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2G Robotics, Canada


2G Robotics’ underwater laser scanners generate true-scale, high-resolution 3D models and measurements of underwater structures and environments in real-time. The systems perform efficient, high precision subsea surveys and inspections needed for detecting and assessing damage, developing design and repair plans, performing maintenance and installations, and ensuring continued safe offshore operation.

3D at Depth, USA


3D at Depth provides the first commercially available subsea LiDAR systems and solutions to help clients build, maintain, map and monitor underwater assets from static, motion and position corrected platforms. 3DatDepth’s laser technology delivers repeatable millmetric measured point clouds to address the challenges of subsea 3D measurement and visualization.

4D Nav, USA


Specialises in the development of real-time spatial data software solutions for the offshore industry. Products range from fully integrated navigation and real-time monitoring systems to subsea metrology and spatial quality control applications. Each product is designed and developed to solve the most challenging engineering problems.

4D Ocean, UK


4H-JENA Engineering, Germany


4H-JENA engineering is specialised in environmental monitoring measurement systems. They have a broad variety of devices to meet your requirements in terms of automatic and unattended measurements with a long-term operation and high reliability of data. They adapt every system to your demands and requirements.

6 Alpha Associates, UK


Aanderaa – a Xylem brand, Norway


ACSM, Spain


Advanced Navigation, Australia


Advanced Navigation will exhibit their new products at Ocean Business: -Subsonus: Revolutionary new USBL+INS for subsea navigation -Navigo: Miniature ultra-high performance Dual Antenna MEMS INS -GPS compass: Compact dual antenna system designed to provide a new standard for hydrographic survey and other maritime applications in positioning, velocity and heading measurement.

Airmar Technology, USA


World leader in ultrasonic sensor technology for marine and industrial applications. We manufacture advanced ultrasonic transducers, flow sensors, WeatherStation® instruments, and electronic compasses used for many applications. Fishing, navigation, survey, level measurement, process control, and proximity sensing are just some of our markets. Airmar recently acquired Material Systems Inc. www.msitransducers.com

Alba Ultrasound, UK


Alba Ultrasound designs and manufactures high performance sonar transducers and arrays for both defence and commercial applications. The Company specializes in working with its clients to develop bespoke array systems to meet specific requirements. Alba has recently invested in leading edge manufacture and qualification facilities.



ALSEAMAR markets the SeaExplorer, a next-generation glider fitted with rechargeable batteries and a range of unique sensors to collect various long-term, large-scale real-time ocean data in a very cost-effective manner. Under the brand BMTI, ALSEAMAR also manufactures innovative and reliable syntactic deepwater buoyancy solutions for oceanographic, marine and offshore industries.

AML Oceanographic, Canada


AML Oceanographic is a leading manufacturer of SVPs, CTDs, and other instrumentation for hydrographic surveying, environmental monitoring, and more. Recent innovations include WiFi-enabled profiler Base•X2, Minos•X, the smallest combined CTD/SVP on the market, and Metrec•XL, the versatile multiparameter-sonde that performs in-situ for years paired with UV•Xchange biofouling control.

Anekonnect, USA


Applanix, Canada


Applanix: Products & Solutions for Marine Environments Applanix designs, builds, delivers, and supports products and solutions designed specifically for the hydrographic survey industry. Even in the harshest marine environments, our products and solutions provide robust, reliable, and repeatable positioning and motion compensation solutions from moving boats and vessels.

Applied Acoustic Engineering, UK


Applied Acoustics designs and manufactures underwater positioning, tracking and seabed survey equipment for a wide range of professional applications in the offshore energy, academic and international defence sectors. Established in 1989, the company has a wealth of experience and expertise in the subsea environment, supported by its worldwide agent network.

Aquabotix Technology, USA


Aquatec Group, UK


Creators of innovative instruments, services and solutions for measurement, monitoring and communication underwater. Specialising in suspended sediment measurement, including turbidity loggers, acoustic suspended sediment profilers, and real time systems. Also offered are temperature and depth loggers, instruments and systems for crowdsourcing data, and services such as custom design and consultancy.

Argus Remote Systems, Norway


Manufacturer of electric ROVs for 30 years. Ranges from Argus Mini to Argus Worker. The company has two main business areas, production of standard ROVs and development and sale of client-specified systems. Additional equipment/tooling: Pan/tilt, tilt, compensators, mini-manipulators, AC/DC thrusters including controllers, connectors, HD cameras, LED-lights.

Armada Rig Builders, Singapore


Ashtead Technology, UK


Ashtead Technology is a world-leading, independent subsea equipment solutions specialist providing rental and sale of marine equipment, offshore personnel, calibration, repair and maintenance, asset management, training and engineered measurement solutions. Ashtead employs 80 people in Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Houston, London and Singapore.

ASV Global, UK


ASV Global is a leading manufacturer and operator of Autonomous Surface Vehicles ‘ASVs’, and their control systems. ASVs come in all shapes and sizes to suit a variety of Offshore Energy, Scientific, Survey and Military applications and are available for sale or lease.

Atlantas Marine, UK


Atlantas Marine will host both VideoRay and Ocean modules on their stand at Ocean Business 2017, with all three companies exhibiting their latest ROV developments, including the latest V8 design enhancements from Ocean Modules and the next generation of ROVs from VideoRay, the Mission Specialist Series.

Atlantic Canada Pavilion, Canada

C9 & D1

14 Ocean Technology companies from Atlantic Canada representing underwater technologies, metocean, software, sensors, acoustics, radar and oceanographic equipment. Exhibiting with technologies ranging from environmental technology, acoustics, sonars, simulation, cameras, ocean exploration, Exhibitors include: EMO Marine, Metocean, Joubeh, Romor Solution, Ocean Sonics, Open Seas, GRI Simulations, Hawboldt Industries, Kraken Sonar, SeaFormatics, Agile Sensors, SubC Imaging, Vemco, Whitecap Scientific, GeoSpectrum, Xeos and Omnitech Electronics.

