledyne Gavia and Marine robotics technology company, Sonardyne International Ltd, UK., have successfully demonstrated the capabilities of the Ranger 2 Ultra-Short Baseline (USBL) system acoustically tracking a Teledyne Gavia Offshore Surveyor Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) during trials in Plymouth, southwest England.

The AUV was equipped with Sonardyne’s 6G Nano transponder, specifically designed to acoustically position small underwater vehicles and divers. The small, lightweight, and wirelessly rechargeable payload allows easy and unobtrusive attachment to AUVs such as the Gavia. The Gavia AUV is made up of “plug-and-play” modules, which can be brought together and configured in the field. When assembled with a set of survey-grade sonar modules, a Gavia AUV becomes a self-contained survey solution with a low logistics footprint that is capable of carrying out a wide range of missions.

The trials, conducted at Sonardyne’s trials facility in Plymouth, UK, utilized the company’s vessel Echo Explorer. The vessel is set up for sea trials and offers great flexibility to deploy subsea equipment. The Echo Explorer is equipped with a crane to assist in deploying equipment such as AUVs and small ROVs and the highly experienced and professional crew ensured that the mission was a success.

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CGG successfully completes first full-scale TopSeis survey in Barents Sea

CGG has successfully completed acquisition of the first-ever full-scale commercial survey using TopSeis™, its latest offshore broadband seismic acquisition and imaging solution.

The inaugural TopSeis survey was commissioned by Lundin Norway AS over the Loppa High in the Barents Sea and is designed to better image a complex carbonate reservoir located at depths of between 400 to 2000 m below the seabed. Until now, the specific challenges of imaging these targets have been unresolved by conventional broadband methods.

TopSeis uniquely deploys seismic sources directly above the streamers in a “split-spread” acquisition geometry. This provides the valuable zero-offset and near-offset coverage that is missing from conventional 3D towed-streamer seismic and together with CGG’s advanced processing technology results in a step-change in the imaging of shallow-to-intermediate depth targets.

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CTG launch their new V-Lux Fluorometer: A New Approach to Fluorescence Measurements

The new V-Lux Multi-parameter fluorometer from water quality sensor designer Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) is configured to provide high quality in situ detection of either Algae, Aromatic Hydrocarbons or Tryptophan like fluorescence.

V-Lux is ideally suited for monitoring within both water and waste water processes, as well as environmental monitoring for pollution within both river and marine environments. Applications include monitoring of road and airport apron run-off, bathing waters and shellfish waters monitoring, and discharge monitoring within the oil and gas sector.

The new fluorometer is packaged within a small 50mm diameter housing of 158mm length, is rated to 6000 metres, and has integrated anti-biofouling protection.  It comes with an internal logger and provides real time data in a choice of data output protocols including MODBUS, SDI-12 and other digital formats and includes quality control channels. It can be used as a hand-held instrument, part of a flow-through system or deployed from gliders or underwater vehicles.

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Applanix Announces POSPac Cloud for Mobile Mapping

Applanix, a Trimble Company, has introduced its POSPac Cloud software for directly georeferencing data collected from cameras, LiDAR, multi-beam sonar and other sensors on mobile platforms. An online version of Applanix’ industry leading GNSS-Aided Inertial POSPac MMS™ post-processing desktop software, POSPac Cloud is optimized for air, land and marine environments and platforms and is compatible with a variety of mapping sensors such as LiDAR and cameras. Featuring Trimble® CenterPoint® RTX post-processing service for centimeter-level positioning without base stations, POSPac Cloud enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to seamless integrate high-accuracy Direct Georeferencing as part of the overall mobile mapping value chain.

POSPac Cloud is expected to be available worldwide in the first quarter of 2018 through the Applanix sales channels.

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The Land of a Thousand Lakes selects CARIS Hydrographic Production Database

Through a competitive process, the Finnish Transport Agency Liikennevirasto (FTA) has selected Hydrographic Production Database™ (HPD) as the new system for chart production for current and future needs. With many lakes, an archipelagic sea, and an estimated 40,000 islands, the FTA has a large and complex portfolio of navigational charts to maintain. The project to implement HPD will include deployment of software and the migration of existing products into an optimized workflow where data is centrally managed and various product types are derived from one updated source. The system will provide a platform where user-friendly, efficient tools and processes are of utmost importance and long-term commitment for support is included. It will replace the current production system, which has served FTA well since 2000, currently at the end of its life cycle.

HPD offers an integrated suite of products that can manage data in a seamless database, providing a multi-user environment for efficient data and chart production. Products such as S-57 ENCs and IENCs, S-57 AMLs, paper charts and nautical publications can all be created with the system as well as GIS exports for further data analysis, distribution and discovery. HPD also includes the capabilities to generate the new IHO S-100 series of products.

