Programme – Thursday 6 April

Industry Presentations and One-on-One Sessions

Professionals in the industry will give inspired and informative presentations to all attendees on a variety of job opportunities available within the marine science and ocean technology industry. You then have the opportunity to meet with the industry professionals on a one-on-one basis. First-come, first-served so make sure you sign up as soon as you arrive in the morning!


Industry Presentations - from 11am until 12.10pm

Career opportunities in the marine science and technology sector
Stephen Hall, Chief Executive, Society for Underwater Technology, UK
Steve Hall has been appointed as the new CEO of the Society for Underwater Technology after serving 30 years in public service for HM Customs & Excise, The Institute of Oceanographic Sciences and the National Oceanography Centre. Before that he worked in the private sector as a land, coast and engineering surveyor. Steve’s duties have included tracer chemistry work at sea, supervising oil pipeline construction, survey of condition of coastal structures, managing a robot submarine science programme and a decade of marine science policy advice to government departments. He’s vice chair of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO with a special interest in technology transfer to developing countries and ocean governance.
11.20Hydrographic education in Belgium
Axel Annaert, Professor, Antwerp Maritime Academy, Belgium
The Antwerp Maritime Academy is a university college in Belgium, located in the north of Antwerp. Future officers of the Merchant Navy and Belgian Navy are educated here. There are two sections at the academy: Nautical science and Marine engineering. The courses do not only have to comply with regulations set by the local education authorities, they have to meet stringent international and quality-standard requirements set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Axel Annaert currently works full time as a professor at the Antwerp Maritime Academy, where he is responsible for ECDIS education for undergrad students and the coordination of the practical exercises and field work in the post-graduate program Hydrography cat B.
11.30How to talk your way into your dream job
Kira Coley, Freelance Science Writer & Science Communicator, UK
A freelance science and technology journalist and founder of The Chatty Scientist, a science communication platform helping scientists to effectively communicate their research, increase exposure and connect with audiences around the world.
11.40Fugro Metocean Measurements – My role in quality control and data analysis
Sophy Oliver, Oceanographer, Fugro GB Marine, UK
Sophy Oliver is a Project Oceanographer at Fugro and works in the metocean data analysis team. Sophy joined Fugro in 2015 when she graduated from the University of Southampton with a Master of Science degree in Oceanography. Her present role includes the quality control and reporting of measured metocean data and the statistical analysis of metocean data from a variety of sources to produce criteria reports. Typical clients are oil & gas companies and the renewable energy industry. Sophy also develops tools in MATLAB to improve the efficiency of processing metocean data.
11.50Ocean monitoring off the beaten track
Stefan Raimund, Scientific Consultant, SubCtech, Germany
A German producer of safe and reliable Li-Ion subsea batteries for subsea oil & gas power supplies, measurement systems and vehicles (AUV); and marine measurement technology such as autonomous underway systems (FerryBox) and high precession pCO2 gas analyser.  Born in East-Germany (behind the Iron Curtain) in the late 70th he studied marine biology at the University of Rostock and Umea (Sweden). For his PhD he moved to Brittany (France). There he switched to marine chemistry and studied sea-air-gas exchange processes. During his studies he participated on numerous offshore field trips. In 2013 he moved to the private sector where he works as a scientific consultant at SubCtech. When not in the office or lab for the day-to-day work, he is visiting clients and partners around the world. So travelling is somehow a constant in his career.
12.00Inshore or Offshore - discuss the comparative lifestyles of working in each survey field
Mike Caraher, Director, CM Geomatics, UK
Mike Caraher is Managing Director of CM Geomatics Ltd, a new company that is a subsidiary of CM Sourcing Ltd. CM Sourcing provides select personnel to the marine survey industry. CM Geomatics has been set up to provide hydrographic, geophysical and geotechnical data processing and data management services to survey contractors and consultants. Originally working in Landscape Design, Mike attended Plymouth University as a mature student studying ‘Ocean Science with Navigation’, graduating in 1998 with a BSc (Hons). Mike has worked on a variety of coastal and offshore projects since graduating, with the last five years spent at Bibby HydroMap Ltd, initially as a Project Manager then latterly as Geotechnical Manager.


Speedy One-on-One Sessions - from 2pm until 3.30pm

This session will consist of 10 minute speed meetings where students can meet face-to-face with industry professionals and find out all they need to know about the industry from qualifications to lifestyle!
1Stephen Hall, Chief Executive, SUT, UK
2Axel Annaert, Professor, Antwerp Maritime Academy, Belgium
3Kira Coley, Freelance Science Writer & Science Communicator Sharing the wonders of science, UK
4Stefan Raimund, Scientific Consultant, SubCtech, Germany
5Mike Caraher, Director, CM Geomatics, UK
6Hayley Santer, Hydrographic Surveyor, XYZH, UK
7Naomi Gold Robotic Systems Mechanical Engineer, National Oceanography Centre, UK


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