Atlas Professionals, UK


Since 1982, Atlas Professionals has played a major role in the provision of professionals to the energy, marine and renewables industries worldwide. If quality and reliability are key for your business, Atlas Professionals is the partner you need to deliver highly qualified personnel.

AutoNaut – Seiche Water Technology Group, UK


Bibby HydroMap, UK


Bibby HydroMap provide innovative marine survey services to clients from a range of industries including offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, subsea cables and ports/harbours, utilising the latest in hydrographic, geophysical and ROV survey techniques to optimise data quality whilst maximising efficiency.

BioSonics, USA


BioSonics, Inc. of Seattle, Washington USA, manufacturer of quality scientific echosounders since 1978. Transducer frequencies from 38 kHz to 1 MHz. Split beam technology provides data on aquatic organisms including abundance, size distribution, 3D target tracking. Advanced, Innovative, and easy-to-use software for fish tracks, SAV assessment, substrate classification, and mapping.

Birns Aquamate, USA


Blue Ocean Monitoring, UK


Blue Robotics, USA


Blueprint Subsea, UK


Blueprint Subsea manufacture a range of sonar, navigation and positioning systems including: Oculus dual frequency multibeam imaging sonars suitable for a wide range of platforms, StarFish sidescan sonars offering fully featured professional capabilities in a compact package, and SeaTrac USBL positioning modems providing robust acoustic tracking and data communications.

Briggs Marine Contractors, UK


C-Tecnics, UK


Cadden, France


CADDEN offers a wide range of products, systems and services (rental pool, training and technical support) for hydrography, oceanography and navigation applications. CADDEN R&D department’s new products presented at OB2017: GEOD BALI RTK, autonomous bathymetric system, BANANAS, a PPU RTK (high connectivity and unique ergonomics), GEOD NAV, a navigation system.

Carlson Software, UK


Cathx Ocean, Ireland


Cathx Ocean is an advanced engineering company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of advanced automation and robotic vision technologies for subsea operations. The Cathx system includes camera, laser profiler and strobe lighting with multi source sequential imaging, providing high-resolution co-registered stills, mosaics and 3-D point cloud data sets.

Challenger Society, UK


CHC Navigation, China


Chelsea Technologies Group, UK


CTG will be demonstrating the FastOcean & Act2 Systems for Primary Productivity monitoring, the Lux range of fluorometers for Pollution Monitoring including bathing waters, hydrocarbon, CDOM & harmful algae blooms plus the new compliance monitors for Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems & Treated Ballast Water.

Chesapeake Technology, USA


Chesapeake Technology, Inc. (CTI) has been offering sonar mapping software, custom solutions, and thought-leading consulting services to the marine geophysical and geological survey industries for over 20 years. Flagship product, SonarWiz, provides leading-edge sonar data-acquisition and processing software for sidescan and sub-bottom sonar systems used by hundreds of clients worldwide.

Clinton Marine Survey, Sweden


Clinton Marine Survey are creative and motivated to push technology forward, with innovated, competence and commitment, to bring cost effective and state-of-the-art solutions to the market!

CLS, France


For the past 30 years, CLS has provided high quality satellite-based  services to research & operational oceanography professionals. Today we provide one-stop shopping for both Argos and Iridium air time services, as well as metocean-based intelligence  to facilitate decision-making.

CMS-Geotech, UK


CMS-Geotech Ltd is an independent marine geotechnical survey & hire company, specialising in high quality vibrocore sediment sampling & seabed CPT investigations worldwide in both offshore & coastal waters. CMS-Geotech also provides geotechnical equipment for hire & bespoke geoscience survey support services to environmental & geotechnical contractors & consultants.

CMSourcing, UK


Are you looking for a different approach to survey recruitment? CMSourcing are an independent agency that supply the best survey personnel, vetted to perfectly suit your needs. While our partner company, CMData provide specialised data processing, interpretation, reporting, quality control and management. As well as hosting bespoke training courses.

Coda Octopus, UK


Composite Solutions, Portugal


Concept Cables, UK


An independent, established company specialising in the customised design and manufacture of harsh environment cable for marine, offshore and terrestrial applications. Power, data, signal and optical solutions including high performance textile or metallic strain member and armour packages.

Copenhagen Subsea


The revolutionary series of powerful and silent subsea thrusters from Copenhagen Subsea A/S has been developed with reliability as the highest priority. The outstanding reliability of our thrusters has been verified through intensive testing, and our technology has proven its durability through key customers´ intensive use during subsea operations.

CP Cases, UK


Designs & manufactures high performance protective cases, bags and anti-vibration mounted 19” electronic racks, accredited to military standards. Specialists maritime and offshore, products are custom designed and tested to combat rough handling, climatic and environmental hazards, offering the largest choice of any case manufacturer.

CR Encapsulation, UK


CRE design and manufacture connectivity solutions for the harshest underwater applications on the planet. Products include metal shell connectors for electrical signal & power, coax, hybrid and fibre optic applications and penetrators, strain terminations, moulded & oil filled cable assemblies and junction boxes.

CT Systems, Netherlands


CT Systems will be showcasing our VIKING software, unique all in one GEODREDGE dredging system, and our all in one portable GEOSONIC data acquisition system.

D-2 Marine, USA


D-2 supplies Conductivity, Temperature, and, Depth, (CTD) modular sensors that improve oceanographic data collection. A new patented conductivity sensor has a fully contained electric field, can be mounted in close proximity to other equipment. D-2 Incorporated, an American ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer with 25+ years’ experience in high precision measurement instruments.

Datawell, Netherlands


World leading manufacturer of the well-known Waverider (considered to be the Golden Standard) providing wave height, wave direction, wave period, current speed/direction and sea surface temperature. Datawell invite you to visit their stand G4 where they will have the DWR4 with Acoustic Current Meter 0.7m on display.