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Recovery operations successful with JW Fishers’ metal detectors

JW Fishers has been manufacturing hand held, underwater metal detectors for over 40 years and has been the equipment of choice for both law enforcement agencies and treasure hunters worldwide. The #1 rated Pulse 8X has been manufactured for over 25 years and is the “go to” tool when things go missing underwater.

It’s wide variety of search coils, including two boat deployable coils, are easily interchangeable giving the end user complete control over their search. The SAR-1 was introduced to the market in January of 2017. This new metal detector was developed as a result of significant customer feedback and extensive product testing. This detector was specially designed for use by public safety dive teams, law enforcement agencies, and military units that need to locate metal objects in underwater environments with poor visibility. The SAR-1 alerts the operator to the presence of metal by vibration which is transmitted through the handle. In addition to vibration, the detector also has a high intensity LED display which is directly in front of the diver’s face and easy to see in all conditions. It’s snareless design with no external wires or cables, rugged construction, streamlined configuration, and bright yellow search coil help the operator find any target in ZERO visibility water!

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MacArtney launches new LUXUS compact PUR-moulded camera and LED light

Representing state-of-the-art underwater cameras, lights, and accessories for the marine industry, MacArtney’s LUXUS range is designed to offer reliability and excellent performance, while allowing for extensive operational flexibility. Composed to offer appropriate solutions to any underwater purpose, the LUXUS range is made from first-rate electronic components.

Both compact PUR products are ideal for a multitude of demanding underwater tasks and operations. The housings of both products are made from PUR, and they are both non-serviceable and represent steady and viable functionality and applicability at low cost. They both provide depth ratings of 200 meters and are applicable for markets like offshore wind and fish farming as well as traditional areas within diving.

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Finnish Environment Institute takes delivery of a CTG ALGAE-Wader Pro system, as part of the ‘Far Out! – Pupils as Environmental Scientists' Programme

“The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, has taken delivery of a CTG ALGAE-Wader Pro system, as part of the programme “Far Out! – Pupils as Environmental Scientists”,” said Jari Silander, Senior Researcher at SYKE.

The CTG ALGAE-Wader Pro system, which is an easy to use portable in situ algae monitor providing data on Chlorophyll a and other algae based pigments, is being used to augment current practises of taking samples for laboratory analysis. All data from the CTG TriLux sensor provided with the system is clearly displayed in real time on the Hawk hand held unit and recorded. The Hawk records both the time and position of the data via an in-built GPS.  A RAG (Red, Amber, Green) alarm system can be set up to clearly indicate algae levels of concern.

The Far Out! Project has been set up as part of the MONITOR 2020 National Environmental Monitoring Strategy Program, which defines strategic targets for the gathering, storage and utilisation of environmental data. This program, which is also linked to the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA), aims to achieve higher quality and maximise cost efficiency throughout the production process of monitoring and to provide easier utilisation of information.

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National Coastwatch Institution installs digital eyes along the Cornish coast to improve public safety

The National Coastwatch Institution has installed an advanced PTZ dome style camera from Axis Communications, one of the market leaders in network video, across a focal point in Cornwalls’s Priest Cove. The Institution, having reported over 350 maritime incidents to date in 2017, recognised that the cove was not easily visible to its existing watch station in the area, potentially leaving visitors and fishermen at risk. With its local team, Cape Cornwall Watch, only able to gain oversight of the area via a perilous rocky route, it decided to invest in a new breed of IP camera technology, designed to withstand the area’s extreme weather conditions, while still delivering excellent imagery and remote monitoring capabilities.

The National Coastwatch Institution is a voluntary organisation pioneered in 1994 to restore a visual watch along the UK’s shores. Since installation of the AXIS Q6055-E system by installer NCI Technologies, it has helped to prevent several potentially catastrophic situations, including children being stranded by the rapidly changing tides. Any potential incidents are remotely monitored by the Cape Cornwall Watch team, who are trained to deal with emergencies, offering a variety of skills and experience. The Cape Cornwall station has a 34-strong team of volunteers who man the station 12 hours per day. The team sought a solution that could be designed to blend in with the cliff, causing no disruption to local wildlife or visitors.

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Functional definitions for the ship’s stay in port

IHMA is delighted to have participated in recent progress on the development of functional definitions for port information describing the ship’s stay in port.

Accurate and reliable port information will enhance the safety, efficiency and sustainability of ports and shipping across the world and benefit local, national and international economies.

This initiative’s priority is to improve communications between ships and ports using clear and authoritative definitions for the various terms used in daily operations. The definitions have been sourced from existing standards within the shipping industry. Only when no applicable definition could be found was a new one introduced and published via the glossary of the UKHO’s Mariners Handbook (NP100). These include names given to areas within a port; terminology associated with restrictions that might be imposed by an authority on vessel operations related to vessel dimensions, external conditions, manoeuvring and berthing; event information associated with arrival and departure times; and nautical and vessel service times.

