Teledyne Marine, USA

Teledyne Marine is an organization comprised of 23 leading-edge undersea technology brands that have been assembled by Teledyne Technologies Inc. Through acquisitions and collaboration, Teledyne Marine has evolved into an industry powerhouse, providing the widest breadth of marine technology in the industry, now available through a single supplier.  Each Teledyne Marine brand is a leader in its respective field, with a shared commitment to providing premium products backed by unparalleled service and support.

The Teledyne Marine companies now include:  Teledyne AG Geophysical, Benthos, BlueView, Bolt, Bowtech, CDL, Cormon DGO, Gavia, Geophysical Instruments, Impulse, Impulse PDM, ODI, Odom Hydrographic, PDS, RD Instruments, Real Time Systems, RESON, SeaBotix, Storm Cable, TSS, VariSystems, and Webb Research

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