DECO / RadExPro, Russia


The RadExPro seismic processing software that can help you to understand your HR/UHR seismic data much better. With efficient demultiple, SharpSeis deghosting, hi-res marine statics, Kirchhoff migration, and more, it can boost the quality of final result making it much more interpretable. Among their clients are GEO MARINE and Fugro.

DeepSea Power & Light, USA


Displaying their high quality subsea products backed with over 30 years of engineering excellence including new LED lights, HD cameras, IP cameras, pressure relief valves and more.

DeepWater Buoyancy, USA


Creators of subsea buoyancy products for the oceanographic, offshore oil & gas, military & defence and technology markets around the world. Customers have relied on their products for over 35 years, from the ocean surface to depths exceeding 6,000 metres.

develogic, Germany


A German based company with a focus on developing and manufacturing turnkey customised data acquisition and telemetry solutions for marine monitoring applications. Their customers are well-known international research institutes, navies and companies in the renewable energy, construction and offshore oil & gas sectors.

DMS Technologies, UK


dotOcean, Belgium


After successfully bringing a range of innovative maritime technology to the market, dotOcean will present their next product line – a new portfolio of inflatable autonomous surface platforms for hydrographical surveys, environmental research and security/inspection operations.

Dutch Ocean Group, The Netherlands


DWTEK, Taiwan


As the first marine equipment manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, DWTEK has devoted its full effort to the enhancement of the subsea industry since 2008. They have been focusing on the development of ROVs and related components including subsea connectors, propulsion systems, cameras, LED lights, navigation sensors, etc.

Dynautics, UK


ECA Group, France


Echologger, South Korea




They have developed a unique camera system for Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging. The camera records and automatically identifies objects on the seafloor, reported in a GIS map format. Typical applications are environmental mapping, drill cuttings monitoring, pipeline inspection, aquaculture, deep sea mining. Depth rating to 6000m.

EdgeTech, USA


EdgeTech designs, manufactures and sells industry-leading side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, bathymetry systems underwater actuated and transponding deep sea acoustic releases, shallow water releases, long life acoustic releases, transponders, reliable USBL acoustic tracking and positioning systems, and custom-engineered acoustic products.



A leading global provider of marine survey services specialising in Geophysics, Geotechnics, Hydrography and Oceanography. Delivering the highest quality results and client focused service across all the major market sectors utilising innovative technical solutions, state of the art equipment and high calibre personnel.

EIVA, Denmark


EIVA has more than 35 years’ experience in providing software, equipment, integrated system solutions, rental services, 24/7 support and training to a wide range of segments, covering virtually any task in the offshore and shallow water construction and survey industry.

EMS, Spain


EOMAP, Germany


EOMAP is a leading service provider of satellite-derived coastal and marine information for the offshore industry and governmental agencies. Pioneering the field of satellite-derived bathymetry and coastal mapping we provide harmonized services which rely on state-of-the art methods. Additional mapping services include image services, environmental, water quality and infrastructure mapping.

Esterline Connection Technologies, France


EvoLogics, Germany


EvoLogics (DE), leading experts in underwater communication and positioning, develop innovative technologies for maritime and offshore industries. The company’s advanced spread-spectrum technology delivers best results for multiple applications. EvoLogics’ wide product range includes several lines of underwater acoustic modems, positioning systems (USBL, LBL) and the Sonobot ASV for bathymetric surveys.

Exocetus Autonomous Systems, USA


Exploration Electronics, UK


Fairlocks Pool Products, UK


Falmat Cable, USA


Innovation remains an integral part of the organisation to provide valued customers the next-generation cable solutions that can keep pace and transform possibilities into reality. Falmat Cable’s high quality cables are preferred worldwide for ROV, sonar, deep Ethernet, communication and many specialised commercial and military applications.

Falmouth Scientific, USA


Designs and manufactures precision oceanographic instrumentation and systems including: – portable & fix mounted acoustic sub-bottom systems – side scan sonar imaging systems – combined side scan and sub-bottom sonars – current, wave, and tide meters – acoustic transducers, beacons, and systems.

FarSounder, USA


fluidion, France


Focal Technologies, UK


Foreshore Technology, UK


Forum Energy Technologies, UK


Forum Energy Technologies is a leading provider of subsea products and services. Focusing on remote intervention technology, products include ROVs, tethering systems, ROV tooling, survey equipment, simulation software and data-acquisition software. Brands include Forum Subsea Rentals, Forum Subsea Tooling, Perry, Sub- Atlantic, Dynacon, Syntech, GEMS, V-Max and Visualsoft.

Fugro Satellite Positioning, Netherlands


Fugro, UK


Fugro provide the people, equipment, expertise and technology that support the exploration, development, production and transportation of our world’s natural resources. They can provide the technical data and information required to design, construct and maintain client structures and infrastructure in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

Gardline Geosurvey, UK


A leading marine contractor specialising in geophysical, hydrographic, environmental, geotechnical and oceanographic surveys. Gardline provides a wide range of integrated marine science services. Their principal offices are based in Great Yarmouth, UK with additional offices established worldwide.

General Dynamics Mission Systems, UK


General Oceanics, USA


Genrov, UK


Visit them to see the Inovatum Inoshackle, the water operated subsea shackle now available with acoustic. They also offer subsea hydraulic valve packs and pressure tolerant control systems as well as consultancy services.

GEO Marine Survey Systems, Netherlands


Geo Marine Survey Systems is a world wide supplier of quality geophysical products and related services. The company is focusing on the production of innovative ultra high resolution 2D and 3D seismic equipment and software development for seismic acquisition, processing, interpretation.