These definitions have been collated in an intermediate document and will be incorporated in the next version of the Mariners Handbook (NP100) to be published in August 2018. The Port of Rotterdam will begin using these definitions in 2017.

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Outstanding Acts of Skill & Gallantry at Sea and Good Work by Charity Volunteers Ashore Recognised at Annual Awards Ceremony

Outstanding acts of skill and gallantry have been recognised this week at a national awards ceremony held in London. Two merchant ship Captains and an RLNI lifeguard were given awards in recognition of their outstanding acts of skill and gallantry for saving lives at sea.

The national Skill and Gallantry Awards, now in their 166th year, were presented at Fishmongers’ Hall by Admiral Sir George Zambellas, President of national maritime charity, the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society. The Society provides assistance to those suffering financial hardship during or after a life at sea.

The Lady Swaythling Trophy for ‘Outstanding Seamanship’ was presented to Captain Patrik Norrgård of the P&O Ferry, MV Norstream, for coming to the rescue of a sinking ship in the Dover Traffic Separation Scheme earlier this year. He was honoured for his skilled and timely rescue of the seven man crew of MV Fluvius Tamar in January. His Chief Officer, Captain Marek Rowiński, was also rewarded for his crucial role in the rescue.

An Individual Commendation was awarded to Jamie Wilson, Captain of the UK-flagged ROV support vessel, Deep Vision, for conducting nine rescue missions in the space of four days earlier this year north of the coast of Libya and rescuing more than 900 migrants.

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Buccaneer Ltd and Videoray MSS Defender ROV open day

Buccaneer ltd and Videoray LLC are proud to announce an open day demonstrating the New Videoray MSS defender ROV system to be held at Macduff Harbour, Macduff, Aberdeenshire on Saturday 7 October 2017, 1pm-4pm approx.

This is a chance to get hands on with Videorays new MSS ROV system which will be demonstrated with a 7 thruster set up, Pitch and roll control, position hold and tracking ability with Greensea software, Rotating Manipulator, BluePrint Oculus multibeam sonar, Nortek DVL and HD camera. The ROV itself is fully hand carriable and the ROV weighs under 20kg so well within manual handling limits.

With more thrust power and a lifting capacity of over 15kg, depth rated up to 1000m the new MSS range of ROV systems from Videoray are proving to be a huge leap forward in small portable ROV systems.

Staff from both Buccaneer Ltd and Videoray will be in attendance to assist with any queries on the new MSS or any Videoray related topics.

If you are interested in attending the Open day, please contact Buccaneer Ltd on +44(0)1261 835199 or email [email protected] or for further information, visit

IMarEST organise one-day Oceans of Knowledge conference

Oceans of Knowledge 2017 is a one-day conference taking place on Tuesday 7th November, exploring how ocean observations improve ocean, weather and climate prediction enabling better informed business decisions at sea, on land and in the air.

The first session will focus on better understanding the connection between ocean observations and models and improved weather forecasting and climate projection. We will hear keynote presentations from various organisations including the Partnership for Observations of the Global Oceans, the Met Office and Plymouth Marine Laboratory. The second session will focus on the perspectives of intermediate and end users, highlighting the benefits that improvements might deliver to them. This session will include speakers from various industries including offshore, agriculture, aviation, shipping, search and rescue, and energy.

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Hydro17 registration underway

Over 350 world delegates are expected to attend the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies’ 25th symposium and exhibition on-board the SS Rotterdam from 14-16 November 2017.

Organised by the Hydrographic Society Benelux, on behalf of the nine-member organisation, the three-day English-language event will be making its third appearance in the famous maritime city and its second aboard this historic vessel, moored on the South bank of the Port of Rotterdam.

Hydro17 will feature more than 50 technical presentations and 30 exhibitor organisations from across Europe and beyond, as well as an extensive series of poster sessions, specialist tutorials, classroom and water-based demonstrations and excursions and a full social programme.

In addition to keynote addresses from industry luminaries including Dr Mathias Jonas, the newly appointed Director-General of the IHO, and Alok Jha, the UK science journalist, author and broadcaster who is currently Science Correspondent at ITN News and author of The Water Book. Key hydrographic topics covered in the ten themed sessions of the main conference include Airborne and LiDAR Surveys, Data Processing, Bathymetry, Autonomous Survey, Backscatter, Construction Support, Morphology, Education and Cross-border Challenges.

Conference proceedings also include a number of student presentations and the announcement of the winner of the prestigious IFHS Student Award for 2017.

A limited number of exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at the event are still available.