Geomatrix Earth Science, UK


Supply Magnetometers, Marine Resistivity Systems and Ultra High Resolution Seismographs with related Marine Streamers and Seismic Energy Sources including The 3D P Cable. UK sales agents for Geometrics, Geonics, Iris, Falmouth Scientific and deep Ocean providing product support, Training and Rentals, Product support for Europe and the Middle East.



Geosoft, UK


Geosoft provides market-leading technology for the detection and analysis of unexploded ordnance (UXO) with marine magnetics. Effectively process, map and visualize large volumes of marine magnetic and electromagnetic data.

GEOxyz, Belgium


GEOxyz, headquartered in Belgium, provides a complete range of hydrographic and geophysical services as well as geotechnical, offshore support and land based topographic activities. Working throughout Europe, the professional highly-specialised staff operates GEOxyz’ own fleet of dedicated survey vessels with modern state-of-the-art survey equipment.

Gill Instruments, UK


Glenair, UK


Renowned throughout the defence and aerospace industry as a manufacturer of interconnect solutions. Glenair continue developing their range of Subsea and harsh environment products for the offshore oil and gas and oceanographic industries. Glenair specialise in connector and cable assembly manufacture for a complete range of subsea, high reliability applications.

Global Dynamix, USA


Global Dynamix Inc. represents some of the leading manufacturers of underwater equipment and marine technology. The products we provide are used by oceanographic researchers, commercial and military divers, hydrographic surveyors, environmental engineers, defense contractors, and the offshore industry.

GNOM ROV, Slovakia


Greensea Systems, USA


Greensea provides commercially available navigation, control, and automation products for marine vehicles based on their patent-pending OPENSEA operating platform – an industry first. Over 600 systems have been installed on surface and subsea vehicles for a wide range of clients.

Habia Cable, Sweden


Habia Cable is one of Europe’s leading wire and cable manufacturers. The company develops, manufactures and markets custom design cables and harness systems for demanding applications in a number of diverse industries. Habia Cable provide a high level of service and technical competence with competitive lead times and low minimum order quantities.

HELZEL Messtechnik, Germany


The coastal radar system WERA provides accurate and reliable ocean current and wave data with outstanding data availability (> 95%) for large areas. This shore based technique offers the best price performance ratio of ocean sensing instruments. Real time ocean data on one click from the comfort of your office!

Horizon Geosciences, UAE


Provides Marine Survey, Geotechnical and Subsea services to clients around the world. Headquartered in the UAE and with quality marine science at their core, their specialist teams support every stage of offshore and nearshore projects through a range of multi-disciplinary services.

Hydramec Offshore Hydraulic Systems, UK


Hydro Group, UK


Hydro Group specialises in the design and manufacture of subsea and harsh environment electrical and optical cables, connectors, harnesses, penetrators, terminations and assemblies. With over 30 years’ experience the Group is at the forefront in the development of subsea technologies with customers in the UK and overseas.

Hydro International, Netherlands




Smart Sampling Technology – Hydro-Bios! Have a look at our new microbiological water sampler for in situ fixation, AFIS, and its enhancement: automatic fixation of multiple samples in small volumes. Also available: several devices for the study of microplastics. Either for sampling or for separation of plastics out of sediments.

Hydroid, USA


A leading, trusted manufacturer of autonomous underwater vehicles, Hydroid will be showcasing its flagship line of REMUS AUVs. This family of vehicles represents the most advanced, diversified and field-proven line of AUVs and support systems in the world.

Hydromea, Switzerland


HYPACK – a Xylem brand, USA


ICTINEU Submarins, Spain


Idronaut, Italy


Imagenex Technology, Canada


Imagenex will be featuring multibeam, sidescan and mechanical scanning sonars, including the new 965A multibeam imaging sonar, an advanced, high-speed, high-resolution system that has been designed to provide fast, reliable, and accurate underwater images. Available in a variety of frequencies and depth ratings, the 965A is sure to impress.



Impact Subsea, UK


Impact Subsea manufacture a range of highly innovative underwater Altimeter, Depth, Distance, Heading, Motion and Temperature sensing solutions: ISA500: A long range underwater Altimeter/Echo Sounder with optional integrated AHRS ISD4000: A survey grade depth & temperature sensor with optional integrated AHRS ISM3D: High accuracy Attitude & Heading Reference System.

INNOMAR Technologie, Germany


For 20 years INNOMAR has developed and manufactured parametric sub-bottom profilers and associated software. The “INNOMAR SES-2000” SBPs are perfectly suited for hi-res sub-seabed visualisation in water depths between less than one metre and full ocean depth for dredging and geological surveys and mapping buried pipelines/cables or prospective offshore building sites.



Manufacturer and operator of SMARTRAK, the underwater magnetic cable and pipeline tracking system, and SMARTSEARCH, the magnetic mapping system for cable and pipe route UXO clearance survey. The operational division, SUBMAGNETIX , provides full cable and pipeline survey services from the surf zone to 3000m water depth, and ROV services.

International Ocean Systems, UK


International Submarine Engineering, Canada




IQUA Robotics, Spain


IQUA Robotics manufactures Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) systems which can be adapted for a wide range of research and professional applications. IQUA Robotics currently commercializes in exclusivity the Girona 500 and the Sparus II, two lightweight and versatile vehicles which can be easily configured for any task thanks to its open conception from both the software and hardware points of view.

ITER Systems, France


iXBlue, France


iXblue, with a focus on client requirements in the navigation, positioning and survey sectors, provide products centered around it’s mastery of the fiber optic gyro. iXblue’s innovative products have yielded accolades from applications in clientele’s complex environments at sea, land, air and space. iXblue’s unique solutions provide products to full systems to answer client’s challenges.



KELLER, a Swiss manufacturer of high quality pressure sensors, measuring depths of 10,000m with precision of 1metre, ±0.01%FS. Products are available in corrosion resistant materials and with digital electronic outputs (RS485, TTL, I²C). Offering customer specific OEM solutions, along with a range of standard products specifically designed for oceanographic use.

Klein Marine Systems, USA


Klein Marine Systems is a leading sensor technology provider that designs and manufactures high-resolution side scan and multi-beam sonar equipment. Klein will be showcasing innovative technologies in Shallow Water Swath Bathymetry, Multi-Beam and High-Resolution Sonar Systems for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles and SAR applications.

Knudsen Engineering, Canada


Recognised high performance products and dedicated customer support, Knudsen manufactures singlebeam echosounders used in numerous diverse applications including survey, navigation, dredging, sub-bottom profiling and ocean research. Visit Booth R1 for more information on SOUNDER and CHIRP series echosounders, and our shallow water sub-bottom profiling system Pinger.

Kongsberg Maritime, UK


Kongsberg Maritime will be demonstrating its latest technology for subsea and survey applications, running real-time demonstrations and showing the latest hardware and software features available. Contact us for more details about our demonstrations and classroom sessions.

KVH Industries, USA


KW Designed Solutions, UK


Leica Geosystems, UK




For 30 years on the market, Lighthouse has come a long way, transforming itself from a small local company into a Survey Company with international footprint and branches across the world. In 2016 the merger with Ageotec, recognized worldwide for its ROVs and for the global supplying of survey equipment.

MacArtney Underwater Technology Group, Denmark


MacArtney specialises in underwater technology solutions for offshore, renewable energy, defence, fishery and ocean science operators worldwide. MacArtney also offers solutions for the wind energy market. Our range includes proven products and systems, all designed and tested to ensure reliability in challenging subsea environments.



Providers of an international brokerage and equipment sourcing service to the underwater industry. A leading source of used ROV and survey equipment. The monthly free-issue equipment lists ‘DeepSearch’ and ‘SurveySearch’, highlight used ROV, survey and associated equipment for sale worldwide. MaRE also offers consultancy and procurement services.

Marine Electronics, UK


Marine Electronics showing their latest range of 2D Multi-beam Sonar’s for ROV / AUV applications utilising composite transducer technology. Also displayed a range of 3D Multi-beam Sonar’s having applications such as Obstacle Avoidance, Mine Hunting, Diver Detection, and Harbour Surveillance plus high resolution mechanically scanning sonar’s and Multi Return Altimeters.

Marine Magnetics, Canada


Designs and manufactures high sensitivity magnetometers and gradiometers with unmatched accuracy. Integrations available with side scans, AUV’s and ROV’s. Products include SeaSPY2, shallow water to 6000m depth ratings. Explorer, miniature version of SeaSPY2 for inshore work. SeaQuest, the most advanced magnetic search tool available. Improving speed and accuracy in UXO.

Marine Technology Reporter, USA


Marine Technology Society, USA


Mariscope, Germany


Maritime Robotics, Norway


Maritime Way Scientific, Canada


Marlan Maritime Technologies, UK


MATEREO, Portugal


MATEREO is a young and ambitious engineering company established in 2014 that provides consultancy for structural design, fluid dynamics and thermal engineering. The team is composed by structural and mechanical engineers with proven experience in the fields of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

McLane Research Labs, USA


McLane manufactures time-series oceanographic profilers, samplers, and flotation. Our objective is to enable worldwide investigators to achieve their research and scientific goals by providing advanced, cost-effective instrumentation and mooring products. Visit us in Stand A23 to learn more about our wire crawling profilers, water samplers, and in situ.

MCS Free Zone, Egypt




Marine Geoscience Surveys Worldwide: Emphasis on Technical Innovation – MG3 is a specialist, independent geoscience survey company operating in both the offshore and coastal environment, providing worldwide marine geochemical, geophysical and geotechnical services. They offer a range of services using DP multi-role vessels and other suitable vessels.



MMT offer cost-efficient turnkey solutions by combining bathymetric, geophysical, geotechnical, environmental and UXO surveys for safe marine installations and inspections. All delivered with unsurpassed resolution and performance. Innovations and competence have provided sustained business growth for over 40 years, always with strong focus on reliability, safety and delivery.

Moog, UK


National Oceanography Centre, UK


Through collaborative working the NOC translates its world class science and technology development into benefit for industry worldwide. Our science is applicable across the marine industries The NOC is where science meets business. Our Marine Robotics Innovation Centre is shared with SMEs working alongside the NOC.

Next Geosolutions, Italy


An international turn-key geoscience and engineering service provider operating in the energy, infrastructure & utilities markets. Established in 2006, they are recognised as a leading player consolidating knowledge, expertise and resources of companies and individuals with a successful track-record of 30+ years in the industry.

nke Instrumentation, France


Designs, manufactures and sells instruments and systems for oceanographic and environmental monitoring. Their fields of application are ocean, deep sea, shallow water. They provide autonomous data loggers for monitoring of physico-chemical parameters, monitoring of the medium, behaviour analysis of immersed systems and automated Systems.

Norbit Subsea, Norway


Manufactures wideband curved-array multibeam sonars. Their concept combines multiple integrated sensors into one hardware platform with a single LAN-connection to survey laptop. Simple setup and operation provide high-quality sensing from any survey platform. Supported sensors include any combination of single/dual bathymetric echo-sounder, obstacle-avoidance sonar, forward-looking inspection sonar and LiDAR.

Norcom Technology, UK


Developers of electronic chart software with information from different sources including wreck, cable, tide and geographical data for navigational maps for use by companies to carry out studies prior to installation of offshore structures and for passage planning.

Nortek, UK


Developers and manufacturers of acoustic Doppler instrumentation. Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL) are used for subsea navigation. Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) are used to understand physical processes in the ocean, rivers and laboratories. Their instruments are utilised by scientists, researchers and engineers at renowned institutions worldwide.

Norwegian Subsea, Norway


NovAtel, Canada


Exceptional product quality and support have made them a leading provider of OEM high precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning technology. Their deeply coupled SPAN® GNSS/INS products provide marine application developers continuous position, attitude and velocity.