Full programme details together with online registration are available at

Subsea Expo 2018 calls the industry to action

Industry experts are being urged by Subsea UK to showcase the most advanced technologies and lead discussions on the current and future subsea challenges at next year’s flagship event, Subsea Expo.

The 13th annual conference, which takes place at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre from 7-9th February 2018, will examine and debate key industry topics including global markets, ROV developments, subsea innovation and offshore renewables.

This year’s theme ‘Facing the Future’ will look at what must be done to reinvent the industry in a new reality. Industry body, Subsea UK is therefore calling for speakers to step up to the plate and discuss how businesses are working through the challenges by being smarter, using new models for contracting and operating, through increased use of automation and new technology, as well as exporting and diversifying.

With over 150 exhibitors expected at Subsea 2018, the event also provides an excellent networking opportunity. The deadline for speaker submissions is 10th October 2017.

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Well-Centric appoints new chief executive officer

Well Centric, a leading independent specialist operating in the well integrity and production technology sectors, has announced the appointment of a new chief executive officer.

Joining Well-Centric as CEO is Gary Smart, who brings 30 years’ oil and gas industry experience and a strong track record in technology development, commercialisation and global market expansion to the role. Gary has held a variety of management positions throughout his career, spending 11 years at Weatherford before joining Tendeka in 2009, where he spent six years as CEO.

A major part of this role was leading the integration of five separate entities which resulted in the formation of Tendeka. He developed the company’s offering from niche products to full systems and service, resulting in long terms contracts for conventional and unconventional reservoirs. His extensive experience in development and commercialisation of high value technologies will be an asset to Well-Centric’s leadership moving forward.

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Leading industry decom expert joins Well-Safe’s growing senior team

Well-Safe Solutions has appointed a director of well abandonment to its growing list of decommissioning experts, bringing the senior team to nine since launching this summer.

Matt Jenkins has joined Well-Safe from Conoco where he led its UK P&A (plug and abandonment) Engineering and Strategy and was pivotal in the Southern North Sea Decommissioning project.

As director of well abandonment at Well-Safe, Mr Jenkins will lead the technical team to design safe and efficient well P&A operations for clients, ensuring the best possible solutions are implemented to mitigate risk.

Well-Safe now employs over 22 people at its newly refurbished head-quarters at the prestigious Hill of Rubislaw in Aberdeen.

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New Managing Director set to scale up operations for ClearWELL

Flow assurance and production optimisation specialist, ClearWELL Oilfield Solutions, has appointed a managing director as the company looks to increase its international footprint.

Alasdair Fergusson brings more than 25 years of oilfield management and marketing experience to ClearWELL, having worked for major service companies in Europe and the Middle East. Most recently he held the Paris-based position of Business Manager Europe and Africa, Production Technologies at Schlumberger’s M-I SWACO, where he led and grew business capability in new markets.

Before joining Schlumberger, Alasdair was Director Eastern Hemisphere, Engineered Chemistry for Weatherford, based in the UAE, where the team delivered its largest ever contract win. As well as diversifying the business and delivering strategies for growth, he was also responsible for managing the ClearWELL product line, then distributed exclusively by Weatherford. This was preceded by a 10-year stint at Baker Hughes in production chemistry, drilling fluids and completion tools businesses with a sales and marketing focus.

The appointment follows FrontRow Energy Technology Group Limited’s recent acquisition of 50% of ClearWELL from previous owner MSL Oilfield Services, which retains the remaining 50%.

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GIS & CAD Manager at EGS International

EGS (International) Ltd are recruiting a GIS & CAD Manager to be part of a hard-working and dedicated survey team, working on a wide range of marine survey projects.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following key tasks:

Leading and Managing the GIS & CAD Department

Creating project deliverables in GIS & CAD formats

Providing GIS & CAD support for the tendering and survey planning process

Creating maps and charts

Conversion of geospatial data into different co-ordinate systems

Using GIS software for data processing & analysis

Liaising with Project Managers to define GIS standards and manage geospatial data according to project requirements

Assisting and supporting all company employees with GIS & CAD related issues


The successful candidate will ideally possess the following attributes:

Minimum 2 years of experience in a Senior or similar position

BSc and/or MSc in GIS or related discipline

Extensive knowledge of ESRI ArcGIS and extensions such as 3D Analyst

Experience in using alternative, open source GIS software such as QGIS

Proficiency in Python would be desirable

Experience using AutoCAD and AutoCAD Map 3D software

Competence in data management

Ability to support day to day management of GIS data ensuring data quality, geodetic accuracy and integrity.

Experience of producing INSPIRE/MEDIN metadata

Good presentation and communication skills


To Apply for this position:

Please send your CV and covering letter to: The HR Manager, EGS International Ltd, Unit 27 Woolmer Way, Bordon, Hants GU35 9QE or email: [email protected]

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