Ocean Aero, USA


Ocean Infinity, USA


Ocean Innovation Systems, France


Ocean Scientific International (OSIL), UK


Produce integrated systems for environmental monitoring in all marine applications. Specialise in instrumented buoy platforms, current and wave measurement systems, dredge monitoring, oil spill detection, berth management and sediment corers. Offers support for systems, including instrument calibration. Operates the IAPSO Standard Seawater Service and is global distributor for Guildline salinometers.

Oceaneering International, UK


Oceaneering® Survey Services enhances vessel positioning by using the C-Nav™ precise point positioning (PPP) systems with accuracy of better than 5 cm horizontally and 15 cm vertically. Unlike conventional DGNSS technologies, our systems are unaffected by spatial decorrelation, enabling the same level of correction service accuracy worldwide.

Oceanology International, UK


Oceanscan – MST, Portugal


The LAUV is a rugged, cost-effective, Lightweight Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, designed to be simple to deploy, operate, and recover by one person. The open source software, makes easy the integration of new payload and algorithms. The LAUV is used worldwide by Navies and R&D institutions.

OceanServer Technology, USA


OceanWise, UK


Showcasing the very latest developments in Port-Log.net real-time environmental data sharing and publishing services. Developments include providing advanced waves processing for the oil & gas Industry identifying storm and other significant events and then using the system’s advanced functionality to look at directional wave spectra.

Okeanus Science & Technology, USA


OLSPS, South Africa


Orcina, UK


A professional engineering software house. Their main product is OrcaFlex, the market leading numerical simulation programme for modelling a wide range of offshore dynamic systems, including flexible and rigid risers, moorings, cable and pipe lay, pipeline pull-in, towed arrays, installation analysis and many other systems.

Outland Technology, USA


Launching a new 2 Function Manipulator Arm for small ROVs. It features a magnetically coupled drive system that prevents any issues with leaking or sticking shaft seals. Multiple tool heads are available with more options to come in the near future.

Planet Ocean, UK


Proud to represent some of the world’s leading scientific instrument manufacturers and they bring you the very best from each of their specialist areas of expertise.



A subsea engineering consultancy, specializing in submersible pressure vessels, instrumentation housings, junction boxes, underwater camera housings, underwater housings, subsea housings pressure relief valves and other subsea enclosures and accessories. We have both off-the-shelf and custom designs available.

QPS, Netherlands


Makers of industry leading software (QINSy, Qimera, Fledermaus and Qarto) for collection, post processing and visualisation of maritime geospatial data. Their offices are in the Netherlands, USA, Canada and UK and globally we have a partner network. Since 2012, QPS is a member of the Saab (Sweden) group.

R2Sonic, USA


Learn about their MultiSpectral Mode™, allowing for backscatter data collection at multiple frequencies in a single pass, with one vessel and one sonar system, and Pipeline Mode™, combining the high-resolution, range and flexibility of a wide swath 400kHz survey with incredibly detailed inspection capability of Ultra-High Resolution operation at 700kHz.

RBR, Canada


Creators of instruments to measure the blue planet. From the ocean abyss to the polar ice cap, our sensors track water parameters – temperature, depth, salinity, dissolved gases, pH, and others. All RBR instruments employ their configurable platform, providing valuable deployment data. Located in Ottawa, Canada, they serve customers worldwide.

RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems, Austria


A LiDAR sensor and system manufacturer presenting the VQ-880-G Airborne Laser Scanning System for combined hydrographic and topographic surveying of coastlines, shallow waters, and river beds and the BathyCopter, RIEGL’s sUAV-based surveying system with fully integrated BDF-1 bathymetric depthfinder for generating profiles of inland water bodies.

Riptide Autonomous Solutions, Canada


Focused on Unmanned Maritime Vehicle (UMV) development, including UUVs and USVs. Their first product is the micro-UUV, a highly flexible, open source UUV that provides users with an affordable development platform ideally suited for new autonomy, power system, subsea sensor and payload development. Micro-UUVs have demonstrated multiple side scan sonar options, as well as cameras and acoustic communications.

RJE Oceanbotics, USA


Rockland Scientific, Canada


Dedicated to the measurement of turbulence in the marine environment. Their instrumentation and sensor system range from ship-deployed profilers for coastal and deep sea operations, to modular payload systems for deployment from gliders, floats and AUVs.

Rovco, UK


RS Aqua, UK


High specification marine sensors and subsea equipment for scientists and engineers. Customised and complete marine measurement systems for sale or rental, with complimentary data and calibration services and lifetime product support. All of their equipment is proven and fully supported by their technical specialists in the UK.

RTSYS, France


Specialists in underwater acoustics drones: handheld sonar for divers; underwater acoustics (active and passive); AUVs; seafloor characterisation. The team will be available to answer any questions.

Saab Seaeye, UK


A leading manufacturer of electric ROVs, producing over 900 vehicles and established for over 30 years. They have a reputation for reliability, performance, quality and support. Saab Seaeye is a subsidiary of Saab Sweden.

Saderet, UK


Specialists in the supply of survey and positioning equipment and services to a wide variety of markets including marine and land survey, GIS, oceanography, precision agriculture and OEM. Presenting some of the best manufacturers of survey related equipment in the world, delivering products worldwide.

SAIV, Norway


Manufacturer of oceanographic/hydrographic sensors/recorders for high accuracy measurements: CTD/STD w/sound velocity and multi-parameter facilities: Oxygen/Turbidity/Fluorescence. Model SD208 CTD/STD with wireless communication and accuracy: Conductivity: 0.002 mS/cm, Temperature: 0.002ºC Tide/Pressure/Depth/Water Level recorders. Automatic Profiling Buoy APB5 with integrated web server.

SATEL, Finland


SBG Systems, France


A leading supplier of miniature, high performance, cost-effective MEMS-based inertial motion sensing solutions. Their motion sensors and Inertial Navigation Systems are ideal for ship motion monitoring; sonar, LiDAR, and buoy orientation, position, ROV & AUV control, etc.

Scorpion Oceanics, UK


A leading supplier and manufacturer of subsea cables, connectors and cable assemblies. They also offer a range of standard and bespoke hydrophones and hydrophone systems and will be exhibiting the new range of Hybrid and Fibre Optic Connectors.

Sea-Bird Scientific, USA


Comprised of Sea-Bird Electronics, WET Labs, and Satlantic, providing best-of-class instruments and sensor systems for monitoring physical and biogeochemical variability in the oceans and coastal waters. They employ 220 people in the US, Canada and Europe in the development, manufacture, calibration, sales and support of their products.

Seabed, Netherlands


A unique combination of technical knowledge and practical experience to support your organisation. A team of qualified professionals put their precise thinking to work by developing and producing products for the offshore as well as onshore industry.



TE Connectivity’s (TE) SEACON portfolio includes over 2500 underwater electrical and fibre optic connectors, and complete connectivity systems to give you a wide range of advanced connectivity options. The portfolio also includes DEUTSCH connectors, Rochester engineered cables and TE sensors.

Seafloor Systems


A provider of customised hydrographic mapping solutions for the survey and civil engineering communities. By integrating a variety of sonar and navigational monitoring equipment with a survey pole kit and/or unmanned surface vehicle, seafloor systems offer a complete package that offers ease of control, flexibility, and repeatability.

Seatechrim, Russia


SeeByte, UK


Providing clients in the military and oil and gas sectors with the most advanced software to enhance the capabilities of their underwater sensors, vehicles and systems. They are increasingly partnering with leading hardware manufacturers of unmanned underwater vehicles and sensors to provide enhanced capabilities for their systems.

Sensonor, Norway


Septentrio, Belgium


Whether you are constructing an oil rig, dredging new land for the future or conducting a bathymetric survey, Septentrio’s GNSS solutions are with you at every step. Their solutions are highly accurate and reliable with unique AIM+ technology mitigating against the worse effects of interference at sea.

Sequoia Scientific, USA


Sidus Solutions, USA


Responsible for the design, manufacturing and sales of hazardous area and underwater video products. They offer integration, distribution, field service and customer support for CCTV, surveillance and robotic products. SIDUS manufactures over 75 models of cameras, lights, lasers, pan & tilt and control recording systems.

Silicon Sensing, UK


SMC Ship Motion Control, Sweden


The manufacturer of the SMC IMU Roll, Pitch and Heave motion sensor. The IMU provides high accuracy motion data in dynamic environments. The motion sensor supports clients in the hydrographic, offshore oil & gas industry, dynamic positioning, winches, cranes (Active Heave) and marine sector.

Society for Underwater Technology, UK


Society of Maritime Industries, UK


Sonardyne International, UK


Access your subsea data when you want, where you want, by equipping your marine robotic platforms, vehicles and vessels with their acoustic positioning, optical communications, inertial navigation and sonar imaging technologies. See them on their stand, and then see them in the water during live demonstrations on board Echo Explorer.

SonTek – a Xylem brand, USA


Soundnine, USA


Displaying its new Ulti-Buoy high accuracy, real-time moored or drifting temperature chain. Combining field-proven controller and telemetry elements, cloud data server and user software from the DANTE System, with S9’s innovative inductive telemetry and XTP temperature/pressure sensors, Ulti-Buoy delivers remarkably affordable performance and ease of use.

Souriau, France


Spinlock, UK


Steatite, UK


A market leader in the design, development and supply of rugged and industrial computers, custom lithium battery solutions, secure communication systems, antennas and subsystems, and electronic monitoring solutions. Part of the Solid State Plc group of companies (AIM: SOLI).

Stema Systems, Netherlands


Suppliers of geo-seismic, hydrographic analysis equipment for the past 30 years and continuously improving its equipment and software portfolio. They specialise in the facilitation of acquisition and processing of geological and hydrographic data either in house or on site.

STS Subsea, UK


SubCtech, Germany


A German producer of safe and reliable Li-Ion subsea batteries for subsea oil & gas power supplies, measurement systems and vehicles (AUV); and marine measurement technology such as autonomous underway systems (FerryBox) and high precession pCO2 gas analyser. SubCtech provides customised solutions using high industrial standards (IPC-A-6xx class 3, MIL-STD, ISO 13628:6).

Subsea Supplies, UK


An independent company, supplying underwater products to the offshore, oceanographic, commercial and defence industries. The company represents in the UK established manufacturers of proven electrical & mechanical products, including Nexans Norway AS, Eaton Interconnect (Burton Subsea), Sunstar Electric Inc and Masto Wire Service A/S.

Subsea Tech, France


Subsea Technology & Rentals, UK


A specialist technology company providing rental and sales services globally to the offshore marine sectors. For over 20 years, they have delivered mission critical solutions to support offshore survey, ROV, IRM, positioning, environmental, and subsea construction sectors.

Swale Oceanographic, UK


Swale supplies ocean and environmental solutions in the form of sensors, instrumentation and equipment for measuring, sampling and deployment. Customers include environmental agencies, researchers and operators in the civil engineering, defence, dredging, oil & gas, renewable energy and survey sectors. Swale also manufactures replacement battery packs for many common instruments.

Swathe Services, UK


Offer product sales, equipment rental and highly qualified survey personnel. Their suppliers include R2SONIC, SBG Systems, Renishaw, CEE Hydrosystems, Valeport, BioSonics, C4R Maritime Solutions, Hypack & BeamworX. They also have extensive experience working with USVs and promote the Belisama ‘Inception’ Class USV for shallow water operations.

TDI Brooks, USA


TechWorks Marine, Ireland


A leader in the provision of robust, reliable and secure marine data.  Their Data Monitoring Networks are used in a range of industries from coastal engineering to marine research, they are based on our TMBB range of Data Acquisition systems and CoastEye their Secure Data Fusion Portal.

Tecnadyne, USA


Since 1985 they have been a leader in the worldwide subsea robotics industry, manufacturing underwater brushless DC propulsion systems, rotary & linear actuators, pan & tilt positioners, hydraulic power units, position sensors, and pressure compensators for use on ROVs, AUVs, manned submersibles and other subsea platforms.

Teledyne Benthos, USA


Teledyne BlueView, USA


Teledyne Bowtech, UK


Teledyne Brown Engineering, USA


Teledyne CARIS, Netherlands

N9 & N10

A leading developer of marine GIS software will launch CARIS Onboard, the latest in data processing for autonomous hydrographic surveys. Supported by the highly scalable CSAR framework data from a range of sensors can be efficiently processed in near real-time minimising data conversion and processing times.

Teledyne CDL Systems & Solutions, UK


Teledyne Cormon, UK


Teledyne DGO, USA


Teledyne Gavia, Iceland


Teledyne Impulse PDM, USA


Teledyne Impulse, UK


Teledyne Marine, USA


Comprises 23 leading-edge technology brands that have been assembled by Teledyne Technologies Inc. Through acquisitions and collaboration, Teledyne Marine has evolved into an industry powerhouse, providing the widest breadth of marine technology in the industry, now available through a single supplier.

Teledyne Marine, USA


Teledyne Marine is an organization comprised of 23 leading-edge undersea technology brands that have been assembled by Teledyne Technologies Inc. Through acquisitions and collaboration, Teledyne Marine has evolved into an industry powerhouse, providing the widest breadth of marine technology in the industry, now available through a single supplier.  Each Teledyne Marine brand is a leader in its respective field, with a shared commitment to providing […]

Teledyne Oceanscience, USA


Teledyne ODI, USA


Teledyne Odom Hydrographic, USA


Teledyne RD Instruments, USA


Teledyne Reson, Denmark


Teledyne SeaBotix, USA


Teledyne Storm Cable, USA


Teledyne TSS, UK


Teledyne Webb Research, USA


The Hydrographic Society, UK


The Maritime Alliance

V5 & W1

The non-profit industry association and organiser of the largest BlueTech cluster in the US. Its mission is promoting sustainable, science-based ocean and water industries and it focuses on business ecosystem development, economic development and workforce development by collaborating with relevant partners locally, nationally and internationally.

Tideland Signal – a Xylem brand, UK


Trimble, Germany


Offers a range of high-precision centimeter level (RTK) positioning and submeter (DGNSS) solutions as well as wireless communications designed for rough marine environment that can be integrated with other marine sensors to create specific systems for marine applications. Key applications are bathymetric survey, structure placement, dredging, piling and jetty construction.

Tritech International, UK


A high-technology business dedicated to providing the most reliable imaging and ancillary equipment for use in underwater applications. The company is an industry leader in the provision of sensors and tools for ROVs and AUVs.

Tritex NDT, UK


Showcasing their Multigauge 3000 underwater diver thickness gauge, a favourite amongst divers due to its excellent performance, large display and simplicity. Also the popular Multigauge 4000 ROV mountable thickness gauges with ingenious probe holder. All have intelligent probe recognition, automatic measurement verification, free annual calibration, 3-year warranty.

Trolex Engineering, UK


Design and manufacture electrical slip ring units for use in a range of applications, such as cranes, wireline/logging, ROVs and winches. Their slip ring units can be combined with FORJs, transferring electrical power, command and control signals across a rotating interface.

Turner Designs, USA


Providing fluorescence-based solutions for research, water quality, and pollution control for over 40 years. Known for reliable and stable submersible, field, handheld, laboratory and online fluorometers and turbidimeters.

UNDERSEE, Portugal


UNDERSEE is being incubated at the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center Portugal ESA BIC Portugal (Instituto Pedro Nunes – Coimbra) and aims to provide cloud based subaquatic monitoring and inspections services. One of the key applications of the technology is the monitoring of the quality of the water in the surroundings of industrial discharges or in the aquaculture offshore. The capacity to create risk […]

Unique Group, UK


Their Survey Equipment division offers technologically advanced solutions to support the offshore energy sector. Their GSE Rentals brand is a leading rental specialist in the short, medium and long term rental of high quality geophysical, hydrographic and oceanographic marine survey equipment.

University of Plymouth, UK


UTM Consultants, UK


Valeport, UK


Manufacturers of oceanographic and hydrographic measuring equipment, supplying markets from inshore, coastal to full ocean depth in commercial, academic and military applications worldwide. Products include sound velocity sensors & probes, tide gauges, current meters, CTD’s, fluorometers, altimeters, bathypacks, depth sensors, echo sounders and wave recorders.

VectorNav Technologies, USA


Veripos, Canada


Wartsila ELAC Nautik, Germany


Developers of multibeam and single-beam echosounders for charting the seafloor topography that are well-known for their reliability, state-of-the art technique and highly precise data acquisition. The SeaBeam series cover the complete survey range and are developed in close cooperation with hydrographic institutes, scientific authorities and commercial survey companies.

Water Linked, Norway


Xsens Technologies, The Netherlands


Xylem, UK


A major global manufacturer of market leading brands including YSI, SonTek, Aanderaa, Tideland Signal and HYPACK. The group’s success is built on innovation and application within the ocean and coastal markets, especially with complete Xylem instrumentation packages for fixed, buoy based and autonomous platforms.

YSI – a Xylem brand, UK


Zevulun Marine Systems, Israel


Zunibal, Spain


The mission is to develop innovative technology solutions to meet the challenges and the future of the marine industry, by using the ocean as means of research and the knowledge of a great research team. Zunibal provides full service including design, manufacturing, distribution of products and after sales service, worldwide.